A New Twist On Product Parties

by admin on September 2, 2014

Recently I got an invitation through Facebook to a launch party of my cousin’s (B’s) new at home business. However, when I clicked on the event I realized that it wasn’t a real party- it was a “Facebook” party.    She wants people to get on Facebook at a certain time, will post games for them to play, and then they can browse her products online. It’s perfect, no real personal interaction or hospitality is required for her to profit!

Here are the party instructions. I like how she makes it sound so reasonable and convenient.

Hello everyone! I am a brand new Jamberry Consultant, and this is my official Facebook Launch Party! Mostly we are going to play games, and along the way I am going to introduce you to Jamberry Nails! Over the next two weeks I’ll be posting information about Jamberry, what is is all about, the reason behind the craze, photos, videos, and much more! Please feel free to message me if you would like a sample!

This Facebook launch party is great because you can do everything from the comfort of your home!  Ordering is simple!
1.  Check out my site.
2.  Fill your cart with goodies!
3.  Choose “B’s Jamberry Launch Party” upon checkout.

It’s that simple!   If at anytime you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

At least at a real product party, I can say hi to folks, actually see/try the products, and usually there’s good snacks. This is just tacky. 0901-14


To continue the discussion regarding this summer’s fundraising fad of the Ice Water Challenge for ALS research…

Approximately 500 fans of actor Mike Rowe could not take his silent “No” as an acceptable response to their repeated challenges to do the Ice Water Challenge for ALS research.   The posted comments throughout his Facebook page are riddled with guilt manipulative demands that he either donate money or dump ice water over himself so Mike Rowe responded with a very clear,  cogent, logical explanation for why he will not be doing the Ice Water Challenge.

This is a clear example of the power of peer pressure via social media to do something one may not agree with and why it takes someone with a spine of tungsten to resist caving to the pack guilt manipulation.  Despite the declarations by many readers in the previous post on this subject that a polite and quiet refusal would be honored, Rowe felt compelled to explain his personal choice to not accept the challenges.  Had he not done so, the challenges would have continued with a substantial number of fans being utterly obtuse to the obvious clue that Rowe wasn’t interested in doing it.     That Rowe felt the need to cautiously respond to these clueless fans lest he look like a “douche bag” speaks to the level of coercion involved in the issuance of this challenge.

Mike Rowe says it better than I did or could so I’ll leave you to read it for yourself.



Man Down At The McDonald’s Drive Through

by admin on September 1, 2014

A couple of days ago I took a quick trip to a local fast food drive-thru to pick up lunch for the family. This particular drive-thru is VERY popular and serves a high-volume of cars. It is set up with two side-by-side lanes for cars, each lane drives up to an order board. After ordering, cars pull up and merge into a single lane which winds around the restaurant to the food pick-up window. I’ve seen some bad behavior at the point that the two lanes merge, but usually cars go every other or just pull up into the single lane once they’ve ordered if car next to them is not yet ready.

When I arrived, there were three or four cars in each lane waiting to place their orders. I got in line in the inside lane, closest to the restaurant. On the immediate left of my car was a planter island and on the other side of that was one of the handicapped parking spots in front of the restaurant. As I sat waiting, an elderly woman and a middle-aged man approached the car parked in that handicapped spot. She got in the driver’s side and he came around the car to the passenger side. At this point, I believe he stepped between the car and the curb on the planter bed and lost his balance and fell. When I glanced over, he was lying in the planter bed next to the car. I asked if he was okay and he repeatedly said he was fine, but it became quickly obvious that he couldn’t get back up. He started rolling back and forth in the dirt trying to turn over and was unsuccessful. At this point, I got out of my car, leaving the engine running and the door open, and went over to him. The woman with him also realized then that something was wrong and came around the car to his side also.

He was a large man, possibly disabled, and he was having a very hard time getting to a position that would allow him to get his footing. The elderly woman (his mother perhaps) and I helped him turn over and between him holding on to me and grabbing the door handle, he was able to get to his knees then get both feet on a level surface and finally stand up. I helped him into their car and shut his door.

Even though this had all occurred directly next to the drive-thru lanes, no one else sitting in their cars in the line had made any attempt to help two older woman get a large man in distress up off the ground. And, as I got back in my car, I realized that at least one car, possibly two, had pulled in front of my car from the other lane to get ahead of me in line.    0829-14


Feel Good Friday – Faire Play Barbie

by admin on August 29, 2014


Originally published in 2003

One fine morning in September, I was awakened from my sleep by Dear Son informing me that someone had stopped by the farm and wanted to buy a goat. We used to breed and show Alpine dairy goats for 4-H. Groaning, I crawled from the bed, performed the bare minimum of morning hygiene and slipped on a poly/cotton knit, red dress that was covered in small white stars.

I met the gentleman out by the pasture fence where he was talking with Dear Son. He was the typical older farmer I had seen locally….leathery face, small and stooped wearing khaki pants with a tidy plaid button down shirt and baseball cap. I introduced myself and we began to discuss the merits of the dairy goats and what he wanted the goats for. I pointed out their excellent bloodlines and milking history but was interrupted.

“I have no interest in papers and registries. They are idolatrous.”

“But a registry tells you how good an udder a doe will have, how much milk she is likely to produce. The number of stars in their pedigree indicates exceptional milkers…,” I explained.

“I’m not interested in bloodlines or any of that idolatrous registry stuff. I don’t care if they are show goats. God will give that goat as much milk as I need.”

Ooookay. I then pointed out which goats were for sale. He immediately dismissed Sylvia and wanted a price on two junior doelings who were clearly of a better quality than Sylvia. He was certainly no fool when it came to recognizing quality animals.

“How much fer those two?”, he said, pointing to the pair.

“One hundred dollars per goat.” These were quality goats from good bloodlines and I wasn’t about to sell them for less just because Mr. Farmer Dude had a theological objection to registered goats.

He turned to me and practically spat out his words, “You raise your goats in an idolatrous and evil way. If God had intended goats to be registered, they would be born that way. In fact, your dress you are wearing is idolatrous with those stars on it. God says we are not to make any graven images.”

Slightly taken aback by this turn of conversation, I replied, “My Bible says we are not to make graven images of God and worship them. I don’t worship stars.”

“Oh, yes, you do. Those stars are a graven image and your dress is an idolatrous worship of stars.”

Throughout my years in the South, I had encountered the occasional religious goof such as the cashier who had a fit of anti-Christ apoplexy over my $6.66 purchase total but never had I met such fire and brimstone resistance to an article of my usually very modest clothing. Mr. Goober was wearing a pink/purple plaid shirt and obviously saw no hypocrisy in wearing such a garment despite the fact that had God intended for pink and purple to align themselves into repeating columns of perpendicular lines, He would have created it that way. Clearly he was idolizing plaid and I needed to administer correction for the sake of his soul.

“Pardon me but it looks to me like you are worshiping plaid.”

At that comment, he turned on his heels without further ado and walked as fast as his decrepit old legs could toddle him back to his truck. He had been in the presence of an idol worshiping, star-wearing woman on a farm from the depths of Hades that bred demonic goats and he couldn’t make his exit from this evil fast enough.

“Have a nice day,” I cheerfully called after him while waving. He didn’t acknowledge me but climbed into his truck, sprayed gravel backing out the driveway and nearly got killed pulling out in front of a large semi-truck in his haste. I watched him depart with some sadness knowing that yet another deceived plaid worshiper had not come to a saving knowledge of polka dots and tie-dye.


Has Greed Become Socially Acceptable?

by admin on August 26, 2014

Several UK readers submitted the following link to a article about how brides are using more creative ways to drain their guests dry of money. I can’t say I’m surprised since wedding greed appears to have become more socially acceptable despite many people claiming they would never act so crass or support someone who was. If there really were a negative backlash to wedding greed, wouldn’t there be a corresponding decline in people being greedy?

Read away!


Vintage Etiquette – How to say “No” (Moral Maturity)

August 25, 2014

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Feel Good Friday – Graceland

August 22, 2014

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