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The Starbuck Stops Here

by admin on October 30, 2014

A Florida man put an end to another “pay it forward” streak at a local Starbucks because he said he thinks people were participating out of “guilt,” not “generosity.”

Peter Schorsch, a blogger, drove to the Starbucks drive-thru in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Thursday after hearing about the pay it forward phenomenon there that ended with customer No. 458, a woman, the day before. After he ordered two Venti Mocha Frappuccinos, the barista told him his first drink had been paid for by the previous customer and asked if he would like to pay for the next customer.

“I told him no,” Schorsch, of St. Petersburg, told ABC News. “When the barista asks you to pay it forward, it is no longer spontaneous.”

Though Schorsch didn’t pay for the next customer at the drive-thru, he said he tipped the barista $100.

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I think Mr. Schorsch make several good points for why he declined to pay for the next customer’s drink.   I had not realized when this phenomena first appeared in the news that the baristas were asking customers if they wanted to pay for the next client’s drink.  I had this assumption that customers were being told their drink had been paid for and on their own initiative were choosing to “pay it forward” to the next person in line. This does remove the element of spontaneous generosity if people must be prompted to give.  If I were a recipient of a free drink courtesy of the person in front of me and I was aware that this came about due to the person being asked to donate, it would certainly take the “magic” out of the experience.

So, Mr. Schorsch puts a stop to the hours-long donation chain and instead redirects his spontaneous generosity to the barista in the form of a $100 tip who, I am sure, was not expecting it.


The recent shooting at Parliament Hill in Ottawa hit very close to home and I was grateful for social media to both update friends and family and get a sense of what was going on. But, a friend’s actions left me shocked and I wonder if I should have shown a more “polite spine” in dealing with her.

My husband works just around the corner from Parliament Hill and he was due to head there for a meeting the morning of the shooting. When news broke, I had just arrived home with my six-month old daughter after dropping my toddler off at a playgroup. I couldn’t get hold of my husband, and posted the following on Facebook: “Thanks for the concern everyone. Haven’t heard from (husband), but I’m sure he is safe and in lockdown. I’ll keep you posted.” I also mentioned in a comment that I wasn’t sure if my husband had already arrived at Parliament Hill when everything happened.

Shortly after, an acquaintance, “Lisa”, posted this: “My friend, (husband), was at Parliament Hill this morning and he is missing. I’m so afraid he may be dead.” She tagged me, so all of my friends and family, including my mother-in-law, could see the message. I learned about the message when my MIL called, afraid that I wasn’t telling her everything. (At the time, we really didn’t know much about what was happening and there were a lot of rumours, so this message made things worse.)

Worse, Lisa started posting on my wall every 30 minutes or so, asking why I hadn’t updated everyone. I was more concerned about keeping my daughter safe (my neighbourhood had been told to lock doors and stay away from windows – disconcerting to say the least), and trying to get in touch with my husband than updating Facebook.

I really didn’t know how to respond to any of this. I was shocked that she was managing to make a tragedy that had nothing to do with her – or with me for that matter – ALL about her. I didn’t say anything in the end, but I can’t help but feel that I should have told her she was being irresponsible and inappropriate. I would love to know what you and your readers think about this.

By the way, my husband was fine. He was, as I suspected, in lockdown and they had been asked to turn off their phones for security reasons. 1028-14

You communicate to her by deleting her posts, untagging yourself from her posts and blocking her from commenting on your wall or not seeing your profile at all.   My view is that your Facebook page is “owned” by you and as the administrator of your  FB wall, you get to decide the content that appears on that page.  If someone posts something to your wall that has the potential to cause heartache and panic among your loved ones or you who see it, you eliminate the source.   You are under no obligation to let comments like that remain on your page.

I don’t believe in feeding drama queens by responding since in most cases these people are narcissists who have an egotistical preoccupation with self, personal preferences, aspirations, needs, success, and how he/she is perceived by others.  No amount of logical appeals or stern rebuke changes a narcissist’s behavior because they believe it is all about them.  Lisa ramped up the drama concerning your husband because it got her attention from others and fed her need to be perceived as the source of dramatic news.   There is just no point in arguing with the crazy.



Peekaboo, He Sees You

by admin on October 28, 2014

As if we didn’t have enough to to be concerned regarding public toilets….


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Rules: Reply to this post to enter using a valid email address. Entries close Friday, October 31st at 12 midnight EST. Winner will be chosen at random using random.org’s random number generator. Winner will be notified using the email address required to post a reply to this post. If winner’s email address is not functional, or the winner does not respond within 4 days, the book will awarded to another winner. Some winners have lost out because the notification email from Ehell was directed to a spam folder or an obscurely used email account.


Camping Out Restaurant Style

by admin on October 27, 2014

I’m hoping to preempt the rude customers by sending this to you before they do.  I will also preface this by saying I am currently on a break between classes, am very sleep deprived, and therefore very grouchy, so I apologize for my writing demeanor.

I am a server in a somewhat fancy restaurant. Last night I had quite possibly the rudest customers in the world.  About 6:30 they came in and were seated in my section. I introduced myself, offered them wine and took their drink orders. The meal largely went without a hitch (one meal had to be remade because there were special instructions and it got messed up), and I served them, brought them their check, and proceeded to start bussing the remaining tables.  Then I started bussing their plates. They were still at the table. I quietly removed everything except the glasses, salt and pepper. They were still at the table.

I finished my side work (for the uninitiated, restaurant workers have “side work” that they do to ensure the restaurant is ready for opening the next day). They were still at the table.  I rolled the rest of the silverware. They were still at the table. I cleaned the rest of the tables in my section. They were still at the table.  Five hours had passed. They were still at the table.  The restaurant had closed. They were still at the freakin’ table!

If they’d “camped out” for only a couple of hours, it wouldn’t have been such a big deal. Camping happens. It’s a pain and you can’t make money off that table, but it happens. This was camping to an extreme. The rest of the waitstaff had gone home. The kitchen staff had gone home. It was just the manager and me left.  The manager finally asked them to leave.

I have never seen such a temper tantrum from a group of adults before in my entire life. They ranted and raved about how rude we were for not serving them. About how awful we were for making them leave. They were apparently paying us for the table so we needed to allow them to stay as long as they wanted.  It took a threat of a police phone call and potential prosecution for trespassing to get them to leave. They threatened to tell you here at ehell all about how terribly rude I was (I am hoping that in the cold light of sobriety and morning they are mortified for their actions and aren’t going to do it).

They didn’t leave a tip. I didn’t get home until after midnight, and still had to stay up for a couple of hours for homework.   1023-14

Nothing yet from the customers to the Ehell in-box.


Feel Good Friday – “This Is Halloween”

October 24, 2014

Given the recent debate among the comments regarding the legitimacy of Halloween as a holiday, this seemed apropos…. Click to share:

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Theme Park Etiquette

October 23, 2014

Having lived near several very popular theme parks over the past few years in various states, I encountered several situations that seemed like serious breaches of etiquette. I understand that theme parks are meant for people to let loose and have fun, but at some point, their misconduct impedes the enjoyment of the park for […]

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