Cashier Mandated Lane Cutting

by admin on April 23, 2018

My mom does many of her major grocery shopping trips at a particular supermarket. She’s mentioned to me before that what happens on occasion is she comes up to a cash register with a cart full of items and starts unloading them, and the cashier suddenly tells her to hold it because they (the cashier) would like to ring up someone with fewer items first. This type of store (it’s a chain) doesn’t even have “10 or fewer items” registers, nor any sort of rules posted anywhere about letting people with fewer items be rung up first. Also I would like to point out that this cashier-mandated line cutting is something that happens with no input whatsoever from the actual person at the end of the queue. To be precise, my mom is the kind of person who would absolutely agree to let the person behind her to go ahead if they have a single bottle of coke or something IF they actually made such a request of her, but this “order” always comes from the cashiers themselves in rather imperious tone. Mom actually had a chat with a manager about it before, and the lady acknowledged that it was wrong of the cashiers to do so and apologised. (I am pretty certain no firings or people being written up resulted from this- no names were named and we do NOT live in a country where the customer is always right, not by a long shot.)

Today I was there to help carry the groceries it and mom put her foot down- she firmly, but politely told the cashier that she is, in fact, the first person in line and it is her decision whether she would let someone cut ahead or not. The cashier did not take it well and basically reacted with a lot of eye rolls and “sorry about this crazy old lady” kinds of faces, which made both mom and me sad and uncomfortable.

I’d also like to point out that those incidents, and today especially, do not take place during rush hours or anything like it. It’s usually 3 people per line at the most, with 4 or so cash registers open and sometimes even one of them totally empty. Why the cashiers insist of doing this is a complete mystery to me. 0909-15


Accommodating Picky Eaters

by admin on April 19, 2018

I have a great diverse group of friends and we enjoy trying out new restaurants and hosting dinner parties. I hate to use the word, but we’re kind of ‘foodies’. One of my friends is a vegetarian. Most restaurants in our area also serve at least one vegetarian dish, and she is not a picky eater, so we rarely have to make special arrangements for her to join in group outings.

The problem is another friend who has the dietary habits of an american toddler. Nothing green, only chicken, no eggs, will send a dish back if a pickle is touching it…the list goes on and on (none of this is due to religious concerns or allergies). If it is just the two of us dinning out, I’m aware of most of her likes/dislikes now, but it leaves a limited number of places we can eat. I feel bad leaving her out of group outings, but often we are trying new restaurants that have nothing she will eat. I even feel bad even discussing group outings/dinner parties in front of her because I know she wont eat the food, though she is always invited.

I am planning on hosting another dinner party, but the menu is going to be “German style” for Oktoberfest. Sausages, sauerkraut, spetzle, and German beers. Unless I create another entree, she’ll only be eating the cheese & crackers I set out as hors d’ouevres. How far is a host supposed to go to accommodate guests when hosting an adults only dinner party? All advice is welcome. 0910-15

I host specific food dinners/parties such as an annual chili, cornbread and desserts harvest shindig in October.   I do not accommodate picky eaters.  It is what it is.


My husband is the Best Man in an upcoming destination wedding. The wedding was originally scheduled for a venue in the town where we (ourselves and the engaged couple) live. It was decided by the bride that the wedding would be moved across the county to a state they enjoy visiting. This would cut costs since only a select few guests would be invited, instead of the larger number of friends and family that would expect an invite to a local wedding.

We were told upfront that though my husband was a member of the wedding party, we were responsible for all of our own expenses. My husband felt obligated to accept this arrangement since he had already committed to be the Best Man. This was a mistake, but it’s moot for the purposes of this post.

The wedding will take place during the work week, so we have taken time off of work, booked our plane tickets and hotel, and generally feel that we have accommodated how the bride and groom want to celebrate their day. But my patience is running thin. It is now one week before the wedding and we have not received any kind of formal invitation. Though I know which small town we are traveling to, I have no idea what venue is hosting the wedding. Additionally, it’s not clear if we are we expected at both the ceremony and reception, if it will be inside or outside, or even what time it’s taking place!

I have now heard from my husband that the bride and groom are sending us an “events schedule” as we are expected to accompany them on various tours and activities the day after the wedding as well.

Finally, it seems that the bride and groom have changed their minds and do plan to have a local reception when they return from their honeymoon (I smell a gimme-pig). I feel that we are more than fulfilling my husband’s Best Man’s obligations by attending the Out-Of-State event. Would it be rude to decline attending the local reception? We have not yet heard when this is taking place, but I imagine we’ll be invited (probably via Facebook or some such). 0315-16

I’ve seen this a number of times.   The bride and groom don’t send any invitations to their groomsmen, bridesmaids, the officiant and sometimes even parents.   Are people supposed to be psychic and know the exact details of the wedding day just by the vibes emanating from the couple?

Your husband has fulfilled his Best Man duties by being a witness to the actual wedding ceremony.  It’s your decision as to whether to attend the local reception.


Do You Speak English?

April 17, 2018

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Grandpa Is Not Invited

April 16, 2018

A bit of background…….. My relationship with my elder and only sister has, for most of our lives, been fraught with tension. I have always gotten the sense that she was perfectly happy being an only child, and the arrival of siblings caused her to declare a permanent war. We also have a brother – […]

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