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The Diaper Card Goes Missing

by admin on March 22, 2018

In case it’s a regional thing, let me explain the event where this occurred. By some of the language and terminology I get the impression that many of the readers are in the UK, but I could be wrong. Diapers are what we call “nappies.” (please feel free to edit this part out if I am wrong)

Around these parts (rural Ohio, USA) instead of a baby shower, expecting parents opt to host what we call a “diaper party.” The attitude is very casual and it’s an all-family event as opposed to just the women at a shower. The understood message is “we don’t want or need gifts, but these are the brand of diapers & wipes we will use, so please bring a pack for us to use when the baby arrives.” No need to wrap since it’s not a surprise present, no guessing, no “will they like this,” and everyone wins.

I recently attended one of these parties hosted by a couple I know who is expecting. They are not “best friends” of mine, but we see each other often and they host many events where I am always invited and welcomed.

Seeing as they often host and I do not have the means to reciprocate (I live in an apartment with roommates) I try to compensate with my bringings to show my appreciation for the invitation. This party was no different. I was at our local warehouse store (Costco, Sams, BJ’s, that sort of thing) and picked up a box of diapers, about $45.00 USD for a box of 174. I found a cute card, taped it securely to the box, and attended the party.

When I arrived, there was the usual groups of guests – some were sitting in the family room watching a sporting event on TV, and the rest were outside playing yard games and enjoying the weather. I was told, “Go on and leave your gifts on the table over there, grab a bite to eat, and join the fun,” which I did. I met up with friends outside until it was time to go inside and open the gifts. I did mention before that it was all about the diapers, but some close friends did bring onesies, toys, and other personal things. Also the couple was able to thank everyone in a group setting as they saw who brought what. Again, very casual.

The gifts were opened, people ooh’ed and ahh’d over the outfits, and guests were thanked as their diaper boxes were seen. I heard my name called, and “Hey, thank you for bringing these! Good to see you again,” while the mother-to-be held up a 12-pack box with my card attached and waved at me. I smiled and responded appropriately, immediately realizing that someone had switched the cards on my box and a smaller one, and took credit for the very large package while leaving me with the smaller one. I did not see who was thanked for my box, so I don’t know who did the switch.

This was several months ago, and for some reason it bugged me again today. I realize that in the grand scheme of things, the family still has the same amount of diapers to use, I won’t be unfriended either in real life or on social media, and the world will continue to turn. I wasn’t expecting the family to pick me up and carry me around the room and cheer for my generosity. However, it was very irritating to know that I made a generous purchase for my friends and someone else took credit for it.

What should I have done in this situation to make things right? I didn’t want to make a scene or otherwise ruin the parents’ special day. Too much time has passed and it would be silly to ever bring it up. However, if I were to ever experience this sort of thing again, how should it be handled? Or do you just smile knowing that the recipient has a gift to enjoy regardless of who it was from, and go on enjoying the party?   0402-17

For all you know, your card fell off the package of diapers and someone reattached it to whatever box of diapers appeared to be cardless.   I’m not sure there is any gracious way to point out that the diapers you are being thanked for are not the ones you bought. I suggest taping the card using a very distinctive tape or use duct tape which comes in all kinds of colors and patterns.   Better yet, make a diaper “cake”!


On very occasions in my decades of being an adult I have known of impending weddings that involved either an abusive male or female. The red flags are all there but no amount of warnings and pleadings changed any minds and as expected, the marriages deteriorated into often brutal abuse and divorce. I have refused to have anything to do with such weddings and in one case I was a bridesmaid until I heard enough evidence to convince me that I could not, in good conscience, stand as a witness to the wedding. A call to the officiant and within 24 hours the wedding was called off….whew!

The recent news of a celebrity engagement caught my eye:

Danry Vasquez the baseball player who punched and beat his girlfriend multiple times in a stadium stairwell PROPOSED to her after his arrest … and she said, “Yes.”

You can read more HERE.     Danry’s fiancee claims the attack was an “isolated incident”.  Isolated or not the savagery of the attack left no doubt that Danry is an abusive menace.   A security camera in the stairwell caught the entire “incident”  seen HERE.

To Danry’s fiancee,  RUN AWAY.   He will not change, you cannot change him.   The abuse will get worse and he will likely abuse any children you have.  RUN. Quickly. He’s not worth it.

To women everywhere…the second your boyfriend or fiance or husband or your partner raises a hand and strikes you, the deal is off entirely.  An immediate end to the relationship with no hope of resurrecting it.   You cannot change or fix people who have no inhibition about hitting you. They do not love you despite claiming they do but they lie because real love seeks the best for the other person at all times and wouldn’t dream of harming the one it loves.   Abusive people are very good at appearing trite and apologetic, begging for another chance, but there is no substantive change to their character in those apologies and you will get hit, punched, slammed against the wall, etc. again.

Do not marry these creeps.


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