Feel Good Friday – Be Nice To Everybody

by admin on August 26, 2016


Unwanted Hospital Visitor

by admin on August 25, 2016

I have a long-time, very dear friend who is always there for me when I need her. We were very close in college, since then, what with husbands, children, careers, etc, we are still close but often go two to three weeks without contact. She is a very kind person and I love her, but sometimes she is just clueless…..

Several years ago, I was in the hospital recovering from what turned out to be a non-life threatening (but emergency) situation. I was feeling better, not 100%, but recovering. I contacted this friend to let her know where I was and what had happened, and she said she would be visiting me in the next day or so.

She came a day later – with a friend in tow. I had never met this person. She brought her friend from church – a complete stranger to me – with her to visit me in the hospital. They were just “stopping by” to see how I was doing before going out shopping. They stayed about 20-25 minutes.

I was just speechless. She brought a complete stranger with her to visit me IN THE HOSPITAL. The woman just sat there, barely speaking (probably because we had never met!).

As I said, I love her to pieces, sometimes she is just clueless. Wondered what the EHell readers think? 0818-16

The fault lies more with the stranger friend than it does with your dear friend.   She should have told your dear friend that she would wait for her while she visited with you and then found a waiting room, the hospital chapel, or cafe to park herself.   In this day of smart phones, it would have been easy for her to reconnect with your friend when she was done visiting you by texting.


I received an invitation from a friend of the mother of the bride to be a couple of weeks ago. The wedding itself is in the bride’s hometown, about 8 hours away. The shower is here in our hometown, where most of our family lives, and the bride is coming up for the shower. The invitation stated where the bride to be was registered, so I went online right away and picked a nice gift, which I had shipped to my home. I planned to add a homemade gift along with the gift from the registry. I even selected wrapping paper and a card which were very similar in style/pattern/color to the shower invitation. I was in good shape a week and ½ before the shower. Or so I thought. Yesterday I receive an email from the bride’s mother to 4 of us who will be attending. I quote:

If you would rather pick something out specifically from <bride’s name here> bridal registry (instead of gift card) you can get it shipped to her house for free (>$25 gift)

Or you could go in together and send something as a group gift. Her address is: XXXXXXXXX

She is flying so won’t be able to carry much on the plane ride back.

Just a thought!

WAIT, WHAT? We aren’t supposed to bring a gift to the shower?! I have already paid to have the gift shipped to my home, what now? Should I ship the gift to her OR take it to the shower anyway since it was not mentioned on the invitation that they would prefer gift cards/no gifts? I’m also thinking they might send the gift back home with me to bring it to the wedding (which I do not plan on attending, but that’s a whole other story – expecting everyone to attend an out of town wedding…)  0706-18


Put A Soccer In It

by admin on August 23, 2016

My husband, mother, and myself attended a mid-range restaurant for lunch.   We’re planning a wedding and we have a lunch ‘meeting’ once a week to go over the what’s done/what needs to be done list.  We arrived just minutes after they opened for the day, and in the foyer were gathering folks awaiting tables.  One such group was a very large mix of adults and what appeared to be a High School girl’s soccer team.  Some had arrived before us, some arrived while we were waiting to be seated.  We were shown through a restaurant only sparsely peopled at this point to a booth at the end of a long side room.  Several minutes later, the table beside us was occupied by the soccer girls.  Here is where the troubles began.

The adults were seated in a different part of the restaurant, though there were tables in the room we occupied. The girls, apparently, wanted said adults to hear their conversation anyway as they were very loud.  As we sat, attempting to decide what to order, more girls joined the group until it had grown from six to nine and the noise made it impossible to have a conversation at a normal level.  Their chattering was a mix of recollections of past games, the sex lives of various friends, and, of course, selfies!   If I heard the word ‘selfie’ once, I heard it eighty times.   We ordered, and they were still prattling.  Halfway through our meal, they finally ordered and by the time their food arrived (and the promise that chewing MIGHT shut some of them up) we had finished and were leaving.

My question is this. To whom should I have directed complaint, if anyone?  To the staff of the restaurant who, having been there for the noise level we were facing, might have been polite and offered us another table further away?   To the adults who were supposedly in charge of these girls?   (They visited the room a couple of times during our meal and the girls quieted slightly until they left a minute later.)  To the girls themselves? (Something that, sadly, nowadays gets the one doing the correcting into more trouble than the ones corrected.)   In the end, we ate in all-but-silence, hurrying through our meal so we could get back to the car to get the needed wedding conversation done.  0715-15


Tis the season again. Harvesting crops and gardens. I moved my fruit trees, most of them, to a back yard type situation, from my front yard, and planted blooming things instead. Neighbor to that side, the house sold and a family with sorta young children moved in. They were rather stiff about the fence line and such, I had a professional surveyor come in and sort out that the fence they claimed I completely owned and the mess they put up in the front, I could remove part of it (and did and paid them for it and put in a much nicer fence). I had to put slats into the chain link so that the kids couldn’t climb it (and wired them into place)… they could climb a chain link as fast as they could run.

Trees loaded with fruit, the move didn’t bother them much. There had been a few trespasses and they found the apples, peaches, and watermelons weren’t ripe. School started so it slowed them down some, and I checked yesterday and found stuff was ripe. It took a few hours of a morning to pick the fruit, clean up the windfalls I hadn’t gotten to yet, and the like. I took my harvest in, and processed it and put it up. I picked the other stuff as well and carried it in. Pretty much ready for cleaning things off for the year…..

Just before supper I get pounding on my front door. Three of the older kids and a couple of others were there, to ask what happened to the fruit. I told them the truth, it had gotten ripe, I had picked it, and I’d processed it. I had temper fits tossed right there about how dare I hog all the fruit. I stepped out and locked my front door as I went and went over to the neighbor’s with totally torqued off kids as an escort. I knocked and the mother went oh, hello, did you bring the fruit over?

No. She looked surprised and started to get angry. I told her had they asked nicely I might have shared but (video of the fits tossed on my porch). Oh, well they had a right to since I was so greedy. I left. I got yelled at as I left about being such a big greedy hog.

What is it with garden produce and fruit trees? I had been planning to share watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, and some of the fruit. Neighbor to the other side, also, but some of their kids were in the batch that came to visit me and gave me a show on my front porch.

Next year I think I’m going to pick the trees off and let them rest, and buy my produce at the farmer’s market. (shakes head) 0909-15


Dad was a singer throughout his life – he was a Butlin’s Redcoat and then traveled around singing in clubs around the country. He worked in a factory when he got married and did the occasional bit of singing on side. His nickname is The Songaminute Man – simply because of how many songs he knows.

In the last few years his memory has deteriorated a lot – often not recognizing me as his son. Its a horrible illness.

However, now when we’ve got him singing again he’s back in the room. It’s these moments that we treasure. – Mac McDermott Check out more videos at www.facebook.com/songaminute

What a lovely voice he has. Treasured memories.


That Horrid Moment When You Realize A Tree Is Vastly More Interesting

August 18, 2016

Here’s a story that happened a few years ago. My husband, two small children and I were visiting a friend of mine and her husband. I’ll call them Tammy and Dan. The idea was that we’d all have dinner at Tammy and Dan’s house, then visit for a while. We’d had dinner and were just […]

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Wedding Wednesday – You Will Catch This Bouquet

August 17, 2016

I am a single woman in the midst of wedding season, and  although I enjoy weddings  (who doesn’t enjoy seeing their friends happy and having an excuse to dance and eat cake?), I also dread them. I hate the bouquet toss and do my utmost to avoid it. I know other people love it, and […]

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