Last Christmas Give-Away

by admin on November 30, 2015

Beautiful 2-piece dip bowl and server set from the Lennox Holiday collection. Crafted from ivory porcelain with lustrous 24-karat gold banding and decorated with a merry, traditional pattern of holly and berries. Perfect for soft cheeses, olive spreads, and honey butter.


The rules are simple.  Reply to this post using a valid email address by midnight EST on December 4th 2015.  You do not need to put your real name or email address in the comments but using a valid email address when you comment will make sure you receive notification if you win.   Each reply comment is automatically assigned a number based on the order in which replies are received.  Winner will be chosen using random number generator and notified by the following Monday December 7th.   Failure to respond within five days to notification of winning means you will forfeit the prize and another random drawing will determine another winner.   So check your spam filters!


Feel Good Friday – A Thanksgiving Miracle

by admin on November 27, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving

by admin on November 26, 2015


The Birthday Party Raffle

by admin on November 25, 2015

This story is still talked about in my family to this day.

We had a surprise birthday party for my grandfather when he turned 70 – one of the relatives has a pool and he graciously hired a caterer, a band, and purchased all kinds of party games for everyone to play. It was fun and memorable.

Nobody was expected to get gifts, but most of us wanted to get Grandpa SOMETHING – a bottle of his favorite scotch, a card made by some of the younger kids, etc. I think I gave him a watercolor painting I did – I was a poor college student at the time. Nothing fancy, but small gifts, or no gift at all. Nothing was opened at the event, so nobody knew who did and didn’t get anything. The relative who hosted has quite a bit of money and is very generous with it, but most of us don’t have overflowing coffers. Still, we manage.

My Uncle ‘John’ never bothered to get a gift. Instead, he decided that a fitting gift for his father’s 70th birthday would be to tell everyone that he was running a 50/50 raffle, complete with homemade ‘tickets’… and that he’d give the winner the first 50, and make the second 50 my grandfather’s birthday present.

I would understand if John was impoverished – but he actually owns his own business and does pretty well for himself!

We all thought it was pretty gauche, especially since he told my grandfather about it, and apologized because people didn’t buy in to the raffle, so he had no gift to give.

It was cringe worthy. But this is par for the course with John – he refused to pay for his son’s funeral, recently, and crowdfunded it instead.   1123-15


Flexing That Polite Spine Muscle

by admin on November 24, 2015

Just wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone at Etiquette Hell for giving me the knowledge of a polite spine… and the courage to use it.

I work at a gas station, and one of the last things I do before closing shop for the night is turn off the lights and pumps themselves for the fueling island. The breaker for these is located in a back room, which you cannot see the pumps themselves from.

Recently while closing up shop and going about my normal duties, I had a confrontation with a man who decided that he didn’t have to abide by store hours to get gas. At some point between when I left the front counter and when I turned off the gas pumps, he pulled into our parking lot and attempted to start pumping gas… and became notably outraged that the pump had been shut off. While I was getting ready to leave, I heard knocking on our front door and went to investigate.

This man demanded that I stop inconveniencing him and turn the fuel pumps back on. I told him that wouldn’t be possible, as once the system is shut off for the night, it takes several minutes to get started again. He tried to claim that I should have checked if anyone was fueling before shutting the pumps off, to which I said that was not possible.

Then he set me up for the perfect polite spine opportunity.

“But I’m on fumes!”

I smiled as sweetly as I could manage and shook my head. “Sorry, sir, but lack of planning on your part is not an emergency on mine. I cannot restart the system once it has been shut down for the night.”

Had he stuck around I would have given him directions to a different gas station not too far away, but that statement made him storm back to his car and leave. Funny, being “on fumes” didn’t stop him from gunning his engine and screeching his tires out of our parking lot.

Since I work closing and not opening, I don’t know how long the system actually takes to start up after being shut down. What I do know is that he obviously had to use a credit card at the pump to get it on in the first place, and our pumps have a safety feature that prevents a credit card from being used outside more than once per day. So, even if I had turned the system back on for him, he wouldn’t have been able to use his credit card to pump gas. And the other thing I know is exactly what I said–his poor planning isn’t my emergency.    1122-15


Update on Guatemala Libraries Project

by admin on November 23, 2015

A few weeks ago I alerted Ehell blog readers of the opportunity to directly impact a rural Guatemalan school and community by donating books.   With an extremely high illiteracy rate and few Spanish language reading materials,  the Agua Viva Libraries Project Amazon Wish List was created to facilitate donations to establish libraries in the children’s home, school and local community.

I am happy to report  that after that blog post was published, Misi (the libraries project coordinator) reported a large and unexpected (Misi did not know I had published the school’s need) upsurge in book donations from people who had not previously donated and which we attribute to Ehellions.

There are still 98 books on the Wish List so if you would love to introduce a child to the wonders of reading, there are still opportunities for as little as $4.00.    Amazon Wish List


Gossiping Rude Guests

November 23, 2015

This incident was the first time I had met many of my partner’s friends, and boy oh boy did it leave an impression. I’m still fuming about it 2 years later! We were invited to a wedding in a resort town that, while in the same state, is too far away for most attendees to […]

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Christmas Give-Away #2

November 23, 2015

My mistake is your good fortune.   Last year I realized I had bought a Nordic Ware cake pan I already  owned.   I’m not getting senile, it’s just that I have a good collection of Nordic Ware’s specialty baking pans and I forgot what I had in inventory.   So, this week’s prize is a brand new, […]

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