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Panty Wasted


Britney, please. Dressing sans underwear is a hygienic nightmare. Who knows where your naughty bits have been lately? It’s a classic case of Too Much Information for our plebian minds to absorb and it’s categorically unfair that we have to employ brain bleach to remove those images from our minds. And finally, in your case, it reeks of desperation. Yes, we know your career is tanking fast but deliberate exposure of your nether regions to the all seeing eyes of the paparazzi just screams, ” I NEED MORE PR!” Embrace the panties….they are a good thing.

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  • PrincessSimmi March 14, 2010, 11:45 pm

    the article for this is no longer there, but are you referring to one of the numerous occasions where Britney was seen entering or leaving cars/limos sans underwear, or the time she pressed her bare chest against glass? Either way, it’s still disgusting.

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