If I did want to murder my reputation further…

by admin on November 16, 2006

In an astonishing dislay of chutzpah, O.J. Simpson has written a book titled, “If I Did It”, in which he explains how he would have “hypothetically” killed his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman in 1995.

In one particular chapter, Simpson paints a mental picture for the reader with a detailed and supposed hypothetical description of how he murdered his wife and friend *IF* he were the real killer. Hypothetically, a second man named “Charley” did the actual knifework whereas Simpson was there to assist. Jealousy was the motive.

Publisher Judith Regan referred to the book, which is officially released on November 30th, as Simpson’s “confession”. Regan also snagged an exclusive interview with Simpson to be aired November 26 and 27th on Fox.

“What kind of a husband or partner would even have a thought of how they’d harm their loved one?” questioned Jessica Pirro, associate director of Crisis Services, which provides domestic violence counseling and other services in Erie County.

Good question, Ms. Pirro. Why would a devoted husband of a wife he allegedly loved be given to speculating how she could be murdered by him? The inappropriateness of even thinking in those terms about loved ones is extreme but Simpson maxes out the etiquette Richtor Scale by exploiting a gruesome murder scenario by putting thoughts to the page and then vocalizing them on national TV.

What was to be gained by this? Guilt relief? “The book is in effect a confession,” said attorney Adam Bourgeois, former legal analyst for CBS 2 News. Confess if you must, Mr. Simpson, but do it with your attorney by your side before the sheriff or county magistrate and take the appropriate punishment.

Simpson escapes any appropriate measure of confession and contrition by writing a hypothetical book from which he is alleged to be profiting to the tune of 3.5 million dollars. Appropriate confessions yield justice and punishment, inappropriate confessions can be sold for large sums of blood money.

If Simpson really is innocent as he has claimed for 11 years since the murders, what would motivate a man to write such fantasy which rips open the grieving wounds of the victims’ families? According to Denise Brown, Nicole’s sister, Simpson is a narcissist. Attorney Adam Bourgeois, former legal analyst for CBS 2 News, believes Simpson wrote the book for attention. Both describe a man so selfishly attuned to his needs that he completely disregards how such a book would be hurtful to the victims’s families and to his own children.

Whether for guilt assuaging or to satisfy his craving to be a media whore, Simpson undeniably does succeed in murdering his reputation with this gross, indecent, self-absorbed, sickening postulation of how he could have murdered his wife. Decent people should refrain from rewarding this crudeness by not buying the books nor watching the Fox special next week.

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Alexis July 12, 2009 at 2:27 am

He had a reputaion left to murder?


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