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Revenge Of The Harpy

My MIL was approaching 90 (and very much still in her right mind, living alone and taking very good care of herself), and DH wanted to do something special. After talking extensively to her, they decided upon a party at a local restaurant where there was a private room.  Perfect.  She and DH compiled a guest list.  She included “Anna” on her list, a friend with whom she’d had a spectacular falling out some years ago.  (This is nothing new, MIL is a bit of a drama queen and always likes to have some drama going on around her).  DH asked, “Are you sure, because the last time I checked, you and Anna weren’t quite friends anymore.” MIL assures him that it’s all been smoothed over, she misses Anna terribly and would love to see her at her party.

DH calls Anna personally to invite her and she seems a bit surprised as she also was under the impression that she was in MIL’s bad books, but if that’s what MIL wants for her 90th, perhaps they’re set to make amends.

The day of the party arrives, we take MIL to the restaurant, her friends arrive.  Anna and her hubby arrive and sit beside MIL.  Anna begins talking to her.  MIL turns and says to DH in her loudest, haughtiest tone, “Please remove this woman from my presence”.  Anna and her husband, very embarrassed, get up and leave.

Later we found out through MIL’s best friend that she had deliberately asked DH to invite Anna and her husband with the express purpose of embarrassing her in front of everyone else.  There was no point in telling her she was in the wrong, she believed (and still does believe) that Anna “deserved it”. 0110-09

Wow.  If the deliberate baiting to entrap and exact revenge wasn’t enough, Mom used her son as an unwitting accomplice for her nefarious scheme.  Way to go, Mom!

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  • Michelle P October 2, 2010, 10:10 pm

    Love your post, winknsmile. I respectfully disagree that the woman has Alzheimer’s as well. People with those conditions (I work as a nurse in a nursing home) do not plan something that intricately. I’m afraid I would have been too shocked to do anything at first as well. I would follow up with Anna with a phone call and a profuse apology, emphasizing that the OP and son were NOT involved willingly. Good point, winknsmile, also in your last post. My grandmother was and is self-centered, and now she wonders why her family doesn’t spend time with her.

  • Amava October 5, 2010, 11:59 am

    Had I been a guest confronted with this scenario, I would have immediately gotten up and left.

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