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Entitlement Killed The Country Music Star

A little background. My DH and I are part of group of friends who generally hang out as a group. There are some people in the group we see more than others and there are some we only see as a group. Most of us are in our 30’s, married, and either have kids or have kids on the way. Some own our own homes, some don’t. Some of us have professional degrees, some of us our manual laborers. It’s a diverse group and it works well for all of us.

That said, there are two people in our group who seem to think everything is a competition. They always have to have the best and be the best. They are constantly talking about how much money they have, what they just bought, and how much they just spent. We’ll call them C and D. The rest of us rarely, if ever, talk about money.

C and D have been married about a year. For as long as I can remember, D has talked about going to Nashville and trying to be a country singer. He’s been talking about it so long, most of us don’t pay attention anymore. Over the summer, our friends organized a benefit for another friend of ours who is fighting breast cancer. The benefit was a huge success.

Apparently the benefit gave D some ideas. Two weeks ago my husband and I received, both by Facebook and by email, an invitation to a fundraiser. The invitation stated that, with the economy and a new baby on the way, D is looking for help getting to Nashville. A fundraiser, with a door cost of $25 per person and to include raffles and auctions, is being held to help him “raise the money to obtain his dream of going to Nashville” and he promises not to forget all of us when he makes it big.

We, and a few other friends, were quite put off by this. I, thankfully, have obtained my dream….. through student loans that we are paying and lots of hard work. If I had to pay to obtain my dream, why should I pay for D to obtain his? Am I wrong in being offended by this? I wanted to send a response saying that when C and D help pay my student loans, I’ll be happy to donate to the cause. Instead, I respectfully declined the invitation as we will be out of the area the day of the “event”. 1101-10

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  • Javin September 29, 2011, 10:28 am

    I’d actually like to hear the aftermath on this one. How many people ended up attending the “fundraiser?” And how close to Nashville was he able to make on that tank of gas?

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