by admin on December 12, 2011

I wanted to get a nice gift for my nephew’s first Christmas.  My sister is very religious and has strict ideas about what are appropriate gifts for babies, so I decided that I would give my nephew his first Bible.  Looking at my bookshelves, I decided to give my nephew one of my own Bibles–specifically, a little New Testament that had been *my* first Bible nearly three decades earlier.  I assure you it was still in very good condition.

On Christmas Day, presents are opened, and my sister is very pleased with my present to my nephew (my nephew, meanwhile, is more interested in toys, which is to be expected).

Come the next Sunday, a lady asked what I gave my nephew for Christmas, and I replied that I’d given him my first Bible to be his first Bible.  The lady responded that what I’d done was known as “regifting” and was very tacky.
And here I’d been trying to be nice…   0109-11

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