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Feel Good Friday – Sportsmanship Homerun


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  • David April 1, 2011, 5:21 am

    How excellent! I teared up.

  • Aje April 1, 2011, 6:24 am

    Awesome! Yes, I really did cry!

  • essie April 1, 2011, 6:52 am

    HA! I flat-out cried.

  • geordicat April 1, 2011, 8:23 am

    Yes, I cried. That is true sportsmanship. Awesome.

  • Daisy April 1, 2011, 8:45 am

    The families of those two admirable young women should be proud beyond measure of their honour and compassion.

  • Melissa April 1, 2011, 8:49 am

    I think everyone will cry for that one…what an amazing thing to do for a competitor

  • Leslie Holman-Anderson April 1, 2011, 11:09 am

    I tend to avoid anything having to do with sports, and almost didn’t watch this video. But I did, and like everyone else, I choked up. This is what sports is supposed to be like, and almost never is. Everyone who was there that day is a better person for having been in the presence of the grace and compassion of those two young women.

  • Iris April 1, 2011, 5:18 pm

    Darn hayfever season…*sniff*…

  • Snowy April 1, 2011, 8:16 pm

    Dang it, I’m crying. Stop making me cry!

  • Calypso April 2, 2011, 3:10 am

    Thank you so much for posting this; I never watch ESPN and wouldn’t have seen it otherwise. I *never* cry and this got me so intensely. I was especially touched seeing the older people react—the coach and the older man (also a coach)?—I could tell they were thinking/feeling as I was “these children give me hope for the world.” As a Leslie said, this was grace in action.

  • elicat April 2, 2011, 7:00 pm

    @Calypso–great comment, “these children give me hope for the world.” Right on the mark.

  • Beth April 3, 2011, 9:55 am

    *Sniff* Goosebumps and tearing up. Now I will share the video with my friends. Thank you for posting it!

  • Leslie Holman-Anderson April 4, 2011, 9:23 am

    Just a thought — is there any way to forward our comments to the heroines of the story?

  • Kali April 4, 2011, 6:49 pm

    I cried too.

  • Ally April 4, 2011, 7:01 pm

    If I wasnt at work right now, I would be bawling…as it is I am sitting here going “oh goddammit” sniffling and trying desperately to keep the tears at bay. That was an amazing story.

  • Kai April 14, 2011, 10:02 am

    I almost turned it off mid-way. I thought ‘Oh, she wants to hit a home run. How nice, but not that interesting’, but I stuck it out and I’m glad I did.

    It’s a win for everyone when someone shows compassion and does the right thing, especially when the two girls from the opposing team could have won the game if they didn’t help, but chose to do it anyway. Good on them.