Have Baby, Get Food

by admin on July 20, 2011

I don’t know the couple in question very well (they are friends-of-friends) but I have heard that they had a baby recently, and I just saw this facebook request from the father of the newborn (below.) The father is also a doctor and could probably afford a personal chef, if getting takeout from one of the many healthy, vegetarian-friendly restaurants in town was too much work.

We are requesting 2 weeks of dinners from our friends, and a prefect chance to stop by and see baby Fifi!

Local foods if at all possible.
Heavy on the veggies, no top carnivore fish (mercury) and light on the meats.
Feeding 4
Better be good or we will hunt you down and cook you with the love, care and dignity you should have shown the food you served us… no pressure.

The contributor of this story also included a screen shot of the Facebook event to back up the story. Due to the large amount of personal identifying information, I can’t display it so you’ll have to trust me that the story is accurate. The new father created a Facebook event called “FamilyName Food Tree”, invited 31 friends to “attend”, i.e. make a dinner for the family.

The problem with this is that food and the labor it takes to prepare it are a gift of time and money. One cannot go asking people to give you gifts, and certainly not specific gifts. It’s a lovely gesture to volunteer to serve new parents with a hot meal each day for the first few weeks after a baby’s arrival but the initiative to serve in this manner must come from the giver and not the recipient. Sorry, but having a baby is not a free pass to suspend etiquette nor does it make you entitled to being served.

Addendum by admin:  Hey, y’all, no more comment approvals from me today.  I’m off to the hospital to welcome my first grandchild into the family!

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