Double Hair Trouble

by admin on August 29, 2011

My mom has (for at least 10 years) been going to the same person to do her hair. Mind you, my mom is in her mid-60’s and prefers her hair to be in the ‘old lady bob’ haircut, which I personally despise and swear I’ll never do, but I digress. Anyway, my mom recently missed a hair appointment to get her hair highlighted and cut. When her stylist called to see if she was going to make it, my mom explained that she had completely forgotten and if she left at that moment could be there in 15 minutes. (which would have left them 30 minutes behind in the appointment). Her stylist said that was too late and to just re-schedule, and my mom offered to pay her for missing her appointment.

Fast forward to today, when my mom goes for her re-scheduled appointment. When she asks stylist at the end how much she owes her, the stylist says $220! ($110 for the missed appointment and $110 for the work she did that day) My way-too-generous mother pays up, but calls me to tell me what happened. I could not BELIEVE that this woman actually took my mom up on the offer. My mom would have given her a sizeable tip for missing the appointment, but I told my mom it’s not like she’s a doctor and she didn’t perform any services so in the very least she should have just asked for $25 or something. I don’t know if I’m the unreasonable one, but I cannot imagine asking someone to pay for a missed HAIR appointment. Oh and my mom is pretty upset about it, and told me she needs to find someone new to do her hair cause this rubbed her the wrong way. I told my mom not returning to her would make things pretty clear about how she feels about it. I just think it’s crappy to do to a longtime client. Thoughts?   0826-11

I’m not getting why your mom is both surprised and offended that the hair stylist took her up on the generous offer your mom made to her.  If your mom meant her offer to pay for the missing appointment to merely be a superficial social courtesy that the stylist should have known not to accept, I think Mom made an error in presumption and communication.  Your mom didn’t offer a sizable tip, she offered to pay for the missed appointment.

It would have been nice of the stylist to have been more forgiving given that Mom has a decade of business loyalty to the stylist and the accumulated tips over ten years should have been more than compensatory for one missed appointment.  But if Mom has missed other appointments, I can see why she offered to pay and why it was accepted.

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