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Maid of Horror #2

So, I got married about two months ago at my parent’s house in Utah.  The wedding itself was perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing except for one- my awful bridesmaid (who will me Anna for the retelling)!  She was nothing if not rude, ungrateful, and disrespectful not only to my husband and I, but also to my family that so graciously hosted the whole thing!

So it starts off that my guy and I get engaged and of course, I ask Anna to be one of my bridesmaids because she was a very dear friend to me and she, along with three other friends, meant the world to me.  My other three girls were golden and wonderful, but all had things come up and had to drop out…and then there was one, ha!  Well, because I know that BM dresses are expensive and we had over a year ’til go time, I offered to make each girl her dress in one of several styles that I had on hand but because of the others dropping I only wound up making the one dress (so that was nice, it saved me a lot of work :D) for Anna.  It was a yellow floor-length dress with a low back and high necked front with the smallest of trains.  Well, I got Anna’s dress done months before the wedding, so early that she was able to wear it to another occasion.  I didn’t mind that she was wearing it before the wedding because I truly wanted the dress to get as much use as possible.  Well, because Anna was really broke, I also paid for the materials to make her dress with the express agreement that this would be my gift to her and that I would alter the dress any way she wanted post-wedding and she would owe me nothing.  We agreed and it was good.

Well, fast forward many months to about a month and a half pre-wedding- Anna wants the dress cut from floor length to tea-length and she wants a petticoat to wear underneath and she wants it done before the wedding so she can wear it for some other weddings that are to happen before ours did.  Well, I told her that I was really busy and that I would not promise to get it done before the wedding but that if I got time I would do it because I really wasn’t that worried about it.  Well, I got the time, hemmed the dress, then made the petticoat, again paying for it out of pocket because she is still broke.  Well, now that the dress is short I asked her to get shoes to match because when it was long no one would have known that she was wearing dark brownish-black shoes but now they would show and black shoes don’t go with a yellow dress!  She responds to this with some serious static saying that I was being unfair and uncool to make her buy shoes she will never wear again- to which I less than gently remind her that if I was like most brides not only would she have to buy shoes, but she also would have had to buy a dress that would have likely cost over $100-she should be happy that all she has had to pony up was ten dollars for a pair of shoes!  Mind you, I have already sunk well over fifty dollars into making her a dress that is no longer what I really wanted but worked well enough to make me happy (though the hubby HATED it, hehe).

Well, go further forward to the wedding day- we left for my parents’ place the night before to help with set-up and get some of the work done early.  So I am in making food, cake specifically, and she keeps yelling (really yelling!) at me to go sit down, quit being a bridezilla (I only wish I was exaggerating), and more or less get out of her way because we “are doing thing THIS way”- as in her way or the highway.  I am mildly annoyed but am trying to keep calm because I know I have control-freak tendencies and I just go to do other things.  Well, every time I tried to help out, I got yelled at by my BM to get out of the way, etc. and to quit being a bridezilla- you know, because it is bridezilla-like to want to help out with your own wedding apparently!  Well, I know that at this point she is also starting to grate on the nerves of my husband and my mother (My mom exercised some saint-like restraint the whole time, let me tell you!) because Anna was simply being rude, tactless, bossy, and downright mean at times.  She was not only yelling at me, but also my husband and my parents- who not only were awesome in hosting this with no complaints but also allowed her to stay at their house the night before without even batting an eyelash (seriously, my parents were super-awesome about all of this and I still don’t think I have thanked them enough!). 

Well, she starts demanding that we drive into town so that she can get hair things and makeup but town is almost an hour’s drive and the stylist will be there in about 20m- so we make do with the things we have on hand and what the stylist brings.  But she not only complains about this for another hour or so, but after having her hair done does not even offer to help pay for the stylist that my mother hired to do MY hair!  And, unknown to me until several days later, while I was done picking up somethings that were forgotten (batteries for cameras, etc.) she made some REALLY off-color comments about my family- something to the effect of the “rednecks holding a Klan meeting” in the yard, but I don’t know what was actually said- my mother only stated (days after the fact)  that she was very angry with Anna and told me that some things were said and didn’t want to go into the specifics (saint-like restraint!) and that she also was very upset at how rude she was to them in their own home.  Well, after the wedding and yelling at the groom because he was still trying to help out right up until the bridal march started (such a sweetie!), she then goes on very loudly about how all she plans to do at the reception is get wasted/piss drunk and how she is never getting married because this was such a pain in the ass and so on and on and on.

The topper of the whole night though? Once the reception started winding down the hubby and I started helping clean up because we were leaving for home after the reception and would not be able to help with tear-down and clean-up as much as we would have liked (all while Anna was throwing down booze like it was going out of style and complaining about the wedding to anyone who would listen), Anna asks, in front of a good 20 or so people if I bought her a gift “because she IS my bridesmaid and she DID SOOOOOO much!”… you know, after we had agreed that her dress to her specs was her gift.  After all of her rudeness and just general appalling behavior she had the nerve to ask for a gift and after not even saying so much as a “congrats” or “thank you” to my parents, the stylist, my husband, or any of the tons of people who did so much to make this happen!  Un-freaking-believable!  09-08-08


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  • Alexis August 27, 2009, 8:56 pm

    Were there NO previous clues that she was like this? Did she just grow horns and cloven hooves a couple of months before the wedding? Because I just can’t imagine that you were so completely blindsided.

  • Ling October 21, 2009, 7:50 am

    I should have put down my foot when she wanted the dress to be altered before the wedding. I’d say that “no, this is how I want it to be, I can change it AFTER the wedding if you like”.

    What does it matter that she asked in front of 20 people about a gift. The only think you need to say is “the dress is the gift, remember? You’ve already used it twice before today.”.
    It’s her problem that she’s making an ass of herself in front of 20 people.

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