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Perfect Brides #2

This story is about my daughter-in-law, Sweetie.  She was very considerate in planning her wedding and asked a few questions of me, but most of them went to her own mother.  She met most of the female relatives attending the wedding at her shower.  She was gracious and polite to all of them.

The wedding was a formal church wedding and an informal reception.  My sisters and nieces had arrived at the wedding the night before.  I was hoping to be able to take her and Dear Son to my brothers where they were staying, but unfortunately, they had prior commitments. 
The wedding itself was beautiful and she was a gracious host.  When I arrived, Dear Son introduced me to the photographer and Sweetie immediately went to find my corsage.  When my in-laws arrived, she was introduced to them by my husband.  She got their corsages and boutonnieres.   Pictures were taken and when she met my relatives she was equally nice to them. 
She and Dear Son had invited all and children were welcome, so my granddaughter and my great niece were also there and welcome.  She made sure that she spoke to all  the guests for at least a few minutes.  The reception was potluck.  (This is common with both families and in the area.)  She mentioned to me that my son said I was making one of my specialties.  She was horrified when she found out he hadn’t mentioned it to me.  (Just like him!  I had actually planned to make it along with a pasta salad so it wasn’t any big problem.)  She apologized for that and I just told her that he sometimes does tend to be absent minded. 
After nearly 4 years they are still together and seem very happy.  She is still as sweet as ever.  She has also learned if she wants me to know something, she needs to contact me herself and Dear Son can, as I said, be absent minded sometimes.  I look forward to many more happy years for she and Dear Son.  10-12-08


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