Same Email Address, Wrong Person

by admin on March 27, 2012

About 20 years ago, I got an email address with a well-known ISP. The address is really cool: just my real first name then “at”, then the well-known ISP.

Some guy who lives about 400 miles from me has a wife with the very same name as mine, first and last. For some reason, this guy has memorized my email address ( in place of his wife’s email address. He has used this email address in various places, so I get email addressed to him from mortgage loan companies, charity requests and political organization invitations. I suspect he does it so as not to clutter up his wife’s email inbox.

Most recently I got an email from a car dealer “reminding” him of his service appointment. I called the car dealer and politely told the receptionist that the email address was incorrect, and I would be much obliged if she would (1) correct the email address in their records and (2) call the guy and ask him to not use my email address for his business.

I got another reminder email from the same car dealer later that day. I called the car dealer service manager who assured me that it would be corrected, and that he would personally communicate same to the guy. I was polite, but assertive, in this phone call pointing out that this was my second request. I mentioned this was actually dangerous, as I know their home address, the value of their house, their mortgage loan company, their political connections and have genuine, real, not counterfeit ID with his wife’s exact first and last names and my photo. If I were a dishonest identity thief (which I am not), I could open accounts all over the place using my own name and her address and other identifying information.

Today, I got A THIRD reminder email from the car dealer, with the option to cancel the service appointment. Grrrr!!!!!

So, I clicked on the link and canceled the service appointment. The form asked for a reason, and I entered “Terrible service, am taking my business to another dealer.” (Which is true. I take my own business to another dealer.) This seems to be the only way to get their attention.

OK, e-hellions, what think you?  0326-12

If you have all this mortgage and personal information, I think I would copy it all and send it by certified mail to the wife whose name you also bear and include in it a request that her husband cease using your email address for his transactions in his wife’s name.

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