EHell Server Move April 3rd …or tonight

by admin on April 2, 2012

Update:   Migration may start as early as the evening of April 2nd at which time the entire site will go down.  We’re trying to minimize the amount of time the site is actually down.


The hosting provider the site has been hosted on for the past 4 years has merged with another company and that means a move to a different data center.  We are also getting a new, state of the art server.

The move to the new data center is currently scheduled for April 3rd which means the site will do down for a period of time.  How long it is down for you depends on how fast the DNS propagates through the Internet.

The issue of the morning slowdown is being addressed by  a database performance expert after the move to determine what is causing the problem and to tweak the system.

Keep updated on the progress of the move on Ehell’s Facebook Wall.

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