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Cake Yes, Party No

I was reading the post “Your Hospitality isn’t needed but your Muffins are”, and it reminded me of what happened several years ago. When my daughter was younger, she went to the same daycare for about four years. The first year I invited everyone in her class to her party. (Invitations were put with the children’s belongings a month in advance) One parent RSVP’d and showed. The next year, (hope springs eternal) I invited everyone and a few RSVP’d and showed. (I promptly RSVP”d to every invitation my daughter received, and always brought a gift, or sent one when we weren’t able to attend.) The third year, no RSVP’s and no shows. After that I gave up, but something interesting happened a few days after the party. (I was fine with no one from the daycare being there; I had plenty of family and I always have plenty of food, and we had a blast.)

I had a message, garbled and obviously from a child on my voicemail at home. It was obvious that the child didn’t speak English well; all I could make out was something about cake. I shrugged it off. The next day, there was another message, still garbled but a little clearer. This child wanted some of the birthday cake that was left over! Thinking back, I had a pretty good idea who this child was. At the last party of another kid in the class, this kid had eaten nonstop and we all had to wait for him before we had the cake. His dad was there, and ate even more than he did. I thought, surely I’m mistaken. No way did this parent not RSVP or acknowledge this party in any way then have the nerve to allow their child to call me wanting the leftover cake.

Well, that’s exactly what happened. After the third message, I got the number off the caller ID (message was again garbled and from a child) and called. I spoke to the father and he openly told me that yes, his child wanted some birthday cake. Not one word about missing the party. Obviously they had my number; they could have RSVPed! After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I calmly told him there was no more cake left over and hung up. Good grief. 1114-10


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  • Kit August 29, 2012, 9:17 am

    When my older son turned 6, he had the very first party to which he asked some friends from kindergarten. Some couldn’t come, and some asked themselves 😛 but in the end, three girls came to our party. Two of them, obviously friends, came together. They sat in the middle of our living room (we had just two rooms that time) and set a heap of tiny toys in a row, barking at anyone who’d possibly mess their order up. They did not wish to include my sons (not even the one who had birthday, even less so his 4yo brother) in their game.

    Then, an hour or so later, the third girl came. She had no problems at all playing with birthday kid and his little brother. What caught the attention of other two girls was when we played a beautiful princess (that girl) sitting in her castle tower (upper bunk bed) whom an evil dragon (me) wanted to eat, but two knights (my sons) were defending her bravely (beating the dragon away with pillows). Lots of excitement, squealing and romping! At which the two first girls mumbled, disappointed, about not being included in the game… I pointed them to their rows of little toys and went on attacking the beautiful princess.

  • erica September 9, 2012, 3:28 pm

    Well Holy Moly!! I thought I had heard it all!

    Well it does bring about memories of an event I went to with my family…it was a work related expo of sorts…we had tickets to get in. Part of the event was a BBQ cookoff. The last morning…my family was there as I had volunteered to help with clean up. I was shocked when a lady was going booth to booth with storage containers asking if she could have the leftovers. I actually asked if she was part of a food pantry… “no, I freeze it!”.
    absolutely horrible…

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