Food Boundaries

by admin on September 26, 2012

A good friend recently came to my town and I invited her to stay with me for the week she would be here, I was excited as I hadn’t seen this friend in about 2 years. When she gets here I drive to pick her up from the airport and the first thing she says to me is, “Did you know I’ve become a vegetarian?” I am shocked but I tell her that we can stop at a local grocery store to pick up some vegetarian food products for her. She seems grateful, picks out her choices, I pay and we leave.

That night we get back to my house and I put on some dinner for us both, her vegetarian hamburgers and regular ones for me. During the cooking time we have a glass of wine and catch up, she seems a little upset about something.  I ask her what is wrong and she says nothing. I brush it off thinking it was homesickness. Then once we are eating our meals she looks more and more distressed. I ask her again what is wrong and she says that watching someone eat meat is upsetting her because a poor cow was tortured for it. I apologise and finish up my meal in another room.

The day I get home from work and she has made plans to go out for a couple of drinks with mutual friends that night, I agree and put on dinner again… vegetarian for her and non vegetarian for me.  When she offers to watch dinner while I jump in the shower and get ready, I accept. When I am dressed I come out to find her eating her dinner and my dinner nowhere to be seen. I check the microwave, the oven, the fridge, she finally realizes what I am doing and says she discarded my dinner because it was upsetting her. I am shocked so I sit down to a quick meal of instant pasta.

The next day I get home from work to find while I was at work she has put all the meat from my fridge and anything that was non vegetarian sitting in a bag next to the trash bin. I question her about this and her response is, ” You are an inhuman monster, I can’t believe you would eat another living creature. I can’t sleep at night because I think you are going to creep into my bedroom and eat me considering you don’t mind torturing innocent animals for your own selfish happiness.”

I was completely shocked but I managed to compose myself enough to say, “While I have enjoyed the pleasure of your company, I think you would be more comfortable at a hotel.” She then had the nerve to yell at me and call me a bad friend, packed up the rest of the vegetarian food we had and left.

Boundaries.  Boundaries are good.  Boundaries keep us from meddling in things we have no business meddling in.  Like someone else’s pantry and refrigerator.

What made it that little bit worse was that it was a week before my parent’s wedding anniversary and I had all sorts of frozen things in the freezer which she had thrown out.. I had to replace it all.. 0906-12

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