50 Shades of Uncomfortableness

by admin on October 24, 2012

I clean homes for a living. Most of my clients are older retired women active in the community and our church. For the past few months, I’m seeing this book sitting on most of their coffee tables. The book title, you say? 50 Shades Of Grey.

For those who don’t know, the book is pornography, much more extreme than your normal Harlequin romance. The problem I’m having is how these women think it’s ok to leave it out in the open for all to see? Call me old-fashioned, but I believe anything that has to do with sex should be kept in the privacy of your own bedroom.

Now I’m noticing the amount of women reading this book in public places. If a man pulled out a Playboy at the coffee shop, that would be a little creepy, right? What kind of advances are you welcoming, especially from a male stranger who has read the book? It’s scary!! While I’m not condoning the actions in the book, there is a time and a place, ladies! Keep it classy! 1020-12

I think the home is private and while I wouldn’t suggest leaving possibly offensive reading material in plain view, one’s home is your castle to do as you please with the caveat that leaving skanky items in common areas is an invitation for guests to come to some unflattering conclusions about you.   The OP is technically not a guest but rather a paid employee and I believe the employer has a right to expect discretion from his/her employees.

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