Pushy Door-To-Door Salesman

by admin on November 8, 2012

Last night at dinner time (6:15) my doorbell rang, setting off my two dogs as it normally does. I opened the door to a salesman holding material for a well-known company that provides security services. He started talking and I said, over the the barking dogs, “I’m not interested”, and started to close the door. He continued to talk and I again said I wasn’t interested and shut the door. I did not talk to him in an angry or rude voice, just stated my disinterest. A little later I was in my back yard and my next door neighbor asked what I said to the salesman. Apparently when she also voiced her disinterest the salesman said, “Well, you’re a lot more polite than your neighbor there” (indicating my house). I was rather perturbed that a stranger would say something like that to my neighbor and good friend but there wasn’t much I could do about it.

Two hours later the doorbell rang again (setting off the dogs) and low and behold, the salesman returned! I opened the door a crack (I can see through a window in the door who is there) and he said, “I came back.” Mind you, it’s dark, cold, and I’m holding back two big dogs. I said, “So I see. I told you I wasn’t interested.” He said, “But you didn’t let me explain our services…,” and continued to talk. I said, “Sir, I told you I’m not interested. And I don’t appreciate your talking to my neighbor about me.” At that, he looked rather sheepish and started to explain himself. I closed the door again.

Looking back at this, I realize I should have said, “I’m not interested, thank you.” However, how polite should one be to an uninvited salesperson? Frankly, his return later in the evening frightened me somewhat. I found another neighbor to whom he had given his card and called his company to complain. The woman I talked to was flippant and dismissed my fear. All she said was, “Don’t worry. We made our quota in your neighborhood and won’t be back.”

I realize people have to make a living but is one obliged to offer explanations to someone who is clearly not wanted? 1031-12

If you are in the US, the Better Business Bureau and even Google are your friends.  File complaints and negative reviews to your heart’s content.

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