Loser, Loser

by admin on July 31, 2009

When I was in high school, one of my best friends started dating a guy I really disliked. To put it mildly, the dislike was mutual. I bit my tongue for the most part, but one day, he berated me in front of my friend – who said nothing. I finally told her that I couldn’t handle being around someone who would be that rude to me and that I would choose to spend time with her only when he wasn’t around. Apparently, she wasn’t interested in doing anything without him.

For a few years, we really didn’t talk at all, so I was surprised when I received an invitation to her bridal shower. Yes, she was marrying her high school sweetheart. I decided that it was a chance to put the past behind us and wish her well, so I picked up some stuff from her registry and added a few items to create a “romantic picnic” gift. When I arrived there, I saw a couple of girls who were friends from high school and the rest of those in attendance were older, female relatives. It was awkward but not unpleasant, and she seemed very much like my old friend.

She invited not only me, but my parents, to her wedding. I bought her a set of her dishes, my parents gave her picture frames. As the ceremony progressed, I realized that I was the only person our age invited to the bridal shower who wasn’t part of the bridal party, which seemed weird. Still, I wished her all the best, said nice things to the groom, etc. A few weeks passed, and my mom called to tell me that she and my dad had received a thank you from my friend – that had a p.s. to thank me for the shower gift. No mention of the wedding present was made, and she didn’t bother to even send me my own thank-you for attending her shower! I never heard from her again.

So not only was I apparently snubbed on the thank-you, I was also clearly only someone she invited so she could get more gifts. Never in a million years would I have thought she would do that.

As a p.s. of my own, they divorced after three years, when he cheated on her with a 17-year-old girl who worked at his store. I wound up hearing all of the sordid details one day because my dental hygienist is a relative of his – and his whole family was angry with him for losing her. I didn’t think it was a good idea to tell the hygienist that I always thought he was a loser, since she had lots of sharp implements.   08-05-08

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