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by admin on March 13, 2013

I’m curious about the comment approval process on blog entries. Namely because twice now I’ve made a comment on a blog entry that took much longer to go through moderation than other comments made around the same time of day. The first comment was on the post about seats on a bus. The second one was on today’s post regarding the request of a jacket lend to cover an embarrassing stain. The comment on the bus entry was approved 24 hours after I originally hit the “submit” button. The comment on today’s entry has yet to be approved, though other comments at the same submission time and after have already gone through

I’m confused because as far as I can see, I haven’t made any remarks that seem like they would warrant the delay, but with the delay in approval, I feel like my voice is getting lost in the discussion. Is there a reason for the delay? (Glitch, oversight, some error on my part?)

Thank you for running a blog that is both informative and entertaining in a way. I’ve learned some valuable etiquette tips from reading the stories and accompanying discussion. 0225-13

Some blog comments I hold in moderation because I want to respond specifically to that comment.   Some are deleted if the OP has clarified some point and the comments appear to continue to berate the OP needlessly.   Some comments have a clear agenda which I do not think is productive or on topic to either the blog post or the entire site.   Some push an etiquette perspective that is so diametrically opposite of the Ehell standards that I see no point in promoting by giving it airtime.   I am not the only person who approves comments, btw.  Ticia from the forum is also an administrator for both blogs and steps in to approve comments.

But the vast majority of time delays in comment approval is due to some glitch.  For example, I will approve a batch of comments and if my computer reboots or Firefox reboots, I have come back to find previously approved comments are now unapproved and needing to be approved again.   There have been a few times where I don’t discover the error for a day or two when I go through the “pending” comments and realize I’ve seen some of these before and I know I approved them.    Another problem is that some “comments” show up as having only a lower case “t” in the comment section.    It is not related to who does comment…happens to newbies and old regulars…and I have no idea why it does it.  I delete those comments not knowing what the original author intended to say or what happened between the time they sent it from their computer and when it hits mine.

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Veya March 13, 2013 at 5:55 am

As I understand it, there’s a reason for older people to be crabby. It’s the fight or flight response. Basically, people are hurt by growing older and especially by the aches and physical limitations that come with it. There are those who respond to this with the fight response, and because you cannot fight this natural process itself, they lash out to their environment, and in this case the OP. She was probably crabby because of the fact that she had to use the handicap stall in the first place.
She’s probably not aware where her chagrin exactly comes from, unfortunately. This theory does explain why there are so many angry old people… Growing old can be fraught with ailments al right.


Tracy March 13, 2013 at 6:56 am

Is there also a reason for the delay in being allowed to join the forum discussion? I’ve tried to join twice and I get the first email that my submission has been received and to wait for an email allowing me to join. Then I get nothing. I’m not sure if it gets lost in my spam folder or it just never comes. May I please be allowed to join the discussions?


io.ana March 13, 2013 at 12:29 pm

In the case of joining the forum, one is left to wonder whether it’s just a glitch (was the registration received? was the registration approved, but never received the answer?) or simply the registration request was denied. And one cannot ask, one’s request to join will be declined! Even after waiting for an answer more than one year?


NostalgicGal March 13, 2013 at 11:39 pm

I say I’m too old for computers… and a lot of my friends are even too older for computers, but. Other than LOTS of unpaid tech support (and you know who you are out there, you call me all the time, at least I have the comfort of knowing your computer savvy son will now talk to you again because you got ME to bug…) anyways. The quirks of the online are beyond explantion sometimes.

I leave it to the fates, the ADMIN (bless her for doing this no matter how convoluted and buggy it may seem) and whenever that buffer barfs out finally to either deliver, post, or drop it into the vast ether void…..


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