Burgers On Airplanes

by admin on October 24, 2013

I was on a four-hour flight last week. I have a major problem with airsickness, so I don’t fly unless I have to, but, well, this time I had to. So I armed myself with my Dramamine, ginger tablets, etc., and boarded the plane. Then a guy sits down next to me with a full bag of food from McDonald’s. Even the unopened bag had a really strong, onion-y, fried food smell. As it happened, he stashed the bag in his carry-on and never took it out again during the flight (which made me wonder if he thought it would still be tasty more than four hours later?) so it wasn’t a problem for me. However, that got me wondering what the e-hell minions think about the subject of taking food on airplanes. I’ve always felt that, in such close and airless quarters, passengers should try to be as odorless as possible (including no perfume, and please, please, take a shower the morning of the flight!).
I do understand that a four-hour flight might make one peckish for something other than peanuts and pretzels, but I kind of feel like something like a turkey sandwich would be more polite than a burger and fries!

So, what do you think? And, if he had brought out the food, would I have been rude to say, “I’m sorry, but I get really airsick, and I think that smell is going to make me throw up”? My airsickness isn’t his problem, and yet… 0818-13

With more airlines offering no frills travel which then puts the impetus on travelers to feed themselves during the flight, I think one must expect to experience all kinds of olfactory sensations.  A McDonald’s meal is pretty ubiquitous but I do agree that it has a particular odor.   I worked at a McDonald’s decades ago when a teen and there is a smell to the trashcans that is distinctly a McDonald’s smell no matter where you go in the US.   It could have been worse.   He could have brought sushi on board to eat.

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