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How To Practice Good Phone and E-mail Etiquette At Work

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  • SpaceCat85 September 27, 2008, 7:48 pm

    To the ambient sounds section, they should have added: the person being called probably isn’t going to appreciate it if you’re making the call while you’re on the toilet. I’m surprised at how many people I come across making business calls like that in public restrooms. Not just standing in the restroom, but actually using the toilet while they’re talking!

    Either wait until you’re done before calling them, or tell the person on the other end that you need to call them back if you can’t hold it in until the end of the phone call. It’s not only polite, but more sanitary.

  • Stepmother August 25, 2009, 7:44 pm

    Some tips on cube / office etiquette:
    1) An employee’s desk is their “home away from home”. Respect their boundaries and “turf”. Ask before you borrow. Don’t remove anything – anything – without asking first. Return borrowed items promptly, and if you borrow something ordered, order a replacement for them (supplies, etc.)
    2) Don’t ever sit in their chair. That’s just a no-no. Don’t use their desk when they’re out for the day. Don’t use their computer and leave your sign-on info on the screen.
    3) Don’t open up their supplies – then be so rude as to leave the box and wrapper trash on their desk to clean up.
    4) Don’t use their phone without asking.
    5) For visitors, don’t step outside a mtg. to use your cell phone – and then stand less than 50 ft. from other employees. They have wrk to do and don’t want to hear your phone call. Be courteous.
    6) If you use a speakerphone in a mtg – close your door! Not everyone in the office wants to listen to a garbled phone call broadcast all over the vicinity of 3-4 offices for 2 hours!
    7) Replace items when using the last one – – this includes office supplies and paper in the copier (and remove your jams in the copier, too).
    8) Don’t bring highly-“fragrant” food to nuke in the shared microwave – – your purple onions or seafood can give another employee a sore throat from the “aroma” from 50 yards away.
    9) Clean the microwave, paper towels, toilet, sink, workstation, after you use it.
    10) Don’t smoke right outside the door. People have to walk through it in and out the door. Gross.
    11) Don’t hold the elevator door open while you’re gabbing to someone. This makes other people – even on other floors – have to wait. People exit FROM the elevator BEFORE you ENTER the elevator.
    12) Watch the volume of your i-pod, walkman, etc. It can still be heard. Not everyone wants to hear static-y Metallica at 8 AM.
    13) BOSSES – – Be kind. Kindness will extract more loyalty, harder work, more honesty, more allegiance than criticism ever will. Closed-door policies will get you nowhere fast. Micro-managing your people is the fastest way to lose them. Don’t treat them like they’re stupid or need you to hang out over their shoulder 8 hours a day. Tell them you believe in them, then watch the great results.

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