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That Knife In My Back Has A Name. It’s Called “Lawsuit”

At my last job, Connie and Debbie were friends as well as colleagues. Connie was senior to Debbie, and occasionally would assign her tasks or review her work, but outside of work they shopped together, went to the theater together, had dinner together, etc. Debbie announced her engagement, and Connie was happy for her, planning to attend the wedding the next year. Well, Debbie lost her job, due to a combination of poor work habits and fighting with other employees. Connie continued to be friends with Debbie, until one day just a month or so before Debbie’s wedding. Connie was talking with other members of the department about going out that evening to pick out a wedding present for Debbie when HR called her into a meeting, where Connie was devastated to discover that Debbie had included her, by name, in a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination by the senior staff of the company.

I don’t think Connie went to the wedding. And from what I know of Debbie, she’ll never understand why that friendship ended.    0827-09

Nothing quite like a surprise lawsuit to cause an otherwise oblivious friend to terminate all connections.   Once you give your attorney the go-ahead to communicate legal matters, it is an escalation of personal interactions to a serious legal level which may result in achieving the desired goal but it will surely end any relationship one has with the defendent.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.