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Wedding Wednesday – Groomonsters

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Groomonster story.

This is actually a small tidbit from a huge wedding saga. I put this under groomonster, but really its a monster family! My best friend of 12 years (Molly) decided that the man she had been dating for two months was “the one”. This was after I had talked to her numerous times and she insisted that they would date for at least a year before deciding anything drastic. Apparently getting married isn’t drastic in her vocab. So the date is set for six months after the engagement is announced. This seemed a bit too short in my taste especially because she lives across the country but would be having it in our hometown where her parents still live. This means her poor mother planned, put together and paid for the whole thing. To make matters worse, Molly and Jim decided that their wedding couldn’t wait that long and they move it up two months! This gave her poor mother just 2.5 months to get it together! When I asked why she did that, she admitted “We don’t want to wait that long” meaning to have sex. They are both of a religion that firmly holds any physical contact til after marriage. This brought up all new warning bells in my head because now I’m thinking this marriage is all about the sex, but that’s for another story.

So the big day day comes and since her and his religion doesn’t have a public ceremony, we have the ‘rehearsal’ dinner after the ceremony. It was paid for by her parents, again, because his parents refused to pay for anything. Well, they did want to pay for a huge barbecue for them, in THEIR home state, without any of Molly’s family invited, and conveniently placed the morning AFTER THEIR FIRST NIGHT TOGETHER. So that Molly would have to ride up with Jim’s parent’s feeling very awkward (his family is also known for being very cold and unresponsive). The couple ended up declining the idea, and in a fit, his parents refused to pay for anything (Molly’s parents even paid for Jim’s Tux and shoes!). But then proceeded to invite their other ELEVEN CHILDREN, along with assorted spouses and children, aunts and uncles, grandparents and even close friends. I think there were more people at the rehearsal dinner than showed up to the reception! It was obvious by the strained looks on Molly’s parents’ faces that most of these people had not RSVP’d. Then, halfway through the meal, another family shows up and sits at a different table (there’s about 5, with all the kids, too). They request to the waiter to be put on the tab as they were running late. Then they order appetizers, alchohol, entrees and desserts for everyone! Molly’s parents did refuse to pay the alcohol tab as their religion prohibits drinking. At the rehearsal dinner, I sat next to the bride as her unspecified maid of honor (there is no bridal party, as the ceremony is a closed event). As I turned to talk to her, her new husband reached around and grabbed her around the shoulders. He peeked his head out from behind her and whispered, “MINEMINEMINE!”, in a malicious voice. I was stunned, behavior like this coming from a grown man!

I think he was feeling jealous that I had known my friend for much longer (not that two months is much competition!), or something, because behavior like this had been shot at me the whole three days I had known him. Really, he had no reason to lash out at me because I had helped put his wedding together! I had come over every night for a week to put together flowers and paint decorations with the parents while he and Molly made out quite visibly on the family couch (in full view of children and relatives! could not keep their hands away. BTW, the whole family is very religious and conservative). I was also in charge of carting them both around on their wedding day and entertaining them for the full fours hours between the ceremony and reception. The kicker is when Molly confided to me that Jim hates his family and doesn’t seem to like hers either. She isn’t sure if she can make it for my own wedding (also to be held in our hometown, as I live here) because Jim thinks visiting family about once every TEN YEARS is the norm. Thankfully Molly’s mother pulls him aside and gives him a warning about isolating her daughter from her family. His and his family’s immaturity is still ongoing and I eagerly await a phone call about their divorce! 1029-08

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  • TracyX November 1, 2017, 10:03 am

    I don’t think the problem is just his family.

    Molly doesn’t seem to be any more mature. And her family needs to shine up their spine a little.

  • DGS November 1, 2017, 10:07 am

    Everyone, including Molly the bride, Jim the groom, and his monstrous family, sound very emotionally immature. Clearly, Molly behaved in an ungrateful manner towards her family, and Jim sounds like a boor, a controlling jerk, and a scion of a very troubled, ill-mannered and nasty family. And clearly, the LW was treated as an unpaid, un-thanked worker, at her friend’s wedding, and nobody wants to feel unappreciated and taken for granted, and nobody wants to watch one’s best friend make what sounds like a terrible mistake.

    I was a bit put off, though, by some of the glee coming across from the LW. It is an unfortunate situation, with what sounds like a possibly controlling spouse thrown into the mix to boot – rather than cackling over it with judgment and condescension, it seems more appropriate to feel sadness and anxiety over Molly’s brand-new but clearly already troubled union. Obviously, it is appropriate that LW feels anger and frustration with her friend for making such a rash decision, but awaiting a phone call about Molly’s impending divorce is a bit much.

    • Vrinda November 3, 2017, 12:46 pm

      I don’t see any logical reason for people who behaved the way that Molly and Jim would or should stay married. How could the LW feel anything but joy when they divorce, given the way they treated her? This is not a marriage that is going to last, and given the way they treated the LW, I don’t blame her for waiting to hear that they are divorced.

  • viviennebzb November 1, 2017, 10:33 am

    For certain, the couple don’t come off looking very nice here. However, with that last line, the OP doesn’t make such a great impression either.

    • mark November 2, 2017, 2:34 pm

      I agree the implied Schadenfreude in the last line is off putting.

      • theLadyBugg November 6, 2017, 1:51 pm

        It’s not a very tactful line, but I didn’t read schadenfraude in it. I think the LW sees this marriage as a bad situation Molly has stuck herself in – and she looks forward to Molly’s future freedom. I think the LW truly believes that divorce is not only inevitable, but will be a happy development for her friend.

  • Dyan November 1, 2017, 10:39 am

    so sad that Molly would let this guy take control of her life like that..mind you only knowing him for such a short time..
    but it is all up to Molly she decides on HER life and who she sees not him

  • Lady Phoenix November 1, 2017, 11:40 am

    What a horrid situation. From the sounds of it, OP’s friend has a bad case of “one-iyis” (falling madnlove for one person) and the groom is a possessive, abusive creep. I am glad the MOB stepped in at the thought of seperating the family.

    I wish the parents stepped up though on the encroachers though and the sudden date move

  • lakey November 1, 2017, 11:46 am

    Why didn’t the groom pay for his own tux? Honestly, sometimes I read these stories and I feel more frustrated with the “victims” than I do for the users. At some point you just say “Nope, can’t do that.”
    Molly’s parents needed to have clearer communication with the groom’s parents. If they refused to give her specific numbers on who was coming, then they make pared down plans where numbers don’t matter so much and the expense is limited.
    There’s no law that there had to be this big, expensive Rehearsal Dinner in a restaurant and a reception. They could have just had everyone over to their house for deli platters and desserts after the rehearsal.

    As far as bride and groom making out on the couch while OP and bride’s mom do all the work, again, speak up. If bride doesn’t care enough about her own wedding to help, that’s on her. Again, there’s no law that they need all these decorative items. Bride’s and groom’s choice to have these items and help, or not have them. I have limited sympathy for Bride’s mom because she allows her daughter to take advantage of her. My mom would have told me what was expected of me. She certainly wouldn’t have sat there and worked night after night while I goofed off.

    Also, the fact that people are conservative and have religious beliefs has little to do with their “making out”. Pretty much everyone does that. And most of us, religious and non-religious, liberal and conservative, fail at living up to our ideals.

  • Zaleh November 1, 2017, 11:51 am

    I am so curious what religion this is so I can comment on how Jim’s family has bastardized it.
    I do think that his parents, in the name of religion, kept him in an infantile manner. I don’t think this is common in any religion but I’ve seen it happen with people that go to the extreme with strange interpretations.
    Sex before marriage being prohibited is normal, this prohibition being practiced is less so. I don’t have a problem with it but I dread to think how a woman would feel having a sexual experience with a man who acts like a toddler. The OP said the religion bans all physical contact until after marriage but then the couple make out on the couch in front of everyone?
    Making out on a couch in front of children is also, not just childish but very childish. Molly is guilty as well obviously.
    How did Molly’s parents become responsible for paying for what looks like at the very least 14 extra people at a restaurant? They said no to the alcohol (good for them!), they could have also said no to the 14 extra people. I would have paid for what I had budgeted and said outright, I’m sorry, I really am, but I had planned for 20 people. Jim’s parents seem to have invited 20 more with out informing us, never mind asking us, and we simply don’t have the cash.
    I would say this at the beginning.
    And I don’t mean to go on about the religion, but logically, if there is no ceremony, no sex before marriage, no alcohol, (all perfectly fair things for a religion to prohibit) how did this family get into the habit of going to restaurants with the expectation of someone else footing the bill? It really sounds like a religion that minimalizes worldly goods and such, and these types usually have a solid idea of community, so even if the dinner was at someone’s home, I bet more than one family would have brought an offering of food. It seems to be a huge leap from no ceremony to huge celebratory dinner at one couples expense.
    And how did OP become responsible for driving the bride and groom around and entertaining them for the four hours between the ceremony and the reception? Where was everyone else?

    I’ve just realized I made a mistake re: the ceremony. They have a ceremony, it’s just not public, I’m not used to wedding ceremony’s being public things so the difference didn’t strike me. Recent weddings I’ve been to have been in venues that have chapels or religious spaces attached, then the ceremony is held there about an hour before the reception, meaning people are not just attending regular religious services and then, oh someone’s getting married.

    Which leads to my next question, if the ceremony was private, why on earth did everyone have to suffer four hours between it and the reception?

    If it wasn’t 12 years of friendship in question, I would say it’s probably good that this couple won’t be attending the OP’s ceremony.

    • Blake November 2, 2017, 5:23 am

      I’m gonna take a stab at it and say that the couple is LDS, or more commonly known as Mormon. No sexual relations before marriage, the bride doesn’t drink alcohol, and the private ceremony suggest this.

      But please do not think that this story is normal. We’re actually quite sane, but we’ve got our crazies like anyone else. If anything, the bride and groom missed the memo that the church places a strong importance on families. That ten years between visits is ridiculous.

      • mark November 2, 2017, 2:47 pm

        I was wondering about LDS as well. Though the details aren’t quite right either. I couldn’t say who else it might be though.

        The way LDS temple marriages (sealings) exclude non members as well as non “worthy” family members certainly is it’s own brand of family crushing, (I still remember most of my siblings waiting outside during my wedding, it still makes me cringe to this day.) But other than that, I like the LDS open reception style much more than the traditional formal “princess” wedding that seems to be in vogue nowadays.

      • Zhaleh November 2, 2017, 4:26 pm

        This reply is late and I fear you won’t receive it, but I assumed this family came from the religion of my families culture, and not Mormon! I was raised in a country where the state was a religious state but by secular parents. So while I am not of this faith, (that the OP reminded me of) it is of my culture. The faith I’m speaker by of has a specific and mathematical way of diminishing women, and the result of this is often the infantization of men. People often speak of the pains of women in societies where women are suppressed, but the men also suffer.
        Anyway, I just wanted to let the poster above know I was judging no religion, which is why I started with “so I can say how they bastardized it”. Best wishes.

    • Saucygirl November 2, 2017, 6:24 am

      When the op said the wedding was private, I thought of the Mormons. Their ceremonies are very private – only other Mormons, who are married and in good standing with the church are allowed to attend. A good friend of mine was in process of converting to being Mormon in order to marry a guy. Her mom was very upset as she would have not been allowed to attend the wedding. And three girls I went to school with were Mormon and all got engaged at same time. They drew straws to determine order of marriage, as whoever got married first wouldn’t be able to have the other two there but could attend the others and whoever got married last would get both at here but couldn’t go to others.

      • mark November 2, 2017, 2:31 pm

        Strictly speaking they probably could have made it work out, it would have taken planning, At least if you are talking in the last 20 years or so. They can get their “endowment” done previous to their wedding and then all can attend all the ceremonies. It’s not guaranteed they can make it work but it is possible.

  • Dee November 1, 2017, 11:55 am

    The entire first paragraph, and most of the second, is completely irrelevant. An exercise in OP’s judgmental attitude, sure, and still irrelevant. There’s just too much to deal with in this submission but a few points that stand out are:

    The groom’s family is never obligated to pay anything for the wedding. Neither is the bride’s.

    It can’t be a rehearsal dinner if it’s not held after the rehearsal. If it’s held after the wedding then it’s the wedding reception. There is no need for a rehearsal dinner; I’ve never been to one or known of anyone having one and yet those weddings still took place and are still just as legal.

    I have no idea what is a “closed wedding” vs. an “open” one. I have no idea why that would make any difference in anything OP has written here.

    OP, if you were as openly judgmental and disapproving of your friend and her fiancé, to their faces, as you are in this submission, then I think the groom was smart to try to push you out of the picture. Obviously nothing that this couple did/do meets your approval so why didn’t you do them a favour and stay home?

  • Gena November 1, 2017, 12:39 pm

    This sounds like another story to me where people allow themselves to be used as doormats, and then complain.
    No one made you go over there every night and help. If I had chosen to do so, I would have told bride to get over there and help as well. Her family should have stopped the make-out sessions at once.

    The groom can’t afford his own tux? If that were the case, I doubt I’d be enthused about my dd marrying him. At the least I would tell her I’m not paying for an expensive wedding because the 2 of you could obviously use the money.

    I’m not sure how the rehearsal dinner is held after the ceremony. when is the reception? Some of that could have been solved by having a set menu, and telling the wait staff no variations.

  • staceyizme November 1, 2017, 12:51 pm

    There’s a LOT of drama here, but not all of it is with Molly or her groom! How deeply do you want to involve yourself in your friend’s life? You come off as an awful friend here because everything translates into some version of Molly being “wrong” and her husband’s family being a disaster waiting to happen. (It sounds like a disaster, I’m not questioning your basic premise, just your lapse in judgement in having chosen to insert yourself into:
    a. the length of the engagement
    b. the choice of groom
    c. the planning of the wedding
    d. the payment for the wedding
    e. the rehearsal dinner attendance
    and finally,
    f. the timing of your own wedding with respect to your friend’s possible attendance.
    You could turn out to be absolutely right on every single prediction of impending disaster and you would still have overstepped the role of even a lifelong very best friend.
    Could you not…?
    Refrain from extracting promises from your friend or any future friends’ partnerships about how long she (or he/ or they) should date anyone, how long she (or he/ or they) should be engaged to anyone, how that may or may not relate to when they will consummate the relationship and the strictures potentially imposed by faith on all of the above?
    Refrain from taking up the offense of your friend’s parents in terms of how long they had to plan and to pay for the wedding and/ or the rehearsal dinner? If they are adults, it strikes me that they are able to use the word “no”. If not, they are certainly responsible for the outcomes in their failure to do so.

    I think you can certainly:
    Observe that your friend’s mom looked very tired and stressed and that it might have had something to do with the lack of time to plan for the wedding.
    Observe that your friend’s family was inconvenienced by your friend’s lack of consideration in planning the wedding (and perhaps add that you’re shocked that they didn’t say “no” outright.
    Observe that the lack of reasonable comportment among guests attending the rehearsal dinner and the other festivities includes:
    a. strangely possessive expostulations from your friend’s fiancee…
    b. guests who failed to RSVP (and who arrived late…. ordered excessively… tried to stick the hosts with an alcohol tab…)
    c. the hijacking of the rehearsal dinner by the inlaws-to-be (possibly in retaliation for being stymied in their efforts to host a bar-b-que in their home state)…

    By sticking to the facts, you really do still get your point across. No one is left in any doubt as to the outrage that these actions might incite. By going over the top in sharing your responses, you’ve put the readier in the unenviable position of experiencing your reaction before they’ve even had a chance to read through the narrative, form any perspective or sympathize with you over poor outcomes. The icing on the cake of your recitation is in “I eagerly await a phone call about their divorce…”! Good Heavens! Don’t be so eager for your friend to suffer through difficulty! It sounds like she could use a friend or two who won’t throw quite so much shade on her when she makes it out of the other side of her poor choices and gets ready to put her life to rights. She won’t thank you for your prior expostulations and remarks (if you’ve shared anything with her that remotely approaches what was shared here). And even if you haven’t voiced it, it would be almost impossible to keep such strong negative judgement under wraps.

    • InTheEther November 4, 2017, 1:10 am

      Yep, you definitely shouldn’t judge people. It isn’t your place to take offence on someone else’s behalf. And it isn’t your place to dictate the degree to which an individual may impose on another. It is up to an individual what choices they make concerning their own wedding. Lastly, you should definitely not share your negative opinion of a person’s actions with them. It really is terrible what joy some people get out of casting judgment.

      A cookie to anyone who can recognize satire.

      • Reaver November 9, 2017, 3:03 pm

        …-snirk- I like peanut butter cookies 😉

  • Harry November 1, 2017, 1:41 pm

    This whole story is just bizarre on so many levels…

  • Biddy November 1, 2017, 2:33 pm

    Tell molly to make a run for it…

  • Dippy November 1, 2017, 2:49 pm

    Why does the bride and groom’s family have to pay for anything? I’m firmly in the pay for it yourself camp.

  • Adelaide November 1, 2017, 3:39 pm

    The whole thing sounds bizarre, but what struck me the most was the groom speaking to OP as if he were a child, or the seagulls from Finding Nemo.

    • Jelly_Rose November 2, 2017, 7:15 am

      Ha! I totally read that in the seagulls ‘mine!’ voice.

  • Kay_L November 1, 2017, 3:50 pm

    Wow! Not sure this is just a “Groom”-monster story. The LW sure has a lot of opinions that have no place in judging someone else’s relationship. “Eagerly awaiting their divorce?”

    Sounds like there could be another side to this story. Probably several sides. And honestly, no one comes out looking good.

  • Kelly November 1, 2017, 7:44 pm

    I have so many questions, but mostly since the submission seems to be around 10 years old, is the OP around to say if this marriage is still going on?

  • jokergirl129 November 1, 2017, 8:18 pm

    Yeah base on this story this marriage isn’t going to last long. It’s full of red flags and the groom’s behavior is showing plenty of red flags too. They’ve only been dating for two months and if you’re right in that they only got married to have sex then it’s not going to be long until they do eventually divorce. Unless their religion is highly against divorce considering how strict and conservative it is. And if that’s the case then… they might not get divorce after all or it won’t be for a long time. But Molly seriously made a huge mistake with this one.

    They sound like horny teenagers rushing into things and Jim sounds possessive. Hopefully Molly’s mother talk got through to him so Molly could at least see her parents without having to wait years to do so. Because otherwise Jim really might have prevented Molly from seeing her parents and you for years and isolation is one tactic that abusers often use. And I know you didn’t really mention anything to indicate that Jim is abusive (other than how he seems possessive of Molly and getting jealous of you trying to interact with her and thinking that not seeing your family for 10 years is normal) but those are some of the red flags I notice while reading the story and it’s concerning. Hopefully he isn’t the abusive type because otherwise Molly might be in real trouble and will have more to worry about than a bad marriage.

    And Jim’s family doesn’t sound all that great either and I hope Molly’s parents didn’t go into a dept from paying for the whole wedding and more. But yeah all around this is a marriage that is doomed from the start and I can’t see it lasting long. Or if it does it won’t be a happy marriage at all. Let’s hope they don’t have any kids because that won’t make things better.

  • InTheEther November 1, 2017, 9:05 pm

    Great portent for the future there. “I don’t think I’ll be able to come to your wedding because my new husband is a misanthrope who hates family. I can’t come by myself, and we’ll ignore the fact that you’re a friend and not a family member.” I can kinda see wanting some distance from the sort of family who will randomly invite far flung members to an event several states away with no heads up, but really?

  • David November 2, 2017, 12:16 am

    I wonder how everyone in this story is doing?

    I’m shocked that people didn’t RSVP and that some people wanted to be on a tab.

  • Claire November 2, 2017, 2:34 am

    Ouch! So much stupid is hurts! And so many doormats!

  • Marozia November 2, 2017, 5:22 am

    The whole lot of them seem to have a problem….even bride and groom!!!

  • Cyberwulf November 2, 2017, 6:49 am

    I’m amused by some of the comments here.

    “My friend rushed into marrying a guy she’s known for a wet weekend who is already showing signs of being controlling and possessive and who wants to separate her from her family. Meanwhile his family are freeloading cheapskates who want everything done their way or not at all.”

    “OMG how dare you tell the story wrong”

    • InTheEther November 4, 2017, 1:19 am

      Gotta love the harping about schadenfreude. Let’s be realistic, stories get posted months or years after the OP sends it in. So any advice that might be sought is given way too late to do any good. We’re pretty much on here to either laugh at a train wreck, or to feel morally (or at least etiquettely) superior. I think a good deal of the harping on OPs that goes on is just because there’s a better emotional high from chastising the closer target who’s more likely to see the comment.

  • pyes November 2, 2017, 10:27 am

    I can’t focus on the issues of anyone’s behavior other than the OP. She seems like the most controlling and over involved of them all:
    -This was after I had talked to her numerous times … I get wanting to give a friend advice but if not receptive the first, who are you to bring it up numerous times.
    -This seemed a bit too short in my taste – Not your wedding, not your taste.
    – This gave her poor mother just 2.5 months to get it together! When I asked why she did that – Sounds like an issue between “poor mom” and the bride, not the OP’s business.
    -This brought up all new warning bells in my head because now I’m thinking this marriage is all about the sex – It doesn’t matter what you think. If you truly don’t support the marriage than the best thing is to state you don’t support and back out gracefully.

    And that’s just the first paragraph before she gets herself involved in who is paying for what.

    But the kicker is her parting shot is “I EAGERLY await a phone call about their divorce!”

    No wishing them well, hoping that they will grow and mature together, or that the marriage is based on a strong commitment to their mutual faith and should give them a foundation to build upon.

    Wow, just wow.

  • Kelly November 2, 2017, 12:11 pm

    I thought the same thing as most everyone here… while I agree that this wedding seems very rushed, is this really how you talk about your best friend? You sound like a nasty gossip discussing the latest scandal. If this is a friend you love, wish her a happy marriage (stranger things have happened!) and be there for her if it doesn’t work out. If this is someone you don’t care for (which is definitely the way it sounds from your tone), then it’s none of your business anyway.

  • rindlrad November 2, 2017, 12:39 pm

    You know, when I read something like this I always want to hear the perspectives of other people discussed. Clearly, the LW has some strong negative feelings about this marriage. I can’t help but wonder how those feelings colored every memory and interaction.

    I know that if I had a friend who went around fervently hoping for the demise of my marriage – and that hope was not based on worry over something like physical or emotional abuse but, seemingly, a dislike for my husband and a belief that I married too soon for HIS/HER taste – that person would not be my friend for very long.

    • Lady Phoenix November 3, 2017, 6:47 pm

      Reminds ne of the 3rd (I think) Bridesmaid story where the OP absolutely demonized her sister… only for the sister to pop and explained that she was trying to look for a job and the OP’s husband was a reckless jerk.

  • Zhaleh November 2, 2017, 7:31 pm

    I doubt OP goes around feverently hoping for the demise of this woman’s marriage. I think that was just a way to end the venting session. I know a lot of posters state that she should be wishing her friend well, but to me it looks like she did. She did a lot of work for her friend around this wedding and wondered why everyone else was running in circles. She was a bit of a doormat but I don’t think it means she wasn’t trying. And just because she comes to an on line forum to vent, doesn’t mean she is cursing her friend out to all and sundry.

    • rindlrad November 3, 2017, 2:28 pm

      “…I eagerly await a phone call about their divorce!”

      I’m going to have to disagree with you. The LW’s submission fairly drips with disapproval. This is someone disgusted with the entire event, not a supportive friend who is hoping for the happiness of a friend. The whole tone of the LW’s comments seem “off” to me – something more than just venting. If everything about this wedding annoyed this individual so much, why not take a step back? I’m getting a whiff of The Martyr here.

  • Sarah November 3, 2017, 1:18 pm

    This opinion might no go over well on an etiquette site, but in my experience, negative expressions DO NOT always equate negative feelings or intent.

    Language is funny like that. It can be thickly layered, especially when written down, as we have here. I think the LW cares deeply for her friend and it’s just in her nature to convey that by stressing the negative aspects of this whole situation, and how it affects everyone. It’s not like all these extraneous details matter more to the LW. I think the more she puts in, the more she’s showing how much she’s noticed, how much she’s invested in this 12-year friendship with Molly. Criticizing the LW for detailing so much and coming off as a gossip might be too harsh, and even missing the point.

  • Tye November 8, 2017, 2:48 pm

    I love EH’s periodic forays into absolutely incoherent raving. So many other advice columns and sites carefully curate and edit their posts, but EH will occasionally just let somebody run loose with this kind of BS and it’s glorious. Nothing in this story has anything to do with etiquette, manners or traditions — it’s just OP whinging about an entirely avoidable crappy time she had. Never change, EH.

    • at work November 10, 2017, 2:04 pm

      Yes, give us every word, exactly as the OPs write it, with no editing. Sometimes I can get enough insight to practically Be There. It’s neat. I mean, for a few moments I’m in someone else’s head, kind of looking out through their eye openings like I’m in their brain. They’re still in control of what they say and do but I can see first-hand everyone’s reactions.

  • NostalgicGal November 9, 2017, 9:15 am

    This is just a train wreck with red flags and flares lit all over and nothing to be salvaged. Leave it at that, plus the doormat collection is monumental.

  • Kitty July 9, 2018, 1:55 pm

    She married a Finding Nemo seagull… an immature seagull, too.

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