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Bad Business

After having been out of the job market for a while, I was eager to go back.  But since I hadn’t worked in a couple of months and was finally getting back to being healthy again, I thought temping would be the way to go.  I figured if I didn’t like the job or if I needed to take time off, it would be a lot easier to remove myself from the job pool as opposed to taking on a full-time position and then not being fully able to handle the workload.

From the get-go I had misgivings about the woman at the agency I was dealing with and yet I didn’t turn tail and run.  For starters, I was give a series of computer application tests to find out how knowledgeable I was in each of the different MS Office programs and instructed to let her know when I was done so she could go over the employment options with me.  As soon as I was finished I told her so and she told me she would be with me in a minute.  Okay, no sweat.  A  minute passes…then two…then ten.  All the while I can hear her loudly gabbing to the other people in the office unless she realizes she forgot all about me.  She then LOUDLY proclaims “I FORGOT MY GIRL!”  Great!  We’re off to a smashing good start.

Shortly afterwards she comes over to me to go over the information with me.  Tells me that everything looks good and she’ll be in contact with me.  Great…meeting over.
The next day she calls me to tell me that she got me an interview at an event planning company.  At the interview everything goes well and they decide to hire me on a temp basis.  Yeah, I excited! 

Woman at agency calls right away to tell me the good news…and also to tell me that she forgot to give me timesheets.  But no problem since she’ll put them in the mail right after work and I should receive them no later than the next day (Saturday).  Great!  Saturday rolls around and no timesheets.  Uh oh…I start work in a couple of days and I’m not sure if I need to get my timesheet signed every single day or what as I have never worked for a temp agency before and I don’t know the procedure.

So bright and early on Monday morning I call her to let her know that I hadn’t yet received the timesheet and that I needed to know what to do in case I didn’t get them.  She never called me back.  I figured if she wasn’t going to return my call I had to take matters into my own hands so I called and left a message for her supervisor hoping that I would finally get an answer.  Mind you this was a couple of days later and I still had not heard from this woman.  Not even a follow up but that may have been my faux pas…I probably should have called again to ler her know I still hadn’t received the timesheets.  I also wasn’t entirely convinced that she’d mailed them like she said she had either.

I guess her supervisor relayed the message to her because she got back to me right away.  Albeit a little ticked off, but I wanted to make sure I was going to get paid especially since I didn’t have the utmost confidence in her and had started to question whether or not I would.  Again I should have heeded the warning signs and turned tail and ran…but I didn’t.  She re-sent timesheets and instructed me what to do if I didn’t receive them by Friday.  Great, now I knew that I would just have to call the office and ask them to fax over a timesheet and get my supervisor’s signature before the end of the work day on Friday, if all else failed.  Yeah for communication!

After a period of a month and a half, the company had to let me go since there was not enough work for me to do.  Made sense…I spent a good portion of the day either asking my co-workers if I could assist in any way and when that failed to produce results I’d spend my time checking email.  The office manager was in tears as she informed me that they loved having me around but there wasn’t any work for me to do so she was going to have to let me go.  No problem…stuff happens.  I knew it was only a matter of time before they’ve have to say good-bye, so I wasn’t shocked when they did.

But apparently it was quite a shock to the woman at the agency.  I called her Monday morning to let her know the situation and to please re-assign me as soon as possible.  However, before I could even answer her question as to why I was let go, she berated me for taking a sick day.  She told me that I took too much time off and that if this was going to be my attitude then she would only give me temporary assignments.  She proceeded to tell me that she’s had to work when she’s had the flu (great…infect your co-workers,I’m sure they appreciate it) and that she was upset with me for losing my job. 

Being unemployed is stressful enough for the job seeker but to be chewed out for something that is none of one’s own doing (lack of work) just plain ticks me off.  If she had waited for my answer she would have known what actually had happened. Needless to say I haven’t used her services or her company’s services since then.  07-22-08

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