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Fake Family Member

My grandfather had a surgery that went badly and resulted in him spending many weeks in the hospital and ultimately passed away. During this time I was unfortunately introduced to a “family member” whom I had never met before. I called my mother as soon as I left the hospital to ask her about it. The “family member” was woman who had latched on to my grandparents and had turned into a pest and was absolutely not related to us in any way. My grandmother had nursed for her mother while she was dying a number of years ago. She never took the hint she wasn’t wanted and my grandparents were too kind or soft to be any more direct. She didn’t know when to leave and had to be herded out of my grandfather’s room a number of times, but we couldn’t convince my grandmother to ask her not to come back.

After a few weeks in the hospital, the doctors tried to send my grandfather to a rehabilitation center to try to regain some strength. He had to be rushed back to the hospital in a few hours. I was responsible for readmitting him. While we were waiting in ER for a hospital bed and my grandfather lay in agonizing pain despite the massive doses of narcotics the “fake family member” showed up proudly announcing that she had lied to the front desk that she was his niece so she would be allowed in. I was in the middle of dealing with my grandmother who was close to a panic attack, attempting to soothe my grandfather, and manage my autistic son who did not understand what was going on.

“Fake family member” began prattling at my grandfather. My grandmother was understandably very upset by this and we conferred in the hall about what to do. My grandmother went back in while I went to get security. Thankfully “fake family member” left when my grandmother asked, before security got involved, crying all the way out.

She thankfully did not come back to visit. She did come to the funeral though she didn’t try to sit with the family at the funeral, but managed to during the burial. I honestly hope to never deal with her again. I really think the worst part of this is that she really could have been very helpful in our time of need, but instead took the opportunity to draw attention to herself.    1021-09

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