Your Castle Is My Soapbox…Not

by admin on March 12, 2007

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Apparently dissatisfied with their impotent political action in the public arena, anti-war protesters have retrenched their efforts by planning their protest efforts to occur at the residences of notable politicians. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was the most recent to be graced by almost two dozen anti-war protesters camped out at her home in San Fransisco sitting, standing, singing, chanting, praying, ringing bells and reading letters from American troops.

It must be desperation that compels an activist to abandon a flaccid political action plan in order to harass public servants in their one place of respite from the rigors of public life. Desperation or no, it is beyond inappropriate to trespass upon the sanctity of someone’s family domicile merely to further one’s own personal agendas. The cost of civil servanthood shouldn’t include the invasion on one’s home by those intent on getting their political point across by any rude means possible.

And how rude it is to the neighbors! Just because there is a spacial proximity to a notable political figure does not mean they want or expect their peace and quiet violated. I may be a public figure (however limited) but my family is not. Cross that line into violating my domestic privacy and it’s guaranteed that whatever it is you want, I won’t be very amenable to supporting it.

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Alexis July 13, 2009 at 7:06 pm

I am no fan of Joe Lieberman, at least politically. However, I have met him in person and he is kind and polite. A gentleman.
He is an observant orthodox Jew. One of the scummiest things I ever saw was a fairly large political protest of his policies, in front of his house, on a Saturday.
Despicable. Not only did they you harrass a captive audience, on the Sabbath, when they knew he could not leave the house or respond, they also, by default, harrassed his neigbors, many of whom were also observing the Sabbath. People who organize this kind of spectacle deserve a special room in hell.


Allison May 26, 2010 at 10:47 pm

What has made me sick to my stomach is when these anti-war protestors have taken their protests to the funerals of soldiers.


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