Your Hospitality Is Not Needed But Your Muffins Are

by admin on October 25, 2010

I have quite a number of friends who, over the years, we have simply drifted apart, mostly due to how busy our lives have gotten.  Every time we bump into each other, we do the usual “oh, we should talk/hang out/have dinner more often”, so last week I decided to take matters into my own hands and throw a super low-key Halloween party.  We’d eat my fabulous baked goods, watch a scary movie, catch up, go to the Haunted House across the street, it’d be great.

So I baked for two days, frosted everything really well (and was proud of myself, as I had never done that before and it looked/tasted pretty good) and waited for everyone to arrive.  No one did.

The worst part about it?  I had one of the guests contact me the day before to let me know he’d be late, he wouldn’t get off work until almost two hours after the party started, but he would stop by to catch up and enjoy the festivities.  Obviously he didn’t show, but he did manage to contact me the next day to ask “so, all those leftover baked goods, I’ll take some, I really like homemade baked things, when can I get them from you?”

Really?  Skipping a party and then trying to mooch the goods off the hostess afterwards?   1027-08

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Jillybean October 27, 2010 at 3:45 pm

@Tanya – why do you feel that you don’t need to RSVP to a “sales event” like you would a social occasion? Both require a head count, both require preparation. Sales parties (jewelry, cooking, candles, what have you) can be lots of fun, and are usually both sales and social (I’ve never been to one where I was pressured to buy anything and didn’t thoroughly enjoy the social aspects). Just curious why you think it’s relieves you of the obligation of a response as an invitee? Unless you mean you don’t feel the need to commit to hosting the next sales party, in which case, I agree with you.

@Autumn – the spinach/stuffing balls are a recipe I found on the Kraft website. So tasty and rediculously easy to freeze and rewarm. Pretty easy to make and great to have on hand.

@Bint – the types of things I’m talking about are freezer to oven type dishes – they don’t require defrosting in the microwave. The beauty of having things on hand in the freezer is that they are there for me and my husband when we don’t feel like cooking.


Cooler Becky October 28, 2010 at 6:22 am

Amanda: That’s a lot of maybes that you’ve put into your post. The OP may not have specified a lot of things, but don’t you think it’s pushing things a little to speculate as to the nitty gritty of things that aren’t really all that relevant in the story? I mean, clearly the man was out of line to miss the party and then demand takeaway after.


Bint October 28, 2010 at 10:30 am

“freezer to oven type dishes”

Oh, I see it now – thank you. I’ve seen that for ready meals but can’t think of anything I cook where I could do that. I quite often freeze what I’ve cooked, but I take it out to defrost when I’m at work.


penguintummy November 4, 2010 at 9:00 am

This seems to happen a lot at the moment, so many of my friends seem to accept all the invitations that they have for the weekend, and then decide on Friday night which ones they will attend. I organised more than half a dozen camping trips only to have almost everyone call me on Thursday night and say they weren’t coming, often leaving me with a trolley full of the food I’d just bought. Now I say bring your own food or give me money first. If you’re going to go, then go (unless something really bad happens obviously).


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