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Customer Assault

I’ve worked for a local convenience store/gas station for 2 years now and there has always been some awesomely mean customers but recently they’ve gotten a lot worse.

In September 2008, my company instituted a new ID policy for alcohol/tobacco purchases. Everyone, no matter how old, EVERYONE must have a drivers license/non-drivers id from the DMV. Every purchase, every time. No exceptions. This is mostly to cover all of our butts and I understand the motivation behind it.

Since this policy began, I have been called names, sworn at, and had beer and cigarettes thrown at me and coworkers on multiple occasions.

I was recently called the C-word…basically the worst thing you can call a woman. Simply because he couldn’t buy beer without ID. Never mind the fact none of his THREE companions had any either.

One of my coworkers was also ASSAULTED by another customer. He actually walked behind the counter and SLAPPED her in the face when she refused the sale.

Just a word to the wise: if you want to buy something that needs an ID, just bring it. It’s not worth being arrested for assaulting someone with a beer bottle.   1102-08

And then there’s assault with deadly money….

I work at a convenience store for my part time.  Simple etiquette is so over looked all the time.  The best to me is when customers throw their money on the counter.  I do not throw it to them or on the counter.  A lot of times I tell them I’m not that kind of woman.   0406-09


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  • nk November 9, 2013, 3:57 am

    Many people here don’t seem to understand what an ID is. It’s your IDENTIFICATION that IDENTIFIES details about you (such as your age) to others who need that information, whether it be a police officer who’s pulled you over or a cashier who can’t complete the transaction without it. Your ID is meant to be shown to people. That is literally its sole purpose, so it’s ridiculous to complain that your rights are being violated when people ask you to use it the way it’s meant to be used.

  • Lady Catford September 13, 2015, 12:52 pm

    nk about time someone brought this up.

    The number of times that I have read a post where the customer, when asked for ID or drivers license, says, “Oh, I left it at home”, or “I left it in the car”, I wonder what these people are thinking. Are we really expected to believe that someone driving to a store has forgotten to take their drivers license with them or ‘left it in the car’?

    A wallet (by any other name; pocketbook, purse, etc.) is a common item that a person carries when some kind. Or, do they pick the drivers license and library card out of a bowl on the table because driving or shopping. So why are they leaving home without it? Do they just put wads of money in their pockets and go off to shop, blithely ignoring the very important need to carry identification of they are only going to drive to the library and do a bit of shopping. Then the drivers license and library card can be left in the car while they are in the store shopping. The next time they go out the sugar bowl must be checked to select the ‘cards’ that might be needed on this trip.

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