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What is Etiquette Hell? EHell is the internet’s largest repository of over 6,000 firsthand bad etiquette stories submitted by thousands of ordinary people tired of the selfish, rude antics of their fellow man.   Etiquette Hell is a unique collection of what people find most offensive in their interactions with friends, family and co-workers but are too courteous to actually say it to them.  Rather than one etiquette maven waving the finger of disapproval, the impact of EtiquetteHell.com is a grassroots movement of thousands of people defining society’s parameters for good manners and thereby providing a cyber peer pressure on society to change the bad behavior.  The captivating, entertaining, often tongue-in-cheek humorous style of the web site pulls readers in and provides an innovative way to overcome stereotypical perceptions of etiquette which keeps people from learning how to behave.

How did it all start? EtiquetteHell.com was created in 1995 in response to a tongue-in-cheek joke on a wedding planning forum about the need for a virtual etiquette hell for brides deliberately planning to execute seriously tacky, greedy and obnoxious faux pas.  Miss Jeanne kept threatening to cast these bridezillas into etiquette hell and finally someone asked where this etiquette hell was.  Jeanne created a single page on her personal site with a few stories of her own, invited others to submit their own stories and provided an email link.  With absolutely no advertising or promotion, Etiquette Hell exploded in growth to its current archive of 6,000+ stories, numerous media mentions, and an active, popular forum.

Who is the Dame Behind The Flames?   Jeanne Hamilton is a writer, blogger, retired wedding coordinator, wife and “mom” to one Yorkshire Terror named Pippa (affectionately called “Poopa”).  She lives in North Carolina with her husband.