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Where did the forum/community boards go?

After 14 years of operation, it was announced in early May 2018 that the Ehell forum would be closing. The blog is NOT closing and will remain active.  

Large forums are expensive to operate on servers and until recently the forum had paid for itself from Google Adsense ads. However, revenue had been declining in the past two years and the forum can no longer sustain itself.  Plus  I’m tired of adminning a forum so I’m retiring to enjoy gardening, ponies and more of the beach.  It was a good run for a forum.

A huge thank you to the moderators of the forum who invested considerable time doing an often thankless job.  It was a racially, politically, religiously very diverse group of moderators (as in 180 degrees polar opposites) and yet they worked well together in mutual respect for years.

The largest legacy of the forum was that it gave us freedom to be generous to various individuals and organizations due to ad revenue as well as individual members participating in the charitable projects, too.  Beneficiaries of the forum included:

American Red Cross
Heifer International
Muscular Dystrophy Foundation
Hurricane Katrina relief (this was targeted to specific forum members living in New Orleans)
Shoeboxes for Soldiers
Local fundraisers for a service dog, new equipment for a rural fire department, start up capitol for a small business  owned by a handicapped person, scholarship to a ballet summer school
New books for libraries in a community, school and children’s home in Guatemala
Scarves and mittens for children in a Mexican orphanage
Knit hats for cancer patients in honor of a past member (Cindy’s Project)

I may have forgotten a few.   In total over $20K was given for charitable causes over the past 14 years. Thank you to all the members who joined in helping others.

Longtime members chose to create and migrate to a new forum.  It uses the same forum software, mostly same topics, the same familiar feel and many posters you will recognize.   It is not affiliated with Etiquette Hell LLC  in any way.   It can be found here.