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From the same OP who submitted Monday and Tuesday’s stories.

There are about 8 more submitted stories in my Inbox from this individual that I won’t be publishing. Most of them detail her self-imposed alienation from family, friends, neighbors, her ex-husband. Reading them collectively isn’t pretty.

I think the take away from this series of stories is that there is very often far more to the story than we have been told and if we were to hear from the others who have been demonized, we might reach different conclusions.

Ok, so my sister wasn’t a total Bridezilla but pulled a nasty thing the day before her wedding. Sister shall be named Steph , her other bridesmaids Jess (our sister-in- law)and her (ugh, shudder) slutty friend Amy. I was deemed maid of honor but because we lived too far away from each other I couldn’t throw a shower or anything, just show up for wedding. So me, my mom and my son, drive 1200 miles to be there for the wedding in upstate NY. We arrive the day before but a few hours late. Late to what I’m not sure, everyone was just hanging out eating.

My sister was absolutely furious and a total b$&@%. She booted me from my maid of honor status and appointed Jess as maid of honor. I was stunned and incredibly hurt. We just drove for two days to get there.

Fast forward to day of wedding. Jess was all too happy to accept moh and was up my sister’s booty all day, flaunting and sassy and hoity toity in every way possible. Just an annoying b&@$. Her stupid slutty friend Amy was just as bad, completely ignoring me and going out of her way to be nasty and snotty. She wore no underwear and showed her bare butt to everyone at the reception of about 100 people, dancing and laughing like it was no biggie. Yes, yes that’s a biggie flaunting your bare butt and your crotch to a bunch of people. I felt totally unwanted and ignored.

The only good thing was the photo of me, my sister and my brother (who was in the wedding as best man) was absolutely beautiful and we all looked amazing. My sister was truly beautiful bride and our dresses were beautiful too. 1210-18


This was submitted by the same OP who wrote and submitted yesterday’s post. It would appear that there are more sides to the family dynamics than meets the eye.

If you meet or engage someone coming from a perspective that the other person is evil, disgusting, beyond repulsive…people are not stupid. They can pick up on that attitude reeking from every pore of your body and it will not go well.

My father lives in a beautiful townhouse with my stepmother ,lets just call her Cruella. She’s the most materialistic selfish slut, flabbergasted that he married her. The townhouse is appointed with the finest of everything, marble floors, ornate fireplaces, ornate doors, the works. Well, heaven, forbid anyone stay at their “palace” because family wasn’t a priority, their money was. They transformed the second bedroom into their marble inlaid spa room, complete with Jacuzzi tub and marble walls. Yes, marble walls. So they had one bedroom just to make sure no one could ever ever stay there, even when I drove 1000 miles to see them with two small children.

Well, Cruella didn’t speak to or hold either child and went outside to chain smoke for hours. Mind you this was the first time they met their two year old grandson. My father then asks where I’m going to stay. Ummmm…I ended up staying with the awful step sister Jaci. Now Jaci is just like the mother, loud, slutty, no filter. Just horrible. I go to put a movie in, a gross porn movie pops out. Omg. Gross. I just go to bed while my 8 year old has to sleep on the couch. While she’s falling asleep blasting reality tv shows.

The next day we go to the zoo and my father and I pack a nasty lunch of bologna sandwiches And a bag of chips. This guy makes easily $150,000 a year, made twice that when I was a kid but business slowed a tad. I’m not expecting a steakhouse but maybe a lunch somewhere decent?? Applebee’s, Hardee’s?? He hasn’t seen us in seven years, maybe a little splurge on us?? Mind you, I went to the store to buy the kids’ groceries because he had no food. He refused to pay for any groceries for us but whatever. He’s always been cheap but Cruella made him much worse.

So we leave the next day when my step sister’s son, a$$hole of the century, begins to tear me a new one. I’m “disgusting ” for putting a diaper on my two year old on the carpet. He’s clean, the diaper is clean, just sliding it on. He then yells at me that I’m rude and unappreciative and a pig and a slob and I have no respect and everyone there hates me which is why no one visits me. No one else is home, Jaci went to work so I’m left alone with this 13 year old cretin. I told him we were leaving and I never wanted to see him again. I told my father and Jaci. My father is disappointed but doesn’t do anything. Jaci says not a word about it, no apology, no card. Nothing. Little bastard. Didn’t drive 1000 miles to be treated like garbage by her obnoxious rude little pig. I will never go back.

The best part of the trip was the ride home where we stopped off at a lovely little ornate bakery/candy store in rural PA where we bought an amazing lemon cake and candy and enjoyed a fun ride home of sweets and stopped at a wonderful hotel with an indoor pool. 1211-18


Do Parents Owe Their Kid A Car?

Crazy the amount of relative stories I have, ugh. It was just after my parents got divorced and my father got remarried to Cruella deSkank. Awful awful person. My mother and I moved to Atlanta to be near my brother and sister. Well since I’m only 21 my car is still in his name. This doesn’t settle well with Cruella. She must have driven him mad because he calls me and demands I put the car in my name. I have no credit , not bad credit just no credit. I try for months to do this. He finally calls and SCREAMS at me to put that f&@$$ing car in my name or he’s calling the cops on me. Ummm what??? I’m his daughter wtf???? I’m so hurt and confused. I went to the most understanding lender, she seemed very nice and literally cried my heart out to this woman. She was truly sad for me and the bank did everything they could to make it happen. Fast forward to Christmas Day and my father calls. I immediately hang up on him and didn’t speak to him for two years. We eventually spoke but it was never the same. Family sometimes, ugh. The silver lining was I ended up with 765 credit because of the loan in my name that I paid off early. 1211-18

My response isn’t likely to be one you were expecting. I don’t believe children are owed a vehicle provided by a parent or parents. Particularly children who have reached the age of 18. In this story you are 21 at the time and while you had no credit history, you were quite able to pay off the car loan earlier than scheduled.

A young friend of mine had a nearly similar situation. She was driving a car that was owned by her father and he was the one making the car payments. At age 19, the father insisted she take over the title to the car and make the car payments. She did but she promptly sold the car, used the sale money to pay off the car loan and then she bought a used car she could afford.

Instead of being grateful for the use of a car from age 16 to 21, a blessing that many of us did not have btw, you see it as an entitlement that when removed from you results in a deterioration of your relationship with your father. Seriously, how long did you think he was going to continue paying for your car? Until 22? Maybe 25? Daddy had to compel you to grow up and take ownership of your car with all the rights, benefits and responsibilities associated with that kind of ownership.


Feel Good Christmas – Snoopy Vs.The Red Baron

This was a favorite Christmas song in my youth. I misheard “The Baron made Snoopy fly to the Rhine..” as “The Baron made Snoopy flat as a rind…”. I still have to consciously think of the right lyrics to get past that section or else I heartily belt out the wrong lyrics.