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Do Parents Owe Their Kid A Car?

Crazy the amount of relative stories I have, ugh. It was just after my parents got divorced and my father got remarried to Cruella deSkank. Awful awful person. My mother and I moved to Atlanta to be near my brother and sister. Well since I’m only 21 my car is still in his name. This doesn’t settle well with Cruella. She must have driven him mad because he calls me and demands I put the car in my name. I have no credit , not bad credit just no credit. I try for months to do this. He finally calls and SCREAMS at me to put that f&@$$ing car in my name or he’s calling the cops on me. Ummm what??? I’m his daughter wtf???? I’m so hurt and confused. I went to the most understanding lender, she seemed very nice and literally cried my heart out to this woman. She was truly sad for me and the bank did everything they could to make it happen. Fast forward to Christmas Day and my father calls. I immediately hang up on him and didn’t speak to him for two years. We eventually spoke but it was never the same. Family sometimes, ugh. The silver lining was I ended up with 765 credit because of the loan in my name that I paid off early. 1211-18

My response isn’t likely to be one you were expecting. I don’t believe children are owed a vehicle provided by a parent or parents. Particularly children who have reached the age of 18. In this story you are 21 at the time and while you had no credit history, you were quite able to pay off the car loan earlier than scheduled.

A young friend of mine had a nearly similar situation. She was driving a car that was owned by her father and he was the one making the car payments. At age 19, the father insisted she take over the title to the car and make the car payments. She did but she promptly sold the car, used the sale money to pay off the car loan and then she bought a used car she could afford.

Instead of being grateful for the use of a car from age 16 to 21, a blessing that many of us did not have btw, you see it as an entitlement that when removed from you results in a deterioration of your relationship with your father. Seriously, how long did you think he was going to continue paying for your car? Until 22? Maybe 25? Daddy had to compel you to grow up and take ownership of your car with all the rights, benefits and responsibilities associated with that kind of ownership.


Feel Good Christmas – Snoopy Vs.The Red Baron

This was a favorite Christmas song in my youth. I misheard “The Baron made Snoopy fly to the Rhine..” as “The Baron made Snoopy flat as a rind…”. I still have to consciously think of the right lyrics to get past that section or else I heartily belt out the wrong lyrics.


Feel Good Christmas

After three days of unhappy Christmas stories, it’s time to refocus on all that is good around us and exercise those gratitude muscles!


Christmas Light Traffic Jam

My family and I went to our local zoo to see Christmas lights this year. The event is very popular and each night has thousands in attendance. My question concerns picture etiquette. Other than one area that charged visitors to take a picture on Santa’s sleigh, there were no official picture spots. Many people took pictures in front of the various light displays and most tried to be courteous of others (e.g. being efficient, waiting their turn, etc…)

There was a 10+ feet light tunnel that was a very popular picture spot. Some folks lined up at one end to take pictures at that end of the tunnel. A few people became angry when some visitors wanted to walk through the tunnel because then their picture had people in the background. Some visitors started taking pictures at the other end of the tunnel. The same group of angry people became even angrier. Others entered the tunnel to enjoy the lights from the other end of the tunnel (not where people were lined up). As you would imagine, the same angry people were irate. They shouted at an elderly woman who was walking carefully through the tunnel with her cane. They shouted at a grandmother who was carrying her granddaughter through the tunnel. They even grouped up behind some kids who were standing for a picture with the intent to ruin the picture because they were upset they were at the ‘wrong end’ of the tunnel.

As I mentioned earlier, none of the displays were official picture spots so there were no signs with instructions or a zoo employee present to regulate use of the tunnel. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I do not think anyone has a right to expect or demand other visitors use the tunnel the way they prefer. Yes, it would be nice if everyone could get that perfect picture in the tunnel (it really was beautiful), but given the number of visitors and the absence of regulation by the zoo, it seems unreasonable and impractical to expect visitors to line up at one end to enter one by one (or by pairs or families).

What was amusing was the many people who they yelled at simply ignored them and went about their business, whether it was strolling through the tunnel, stopping to admire or (heaven forbid) take a picture at the ‘wrong end’ of the tunnel. 1221-17