Wedding Wednesday – OH Boy! An Iconic Bridezilla Story

April 26, 2017

I’m writing to share the story of the last time I will EVER photograph a wedding for a friend. Ever. I’ve been a professional wedding photographer for about 10 years. In that time I’ve seen my share of bridezillas like you would not believe – couples fighting on their wedding day, having people snap their […]

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Friend Zones

April 25, 2017

Last year I started to to reacquaint myself with an old colleague (lets call him Nathan) after seeing some rather depressing statuses on his Facebook account. Rather than let them go unnoticed like so many people do I had messaged him and let him know that if he did ever wish to talk then I […]

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Wedding…Um, THURSDAY! Once Those Guests Are Snagged Into Attending, Soak Them For A Grand Reception

April 20, 2017

I recently attended a small, impromptu wedding. The bride’s mother was visiting from overseas, so the couple decided to quickly plan a small wedding. The couple created a Facebook event and sent out invites through that. In the description, they started off saying it was a NO HOST dinner/reception. I didn’t know what that was, […]

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My Hair Is Off Limits

April 18, 2017

Reading the stories about people touching pregnant bellies reminds me of some unwanted touching that is rather common for me to experience. I’ve never been pregnant so never experienced unwanted belly rubs but I have been blessed with thick healthy hair and that results in people wanting to touch my hair. Some will come up […]

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Movie Your Butt To A Different Seat

April 17, 2017

While I don’t often go to the movies anymore now that I have young kids, a previous post (and its comments) about theater behavior got me thinking about the many, many movies I attended in my younger years and a situation that arose often that aggravated me. Being a “follow the rules” person, I knew, […]

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Feel Good Friday

April 14, 2017

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Banking On Foot

April 11, 2017

Very recently I needed to conduct bank business over lunch hour. Our fairly small town has two banks and both close the lobby for ‘noon hour’ (as does most businesses) but they have drive through that’s manned. Also their ATM’s are on the same wall near the window. So even if you just want to […]

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Tipping On The Bill Total Or What You Think The Value Of The Food Is

April 6, 2017

I am a middle aged American woman and I took my daughter off for a short vacation during her college break. On recommendation, one night we went to a live dinner performance that was themed around the medieval period. We ate at tables surrounding an arena where “knights” jousted and engaged in sword fights, complete […]

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