Wedding Wednesday – Wedding Invitations Can Be Sticky Among Blended Families

November 23, 2016

To Invite or Not to Invite?  This shouldn’t even be a question! Two days after Christmas, my boyfriend proposed, and now we are in the process of planning our August wedding.  Overall, our wedding planning has been drama free.  Both of us come from pretty down-to-earth families, and we both consider ourselves blessed to be […]

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Best Thanksgiving Ever

November 22, 2016

For my freshman year of college, I decided to go to school 2,000 miles from home. My family’s finances allowed for travel home only at Christmas and Spring Break, and I would be on my own for other breaks. I was fine with that arrangement, because, college! independence! new friends! Until the week of Thanksgiving. […]

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Thanksgiving At The Parents’ Home

November 21, 2016

I’m a fifty something year old mother of two adult daughters. I’ll just call my oldest daughter ‘Kate’ and my youngest daughter ‘Beth’ in this story. Ever since both daughters have moved out on their own my husband and I have kept up our usual holiday traditions, having both daughters and their spouse/boyfriend come ‘home’ […]

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Feel Good Friday – Best Mannequin Challenge

November 18, 2016

Liberty University’s Mannequin Challenge is the best I’ve seen so far. Large number of people, no one moving even an eyelid, great camerawork filming it. Click to share:

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In An Abundance of Words, the More Opportunities To Say Something Really Stupid

November 17, 2016

My spouse and I were trying to have our second child and by this point we had already lost 9 babies. We had one beautiful daughter and we really thought about just giving up and not having any more children as losing 9 babies is tough. Our daughter begged us to please try for one […]

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Wedding Wednesday – Little Bodies With Big Voices

November 16, 2016

I was reading through the older wedding archives and was reminded of something that happened at my brother and SIL’s wedding. My daughter at the time was 4 and was thrilled to be the flower girl. She behaved perfectly until it came time for the kiss. As my brother dipped my SIL back for an […]

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Anything Worth Having Is Worth Working Hard To Get It

November 15, 2016

Hello Ms. Jeanne, Today’s gimme pig story got me thinking about something that popped up on my Facebook feed last week. My husband and I know a couple who has been struggling to conceive a child for several years. They decided about 3 years ago that they would most likely adopt. I guess they decided […]

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Charity Gimme Pigs

November 14, 2016

I used to be close to a girl named Emily. She had a habit of being both rude and entitled. For example, she asked to come over to my mother’s house (I was home for the summer from university) to talk to me. I said she can come over and assumed that she would call […]

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