Mountain Faith Band consisting of a father, son, daughter and two friends perform their bluegrass version of the rock song “”I Believe in a Thing Called Love”” by The Darkness. Mountain Faith Band members are all employees/owner of a tire repair shop and practice in between customers.

This is a happy, toe-tapping tune to end your work week!


Several years ago my Uncle, during a party at his house, asked me if I would like to have a certain piece of furniture. My wife and I had just purchased a new house that was much larger than our old place and we did not have much in the way of furniture so I gratefully accepted. While this piece was old it was well maintained and much more expensive than anything we would have been able to afford. I would need to rent a van to get it and my Uncle told me to take as much time as I needed as there was no rush.

Another relative (AR) made several comments over the course of the evening along the lines of how nice the piece was, how expensive it was, how well it would match his furniture and how lucky I was that my Uncle was giving this to me.

Not long after, my Uncle started to feel faint and short of breath so he made an appointment with his doctor. Less than two months later he had died of cancer.

During his illness I never even thought of the piece of furniture he had offered me and after his death I felt that it would be petty to bring it up to his partner as he was deeply into the grieving process and the burden of dealing with the death of a loved partner of many years. I offered all the support I could and a shoulder to cry on but I just could not bring myself to ask about the piece of furniture even though I wanted it more now than ever as a reminder of my Uncle.

A few months after his death I received a call from my Uncle’s partner. He asked me if I was still interested in the piece. It turns out AR had just called and asked if I had ever picked it up. Upon finding that I had not, AR asked if he could come by with a truck and get it for himself.

I don’t think I have ever been more mad at a relative before. I rented a van and picked it up that weekend and it has had a prominent place in my living room ever since. 1012-10


Decorum At A Funeral

by admin on July 29, 2015


“Tim” was a well-liked under-thirty professional, working in his family’s practice in a small town. He was very close to his sister, who got married recently. On the night of her wedding, as “Tim” was driving home from her reception, he was killed in a car wreck. Tragic, shocking, and heartbreaking for many people, and the loss coming on his sister’s wedding day made it even worse.

At the funeral, the church was packed, as was the parish hall and the nursery, both of which had feeds to the service on TV screens. I had attended this church for many years before transferring to a different town, I had taught this young man in Sunday School when he was younger, and my grown daughter knew him quite well, so of course I went to the funeral. Even though I was a good bit early, I had to sit in the parish hall, as the church had overflowed already – my daughter was in the church, but was jammed in a pew with others. I didn’t know the people around me in my immediate seating area in the parish hall; a few seats over from me was a man I didn’t know who was rather talkative and jovial as we waited for the funeral to start. It was irritating to me, but he wasn’t out of hand and what was I going to do, go over there and make a scene? I was just grateful he was in the parish hall, where the family couldn’t hear him chuckling. Seats were at a premium and they were bringing in folding chairs scrounged from everywhere, but this man chose to place his suit coat on the empty chair in front of him, thus keeping it from being used to seat someone.

This service included communion, which in this denomination means wine from a chalice. As we came back from filing through to take communion, I heard in disbelief this man making jokes about “that punch they served in there,” as he referred to the sacramental wine. He also made some small joking comments about the priest’s sermon as we watched on the TV screen – I happened to know this priest was close to the bereaved family, and was visibly choking back tears on several occasions, so I failed to see anything humorous in his sincere sermon. Later, this guy said he was hot, and needed some more of that punch. As the service concluded and we filed outside to greet the grieving family and offer hugs, this joker says, “I’m going to go to my car and get me some A/C!”, this time loud enough for all to hear, including the mourning family.

Seriously, why did this man come to this funeral? All I know is that he was anything but respectful. 0512-14


Baby Sprinkles

by admin on July 28, 2015

I found out about a new trend in Baby Showers from another blog (don’t worry they were laughing at the idea) called a “Baby Sprinkle”. I thought it was something “classy” moms said when the baby pees on them. I was wrong. It’s when 2nd, or 3rd (or 4th….10th) time mommies have little baby showers. Basically it’s a 2nd chance gift grab from moms who were happy with the first shower. I know the Ehellions would like to get their hands on this!

And they even have adorable little invites on Etsy!   0724-15

Update: I removed the image initially published with this post because the shop owner used an invitation that was for an actual, real event with real people named. There are dozens of “baby sprinkle” invitations available on Etsy as seen here.


Cheater, Cheater

by admin on July 27, 2015

I showed up for an exam to a big lecture class, where there were probably 300 students. A boy I had other classes with made eye contact with me and said, “Did you study?”
I shrugged. I had, but I was still nervous. And, since this kid had never really talked to me before, I was wary as to why he was asking.

He then asked the person sitting beside me to trade him seats so he could sit by “his friend.” Yeah, he’d hardly ever talked to me; we weren’t friends.

As the test goes on, he tries to ask me questions. I ignore him. Somehow, he’s loud enough to disturb our neighbors, but not the professor.

Toward the end, he tries a plea, “I’m failing this test,” he whines, “Failing.”

I continued to ignore him. I was hesitant to even whisper, “No,” so as not to look like I was cheating.

In retrospect, the best choice would have been to stand up, march to the front of the classroom, and tell the professor that this kid was disturbing me.

In the moment, I was worried about my own grade. And I was enraged that someone would pretend to be my friend and expect me to risk my grade, my reputation, and my standing at the university by helping him cheat. 0916-11


Feel Good Friday – Billie Jean Bottled

by admin on July 24, 2015


Hey, Mr. Railroad Men

July 23, 2015

This evening I had one of those, ‘I’ve HAD it,’ moments with ‘the world is my ashtray’ people, and I wanted to share it with everyone. A bit of background. My husband and I live on the edge of a small village of about 120 people. North, West and mostly South of us there is […]

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Vintage Etiquette – Developing Self-Reliance (1951)

July 22, 2015

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