Feel Good July 4th

by admin on July 4, 2015

In 1970, John Wayne hosted a variety show celebrating America’s history. Included in the cast were the following (some were uncredited): Ann Margret , Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Dan Blocker, Roscoe Lee Browne, George Burns, Owen Bush, James Caldwell, Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, Roy Clark, Bing Crosby, Phyllis Diller, Edward Faulkner, Lorne Greene, Harry Hickox, Celeste Holm, Bob Hope, Kay E. Kuter, Michael Landon, Forrest Lewis, Dean Martin, Dick Martin, Ross Martin, Greg Morris, Ricky & David Nelson, Hugh O’Brian, Dan Rowan, William Shatner, Orville Sherman, Red Skelton, Tom Smothers, Leslie Uggams, Jesse Vint, John Wayne, Patrick Wayne, Dennis Weaver, Dan White, Hal Williams, The Doodletown Pipers.


Flying through a firework show with a DJI Phantom 2 and filming it with a GoPro Hero 3 silver.

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I took my four year old daughter to the library after I got home from work. She did great right up until it was time to go check out. She was right on the edge (it was just about bedtime, so not surprised) when we headed to the circulation counter with our stack of books when some guy zipped around in front of us and had all these issues with his card. That guy totally saw us heading to the counter and deliberately went around the book display to get there first.

Seriously? Thanks for cutting around in front of us and making us wait and wait. Every time I thought he was all set, there was one more thing.

“I have fines.”

“I never checked out that book.”

“What do I have checked out on my card?”

“I have a hold.”

There’s only so much to do while waiting in line with an energetic 4 yr old. She read the letters from the book display, then counted the letters. Crawled around on the floor with her toy and then finally resorted to running in circles.

Sure, I could have ducked back into the Children’s Room but we’ve done that before only to have a line form and it takes even longer to leave.

Are people really so self-centered?? It would have taken 2 minutes for us to get our books and leave. Instead we waited for almost 10 minutes while you dealt with all your issues.   0608-15

When shopping or engaging in errands around town, the expectation must be that you will wait in a line somewhere, for some undetermined amount of time.   It could be a short line, no line at all, or a long line but the reality of interacting with your fellow humans is that you will either be in front of someone in a line or behind them at some point.  If your daughter cannot handle the unpredictability of how long you and she may have to wait in a line, perhaps not bringing her with you would be an option.

The gentleman who proceeded you to the check out counter at the library did nothing unethical in moving faster than you to achieve first status in the line.   It’s not like he leaped over a book display and barreled through stacked books, tripping over himself to be first.    And your  own “stack of books” could have been perceived as needing to take longer to get finished so he hustled to get in line before you.   What if there had been four or five people ahead of you that day collectively taking the same amount of time to check out books as Book Dude did?   Are they are evil for daring to move to the check out counter at the same time as you do?   And why would you wait until your daughter was “right on the edge” to leave thus potentially setting her up for failure if the check out line was longer than you expected?   It’s as if you are entitled to no lines when your 4-year-old daughter is past her bedtime so as to avoid her having a meltdown.


SusieQ, Where Do You Doo Doo?

by admin on July 1, 2015

As an over-protective pet parent, I’m very conscientious of where I bring my dog. If he’s not invited, I frequently don’t go places. (Seriously, he’s way more outgoing than I am.) So, because my little rescued dog is awesome, my sister allows dogs at her house. Seriously, my 2 year old nephew wants to be Mort and my 5 year old nephew is fine with him.

My sister just had to host her in-laws. Her step-father-in-law is okay, but her mother-in-law (Wendy) is not my favorite person. (This means I don’t get an invite to the bbq Sis hosts while they are in town. I have a total “I don’t have to go” party and have sushi and chocolate cake and Mort and I have a dance party in the living room. My poor parents have to go.)

Sis’s in-laws live in Spokane part of the year and Jacksonville the other part of the year. They drive across the country with their dog, SusieQ, and only stay at friends and family homes as they travel. (I can kind of understand that — my dog was fine in the hotel room if people in the hallway were quiet. That wasn’t a fun overnight when a drunken party came down the hall.) So, the in-laws and SusieQ arrive at my sister’s house. Sis has to host them two weeks a year as they cross the country. And did I mention the in-laws don’t like kids, or noise, or, well, anything? (I’m a single adult with no kids and wouldn’t try to stay at her house over night. Kids are loud and my sister believes that children should be less disciplined than I would prefer. They are her kids and it’s her house, so it’s her rules.)

Now, SusieQ, much like Mort, is a rescue. The story Wendy tells is that SusieQ was abused by children and can’t be left alone with them. Err, ok. My nephews are 5 and 2. They are a handful. They are all over their house and loud. This is the way Sis and BIL have raised them from day 1, so Wendy should know this by now. She constantly tells Sis to corral the boys for SusieQ’s sake. Remember, she’s getting free room and board for a week; either suck it up or stay elsewhere, right?

Well, this year brought an added twist : SusieQ is sick. How sick? Bloody diarrhea sick. Yep — poor SusieQ had bloody diarrhea in every room on the first floor of Sis’s house. Now, my heart is breaking for SusieQ as I write this. No one wants to be sick while travelling, least of all a pet. It’s just not fun. Now, I’ve mentioned I live two towns over and have an amazing vet. Sis offered to call and get his name. Her mother-in-law pooh-poohed that idea. “SusieQ will be fine”. Poor SusieQ was sick in at least three rooms as I type. My sister hadn’t analyzed the guest suite yet. You know how guest rooms are in modern houses these days — they have wall to wall beige carpet. Yikes!!!!

Sunday morning, her step-father-in-law had the car packed to drive to a friend’s house in Georgia by 6 AM. He and Sis’s Mom-in-law whined that Sis didn’t serve breakfast until 7:30 that morning. There is a 24 hour McDonald’s just down the street would have been my suggestion. (So, the in-laws are now taking the poor dog to another person’s home!!! Who does that?) I hope SusieQ makes it to her vet in Florida, but I feel badly for her and the homeowners’ carpet. 0626-15

I think this is another case of a story submitter being offended on the behalf of someone else with no evidence that the sister is similarly put out by her mother-in-law’s behavior.   Dear OP, life is complicated enough without carrying the burden of being offended for someone else.   In other words, MYOB.


Not Raised “Perfectly Right”

by admin on June 30, 2015

This incident in a Wal-Mart was recently on the news and I thought it would make an interesting topic to discuss. I embedded the original videos filmed by one of the witnesses and pay attention to the second one as this one has more footage of the involvement of the six year son of the dark haired woman.

In the next video, a woman named Amber called the Smiley Morning Show on WZPL claiming to be the dark haired woman, to talk about the fight. She told the hosts she was in Wal-Mart when she heard a woman on a motorized scooter, a woman she would later fight, refer to an employee as a “ni****.”   “(The woman) was sitting there yelling at an employee at Wal-Mart, and she was telling her that she was a ni**** and that she was going to get out of the chair and whoop her a**,” the woman said.    “She used the ‘n-word?’” the host asked.    “Yes, she used the ‘n-word,’” the woman said. “So in my defense, I was standing up for the employee.”

Now, there are a number of things wrong with this scenario, the first being that “Amber” took up the offense of a Wal-Mart employee and etiquette typically does not extend grace towards those who make it their business to be nosy about other people’s lives, including the things that might offend them.   For all we know, the employee may not have been as offended as Amber thinks she should have been.

Second, is that Amber does not de-escalate the conflict, she ramps it right up with returned insults.  This is where retaliatory rudeness gets you…into physical fights with entitled loons.

Third, the blond haired woman is clearly not handicapped yet she is utilizing a motorized scooter intended for the handicapped. If you can get up and start swinging fists at an assailant, you don’t need a scooter to haul your lazy backside around Wal-Mart.   And if this woman did insult the Wal-Mart employee with a nasty pejorative word, then the warning signs were already there that this is a dangerous person who should be avoided at all costs, particularly if you have a young child at your side.

And this takes us to Number Four,  Amber’s mistaken belief that her six year year old son is being be “raised perfectly right”.   In the above video, Amber states:

“My son takes martial arts classes. He’s been going to the gym for several years with his father. I mean, he’s been in the gym for a long time,” she said. “He got a little crazy. I don’t have to worry about him ever being bullied.”

She described the boy as a straight-A, honor roll student and teacher’s pet. She said his martial arts teachers have taught him not to back down.

“My son is raised perfectly right.

This is the topic I wish us to discuss.   First there is the poor judgment of getting into an escalating scream-o-rama with an obviously entitled and angry person while in custody of a very minor-aged child.  He witnessed his mother’s poor judgment in engaging the crazy with actions that did nothing to calm the situation down but rather ramped it up to the point of violence.   The child was abandoned by his mother who chose to concentrate her attention on battling a loon.

And the worst of it is that Amber calls on her son to get involved in inflicting physical blows on the blond haired woman once she is down on the ground. Long time Ehellions know I have a special place in Etiquette Hell for parents who exploit their children in their adult dealings and conflicts and Amber does this in spades thus earning her a deep, hot, miserable corner of Ehell.  He’s six years old and Amber draws him into the physical fight thus making him a target of the blond woman’s defensive actions and potentially even her aggressive ones.   You don’t expose children to that kind of danger…ever.

So, brat child does as his mother commands and proceeds to hit the blond haired woman on the head with a shampoo bottle and appears to kick her.   Sorry, Amber you raised a son who does not know restraint and will pile on when given the advantage over a downed opponent rather  than it be a fair fight between equally matched persons.   He’s already a bully because it was obvious his mother had the woman under control on the floor and he takes advantage of this to attack her.    And when other adults witnessing the fight call out to the boy to stop what he’s doing, his reaction is pure, unadulterated bratness, “Don’t tell me what to do!”, and he almost appears to take an aggressive, threatening posture with these spectator adults.  No respect for adult authority, no sense of fairness, no idea how to back down gracefully and why that skill is needed at times, no restraint on his aggressiveness thus leading to physical involvement in a fight that was not his to have….I could go on but my point is made. Amber has and is raising the next generation of bully who thinks it’s OK to insert himself aggressively into someone else’s fights.

Update: According to snopes.com, the dark haired woman, Amber Stephenson, was charged with neglect of a dependent and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.



I’m curious for others’ opinions on this story. I find it heartbreaking that these doctors seem to be forgetting this man is human and their patient rather than someone to be the butt of their jokes. I would consider telling them that they need new professions if their current ones have left them such misanthropes.

Was the jury right to award monetary damages? Up for debate. However, I do think there should be disciplinary consequences for their unprofessionalism and lack of tact. Words hurt, and words have impact.

Doctors should inspire trust. People should feel they can be completely honest with their doctors, embarrassing discussions and all. And to know that their doctor wants to help them find solutions, not make fun of them behind their backs like schoolyard bullies. But that’s just my opinion. Thank you.   0625-15

I’m sure doctors have their own opinions about certain patients of theirs and I have no doubt that there may be discussion about those patients in private counsel amongst themselves.  They are entitled to have those opinions.  However, the stupidity of this situation is believing the patient is completely asleep when discussing those opinions and it is criminally unethical to report a wrong diagnosis.


Feel Good Friday

June 26, 2015

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Invasion of Public Privacy

June 25, 2015

Two weeks ago my husband and I took five of our nieces and nephews for the weekend. We went to out neighborhood community pool for the day for swimming and fun. All five (ages 4-12) have taken swimming lessons and the 4 year old had on arm floaties as an extra precaution. We know the […]

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