Technical Difficulties – All Fixed!

September 10, 2014

As some of have noted to me, the comments to posts are not displaying. I updated the WordPress software yesterday morning and apparently there is a glitch causing a conflict between WP and the theme. I have updated the theme as well but as yet this has not resolved the problem. You can still make […]

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When A Primary Mourner Goes Unnoticed

September 9, 2014

I have just returned from an uncle’s funeral, and I am seething. My husband and I rode to the funeral with my parents, which took place an hour away from the town where we all live. On the way, we managed to hit multiple traffic snafus. We left early to have plenty of time, but […]

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When Aunt Flo Makes An Unexpected Visit And No One Tells You

September 8, 2014

I was browsing at the store, waiting for my order to be ready. A very well-dressed woman in a light beige skirt walked by, high heels clicketty-clacking. I glanced up as she passed by and noticed that the back of her skirt was stained. Yes, in that way. I debated–should I tell her or not? […]

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Feel Good Friday – Jennifer Bricker

September 5, 2014

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When Public Expression of Grief Meets Private Land Owners

September 4, 2014

My family owns a large piece of land that runs several miles alongside one of the most dangerous roads in our area – it has lots of curves and no center divider during many stretches.  The speed limit has been lowered and other safety measures have been taken, but unfortunately there are usually one or […]

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A Wimpy Adieu From The Co-Worker

September 3, 2014

I worked for one company for 26 years. Over those years the business changed, moved offices several times, portions were sold off, divisions moved out of state and finally all that was left in my state was an executive office in a high-rise in a very high-rent part of town, occupied by my boss (the […]

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A New Twist On Product Parties

September 2, 2014

Recently I got an invitation through Facebook to a launch party of my cousin’s (B’s) new at home business. However, when I clicked on the event I realized that it wasn’t a real party- it was a “Facebook” party.    She wants people to get on Facebook at a certain time, will post games for them […]

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ALS Ice Water Challenge, Part 2 – The Celebrity Push Back

September 1, 2014

To continue the discussion regarding this summer’s fundraising fad of the Ice Water Challenge for ALS research… Approximately 500 fans of actor Mike Rowe could not take his silent “No” as an acceptable response to their repeated challenges to do the Ice Water Challenge for ALS research.   The posted comments throughout his Facebook page are […]

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