Left Out Of The Activities….Hmm, What Is Going On Here?

May 3, 2018

This has happened a couple of times, and I haven’t said anything to my friends because I honestly just don’t know how to respond. I’m a bit of an orgniser. So if I see an event/class/talk I think I might enjoy, I will invite my friends to come along. Not everyone every time, but people […]

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Divvying Up The Dinner Bill Among Guests When Alcohol Is Served

April 30, 2018

Two years ago, I was matron of honor for my good friend “S’s” wedding. This involved obviously planning and paying for the bridal shower as well as the relatively low key bachelorette party. Everything we did was completely approved by the bride but I am pretty good at planning a party, so I had a […]

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One latte, please, and oh can you also fix my phone?

April 26, 2018

The introduction of drive-thrus to Starbucks was inevitable, as was a long line of cars waiting for their overpriced drinks and pastries. Coffee literally on the go is the future. But in fact, the other day I ran into an interesting problem that comes with having to wait in a car line, versus a person […]

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Wedding Wednesday – RSVPed Yes and Then Didn’t Go….Sometimes There Are Good Reasons

April 25, 2018

My fiance and I were invited to his cousin’s wedding. I’ve never met this cousin, but my fiance assured me they were close as children. We fully intended to go and RSVPed Yes. However, the day of the wedding came, and we were both unable to go. My fiance had been injured in a car […]

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“Dropping By” Can Possibly Be Rude If Done Wrong

April 24, 2018

Have recently come across an incident of etiquette hell I would like to share and I think a lot of people who don’t have a lot of free time might be able to relate to it. I earmarked a specific time to spend with a friend – meaning naturally that I had to give doing […]

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