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Gimme, gimme

I have a "friend" who is very money conscious. That is, she is conscious of the money you spend on her and her family. She is forever talking about who got her  what and how much they spent. Anyway, long story short, she called to tell me that she was sending my children an invitation to her childrens birthday party. She said  that she had listed the kids clothes and shoe sizes along with gift preferences.

That wasn't the first time I had seen an invitation like that from her, so I was not put out.  What did get my goat was when she told me that she was calling some of her friends to tell them not to buy her kids clothes. I asked her why not. She replied, "Well, I have asked my "WELL TO DO" friends to buy them clothes because they shop at the expensive stores and will buy them complete outfits."  I have heard the term "speechless" before, but had never really experienced it until then.    edhgimme1129-00

My husband has a childhood friend he still has contact with.  Well, he called last night to announce that he had finally graduated from college.  He has been going full time for 9 years.  He also wanted to remind us of his upcoming birthday and that he had just moved to a new city to look for a job.  We congratulated him over the phone about the degree, wished him a happy birthday (I had already mailed a card) and luck in the new city.  We were then shocked to get a demand for a $900 orthopedic chair.  He felt that the chair would be adequate for all of his accomplishments.  I thought it was funny until he insisted that he was serious and that he felt we owed it to him since he sent us several Christmas gifts over the years, which were reciprocated to the extend we could afford (we recently finished college and are still on a tight budget).
This man has never held a full-time job and is very well supported by his parents.  He will be 27 on the upcoming birthday.  He was best man at our wedding, for which we paid air-fare and hotel acommodation, yet never sent a wedding gift (which has never bothered us, since none of the wedding party did).  I am definitely going to send him a gift - a book on etiquette, although I am sure it will be lost on him.     edhgimme0721-00

A friend's sister, "D" 28 years old, decided to give herself a shower for a trip she was taking that she couldn't afford necessities for. We convinced her not to include a list with the actual invitation, but her sister and mother let everyone know what she needed. When I called, I was given a list (value $60), I bought it knowing she needed the items since she doesn't have steady job.

At the shower she thanked everyone for coming, which was nice, then said that we shouldn't feel bad if she didn't use some of these items herself since there might be other needy people on the trip (um, what? Then why were we spending so much money???). To top things off she sent NO thank you notes, or letters while on the trip (she was gone 2 months). Then had the gall to complain about the quality of film people bought her while showing off her lovely pictures! One of the people she complained to had bought her 5 rolls of film!!!!! I'm beyond flabbergasted!  edhgimme1014-00

A few years ago, my husband and I attende a grad party(AKA"cash grab") for  one of his nephews. We had driven an hour and a half to attend, so my  hubby's bro and his wife begged us to stick around late into the evening.

While we and a handful of other guests were still there, my nephew began  opening up his envelopes. His mom sat there with pen and paper, and made a LIST of amounts given and by whom. The parents and the other guests then sat and remarked aloud about the sizes of the monetary contributions. Someone had given five dollars, and they all hooted about what a cheapskate this person was. We didn't give very much either, as we had just had a baby, I wasn't working, etc., and I would have been totally humiliated had they remarked on the size of our gift. I was very uncomfortable and kept wishing that these people would get a clue as to just how TACKY this was!!    edhgimme0917-00

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