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2000 Archive

Loved the webpage! Reading up on the practice of Jack and Jills brought to mind my own experience. I went to a wedding of a very good college friend almost two years ago, and came across a custom that I have discovered many of my friends know about and whose families have practices for years! The DJ announced that the dancing was beginning, but for no couples to take to the floor quite yet. The bride took a walk around the dance floor (much like a filly at a State Fair) while the DJ asked that all men come forward and pay a dollar to dance with the bride!! Another friend relayed to me that she was locked in a room at the rehearsal and while her mother and brother grabbed a microphone  and announced that the guests would have to pay a ransom for the bride to return to the reception! The groom went to every table and guests were requested to put the money in his shoe! These traditions are totally alien to my family-- throwing the bouquet is about as crazy as we get.

Last summer, my fiancé and I attended a small informal wedding were many corners were cut in order to save money. The bride and groom did not exchange rings. The wedding and reception were held in the same facility..etc. All of these things are reasonable. But the following is not:

Several times during the reception a man announced over the loud speaker that the bride and groom could not afford to take a honeymoon, so, he reminded us, please make sure that you drop a donation in the wishing well for this beautiful young couple. But it did not stop there. By the end of the evening, he and several other members of the bridal party had gathered up buckets (Yes, I said buckets) and began to pass them around the hall, shouting, "Donations to Chris and Sherrie's honeymoon go in here!"