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Author Topic: I thought I would add my own, "another tipping question"....two people/one table  (Read 3110 times)

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I don't think I would have ever thought of this before, but since I see all these tipping questions on this site, it made me think of this scenario.

I usually always tip 20%.   

The other night, my bestie and I were going out to dinner, each paying our own checks.   Now, usually I do tip 20% and I did in this case, but I got to wondering.

If there are two people, each paying their own checks, (or any amount of people), should each person tip 20% on their own checks or would it be 10% each on their own checks for 20%
for the whole table?   Does this make sense in that I am asking the question correctly?

Math is my weakest subject so I just might be thinking about this all wrong.   


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Your math is a bit off here.

If you each tip 10% on your portion of the tab, then the total tip between you is 10% of the total tab between you.


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Yeah, I was going to say that 20% of your check plus 20% of their check equals 20% for the table.
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You're over-thinking it.
Let's say, for simplicity sake, each of your bills is $10.  So, you tip 20%, which is $2.00.  Your friend also tips 20%, or $2.00.
The total of the bills for the entire table is $20 (two $10 bills).  20% of $20 is $4.00.  Which is what the waiter received in total from both of you.
Does that make sense?

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Yeah, I was going to say that 20% of your check plus 20% of their check equals 20% for the table.

Yup. Tips are based on the check amount, not the table. Imagine you and your friend are sitting at separate tables.


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If each of you pays 20% of your own bill, that adds up to 20% of the total bill.

If each of you pays 10% of your own bill, that adds up to 10% of the total bill.

That's how percentages work.


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Thank you.   I knew there was something off in my thinking, I just could not figure it out.   Probably due to my lack of sleep, but I totally get it now that it was spelled out for me.   


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If the total bill was $100, a 20% tip is $20.

If you each tip 10% of your $50 share, then the total tip is only $10, or 10%.