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1 general / Re: Is this rude? aka Whaaat?
« Last post by Gladly on Today at 05:24:44 AM »
We have these on some of the doors at work.  I actually got told off by one of the maintenance men for opening the door manually.  With the type we have here, manual opening can damage the motors.  I'm sure there are different types, but now I use the button on any that I come across in case I inadvertently help to damage them.
Par-Tay! / Re: Engagement Party and Hens Night AFTER the wedding?
« Last post by Eve_Eire on Today at 04:38:51 AM »
I had forgotten in the UK money is frequently earned for the couple at a Hen's/Stag's night. In the US, participants pay their own way (and usually split the cost of the bachelor/bachelorette) but the couple doesn't profit.

I think there is some confusion here with someone who posted from Canada about a joint stag/doe party they throw.  Couples in the UK don't received money from their hen/stag parties.  It's usually the same as you say above, participants pay their own way and often split the cost of the hen/stag.
3 general / Re: Is this rude? aka Whaaat?
« Last post by Sakuko on Today at 04:01:43 AM »
There are a few doors like that around here, and I'm not sure if it's the same everywhere, but the mechanism for opening the door on the button press makes it really hard to open the door manually. It works, you just have to push really very hard. So it takes longer, and if I only have one hand free it's struggle. So when I see button operated doors, I always use the button, since I can't be sure I can just push them open easily.
So I can't see it as rude.
4 general / Re: Dog refuse and garbage cans
« Last post by atirial on Today at 02:36:53 AM »
With our collections now being three-weekly, and the council fining homeowners for anything that's not in the correct regulation bin and bag, I'd be furious if someone threw their litter in there. We're putting a fair amount of cat litter out, so a bag at the bottom would split and make a mess we'd have to live with for weeks.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Charging adult children rent.
« Last post by Amanita on Today at 01:09:07 AM »
Whatever you decide to do, OP, make your expectations clear and make sure that you and your son are both on the same page. A friend of mine lived with his parents for a little while after he moved back to this province, and his mom got on his case about money a lot, especially if he ever bought anything for himself, no matter how small. She was like "Why don't you give us money, you should give us money", but she never sat down with him to work out rent/his share of groceries/anything. She apparently just expected him to just randomly had her money whenever. That's a recipe for failure and frustration right there- she expected him to be a mind reader, and while she wanted money, she never sat down with him to determine exactly how much and how often.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Special Snowflakes Redux - play nice!
« Last post by Aleko on Today at 12:54:15 AM »
I think it can just be part of the herd dynamic. In a big group minor spills and messes easily just 'happen' with no one individual feeling responsible; and even if they are people who would clean up if on their own, each person sees everyone else ignoring it and feels 'well, not my problem'.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Silly things that have made you happy recently
« Last post by VorFemme on Yesterday at 11:15:29 PM »
Maybe not so silly - but I had some symptoms that sent me to the doctor...instead of what I was dreading, it turned out to be an atypical yeast infection.  Which is relatively easy to deal with, if itchy.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Silly things that have made you happy recently
« Last post by mmswm on Yesterday at 09:47:27 PM »
Wow - Otterbox has made your family customers for as long as they're in business, haven't they?

I was already very loyal to them anyway.  I've always been exceedingly happy with the quality of their product.  My loyalty was cemented when my oldest kid got hit by a car (low speed, thank goodness) that ran a red light while he was crossing in a crosswalk.  My kid got some bumps and bruises and was fine.  He landed on his butt, where he had his phone in his back pocket.  The OtterBox that the phone was in was in about 14 pieces, but the phone didn't even have a scratch on it.  It did its job in spectacular fashion.  I have not purchased another brand of case since then, and between me, my SO, and the boys, we have a lot of phones and iPads.

ETA:  That incident was a few years ago.  I think he was still carrying an iPhone 5s when it happened.
9 general / Re: Dog refuse and garbage cans
« Last post by BarensMom on Yesterday at 09:30:13 PM »
I remember the previous thread about this, and my take on it then and now is that it’s okay to put the bag in the neighbor’s can only on pickup day when the truck is heading down the street.
Not when I first switched cable companies, but sometime after, and for quite sometime, each time the tv was off for a prolonged period of time, when you turnrd it back on, you got a screen saver with messages, and had to then hit the menu to get to the tv. So very annoying and not a setting you could turnoff. Well, it's gone! Now I just hit in, and voila!
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