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Title: ideas for quick and easy meals
Post by: cicero on August 29, 2007, 12:49:34 PM
this came up on a different thread so let's post ideas for quick and easy meals - not made dehydrated food and hot water....

here are some of my ideas:

tunisian tuna salad/sandwiches
on a big platter or in small bowls (big platter means less clean up!) prepare tuna with mayo, olives, sliced vegetables, some hot sauce/spread, hard boiled egg slices, preserved lemons, capers. everyone takes a bit of eat - either just eat on  a plate or pile into a roll or baguette. (to make these true tunisian tuna sandwiches, you need to prepare your own rolls and then FRY THEM instaed of baking.... I have never done that)

humous and pita
to prepare the houmous you blend a can of cooked chickpeas with a little water till it forms a paste, add some lemon juice, garlic, tahini paste, salt.
eat with pita and salad. can dip pita triangles in it.

easy pita pizza
slice a pita into two rounds, spread with ketchup, sprinkle with vegetables and cheese and bake till it gets all gooey.

tasty israeli dish. don't ask me what it means because i have no idea. you make a spicy tomato sauce base: in a large shallow pot with cover, or large frying pan, fry 1-2 chopped onions till golden. add 4-5 peeled and chopped tomatoes or one can of chopped plum tomatoes, garlic, salt, hot paprika and one tablespoon of tom. paste. let it cook down for a bout 15 minutes (you can make this in advance to this point and also you can double this and put half of the sauce in the freezer). now take 1-2 eggs per person and gently break them onto the sauce, cover the pan, lower flame and let it cook about 5 more minutes or until the whites are white and the yolks are set. serve hot with lots of bread for dipping.

grilled cheese
it's worthwhile investing in one of those toaster press things. i forget what they're called. you keep sliced bread and grated cheese in the freezer at all times. then - voila. put some ketchup on the bread, add cheese, add slices of vegetables - onion, mushroom, tomatoe - put together a quick salad and you have a meal.

gotta go! hope other people can add on to this.