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More making me sad, but I want to try to make the no-bake peanut butter pie (well, the filling anyway, I'm not a crust fan)

the first 4 recipes I found online involved Cool Whip or Reddi Whip  :'(

That's one of my huge frustrations too. Ooh, that cake looks amazing! But it uses cake mix. Or every recipe has cream of soup.

I totally get the frustration of having a recipe that calls for something that's already processed ( canned/packaged/pre-made; not like flour). I also prefer recipes that call for "whole food" ingredients.

However, I have always just figured that Reddi Whip was shelf-stable whipped cream, and substitute homemade whipped cream instead. [Cool Whip, to be sure, is a concoction all its own.]
Yesterday - nothing in the sewing room - did start getting the paperwork together to apply for a passport.  And possibly got my mother to cancel a trip through a "cruising club" that will be trying to sell her a lifetime membership of vacations on cruise ships...the idea of sitting in various sales pitches with her was enough to get me to run several searches on the company to check out their reputation.

It wasn't wasn't abysmal, but there were a lot more bad reviews & complaints than "happy customers".
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: "That" face
« Last post by Outdoor Girl on Today at 02:29:21 PM »
Many, many years ago, my Mom, Dad and I were at the airport, waiting for my aunt to get there.  She and my Mom were flying out together, with Dad and I to follow, with my school group for a big science fair.

A woman with a fairly young baby sat down in the chairs near to us.  Dad and I had to use the washroom so we went off to find them and I said to Dad, 'How much do you want to be that when we get back, Mom has that baby on her lap?'  Dad laughed and told me he wouldn't take that bet; he'd lose.

Sure enough, when we got back, there is my mother with a huge grin on her face, bouncing this baby on her knee.
You never need an excuse to post puppy pictures!
How adorable, Slartibartfast! :D What's his name?
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: "That" face
« Last post by Take2 on Today at 02:21:58 PM »
When I was a teen, I was told I had a haughty face, and seemed unapproachable. This was odd to me, as I had no self confidence at all.

In my entire adult life, I have had a very approachable face and demeanor. I think it's a combination of a friendly face and an air of confidence, I make eye contact and smile. So I get asked directions by strangers, asked for help by lost children, told the life story by people working the register and people sitting near me in waiting rooms. My husband does not have this, he is always amazed when strangers start talking to me.
Family and Children / Re: Don't volunteer my money
« Last post by FauxFoodist on Today at 02:15:54 PM »
I think the three siblings need to leave it at whatever Carrie is volunteering to contribute, let her contribute.  Basically, don't ask her to pitch in on additional/different expenses.  Otherwise, Beth could relay to Carrie her grandmother's wishes then it's up to Carrie to decide how she wants to proceed (have a discussion with her grandmother and let her know she wants to do this and is a gesture of love from her, not do the floral centerpiece or any other financial contribution at all per her grandmother's wishes, etc.).  It sucks that Carl agreed to this then backed out, but all Carrie wants to do is provide a floral centerpiece and that's it from what I can tell so I don't get the siblings wanting her to help out on the expenses now that Carl's share isn't available.
Y'all have convinced me - I just went on Amazon and got the knock-off Furminator.  Mostly because we adopted this little bundle of fuzz over the weekend:

(Okay, I admit it. This comment was mostly a chance to share puppy pictures and has no etiquette content whatsoever. He's SO CUTE, though!)
Family and Children / Re: Don't volunteer my money
« Last post by mime on Today at 01:58:15 PM »
If Carrie is a grown-up with her own money (and barring other issues like borrowing too much from others or being a pushover and donating too much money against her preferences...), then she shouldn't be stopped from however she wants to spend it. If giving is within her means and a way that she expresses affection for her family, then so be it.

I do think that the 3 siblings should cut back in the decorations department and not try to get extra money from Carrie to cover where Carl backed out. She should not be expected to cover for her dad. It stinks that he backed out, but that's life, and they can still have a nice event. Maybe accept a scaled-down version of her offer as a compromise?

As for the mother/grandmother, it is harder for me to weigh in. If there is a history of imbalanced giving and receiving in the family among the siblings, or if Carl's family is often trying to make up for him flaking out, then I can understand her trying to put an end to it and not wanting a party in her honor to have those issues underlying it. I think, among family, she can make her wishes known, but can only push so far.

I'd love to know what's going on in the next layer deeper in this family. I have a feeling it could seriously change my opinions!
10 general / Re: "In Good Spirits and Such"
« Last post by LadyL on Today at 01:57:40 PM »
Bob and Tammy cut off DH for several years because they did not want to associate with someone who would be so immoral as to get a divorce. A divorce that was *not* my DH's idea or desire. They had reconciled by the time I was in the picture, but this backstory just makes Bob's behavior even more obnoxious.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. With this new information I don't think Bob is someone I'd personally be able to have a friendship with, or to encourage my spouse to reconcile with. I guess I have a greater tolerance for sinners than hypocrites.  :-\
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