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Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Thrift Score!
« Last post by MissRose on Today at 11:07:34 AM »
Love those S.A. tag sales!! I have several thrifts in my area that NEVER have a sale or mark anything down.  I can't understand that.

My S.A. yesterday was blue tags for 50 cents!!

The S.A. closest to me sometimes has really nice stuff, but the S.A. in a different town has even better stuff as its a town with many high income people with often better cast offs.  All of the S.A's in my area have the tag sales and each day typically has a different color tag for half off.
Vorfemme, my condolences on your loss.

We've got a cat-proof christmas tree this year: cut and painted wood. It is cheap, but unlike a plastic or normal tree they can't eat it!

But they will certainly try...
My wall rotted.  Again.  It's a section of the master suite addition that has a bit of flat roof on it and a rather nice design made of plywood panels.  Three years ago, water was running down the outside of one corner, warping the original cedar panels.  Because the cedar panels would be difficult to match, I had all of them replaced with exterior plywood.  I also had the roof patched. 

Well, the repairs didn't hold; now the exterior plywood is rotting in the same area.  This time, I want it done right; no cheaping out.  The estimate from a well-recommended siding contractor is . . . not cheap.  Replacement of that little section of flat roof is going to cost more than the roof on the main house.  Granted, that was back in 1997, but it's still sticker shock.  Plus ripping down and replacing the plywood with PVC panels is going to be $4,000.  That does include a new gutter, Tyvek home wrap and OSB sheathing, which the original repair didn't have.  Still, ouch.

The part that kills me?  I've been saving money for a badly needed bathroom remodeling.  The fund is finally up to $7,000, just enough that I could at least think about it, although not enough for fancier finishes and what-not.  Total cost of the wall and roof repair:  $6,500.   :'(
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: My fantasy world
« Last post by vintagegal on Today at 10:42:25 AM »
Like food stamps, low-income people would be given "art stamps." They could either save them up to buy a piece of art, or use them for tickets for a concert or play, or pool them to buy communal art for their town. This would take the place of government grants to artists.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Pokemon Go craze
« Last post by magicdomino on Today at 10:33:18 AM »

Plus there's a Tauros only available in North America - have certainly not seen that one yet.

If that's the three-tailed cow, I caught one in downtown Washington D.C.  While surfing around various websites, I read that some people are cheating with GPS spoofing programs.  Not saying that the gentleman in question is doing that, but it is annoying.

The professor is trying to recruit me into one of his critter-fighting gangs.  As I am against animal fighting, even virtual ones, I'm trying to avoid those dens of iniquity called gyms. 
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: My fantasy world
« Last post by Outdoor Girl on Today at 10:29:48 AM »
After dealing with over 2 feet of snow in less than 24 hours...

In my perfect world, snow would fall on the ski hills and in yards and any where else where it would be fun.  And wouldn't fall on driveways and roads.
Thursday, I ran up to my Dad's to help him do a couple of slide shows at a couple of assisted living places.  There was a lot of snow in the forecast but my drive up there was fine.  And the next morning, the drive into work was OK, considering it was an hour and a half.  Texted back and forth with DF a fair amount; he'd taken yesterday off to work on fixing his Mom's car.  But he spent most of the day moving snow.  It was like there was a little squall that was pretty much right over our house.  We got over 2 feet of snow in less than 24 hours!

So that's all we've accomplished yesterday and today:  moving snow.  Taking a little break and then going to run out and run some errands.  Hopefully.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Jury Duty stories
« Last post by gramma dishes on Today at 10:18:11 AM »
^^^  I'm curious.  What did you do for clean clothing while you were sequestered in the hotel?
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: My fantasy world
« Last post by rose red on Today at 10:10:03 AM »
I would say healthcare is completely free, except that in my would, everyone is healthy in mind and body from birth until the peaceful end so healthcare would be moot.
If you take your driving test in the U.S. in an automatic, does that mean you can also drive a car with manual transmission?  I cringed when watching Gerald? in NCIS crash the gears in Ducky's beloved Morgan...

Yes.  Well, whether or not you can actually do it and risk destroying the car is something else entirely.  But there is no separate test for a manual vs. automatic.  Plenty of people take the test in an automatic when they will be driving a manual. 

Seems kind of crazy now that I think about it.  But so does being able to take the test in the instructor's car instead of your own to me.

Most people here don't have a car of their own until they can legally drive.

Neither do a lot of people here.  A lot of kids use their parent's cars.  Its just a very different scenario to me since most folks around here (rural Southeast US town) don't take classes, usually they are taught by a family member in the family car.  Only "class" I took was driver's education in high school.  While that seems like it would be a class that would teach you how to drive, you had to at least have a permit and it was pretty much assumed you already had the basics of driving down.  The class was really just so your parents could get a discount on their insurance.

Here you have to take classes, and aren't allowed to drive without the official instructor until after you get your license - so most people have never driven any other car before their test, which means it makes sense to take the test in the instructor's car.

Last I checked (which has been several years) you had to take the test in a manual - but DK is like the UK in that regard - the default is a manual, and very few automatic cars are sold.

Ahhh. See, here in the states, there is a written permit test that allows unlicensed drivers (those with "driver's permits) to legally drive with a licensed driver in the car. There are rules about how old/experienced that licensed driver has to be. But then, after a mandatory amount of "wait time" and hours logged behind the wheel, THEN they take the driving portion of the test where they get their full license.

Yes--I have two in drivers' ed right now (they're 15, will be 16 in Feb), and they've done the written test and are on their permits right now.  They drive a number of hours in class and have to hold the permit for a total of 9 months before they're allowed to get the license.  During that time they're each supposed to log 50 hours of driving, 10 of which must be night time.  Those 50 hours are to be supervised by either a parent/guardian or a licensed driver over age 21.  Any moving violation convictions during the permit period makes them ineligible for a license for 9 more months (permit is valid for 2 years, so if that expires before the eligible to apply for a license, would have to start all over).  Once they have the license, there's a curfew and passenger restrictions (one under 20, except that siblings or children of the young driver don't count).  One of the nice things here is that with an A in the class work of drivers' ed, they become eligible for the "waiver test" which just means that instead of testing at the DMV with the DMV employee in their own (i.e. the parent's) car, the driving portion of the licensing test is taken in the vehicle they've been driving for class with the class instructor.  My twins both passed that, so now we just have to finish out the 9 months and get the rest of the hours logged.

And in my "never again" category--pick up at Walmart.  I had ordered a new alarm clock for youngest son which was available for in store pick up (any other shipping method cost extra and required more time).  I get there, and the pick up is at the same place that the layaway is handled.

Now, the thing is--the in store pick up has to be paid for already (at the time of ordering, there's no option for "I'll pay at pick up"), so it *should* be a simple matter of go in, show the order #, get item, and go.  So there's a line of about a half dozen people when I arrive ... and at the head of the line is a family that is arguing something about their layaway ... they have multiple receipts, and multiple employees are looking at these receipts.

Finally, 20 minutes (there was a clock hanging nearby, so I am not exaggerating) later, another employee comes out with some sort of handheld scanner thing, asks the second person in line if they're there for a pick up.  They are, so she scans their pickup info (you can print an email or there's a smart phone option), heads back and gets their item, and proceeds to work through the line that way.  30 minutes after I got in line, she gets the person in front of me just as the layaway family finishes their business, so I'm finally able to get my item.  Worst thing was that I also had an item at the pharmacy I needed to get, so when I got done with that line, I had to go to the pharmacy and stand in line all over again.  At least that line was only 10 minutes long.

They did send me an email survey, so I was brutally honest about how I'd never do that (order for in-store pick up) again.  I have no idea how long the people ahead of me were in line, because layaway family was there when I got there and already in the middle of their discussion/showing of receipts.
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