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Family and Children / Re: Paying the PTA to leave you in peace
« Last post by shortstuff on Today at 07:14:24 PM »
Where I went to high school, fundraisers were limited to some sort of "activity," not a general classroom fund.  If you wanted to go to band camp, there was the opportunity for fundraising, or the parents could just cut a check, or parents who couldn't afford it could quietly speak to the school and get help from the "general" fund, AKA what some here describe as kids who raised more than their 'share.'

We paid for field trips on a per-event basis; due to block scheduling, some kids choose to skip a field trip instead of missing out on a tough honors or AP lecture that day.  Permission slips were sent home for each trip, and the student had to turn in the form plus the check for each trip.  Again, I'm sure private arrangements could be made with the school for those who couldn't do a check. 

The senior class ahead of me raised so much money through fundraisers for their prom, that they used the leftovers to book a river cruise the next month. 

For "extras" like a varsity jacket, you could outright buy the jacket, or a certain dollar amount would be reduced from the price for every volunteer hour from a parent.  I like the way my school did it though; there was a minimum volunteer requirement, a token amount like 2 football games, in order to qualify to buy the jacket, so that helped ensure a small stream of volunteers. 

My area might be out of the norm, though.  Where I live, school districts are very well-funded through taxes, school sizes are low, and tenured teachers earn close to 6 figures.  Hearing these stories, I realize how lucky I was that my parents sacrificed to get into a 'good' district. 
What's the difference between "detailing" your car and simply "cleaning" your car?

According to my sister, who's worked on cars, "detailing" is when you get into every single nook and cranny, clean out everything, leave absolutely no spot missed. As opposed to just a general cleaning, which only gets the biggest bits and leaves the tiny "details" alone.

You're cleaning with cotton swabs and a toothbrush, to get the crud out of the tiny little cracks and generally make sure that there is *nothing* left in the vehicle that might be classified as dirt, stains, or soil. 

It's kind of like the difference between cleaning house and spring cleaning the house. 

I understand a lot of people are doing it in the spring to get rid of the accumulated "stuff" from winter, when it is too cold to vacuum or otherwise clean the car or when it is going to be put up for sale...or if they're going on a trip with someone that they want to make sure doesn't think that the vehicle "stinks" for any reason.

That said, I usually did it after buying a car from the previous owners - as I wanted to get rid of the dirt from camping, formula from spilled bottles, fossilized french fries from under the seat, and whatever else was in there that made the car still smell & feel like it belonged to someone else.

When I sell a car - it's cleaned & detailed because I want the buyer to subconsiously think that it doesn't smell like it's had french fries under the seat, coffee spilled on the carpet, milkshakes spilled in the back, and whatever might be in there from going camping.  It's going to be "so clean" my mind, it helps it sell faster than one the same age & general condition that hasn't been vaccumed, steam cleaned, the inside & outside of the windows cleaned, and everything wiped down so it's as dust & dirt free as possible.
it sounds like it's condensation forming from a difference in temperature between the inside and outside of your car.  You may have a micro crack in your windshield that is throwing it even more off balance. 
That moment when you realise all the issues you've been having with the sewing machine aren't you being distracted, or the dog for doing the distracting.  It is actually the machine.   :-[

Luck for me the big fabric shop in town had a sale on.  I now have a quilter's edition machine!  No excuse now, must learn quilting...

And the day after I buy the machine, I get an offer in the mail from the same shop, $60 less.   ::)

Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Last post by kherbert05 on Today at 06:56:16 PM »
I've run into two different sets in the last couple of days.

1. I had parked so I could go forward out of the spot. I get pass two people standing in front of my car. Smile say good afternoon, get in my car (beeps as unlocks), turn on the car, take down sun shield, they are still standing in front of my car. Put down the window and say, Excuse me I need to leave - get We'll move when you turn on your car. Me it is on - it's a hybrid. Get called a nasty name but they move.

2. Parked in a space I have to back out of. Check behind me, put the car in reverse - so it beeps safety feature because it usually operates on the electric motor when backing up. Behind me is clear I pull out. Woman signals me to put down my window. I do and she goes from pleasant expression to banshee about How I didn't need to honk when backing up. I don't even bother to answer. Roll up window put car in drive leave.

- Not car but technology related. I was shopping. Picked up item off my list, put in cart, check off my list, looked for next thing. Got screamed at because I shouldn't be playing on my phone. I assure you it was the same if not less amount of time if I was using a dead tree list.
The HI Express in Snowmass Village.  As a general rule, I stay at this level of hotel for business all the time.  And I know what to expect from the chain.  But it was clear, once I got there, that the hotel was some other hotel that HI bought out, and never brought up to standard.  It was hot (NO AC and no way to even turn off the heat), dirty, dated and dumpy, and had horrible responses to my complaints while I was there and after I left.  I was only (thank goodness) staying one night.  I imagine they get away with it by being pretty cheap during the ski season with a good location for skiers.  But they are a terrible example of an HI Express (and I have the highest status with the chain, so I know what one should be).
7 general / Re: How do you deal with a trivial interjector?
« Last post by baglady on Today at 06:43:58 PM »
Issue a generic "Zip it if you know the answer" request. This doesn't single out Bob, but is directed at anyone who knows the answer.

"No fair calling out the answer if you've heard this before! This is a test for the people who haven't."

I see this sort of riddle on Facebook a lot. Someone will post a picture of some archaic item, or an obscure/old pop culture reference, with "Like or Share if you know what this is/refers to. No answering in the comments!"

If Bob can't resist blurting out the answer, don't do the riddles when he's around.
Family and Children / Re: Paying the PTA to leave you in peace
« Last post by kherbert05 on Today at 06:41:26 PM »
I'm just wondering what happens to the families where there simply isn't any money to donate to the school, nor is there any time to volunteer. Do the children in those families get left out of the activities the PTO funds?
Actually the money raise often goes to those kids who are unable to pay. PTO often pays for field trips and if parents are required to pay part of the fee - the PTO quietly covers those kids that the teachers know can't pay. IF they don't the teachers do.  If the school is a Title I school (certain percentage on free/reduced lunch so below poverty level) it is illegal for Title I kids to be left out of an event/trip because of inability to pay a fee.

We used to have jump rope for kids - and if you didn't pay not only didn't you participate you ran laps. (Didn't like that coach much). When I found that out, I paid for every kid who didn't have a dollar. Every kid in my class got to choose a book from the book fair. (Great timing got me around the giving each student a Christmas present thing that other teachers did that I didn't approve of.) The only things I wouldn't cover was "free dress day" and spirit store. I did cover spirit store when it was fun school supplies (silly pencils, weird erasers). When they switched to candy and chips, that made me uncomfortable that I was treading on parental decisions. The kids could save their lunch snack money and buy at spirit store if they wanted.
Family and Children / Re: Paying the PTA to leave you in peace
« Last post by Winterlight on Today at 06:34:12 PM »
I'd happily pay the opt out instead of having to find people to buy overpriced stuff from the catalogs that show up every year.
I had a Bob in my life several years ago; not just trivia, but cutting in on news stories, personal event announcements, etc. over all of the circle of friends I hang out with.  We tried "as I was saying" which finally escalated to "BOB let her finish!"; he was slowly dropped from all invitations (and I hide when I see him at the grocery store).  So I bet you aren't the only one; can you get the others to join you in saying something like "please let  him/her finish" every time he interrupts, like a consistent broken record?
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