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"For my husband's birthday (my son's father), she kindly offered to watch their sixteen month old son for the long weekend while they went on a special father-son hike."

So DIL "offered" to take care of her own child for a three day weekend? How generous of her.

That might just be some very awkward wording, but it sure sounds a lot like something my own MIL would have said. (Right before she reminded me that I wasn't capable of taking care of my own child while DH and FIL were gone for a week every year.) I burst into tears at least once every year during that week myself.
I seriously think that is sort of generous. Not as generous as if the boy were 16 days or 16 weeks, but no trifle either.  A parent is a parent, after all.

Why is taking care of her own child "generous"?

Because looking after a toddler with no break for a three day weekend is a big job, and would earn me big brownie points from my husband. And vise versa.
^^^ ....or that they didn't 'fight' hard enough.
Our chorus is having a concert this weekend. Colors are a very restricted range of jewel tones with black accents. The only piece I could find in the colors was a tank top, and we have to have sleeves.

I found a plus-sized black shrug at a dollar store for $3.
4 general / Re: Changing Plans (long, sorry)
« Last post by YummyMummy66 on Today at 05:12:25 PM »
From what I am getting, Will was consulted about the vacation and he agreed to it. I see that the OP made three different hotel recommendations or they could research other options.  Will said he would rather have the expensive option, so OP and DH agreed.  Plans were made.  If Will had problems with the trip, he should have said so then.

What I am seeing, is that Will does not want a "family" vacation.  He wants to go someplace with an activity that only he likes, a hotel with babysitting services and then a dinner with no kids, (which that I understand for an evening).  He wants what he wants and is not considering the group as a whole, where as I see the OP and Sara seeing a vacation where there was something for everyone and one day where they could do their girl thing.

I don't think you need to tell Sara anything about Will.. I think you just need to say that, sorry, you and your family are going with your original plans and they can either join you or go with their new plan. 
I'd really like to know what Tori Stafford was thinking when she took the hand of and walked off with the woman who ended up allegedly killing her.

Wha...?  Are you blaming her for being a victim?  Not cool..not cool at all

What?  NO!   I just wonder why on earth she went with a stranger when kids are supposedly taught to never do that.

First of all I'm not sure how this sad story is relevant to the thread since the victim is dead and her killer was caught, but yes, you gave the impression it was the child's fault.

Everyone, move on and get back on topic.
I personally get offended when all the credit is given to prayer and prayer warriors and faith in God.

Because someone who is not getting better sure as heck doesn't need to be told they didn't pray enough, or have enough prayer warriors, or have enough faith in God.
Why is taking care of her own child "generous"?

Because it's both parents' job.

But that may be why it was pretty generous--she's going to be on her own with an active toddler for an entire weekend, no break.
   I know that my husband would have considered that to be generous of me.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: S/O PD Student Darwinism
« Last post by Lynn2000 on Today at 05:04:55 PM »
One of my English teachers in high school, whom I really liked, had a policy that she would score and comment on as many drafts of an essay as you cared to turn in, before the final due date--the idea being that every single person, if they were willing to work, could end up with a good grade on the essay. Even if you had a lot of trouble she could see all the old drafts and comments and could see if you were trying and improving.

A lot of people just took the first grade they got, even if it was a C. Did I mention this was the honors-level, college-prep class? ::) I had a very small school, so sometimes the top 20% or whatever were not uniformly focused and ambitious, even if technically they could do the work.

This was also the class where one day she told us to turn in our essays by that evening, slipping them under her locked classroom door if necessary. One smart-aleck was like, "What if we turned it in really early the next morning, huh? You'd never know, would you!" He then proceeded to try and do exactly that--even though his essay was done, he held onto it until the next morning, then came to school to slip it under her door before she arrived. Except he found the front doors to the school locked, and by the time he got in, she had come in another way and already collected the essays, so his was late. Brilliant plan, sir.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Last post by Bobbie on Today at 05:04:46 PM »

A man visits a US federal park and notices two children carving their names into a metal banister.  Says stop, they don't and continue, the father that was with the kids didn't seem to care.  The man took their picture and put it up on social media and spread the word.  50,000 shares so far.
BTW, the first line of the original letter was edited out of the chat. It read, "I know that my daughter in law reads your columns, so I thought I'd try this route."

So she was totally trying to shame her DIL.

Or make her case how right she was and DIL is wrong. If anything, this makes MIL even more despicable.
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