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Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Special Snowflakes Redux - play nice!
« Last post by oogyda on Today at 07:52:12 AM »
Not sure which one is the Special Snowflake, the bumper or the bumpee (or maybe neither of them).

I think it's hilarious that he said she is significantly larger than he is.  Oh, and he was holding files? 

He's also standing in THE MIDDLE of the hallway!

He's definitely the SS.

Yeah, he for sure overreacted and is an SS. She is not significantly larger than him and did not drive her shoulder into him. Also, it was at the very least very thoughtless for him to stand where he was.

She might have deliberately brushed into him. I don't think you can tell from the video. If she wasn't paying attention to him but to the other woman, she might not have seen him. It is odd that she didn't apologize when he tracked her down, but she might have felt defensive. She should have apologized after bumping into him. But he was OTT.

I believe there is a possibility that she did deliberately brush him (but that's all it was....not slamming into him).  The article says that on her way into the restroom she had said "Excuse me" when she had to step around his feet.  So, yeah,  maybe a bit of payback on her part, but not nearly to the extent he claimed.
Family and Children / Re: Optional gear for party participants
« Last post by TurtleDove on Today at 07:37:26 AM »
Based on the OP’s description, I would either purchase suits for everyone or not even mention them. I am leaning toward not mentioning them at all. If they are not needed, then they aren’t needed.

If it were my child, I would want to know whether the paint washes out and if it damages other items in a washing machine  It seems to me the suits would be more important for paint staining reasons than for safety (if I am understanding the OP).

As other posters have said, it seems odd to essentially say “this activity is totally safe and no one will get hurt or bruised - just wear long pants and a sweatshirt!” But then to also say, “But if your safety is important to you, you wil purchase this padded suit.”
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: What's for Dinner?
« Last post by ladyknight1 on Today at 07:36:56 AM »
Last night was brisket and meunster melts.

Tonight is chicken with green beans and squash.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Special Snowflakes Redux - play nice!
« Last post by hjaye on Today at 07:29:23 AM »
The lady yesterday at the grocery store who decided to wait for a parking spot and block traffic.  She stopped when she saw a person stop at their car with their full basket of groceries.  The person had to unload everything into their car, put the shopping cart into a cart corral, then get in their car and back out.  So she sat their for about three minutes.  In the meantime, traffic was backing up behind her, which then affected traffic going down the main road in front of the store which backed up out into the street.

The thing which really made it SS behavior for me, was that there were open spaces just four of five spaces further down, but I guess she felt blocking everyone and causing a road hazard was worth the wait.
Family and Children / Re: Optional gear for party participants
« Last post by Take2 on Today at 07:13:05 AM »
I know that there may be some parents who won't feel comfortable with paintball for their kids, and that's certainly fine. But the "no activities requiring protective clothing" thing confuses me.

Do those of you with kids who have this rule enforce it for all things? Chemistry class at school? Soccer? The Go-karts at the mini golf place? Riding a bike? Archery?

This protective gear isn't required. The low-velocity paintballs won't leave a bruise even on bare skin. Many participants wear a sweatshirt and long pants and play without any issue. This is the same level of protective clothing I put on my kids for a trip to the roller skating rink, where they are actually in more danger of sustaining injury.

This jumpsuit is more akin to wearing the most comfortable clothes for any activity. Like my daughter wearing a ponytail holder for track, or my son putting long pants under his shorts for football on a windy day. Or the huge socks they sell at the ice rink if people want them for extra warmth and to avoid blisters. Skipping these optional items won't ruin the activity, they add an optional extra comfort.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: E-book reader or something else?
« Last post by maksi on Today at 06:33:56 AM »
My Kobo has wifi, but I've never used it - I download the books I want via my computer (and Calibre app). The battery is really good still after five years, lasts for a few weeks.

It's smart to check if the light can be adjusted. I prefer extremely dark screens at night and couldn't use the device if it was unadjustable.

And yikes, I could never lend my device to a friend! But someone else probably might, and many libraries indeed lend out reading devices, too.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: E-book reader or something else?
« Last post by Harriet Jones on Today at 05:59:39 AM »
I have a Samsung tablet. Pretty versatile and not terribly expensive.

I'm very happy with my Samsung Nook tablet.

Previously when I went on a similar trip I used an old tablet. But now that tablet is even slower and can not keep up with modern softwares.

Curious. Can you not download (buy) books on this old tablet so that they are available to read throughout your trip without wifi connection? Even if it is old, once the reading material resides on your tablet it shouldn't be a problem. Maybe I'm off on this, would like to hear other's thoughts since I'm not sure how dedicated e-readears work

That's one thing I like about my Samsung Nook. I don't have to have wifi available to read my books. But if wifi is available the tablet can be used for all your internet needs.

AFAIK, you don't need to have a network connection just to read books once you have them downloaded.  With a Kindle, you can even download books via a cable connected to your computer and you don't need wi-fi at all.  (Not sure about the Nook or other devices)


Here's another thought . . . maybe you can borrow an e-reader from your local library. I googled "borrowing ereaders from libraries" found this:

maybe your library has something like this that would suit your needs.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: S/O Dear Dog...Dear Cat
« Last post by Mel the Redcap on Today at 04:27:06 AM »
Dear Holly,

My hip replacement surgery had to be rescheduled because you jumped up on my lap, skidded, and scratched me. This means two more weeks of me not being able to take half my meds and being in quite a lot of pain, and I don't want it to be rescheduled again, so I'm taking precautions! Yes, I trimmed your claws. Yes, every time I sit down there's a quilt in my lap. Yes, when you try to dig the edge of the quilt up to make a cave and get under it I stop you.

Live with it. :P

Increasingly strained love, Me.

Dear Holly,

Are you trying to sabotage my surgery?! The new surgery date is tomorrow, I've made it this far without scratches (without much cooperation from you - really, you won't die if I don't let you under the quilt that's on my lap), and then... I sat down on my bed for a moment while I was looking for something, and you used my leg as a springboard to get up on the bedhead.

I felt your claws. You came this||close to scratching me again, you little rotter, and I had my heart in my mouth until I checked and made sure you hadn't actually broken skin! :o

In short, stoppit!

Sort-of love, Me

Dear Holly,

Yes, I'm home. Yes, I'm happy I'm home too. I'm very glad you decided that "you left and abandoned me" mode was no fun after about thirty seconds, and switched into "you're back I missed you I was alone and starving" mode instead. The Good Ethnic Boy is also very glad that you've stopped acting like he's killed me and hidden my body in the back yard and is going to move on to you. Yes, sweetheart, I want snuggles too.

Can we just do the snuggles without you planting one paw firmly on my surgical incision, please?

Love, Me
Humor Me! / Re: Gross out-- Not for the faint of heart
« Last post by Mel the Redcap on Today at 04:23:35 AM »
Had my hip replacement surgery yesterday (yaaaay!). The painkillers I’m on are not so yay, I’ve thrown up four times.  :P

Oh ugh! That's the worst, especially when you're not so very mobile. Glad you are through the surgery, though!

It suuuuuucked.  :P Much better now, they’ve taken me off the heavy duty painkillers and I seem to be doing ok without them. I’m being good and doing my exercises!

Yes, my deepest sympathies about the side effects of the painkillers. Hope you have a speedy recovery. :)

I did a lap of the ward on a wheelie walker just now! ;D Also managed a shower this morning, got a picture of my leg all covered in pink stain before I washed half of it off.

Yay! :D Sounds like you're already doing much better than before the surgery!

Oh heck yes. My surgeon told me that at three weeks post-surgery, all his patients have pain levels lower than before surgery; I reached that particular milestone on day 2.

And today is four days post-surgery, and they've sent me home. I'm walking awesomely on crutches, with the only hitch being when I have to go up or down stairs; I can actually walk just fine without the crutches, but they stop me from either going too fast or falling back into my old (bad) walking habits. (I no longer need to lurch like Quasimodo. ;D) The only painkiller I'm using is paracetamol; I have 'breakthrough' pain meds to take if something stupid happens, but they're the ones that make me throw up, so I'm not gonna if I don't hafta.
10 general / Re: Not dressing the theme for a charity event
« Last post by HannahGrace on Today at 03:52:49 AM »
An letter to the editor about the term -

I've always been a little suspicious of the term but thought I might be making too much of it.

I would suggest that you mention to the group that they rename this in the future. I’ve been to fundraisers with the “throw tickets in the basket” type of raffles and we just called them raffles.
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