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1 general / Re: Dog....Manners?
« Last post by TabathasGran on Today at 02:11:23 PM »
I agree with Bah completely. If you need a response in a similar situation you could say " I am looking for support, not advice."
2 general / Re: Dog....Manners?
« Last post by Dazi on Today at 02:03:49 PM »
You just have to ignore people like this. Some people will never understand how it feels to be a pet parent. They've just never had that bond (how sad for them). While there are time euthanasia is the difficult choice to me made, a simple to treat UTI isn't one of them.

I once had some nasty lady tell me to put my kitty down because he had a bladder blockage and required surgery...because that's what she did. She would not shut up about how stupid it was to shell out for surgery. Yada dada da. He was only a few years old and in otherwise great shape. I just looked at her dead in the face and said "No. Stop talking to me now."
While we're talking about air travel... about 35 years ago my then 5-year old son and I were flying from North Carolina to New York City.  Just before takeoff everyone was asked to leave the plane.  A bomb threat had been called in, and all our luggage was on the tarmac, being sniffed by dogs.  After the plane was thoroughly checked, we had to identify our luggage before we could re-board.  I was shocked at the number of people who decided to switch to a different flight.  Made totally no sense, as this was the only plane that had been thoroughly checked, so therefore was safer than any other plane at the moment at that airport.
I'm thrilled - we have barn owls nesting in our owl box again - third time in about 6 years.  They're at the stage now when the babies make noise nearly all night long, and it's wonderful to know the parents are feeding them the pests in our garden - gophers, rats, mice, etc.  A family of barn owls can eat up to 1,000 pest animals a year - yay!
Our wedding was fairly small--about 60 guests. We had a sit-down meal, but no dancing or other entertainment other than a few speeches, and a lot of mingling. So, this may not work for everyone.

We had flower arrangements on each table. My florist suggested that we could save money by borrowing the vases, that is, giving her a refundable deposit for them. She also made one terrific suggestion. So we could give the arrangements to the guests, she recommended that we provide plastic bags. We hid a box of bags behind a table near the entrance doors. A coulpe of relatives agreed to mention the take-home flowers to the guests during the evening, and then stationed themselves near the door when it was over, to intercept the guests and trade them bags for the vases. One relative agreed to put all the vases in his car & return them for us. The bags were also useful for unloading--I mean providing--the uneaten portion of the very tasty cake to those who wanted another piece to take home.

I also went all spreadsheet-y.  My one for the guests included columns for gifts--description, date received, date the thank you was mailed. My original intent was so I wouldn't forget to thank someone, but it came in handy when someone who hadn't gotten a thank you note made one of those tactful inquiries about "did you get my gift?" No, it hadn't been received,and the person the took steps to get a replacement.

I am not sure how this would work for a huge wedding, but we set aside blocks of time several days a week to deal with gifts. Open gift, talk about it a bit, enter it on the spreadsheet, get out a card, write note, put in addressed and stamped envelope. We could only open the next gift when the thank you was recorded and written. That prevented a lot of worry that somehow we'd overlooked a gift or a thank you.

We also knew ahead of time exactly which children would be attending. Everyone who was old enough to read got their own personal invitation, in the formal manner with the actual invitation in a separate envelope inside the mailing envelope. They were thrilled.
6 general / Re: Dog....Manners?
« Last post by edgypeanuts on Today at 01:27:00 PM »
It IS rude, but some people don't get it and others seem to feel it is manly or tough to act this way. 

My mother is in her 80's and her 15 yr old dog just started wetting the bed (and therefore my mother) she was surprised at some of the flippant comments of "why don't you just get rid of her?" from family members who know that dog is her biggest companion AND that I am a veterinarian and she doesn't have to pay for the dog's care.  (in her case it was a medication adjustment that was needed.)  My mother just ignored the comments.  When I am there, I reply that I will keep their opinion in mind when they get older and have trouble, but I am known in the family for my big mouth. ::)

I am glad your baby is doing well.  I lost a nearly 15 year old this winter who had urethra cancer.   With treatment they usually go about 9 months and people questioned my treating her, but she lived 2 years after her diagnosis and peed on the floor 3-4 times a day.  We have no carpet and she was happy.
It was SOOO worth it and I still miss her.  She was well worth the odoban and paper towels and I'd have taken care of the pee for years if she were happy.  :'(

Recipe Requests / Re: revisiting old recipes
« Last post by cicero on Today at 01:19:53 PM »
I grew up with two cookbooks: the settlement cookbook, which was pretty much my cooking bible, and a small, spiral bound, self published cookbook by a group of ex pats living in Israel (it was published in the late '60s or early 70s). As often happens with this type of book, the second one was based on recipes contributed by (mostly) women and I don't know if anything was tested.

Many recipes were tried and tried again. I guess I would have to nominate Black midnight cake as the one I most often went back to.

PS i know there is a website with scanned copies if old cookbooks. Maybe someone remembers the link?
Echoing other posters as to priortizing, and thinking outside the box. I'd suggest choosing one priority for the ceremony, and one for the reception.

Our priority for the ceremony was family involvement, so we had friends and relatives provide the music, do the readings, and even perform the ceremony. (Being related to lots of clergy and professional church musicians helped!)

Our priority for the reception was dancing to a live swing band. In order to make the budget work, we scheduled it as an afternoon teatime party with heavy appetizers and a champagne toast, but no full meal or bar.

We also went straight into the reception and "opened the floor" with our first dance before doing our couple photos or cutting the cake. That way everyone was dancing and eating while we were off doing pictures.

Even our most traditional relatives & family friends said it was lots of fun, and just a super nice day.

I think that's a great goal, actually - just to make a really nice day. It gives you a lot more flexibility than trying to be perfect.


Extending a huge THANK YOU! to all the military and first responders out there. I truly appreciate your selfless service.

Thank you for posting this!

Have a great safe weekend everyone! I started with my usual Saturday morning Zumba, then spent time and money at whole foods and now going home to shower and maybe hit the mall. No great plans but I'm glad to just chill. We have off Wednesday and Thursday of next week due to a Jewish holiday (perks of working for a religious organization).
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: What to wear to a backyard wedding?
« Last post by EllenS on Today at 11:41:26 AM »
Pretty, and versatile! You'll be able to do a lot with it fir different looks.
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