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Family and Children / Re: Rude to pick at food?
« Last post by Mikayla on Today at 11:08:28 AM »
This is one of those tough situations where the person who has the reasonable view and actually put the work into making a treat for everyone looks like the nag or sourpuss because someone else is "just having fun." I hate these situations!

Exactly! Also for the others who commented on DH laughing as well, I wasn't overly impressed with him for that either. By doing so, I feel like he just reinforced the statement above. His brother is just a mischievous little scamp (he's 42 BTW) and by taking offense, I come across as the wicked witch.

I agree on the tough situation.  Oopsie, did you say anything to your DH  afterwards?  He's the one who had the power to point out the lack of humor in this.  It's so disrespectful of your time!

One of my pet peeves is people who think they're funny when they're just boorish.
2 general / Friend's wife is a bit strange
« Last post by SamiHami on Today at 11:04:59 AM »
"Donny" has been part of our circle of friends for several years. While we've never been close, we've always been friendly.

Donny got a new girlfriend about 2 years ago, and married her a year ago. Their relationship has been fraught with drama, including her packing up and leaving him three times since their wedding. The last few months have been calmer, however, and we are all hoping (for Donny's sake) that they are settling into their marriage and that things will work out for them.

The other night a group of us had dinner together. My DB and DSIL were part of the group. DB was sitting next to Donny's wife(Mrs. Donny) and had never met her before, so as a way to get a little conversation going I mentioned that Mrs. Donny was born and raised in a place some consider a little exotic, one that DB and I had lived in for a few years as children. DB perked up and started to talk about that locale when Mrs. Donny said "No, I'm not from there."

Huh? She most certainly is. She is native to that place, has the physical features of people from that area, has visited "home" a couple of times since I met her and she has even brought me souvenirs from her trips! Yes, she is definitely from there!

So DB looked at me and said, "Did you lie to me?" "Of course not," I said. "I don't know why she said that-she is from there!" She just stared down at her plate and pretended to not hear that and Donny looked like he wanted to disappear. This is not the first time she has exhibited odd behavior.

We ran into Donny and Mrs. Donny last night and she acted as though I were her long lost best friend, hugs and everything.

I don't get it.

So what does one do in such a sitation?
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Things never to say to....
« Last post by The Wild One, Forever on Today at 11:03:11 AM »
Yvaine, thank you so much for the suggestion!  I am going to get him some of that tea tree oil to try.  Can't hurt, might help.  I'm pretty sure we have tried the Neutrogena, but I will have to check with Son to be sure.  He and I have also discussed the fat that Father Time is on his side.   :)  Thankfully, he has a lovely girlfriend who can see past the acne to the beautiful face, heart, and mind.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Baby Names - You're kidding Right???
« Last post by WolfWay on Today at 10:58:14 AM »
Isn't Ibn Arabic for "son of"?  Rashaad ibn Rafiq would be Rashaad son of Rafiq.

Meanwhile, watching Crime Channel. Suspect in a murder is a girl named "Cinnamon". I've heard of Ginger, and I went to school with two sisters named Pepper and Sage, but I've never heard of Cinnamon.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Catholic First Communion
« Last post by The Wild One, Forever on Today at 10:57:56 AM »
Actually I think a book on saints would be a great idea, since their next sacrament is confirmation and Catholics are often expected to choose a saint's name for their Confirmation  name and I had a real hard time of choosing one in the days before Google, and my folks weren't much help.  "Just pick a name," mom put it, "There's bound to be a saint out there somewhere with the name!"

 ::)  I picked Catherine but once I got older and read more about it I went with St. Ita, an Irish saint.

Yes, my son really enjoyed the book about the saints he received for his First Holy Communion.  Kids are generally eight years old when they partake in this sacrament, and what do kids that age love more than super heroes?    ;)  My own child decided, as he got older, that he did not wish to make his Confirmation, (I posted a thread about that a couple years ago), but we'd had his Conf. name all picked out.  It was to have been Francis, because St. Francis of Assisi loved animals, and because the name would also honor several people in our family.  In light of our new pope, it would have been an even cooler name now! 

In my experience, I have never seen a non-religious gift given for FHC, (Except for money), but that is actually a great idea.  I especially like the Legos suggestion, for some reason.
My son is 4, and he is beginning to demonstrate advanced math skills. It came up at church, and several people said, "wow, he is a smart little boy; he must take after his dad." Grrrr.

That is a grrr, unless your DH has a math-y job and they were referring to that.  If you're the one with a math-y job, or it was "he's better at math because he's a guy", double grrr.

DH's family will say things to me like, "Oh you guys will have such smart children.  *DH'sName* is such a smart guy, you just know he'll pass it along to his kids".  ::)  Apparently my intelligence (which is about equal to DH's, so far as we know, if focused on different interests) is not in the equation somehow.  Grrrr! 
Stop answering her questions.

Bottom line is stop helping her. She has the info so she ius either too lazy, too stupid or too lacking in confidence to find the solution on her own. ( or all three). As PPs said - ask her " ok, the program is saying  code purple. What did you do to fix it?"
Of course you did the right thing in reporting him. I would also ask the instructor about it next time you see her. I think it is perfectly justified to say, "Instructor, I was really uncomfortable that you allowed someone to record our class the other day. Can you tell me who that was and why they were recording?"
Holidays / Re: Passover ! what are you favorite dishes, traditions?
« Last post by lowspark on Today at 10:39:31 AM »
Thought I'd post this. My younger son is vegetarian and I've adapted a recipe from the web to make Matza Lasagna for him as his main course for the Seder. It's delicious. I don't have exact measurements on the cheese but Ben likes a lot of cheese so I go heavy on it. He eats what he can and I send him home with the leftovers of this and his veg-matza ball soup.  ;D

Matzo lasagna:

Jar of marinara sauce
6 matzos, wetted
ricotta (one container)
2 eggs, beaten
spinach – fresh sautéed with garlic or 2 pkgs frozen, thawed

   mix ricotta with mozz & parm
   add in egg & chopped parsley
   mix additional mozz & parm separately
   Coat bottom of 9x13 with marinara sauce
   Top with two matzos
   Top with ricotta mixture
   Top with spinach
   Repeat layers
   Top with mozz/parm mixture
   Bake at 350 for 55 min
Holidays / Re: Passover ! what are you favorite dishes, traditions?
« Last post by lowspark on Today at 10:32:25 AM »
Oh yes! I always make sure to buy extra matza meal because I use it throughout the year. Anytime a recipe calls for bread crumbs, I use matza meal. One of my favorite uses for it is to make schnitzel. Just mix the matza meal with spices (lemon pepper works well but I vary what I use with each iteration), then dip boneless skinless breasts which have been pounded thin into the meal/spice, then a beaten egg, then back in the meal again and pan fry. Delicious.

For the matza grilled cheese, here is what I do (exactly as my mother did):

Beat a couple of eggs. Shred a bunch of cheese. What kind of cheese you use doesn't matter. I use a combo of whatever I have on hand. Cheddar, smoked gouda, meunster, etc. Melt butter in a large skillet. Take a square of matza and wet it. Just run it under the faucet quickly on both sides. Then dip it in the beaten egg and lay it in the skillet. Top with shredded cheese. Repeat till you have four matzos and three layers of cheese in between. Cook on low heat till the bottom is browned and the cheese on the lower layers is melted. Then flip. (That's the hardest part.) Cook till it's browned on the bottom and all the cheese is melted. Cut into quarters and serve. I usually serve it with a salad but it just so happens that watermelons are available now (!) and I bought one and it's very sweet so we're having this tonight for dinner with watermelon on the side.

Here's my mother's mother-in-law's recipe for Haroset:


1 lb dates
1 lb raisins
1 Tbsp sugar
½ cup kosher for Passover red wine
chopped walnuts

Soak dates and raisins in water for 15 minutes. Drain. Rinse. Put in pot, cover with water (barely covered). Heat to boiling. Simmer on medium 20 minutes. Drain. Purée in food processor. Add ½ cup water & sugar. Heat on low 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes. Add wine and nuts. Simmer another 15-20 minutes. Put in bowls and top with nuts and cinnamon. Refrigerate.

This is the recipe for Brisket I got off another site. I think I may eliminate the onions next year as I don't think the sauce needs it and most people don't seem interested in eating them. My notes in blue.

Posted by: MOM23cali on Mon, Apr 11, 05 at 7:41

1 3-5lb thin cut brisket
1 or 2 spanish onions
1 bottle heinz ketchup (note: original recipe doesn't specify bottle size. I use ~28 oz)
1 cup Heavy Malaga Kosher Wine
1 box granulated brown sugar

Coat the brisket in salt, pepper and garlic powder and brown in skillet with olive oil. (I don't bother browning it, doesn't seem to matter.)

Slice onions and lay MOST of them in glass baking pan
Combine the ketchup, wine and brown sugar -stirring well
Pour small amount over onions
Place brisket on top of onions and sprinkle remaining onions over top
Pour remaining sauce to cover entire brisket
Cover TIGHTLY with aluminum foil and bake at 325 degree oven for 5-6 hours
Uncover for last 30-40 minutes
Let cool about 15-20 mins. and slice
Serve sliced with sauce and onions on top!

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