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1 general / Re: Never Again.
« Last post by Runningstar on Today at 05:18:27 AM »
OP, the title "Never Again" says it all!  Don't volunteer or agree to do this again.  If it were me, I'd ask the coach to keep hold of the trophies with their equipment.  If you are asked to please help out next year, "I'm sorry, that won't be possible." 
2 general / Re: Never Again.
« Last post by YummyMummy66 on Today at 04:50:06 AM »
As someone who was the room parent/team mom/coaches' wife, etc....

First of all regarding the trophies.   I don't know about anyone else, but really, you can only have so many trophies.   I am guessing, that your team sounds like a young age group, when kids start out playing sports, where everyone gets a trophy just because at the end of the season.  Do you know how many of those we have?   Do you know how many my kids care about?   The first one seems magical, after that, bleh. 

Second, my husband, as a coach did not expect anything from the parents or kids, (only that the parents not coach from the sidelines and the kids pay attention and try their best), (most coaches going in do so for their child, not because of what they might get at the end of the year), but he did appreciate anything given to him.  Everyone has different budgets.  You give what you get, if anything, and all is good.   My husband loved something as simple as a Dunkin' Donuts gift card. 

Third, I cannot tell you how many thanks I received when I posted a vote on not having snacks or drinks after games or practices.  I think I even received a number of high fives and satisfied sighs.  Most parents feed little Johnny before the practice or game, they bring their own drinks, usually a water bottle, (they really don't need that sugary juice box after a game or practice right before bedtime), and most families do snack before bedtime when they get home. 

Last but not least, the end of year party.  Since you are posting this now, I am assuming that this sport ended recently, in the springtime.  Most families have so much going on at this time of year and with most families having more than one child, there are a lot of activities going on for each family.   There is the end of the school year, (my baby is graduating high school this year!  Wow!  Where did the time go?  Sniff, sniff), field trips, finishing up school work, etc.   Also, again, you have different budgets, different family units, etc.   We always just held something at the local ball field or right after the last game.   

The best thing to do is at the beginning of next season, send out a letter or email with whatever paperwork or rules, etc., you send out to all parents.   
Make it a vote and you will go with a majority vote.   Do we want trophies, (aka dust collectors), at the end of the year?    Do parents want to continue with snacks after a game or practice?   Do we want to have an end of year party?   and if so, what are some suggestions?   The local playground?   A restaurant?  Someone offering their home or backyard?     I am usually very organized and I have found out that nipping these items in the bud in the beginning was so much less stressful over the whole season.  Some parents I did have to talk to, because, you know, there is always that one that never responds, but it all worked out in the end.

As to your current situation with the trophies, send out a final email giving parents a deadline to pick up said trophies.  If they are not picked up, they go into the trash.  I would not go out of my way any further this season to deliver said trophies.  I might even set them on the porch and let parents know they will be there for them to pick up when they can, but if not picked up by date, they are gone.
A newbie on one of the aquaponics forums I follow said that he felt like a rock star had noticed him when I commented on his thread. ;D 8) ;D I feel immensely flattered!
Gardening / Re: Mel Has Fun With Aquaponics
« Last post by Mel the Redcap on Today at 04:35:17 AM »
Awh, thank you! ;D :-* I hope you know I get very excited whenever you (and the other lovely posters who comment here) respond to me too! Happy warm fuzzies all around! ;D
Guests / Re: Who is right?
« Last post by sammycat on Today at 04:01:14 AM »
I've never received an invitation with a blank space where the names should be.

It would be incredibly bizarre to receive an invitation with the space where the guests' name is added being left blank. So in that respect the guest is correct.  The host made a mistake there in not naming the invited guest/s on the invitation. 

The name/s on the envelope don't always match the names on the invitations  Eg. If I'm inviting my cousin, her DH and their six children, the envelope will be addressed to Mr and Mrs Jones, but the invitation will either say the Jones Family, or list out every single member individually.  Alternatively, the envelope could be thrown away, so it's even more imperative that the names are listed on the invitation.

But the guest is completely wrong to assume he can bring a +1 simply because the response card says 'we' instead of 'I'.  That's certainly taking literal meaning to the nth degree.
Gardening / Re: Mel Has Fun With Aquaponics
« Last post by Chez Miriam on Today at 03:37:58 AM »
Aww for the health issues; I hope there is something that can be done to help you...  Wishing you well.

I know how your newbie feels: I feel like a rock star has noticed me when you respond to my posts. 8) ;D  You're one of the invariably wise, invariably kind posters who dispense so much good sense and good cheer on eHell.

You also have a sense of humour that meshes well with the Brit way of posting! >:D  So a big thanks for that. :)
... in this instance I don't like spiders and am also sensitive to their bite, like mosquitos, so I just can't win - I don't expect either to carry any type of desease.

Going off at a tangent; but -- you're in France, if I'm right -- you have spiders that bite?  I'm in Britain, and that is all but unheard-of for spiders here. (I'm not very keen on spiders, myself -- but recognise that as regards harm which they might do to me, that dislike is basically irrational.)

I guess so, I mean, I've been bitten a few times from things people have told were spider bite, but those were not enthomologists or doctors, but my mother still tells the story of babysitting a cousin of mine who ended up in the ER from a spider bite to the face.
But that's once in a blue moon occurence anyway, most if not all random house spiders are probably harmless.

I've gone from flailing like a muppet to just gathering them up and puting them outside when I see a spider. I think I notice them only because I'm sensitive to their bite and I'm like crack for insects, ever seen a mosquito still land on someone's arm that was *just* doused with DEET? I have. ( Holiday in freaking Italy with their tiger mosquito problem! )

My mum's partner used to say he had been bitten by a spider, and I was sceptical...  Until my mum told me that she watched a spider walk across his arm, appear to bite him, and there were two bleeding puncture holes!  The second time that happened, she stopped doubting his story.  So some spiders in the UK definitely bite. :o

Well as far as I know, all spiders CAN bite.  They're carnivores after all.  Whether or not they bite things much bigger than them like humans is another thing.

Most won't/can't bite unless pressure is applied to their body. That's why most people get bit when they accidentally step on, lay on, or sit on a spider. :)

I think that was why my mum was so astonished: she watched this spider walk across a dozing human and just bite him, without her partner moving a muscle!

In the UK, we tend to think our native fauna are unlikely to attack us...

Which is why we feel awe for the Aussies who risk funnel webs and other out-to-get-you critters in their everyday lives [not forgetting the drop bears, of course ;)]. :)
Trans-Atlantic Knowledge Exchange / Re: Brighton in Mid-October
« Last post by veryfluffy on Today at 03:08:26 AM »
You might find this helpful:

Brighton has changed a lot since the 1970s. It's very trendy, a bit like a San Francisco of England. Lots of vegetarian cafes, crafty-arty shops, alternative lifestyles, etc. Elected the only Green Party member of parliament (quite an achievement in a first-past-the-post system).

And yes, expect anything from sunny and 18C, down to wet, windy and 5C.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: What's for Dinner?
« Last post by dawnfire on Today at 03:07:32 AM »
spaghetti and meatballs
Guests / Re: Who is right?
« Last post by FauxFoodist on Today at 01:59:28 AM »
This is taken from a Facebook group I'm a member of. Both sides clearly think they are in the right.
I'm fairly sure every invitation I've ever had has specifically stated who it's for, but I also don't think the friend should have assumed they could bring a +1.
(These aren't friends of mine, by the way. I just wondered how eHellions would resolve the situation.)

The original post:
"How many of you wrote individual names on each invite as opposed to writing them on the envelopes? I've got an issue with a guest who didn't have a plus 1 but invited a random person anyway (he doesn't have a partner) and is now being an ******* because I've said at 100 a head it's not on for him to do that. He's said because the two boxes on the invites said " we can make it" & "we cannot make it" that indicated that he has a plus 1."

A message she received from her friend:
"You've properly insulted me now by telling me I should have consulted you before inviting a plus 1. The RSVP clearly confirms that plural were in actual fact being invited.
You don't write names on the envelope, they should be on the actual invitation.In the case of your invites, you didn't identify who you were actually inviting (singular or plural).
In the last two years I've had five wedding invitations and they've all stated name/s on the invite itself. I'm happy to show them to you."

Personally unless this person is a particularly close relative I think I'd be telling him he was no longer welcome at my wedding. She may have committed a faux pas, but presumably it was only his name on the envelope and that doesn't give him the right to impose an additional and unknown guest on the couple.

While the guest may have a point, he is not right since the bride made it clear he wasn't given a +1.  I understand he misunderstood the invitation, but that still doesn't give him the right to insist on bringing a random uninvited person, especially when the bride clarified that he wasn't given a +1.
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