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I think the mother who mentioned the party in front of the other mother whose child was not invited was thoughtless to say the least. I also think the two mothers who asked why their children weren't invited were rude.

That said, I can kind of see it being ok if your child's supposed Best Friend never invited them to their birthday party, and your child has no idea why. In that case, I can picture calling up the mother and asking if everything was ok from their side. Although I definitely wouldn't fish for an invitation. And that only applies to younger kids. For teenagers, I'd let them sort it out themselves.
Humor Me! / Re: My Cat Is Meowing/Shouting At Me Because...
« Last post by Twik on Yesterday at 11:58:37 PM »
Because his mom used to always give him peach yogurt after lunch, and I've just finished my lunch, so where is the yoooooogurrrrrtt?
Par-Tay! / Re: Guests paying their way at Bridal Shower - rude?
« Last post by Sharnita on Yesterday at 11:39:33 PM »
I also thought that showers were more like a morning or afternoon tea in someone's home.

I don't think they have to be in the home--in fact I've rarely seen one in someone's home myself--but what I've seen more often is something like a church basement. The last shower I went to was at a cafe but with the hostesses paying for everybody (it was a small shower--they had the one they could afford!). Definitely rude to have guests pay their own way and also bring gifts.

I think it's regional in the US. I've never been to a shower that wasn't in someone's home unless it was an office shower.

To this topic, I would decide if I would attend based on my relationship with the bride. Unfortunately as the groom's side of the family, it could "look" bad if none of his aunts or cousins attended. So I'd probably suck it up and go. But I'd probably reduce the amount I spent on the shower gift by $10 or so and then wedding gift by $10 or so.

I've been to showers in homes, at churches, and at restaurants - all in Michigan.  Never had to pay for the privilege of dining, though.

As far as reducing the amount in the Wishing Well, I find those a bit off-putting as well.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: This little piggy . . . and other rhymes
« Last post by Kimblee on Yesterday at 11:37:27 PM »
I had been taught "mark it with an 'S' and put it in the oven for baby and me".  I guess because my name starts with an 'S' and I was an only child singing it with my parents.  It was a shock when we went to Mommy and Me at the library and it was a "B".  But, if you have more than one kid, a B makes sense.

Pat a cake, pat a cake baker man
Roll um up, roll um up and
Toss um in a pan! Toss um in a pan!

You hold a kid in your lap while you do it and pat their hands together for the first line, second line you gently twirl their hands over each other, third line toss their hands gently up and down.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: S/O PD Student Darwinism
« Last post by greencat on Yesterday at 11:32:12 PM »
One of my teachers in high school used to routinely lose our homework assignments and exams on her desk.  She was very forgetful...
I don't 'get' people like that. Do they somehow think it's not disrespectful to students?

I had a colleague who had the habit of disappearing during the last week of classes- the rest of us got tasked with dealing with his students who were bringing in their papers. We would open his office, and place them on his desk. One semester, he gave about half a class horrible grades, because 'they didn't turn in the final project'. It was only after  other faculty said, 'I personally put that paper on your desk!' that he muttered that he'd let the students re-submit their work.
Some time around spring break, he came into a faculty meeting, dying with laughter. HA HA HA! He'd just found the pile of papers , stuffed on his bookcase! HA HA HA! Why, he must have moved them over there and forgotten about them! (I'm using capitals to indicate the extreme loudness of his laughter, and because he literally did laugh like that, sort of barking HA's.) He didn't understand why the rest of us didn't find it hilarious.

She was one of my favorite teachers.  She would generally either have us print her new copies (if it was a report she lost) or give us full credit (if it was a handwritten in-class assessment she lost).  For the most part, we would have received pretty good scores on those assignments anyway - it was an honors class and we were all good students.  I had her for four years - I was fairly accustomed to it by the end.  Every once in awhile she'd find stuff from the last marking period and give it back to us  ::)  She also got better about it by the last year - I think she realized that some students were claiming that she'd lost work they never turned in at all.

That reminds me - my best friend at the time committed Student Darwinism in her class.  He turned in a "research paper" that was almost entirely plagiarized from the internet.  It was especially noticeable because he'd neglected to un-link the hyperlinks to other webpages, which printed out blue.  He managed to get away with it by claiming that those were his sources (which we were also required to turn in) and he just happened to forget to turn in the report and format the first page of one of the sources so that it looked like the first page of his research paper  :o  I wish she'd thrown the book at him that time - later when we were working on a partnered project he tried to throw me under the bus in a similar fashion.
We have friends who are married & both have PhDs. Both got their PhDs before they married so the wife kept her last name, typical for a woman who has earned an advanced degree before marriage. Almost every year there's a post on her Facebook page about how only one person ever addresses holiday cards to the couple correctly. That would be me :) It's a little PA but I don't blame her.

They get variations of Mr & Mrs John Doe (no mention of PhD for either), Dr. & Mrs. John Doe (ignoring wife's accomplishments),  Dr. Doe & Ms. Jane Roe (again, ignoring wife's accomplishments at least getting the last name right), or The Doe Family (she hates this one the most !!!)

I always address the envelope to Drs. John Doe & Jane Roe because by golly my friend worked hard for her PhD & I know how much it ticked me off that people don't properly address our stuff as he has a PhD (Of course now he has a JD so I'm not sure which actually should be used, I'm guessing the PhD since it was first?).

Although one time I did address the card to Drs. Jane Roe & John Doe, based on my logic that even though the husband's last name came first in the alphabet, the wife's first name actually came first. She thought that was great so I switch it up just for fun each year :)

It seems a bit overly formal to include honorifics on holidays cards to me (whether Dr., Mr., Ms. Mrs., whatever).  So in that case, I would probably address it John Doe and Jane Roe and include and family if they have kids.  Do most people include honorifics on holiday cards?  If I'm sending one to you, you're either related to me or a close friend, so I don't ever bother and I don't think any of the ones I receive have any honorifics either.  Perhaps it's a regional thing?  I do see them on wedding invites which are generally more formal around here.
The fact that "one size fits all" doesn't.  >:(
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: boots
« Last post by SoCalVal on Yesterday at 11:10:50 PM »

I finally found Duo Boots (located in the UK)


That's exactly the shop I mean :) they're just off Covent Garden.

How wonderful!  I love them.  To this day, they are the only company I know that carries boots with shafts wide enough to accommodate my calves (and it was a huge gamble, at first, to order $300 boots overseas but I so desperately wanted knee-high boots).
I think you did beautifully.  Not to threadjack but one never knows what baggage is being carried, it can be a small overnight case or the entire set on sale at Macys.

My daughter is in her 30's and hates clowns.  I've had no idea why but I recently heard the Brave Little Toaster had a clown in it.  I have to find that book.

When she was about 9, I was divorcing and she went with a sitter to pick out a movie and she picked out the first "Chuckie" movie.  The sitter didn't know any better and they watched it.  She was afraid to go asleep for weeks.

I am not a good mother because one Christmas Santa gave her the Chuckie doll.  She never took it out of the package and kept it turned toward the wall.  My son would turn it back and she would make it face the wall.

Also when she would go visit a friend whose mother had a doll collection, there was a doll  that creeped her out and she kept turning that doll toward the wall.  After a couple of years at some point the mother made a comment and my daughter confessed.  The mother was ok with this but I wonder what she was thinking when her daughter had friends over and her doll collection was rearranged.

My son who is 27 was terrified of escalators when he was about two.  Guess how I found that out.  Yup trying to go up one as Sears.  Lots of people staring.  He's screaming and wriggling and I'm trying to figure out what I need to do because I'm afraid I'm going to drop him.

I think you handled the whole situation beautifully.  You never know what is going to set off a kid and you just have to cope.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Captain Know-It-All stories
« Last post by Sirius on Yesterday at 10:58:07 PM »
Wow.  That quilt is gorgeous.
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