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I don't agree with cold calling but I don't see where you ever said no at all,
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Phrases/sayings you hate
« Last post by ladyknight1 on Today at 10:28:40 AM »
Judgy. No, just no.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Baby Gift for New Parents
« Last post by workerbee on Today at 10:25:50 AM »
I love the diaper clutch idea. With a newborn I tended to carry around a big diaper bag, but as my kids got older it was SO much easier to be able to just grab diapers and wipes and head into the bathroom for a quick change.  I ended up buying something similar to this: (actually, I bought several because I kept losing them....but that's another story). They were great for holding just a couple of diapers and a travel pack of wipes!  Seems like it would be pretty simple to make one.

If they're doing cloth diapers, though, then I think a wet bag would be useful. My understanding from friends who have used cloth diapers is that you need some kind of bag solely for carrying the dirty diapers, until you get home and can soak them.

I also love the handmade blanket idea! Honestly, even if you're just getting to know these people, it means a lot when folks 'step up' for big life changes like this -- I think it helps deepen the connection.
Receptions / Re: Dancing
« Last post by Lynn2000 on Today at 10:19:34 AM »
I never had any dancing in school or clubs. Maybe in elementary school we occasionally learned folk-type dances for school programs or exercise, but it was all very casual and no partners. In junior high and high school we had school dances in the evening sometimes, but it was very much about dancing with your boyfriend/girlfriend, and even then a lot of people just stood there hugging the walls.

Also in my extended family we almost never had dancing at weddings, either. I can remember exactly which of my cousins had dancing, because it was so rare. So my particular social circle/region had very little organized dancing opportunities and those that existed, were clearly meant for a romantic situation. Perhaps other people have had similar experiences, and that's why they feel uncomfortable with the idea of randomly dancing with a stranger at a wedding.
Worked, picked up office birthday treats as my boss forgot (was out of town).
Did a little grocery shopping.
Made beef barley soup.
Did a little bit of reading for school.
Made grilled cheese sandwiches.
Found another timed, free GRE practice test to take Saturday.
Thank you for the update, Perfect Circle! Has Bob's wife started letting their daughter behave in an age appropriate manner? Any more invisible food parties? Inquiring minds want to know.  :)

I was highly amused by the MLM people at the grocery store yesterday, trying to sell products and give flyers for making lots of money and they had their car wrapped with MLM's graphics and logo.
7 general / Re: Amateur Theatre Ettiquette
« Last post by Thipu1 on Today at 10:15:05 AM »
Thanks for posting this.  The rules are sensible and will be very useful to many. 

Amateur theater is real theater and it's a serious matter for the cast and crew.  They deserve respect.

May I also suggest that audience members not take photos of the stage on their iPads.  I once had to watch half a performance on the iPad of the person seated in front of me because she never put it down. 
Volkswagons come with two fob keys and a valet key. We bought a used one (2013), and it only had one key.

VW cars prior to 2010 could have the regular keys available at hardware stores programmed for them, but these have a RFID chip that deactivates the immobilize function of the car, so they can't be stolen unless taken on a flat bed truck.
I think it was just a comedy (tragedy?) of errors. However, the aftermath of Carrie making a point to exclude your boyfriend was rude and childish*. And it was imagined insecurity that prevented your boyfriend from going back to the bar; that part wasn't Carrie's fault although high emotions can make us not think clearly.

*Saying "How about we try again, just the two of us." without any mention of BF or blame would be fine.
10 general / Re: Amateur Theatre Ettiquette
« Last post by Another Sarah on Today at 10:08:02 AM »
While I agree with most of these I think some are a bit unrealistic. I'd suggest

1) Treat every theatre performance as a professional one. That means you don't talk when the show is on and you treat the set and backstage areas as strictly off limits unless by prior arrangement.

2) Do not assume that because we support a particular charity we have any direct affiliation with them. We collect money from refreshment sale and give the charity a cheque thatís all.  Please donít complain about the charity or try to use us to handle your enquiries with them.

3) If you want to tour the set and ask questions. Brilliant. Ask us and we can arrange it. Do not assume it's a free for all.

4) when the play is over, vacate the theatre in good time and go to the lobby. the cast and crew generally have jobs to do and will not be available to talk to you immediately, so please wait until they come out.

5) Having a family member in the group does not give you any authority over the group's decisions.

6) No FLASH photography under any circumstances.
Although I'd expect people to think of it themselves, I would expect flash photography signs to be put up and enforced by the ushers. You can't really blame the audience for doing so if there is no explicit rule as not every theatre adheres to this.

I also think that uncomfortable as it might be, groups just have to expect that not everyone is going to like their work and negative comments are going to happen. You can't enforce a "everyone must never say anything bad about the play" rule, not least because it cheapens any praise that you do get. rather look on criticism as ways to improve (easier said than done I admit)

Finally I think there is a big advantage in bending a little to the Mr Bigshots if they make reasonable requests. Having a local bigwig be an advocate for your group is a huge plus and if you can build a reciprocal relationship with them, you should.
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