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The latest comments include that he should have been required to reimburse the couple for the DJ's services and I agree with that.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Cheapskate stories
« Last post by sarahj21 on Today at 10:57:18 PM »
every evening when we came to the motel we were staying in that night, he'd take all the tissues from the dispenser in their room, and then he'd come to lil sis' and my room and take all our tissues, too.

I've stayed in a hotel with my sister a few times. She will take any extra rolls of toilet paper or boxes of tissues left, plus all the toiletries every day. At home, our parents pay for far superior products. She will put the toilet paper in our bathroom and I'll have to suffer through 2-ply for a few days. :( We purchase our own toiletries but how much are you saving by using cheap shampoo for 2-3 washes? :( I'm honestly a bit embarrassed, what do housekeeping think of the people in the room who use a full roll and box each day??

Meanwhile, I will take ~10 tissues per day with me in my pocket or bag, but I do that whether I'm at home or a hotel. I consider that a good use of the amenities as opposed to being a cheapskate. :)
I would divide the costs per person as that is the fairest.  I would count two kids--based on the ages they are--as one person. Once a kid is 10 (cut off for a lot of kids menus), they should count as a separate unit.

You have 10 people the first night.
You have 9 people the second night.
You have 2 day visitors. I would count them as 1 unit as they will probably eat two meals with you.

That is 20 "people" units (pu) for the house for the weekend. 

$2500/20 = $125

So, couples with two adults and two kids pay $125 x 6 pu = $750 each couple
Couple with no kids, there both nights, pay $125 x 4pu = $500
Couple there one night pays $125 x 2 pu = $250
Single person pays $125 x 1 pu = $125
Couple there for the day pays $125 x 1 pu = $125.

750 + 750 + 500 + 250 + 125 + 125 = 2500

I agree with other posters that if some people don't drink alcohol, then the alcohol costs should be split amongst those that do.  However, those persons should pay for their own soda or energy drinks or whatever they drink and not expect the others to pick up the tab.
Then you would divide the housing costs by people units, the meals by people units, an the alcohol by the persons who drink it.

This is what my friends and I do when we do a communal house rental.  We pay per person, not per couple unless all attending are couples--then it would make sense to simply divide by the number of couples.
You cannot have a complicated set up like this with four couples, one single person, some children thrown in, not everyone staying the same amount of time, and expect it to be completely fair to all concerned.

The issue with paying per night is that it means Isobel has to pay twice as much as everyone else. Yes she is occupying a whole room, but she isn't occupying twice as much space in the rest of the house - bathrooms, kitchen, etc.

Also, while Gail and Harry are staying for the Friday night, they will be in the house for most of Saturday daytime and evening, even though they've moved out of the room by that point. And, let's suppose that the bedroom which all three will occupy is the smallest of the four (still a double room, but not as big as the ones used by the families).

When you start picking away at one room is smaller than others, one couple has 2 adults and 2 little kids using the shared space, and so on, you are setting up an impossible situation. And then you can start picking apart dividing up the costs of groceries. What if one person doesn't eat much because they have a smaller appetite or don't like a lot of the food. Do you divide by meals, in which case does breakfast count as much as dinners, and so on?

If a person is this bothered by all these little details, I don't think they will be happy going in on something like this with 8 other people, plus their children. This isn't like one meal in a restaurant with 9 people, and figuring out the check. It's a lot worse.

I would divide the cost by nights in a bedroom and let it go.
I'm thinking three sets of calculations:

1. Rooms - Total cost divided by four rooms (with Isobel and the couple staying one night splitting that cost). If the rooms are different sizes, cost per room should be adjusted accordingly, with couples with kids getting the bigger rooms.

2. Food & non-alcoholic drinks - figure the cost of each meal and divide among number of people consuming that meal (including kids)

3. Alcohol - same as above, but only divided among those drinking.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: For jaxsue - My brother's "ghost story"
« Last post by Kaymyth on Today at 10:09:49 PM »
I wonder if maybe the hearing someone come home phenomenon is just a different instance of the psychic recording.  There are plenty of hauntings that just consist of seeing someone do the same thing over and over, like it got recorded onto the VHS tape of the fabric of the universe; we've even had one person earlier in this thread say that she saw her own grandmother as a little girl crying in the closet (and the grandmother was still alive).

Usually these sorts of imprints are associated with strong emotion, but I could see how even a less intense one (relief and happiness at being home from work), repeated over and over, could leave a recorded mark behind.
Humor Me! / Re: Gross out-- Not for the faint of heart
« Last post by Nikko-chan on Today at 10:07:07 PM »
We got up, had breakfast, and headed out. I walked out the door and looked at the front of my beautiful gray sedan, to see it covered with dead mosquitoes. Covered! Hundreds at least, on the bumper, front of the hood, windshield, wipers, mirrors, you name it!

DS said he was doing his part to combat zika.

My car got washed, and is now wet again from the rain, but at least it isn't covered in mosquitoes.

He deserves a mosquito slaying award!

What I wanna know. .. is how did he ruthlessly murder so many mosquitoes?
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Christmas Day Fun? WWYD?
« Last post by CocoCamm on Today at 10:02:59 PM »
I hope no one is putting a guilt trip on the poor brother for living his adult life. That's what the tone of this sounds like. Plenty of people have smaller families and have lovely holidays.

I'm not sure why you assume my "poor" brother is being guilt tripped because I asked for suggestions on how to make a small Christmas gathering fun when the norm has been celebrating with a largish group. Per my post my brother is not even the only person missing as my in laws will also certainly beg off.

Will we miss the people we are used to celebrating with? Sure. But that doesn't equal questioning people's decisions or making them feel bad.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Christmas Day Fun? WWYD?
« Last post by CocoCamm on Today at 09:56:55 PM »
Thank you to all who replied with their stories and suggestions. We are a pretty tight knit family and this will be the first small holiday gathering since he's moved so while I certainly dont think we will wallow (it's not our way) I do think his and his wife's absence will be more pronounced then say thanksgiving where we celebrate with a large group.

I should add my dad is a little more rigid on traditions so he will be hard to sway to do something "out of the norm"  my mom and I have wanted to do an easy meal and go to the movies for years but Dad wants a turkey and to stay at home.

I'm hoping that if we discuss and plan early enough maybe we can convince Dad to do something a little more unique. We are going to get together for a BBQ for labor day so I will broach the subject then and toss out a few ideas that were mentioned here.
10 general / Re: Attend the wedding but not the reception?
« Last post by Sharnita on Today at 09:49:37 PM »
Also, I don't think you need to say anything about where you are staying. The fact that they are setting aside some rooms at one hotel doesn't mean that you are obligated to stay there. I wouldn't mention the hotel at all. If anyone asks where you are staying, you can say that you are checking around online.

No, I don't usually tell people where I am staying when going to a wedding, either. I also think that if you wanted to go to part of the reception, you could attend dinner but slip away before people start table hopping/dancing/socializing/tormenting. But you would not be obligated to do so.
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