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Techno-quette / Re: FB "Chain" Posts
« Last post by Momof2Pekes on Today at 03:04:52 PM »
I'm very close to removing (or at least making "acquaintances" of) some people who just.won' of certain political outrages. The latest example is the boy who built a clock and brought it to school and was arrested.

Yes, I saw it and am as outraged as the next person. But I'm tired of it filling up my news feed by the same people, over and over.

facebook filters are your friend

I shall work on my FB filters then; thanks!
All In A Day's Work / Re: Calling all teachers...
« Last post by Wordgeek on Today at 03:04:17 PM »
Please use the off-topic area for off-topic discussion.
3 general / Re: Need some lines to polish my spine...
« Last post by Momof2Pekes on Today at 03:02:59 PM »
Totally not about door to door, but it is about a cashier, so kinda sales related. I was in a pet store and the cashier was ringing up the pot-ty pads for my little dog, who was maybe 5-6 years old at the time. He couldn't always hold it during the night, I lived in a 2nd floor apartment, so it was sometimes convenient, though not a necessity.

She started to make conversation about what kind of dog I was buying the pot-ty pads for, and if I recall, she assumed they were for a senior dog, and rather than correct her assumption, I told her they were! She asked how old, and I lied and said my dog was 12! I guess I didn't want her to judge me that I couldn't get my dog outside in time. Even as I was saying it, I cringed inside, thinking, "What does it matter what she thinks of me? I'm never going to see her again!"

All this to say, many of us buy into the "pleasing others" way of life and it's oh-so-hard to snap out of it. I wouldn't do that now, and who knows, maybe that cashier had a judge-y vibe.
All In A Day's Work / Re: Question, I'm the new hire
« Last post by sweetonsno on Today at 03:02:14 PM »
I'd assume that the OE was just on autopilot. With that setup, it seems likely that it usually doesn't matter who runs the till. As camlan says, maybe OE isn't a fan of pricing and tries to get there first. Without a new employee needing to get practice in, it's no big deal. In your position (assuming that you weren't interrupting active interaction with a customer), I probably would have said something along the lines of "I think manager asked me to run the till. I don't want her to think I'm ignoring directions if she comes out and sees me pricing when customers need help with purchases."

If something like this happens in the future, snag her before she can make it to the front and remind her that manager asked you specifically. (I'm assuming that she asked you specifically and it wasn't just a general directive aimed at the two of you.) Say that you don't want to get in trouble, and let her know that you'll ask her if you run into any weird error messages.
Paper Trail / Re: Say Yes to Address?
« Last post by Rapunzel1974 on Today at 02:57:05 PM »
Anyway, there was no map, street address, or directions on the invitation or the wedding Web site. The park and lodge don't appear accurately on many online maps, and it's outside cellular and GPS range. I was able to find it OK because I live in Mudville, but some of the out-of-town guests were confused and arrived late.

This would be indicators to the hosts that they DO need to put some sort of assisting information.

But just putting the street address wouldn't help, because you said they don't appear accurately on many online maps. They'd need to put directions.

However, being local, it may never have occurred to them that it was outside cellular and GPS range; or that it didn't appear accurately on GPS.

It didn't help that the Beaver Park Lodge was indeed in a park, just not Beaver Park. The park that the lodge turned out to be in had a different but similar name. I'll call it Beaver Pond Park (just to be a little bit silly).

Near the street address given by the lodge's Web site, which linked to a Google map utility that showed the street address, there was a neighborhood called Beaver Park. It had nothing resembling a lodge or wedding venue. Unless people knew to go to Beaver Pond Park five miles farther down the road on the other side of the mountain, they would never have found the lodge. Second-guessing the lodge's own Web site would not have been obvious.

Four or five couples arrived fifteen to thirty minutes after the scheduled start of the ceremony, but since the ceremony was delayed they didn't miss it. A few other families trickled in during or after the ceremony, although they stood in the back so as to not disrupt the proceedings and didn't take a seat until after the ceremony was over. Some missed the whole ceremony. I won't go on the record as saying they got lost, but about a quarter of the guest list (all out-of-towners) arrived at least a quarter of an hour after the ceremony was scheduled to begin.
All In A Day's Work / Re: We're both back ups..
« Last post by TracyXJ on Today at 02:54:45 PM »
I'm a little confused by what's going on.  I think it's Order Girl (OG) is out for the day.  She has 2 backups, OP and Shared Cube Woman (SCW).  SCW got an order revision, went into the system and fiddled with some of the things, but didn't get all of the things changed.  Then SCW brought the order revision to OP to be completed?  And the OP would have to be involved anyway to update the records?

I don't know how upset I would get about this (if I'm understanding it all correctly).  How often do you and SCW have to serve as backups?  Because it sounds like SCW tried to do the changes, but forgot how to do it because it's been so long?  So she's trying to cover her behind by getting you to do the stuff she's forgotten how to do.  Or, she started to do it and had something from her main job with a higher priority come up and needs you to finish what she started.

In regards to the email:  Most importantly, is SCW an equal, or is she above you (by senority or position)?  If so, I definitely wouldn't send that email.  Otherwise, I think I'd go with a verbal discussion instead of email.  I don't think the email is really rude, I just don't see good things coming from it.  Now if SCW keeps doing this when OG is out, then I might say something to your supervisor asking if the both of you are still backups and maybe mention that SCW keeps bringing it to you instead of doing it herself.
7 general / Re: Carolyn Hax: friend with a cat
« Last post by tabitha on Today at 02:54:28 PM »
Cat hair means a guaranteed trip to the emergency room for my daughter. Which means I can't have cat hair on me. Which means I don't visit people with cats. With one exception. But my exception is very very clean and very very loved. But I couldn't just go to many people's homes, put my coat in a plastic bag, only sit on non porous surfaces and then have to take off all my clothes when I get in the door and put them in a bag and then brush them off outside and wash them at a laundromat. It just not something you can explain because people assume you are full of it and are just crazy. I hate being called a liar so I don't lie. But tell people about a serious allergy and your over reacting. No cats or cat homes for me.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: When you realize that you're old.
« Last post by rose red on Today at 02:44:04 PM »
When you watch a TV show centered around younger protagonists and realize you think the dad is hotter than the son.

When you watch a rerun of The Brady Bunch and no longer think Greg is groovy and hot, but Mr. Brady totally was.

When you watch reruns of Married With Children and realize Al wasn't the old man you remember but was actually pretty young.
In the same vein--when All in the Family was new, you were younger than Gloria and Mike. Now you're older than Archie and Edith.

I was pro-Mike when watching as a youngster, but nowadays, I agree with Archie that he is a meathead. >:D
9 general / Re: Need some lines to polish my spine...
« Last post by VorFemme on Today at 02:43:51 PM »
Thin Mints and the Samoans make for a very powerful "argument" when brought to your door.  And a delicious one, too.
I've booked the boardroom at my office, with my supervisor's OK, so that's taken care of.  Easier for me because I don't have to spend more time going anywhere, as I'll have to use vacation time for this, since I can't stay late tomorrow to make up the time.
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