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On the back of this thread I finally thought to ask MrEnglish what he uses to cut his toenails (after his living here for 3 years).

Even knowing that he finds them hard work to cut (yukky mans feet) and that he hates nail clippers to the extent that I have to cut his fingernails to stop him just biting them off, I had never wondered about it. A mans toenails are his private business.

No. No. No. No. No.

Words were had.
Techno-quette / Re: Posting pictures of gifts on social media
« Last post by greencat on Today at 07:22:02 PM »
"I'm really sorry, but all my crafting time is already spoken for this year."

"Sorry, but I'm not doing ostrich eggs anymore as I can no longer get them easily."

"Sorry, but I'm no longer doing the eggs by request at all.  Would you like me to make a stocking instead?"

BTW, if you look on etsy for "ostrich egg" you can find a number for sale in the $20-$30 range, should you want to make one for someone you want to spend that on.  Emu eggs are also available for about $15.

"Sorry that you feel that way, but I cannot make something for everyone, no matter how much I might want to."

Also now I want to paint eggs.  Or maybe Christmas ornaments.
Techno-quette / Re: Posting pictures of gifts on social media
« Last post by Surianne on Today at 07:11:31 PM »
Absolutely beautiful eggs!

I think this is a reasonable request, and I'm sure your giftees will respect it if you just ask them nicely to keep it off social media. 
Techno-quette / Re: Posting pictures of gifts on social media
« Last post by oogyda on Today at 07:01:41 PM »

BTW: I love that you do pysanky! ...and I'd love to see a picture! If you're in the US, have you tried contacting Ukranian Eggs in Minneapolis? They have all of the supplies and send them anywhere. I know that they have goose eggs; don't know about ostrich.

I go through The Ukrainian Gift Shop in Minneapolis for my supplies.  It's probably the same place.  My grandmother started my sister and when I was 10. 

My last source for ostrich eggs was a local ostrich "ranch" more than 15 years ago before we moved to the east coast.  $10 each was quite a bargain.  I think I have 6 left, now.  That ranch has since gone out of business, or I'd have YDD pick up some when they come for a visit.
I see that news report has a lot of "allegedly" ie she's accused, but not proved to have done this.

I believe that's pretty common - it's all allegedly until the case has gone to trial or the defendant has pled guilty.

What I meant was that we don't know she did it at all, so it seems unfair to hold her up as an example of PD.
Techno-quette / Re: Posting pictures of gifts on social media
« Last post by Alicia on Today at 06:09:22 PM »
Awesome looking
Techno-quette / Re: Posting pictures of gifts on social media
« Last post by oogyda on Today at 05:48:39 PM »

Lawyer in Illinois disbarred for settling cases, not telling the clients, and then spending the money on other things--such as his Excuseman comic books and costume.


One appreciates the irony of Excuseman.
9 general / Re: How to approach Noisy Neighbor about this
« Last post by jpcher on Today at 05:38:59 PM »
Once again, I appreciate everybody's input here.

Bad news: I cannot find landlady's phone number. I had it hanging on my fridge with a magnet, it never made it into my phone book. When I bought a new fridge a while ago I put all the stuff that was on the old fridge in a box (which is now on top of my fridge ::)) and it's not in the box. I looked in my junk drawer, my phone book, my important papers file and just can't find it.

NN seems to be out of town since Sunday (her front porch light is on day and night, that's my indicator.)

Good news: I checked the side of my house today and it's not as bad as it was. Still a bit splotchy but not horrible. It's been rather windy the past few days and it's supposed to rain tonight. Hopefully the rain will take care of most of the problem anyway. Maybe at least good enough that the windows can wait until next spring when I do the outside window washing (I only do that once a year).

I agree with everybody that says I should have been given a heads-up about the work being done.

I know the neighbor on the other side of NN's house would have the landlady's number (because she's the one that called about the noise ;)) and I wonder if her home has been affected in the same way.

While we're friendly with each other, see each other once in a while on the street and chat for a bit, we're not friends. It almost seems that if I approach her with questions (was your home affected? Do you have landlady's number? etc.) that it would be neighborhood gossip and I don't want to go there.

Do you think I should still contact NN about this? Or let it go?

P.S. MrTango -- I own my home, as does the neighbor on the other side of NN's house.

Hmmmmm -- Where were you when this first happened? I didn't even think of taking pictures. ::)

Aniissa -- Yes, thanks for the info. I will also mention this to my daughter. What about my nook? I always keep that on my bed.
Poisoning your coworkers does not usually make a good impression on your employer, who just may call the police after the fire you.

Va. woman arrested for allegedly putting cleaning products in office Keurig coffeemaker

This reminded me of Blanche Taylor Moore-when she was poisoning various husbands, her food of choice was banana puddings. It was also the favorite of employees at the company potlucks. As one of her co-workers, who I worked with later at the same company, said "As long as you weren't married or dating Blanche, she was a real good cook."

I've been going through the Ask A Manager website and this reminds me of a story about a coworker cleaning the sink with Drano. Soaking the sponge with the stuff and other workers innocently using the sponge to wash their dishes and mugs. In her case, she's an OCD clean freak and think she's doing a good thing :o

This is why I use paper towels at work even though I'm usually not that wasteful. Communal sponge. Ew :P
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