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Humor Me! / Re: Silliest argument you've ever had?
« Last post by Diane AKA Traska on Today at 11:53:19 PM »
I have several. One, when I was maybe 5 or 6? We (my parents and I) were at a friendís house, who had a daughter about my age. I was not allowed to watch tv, well, any ďadultĒ shows, especially at night. But there, she was, so the tv is on, and the 6 Million Dollar Man came on. She insisted that Lee Majors, who played the main character, really did have all the bionic stuff inside of him, that it was real, and I kept telling her no, its not.

The next was with a BF in college. That was in the 1980ís when Imelda Marcos was getting heat for all her extravagance, including her hundreds of pairs of shoes. I had maybe 10, and my BF kept teasing me, and calling me ďAmeliaĒ Marcos, and nothing I could say would convince him that was not her name.

And finally, and I know Iíve posted about this before; a friend/neighbor. Who has some very interesting ideas and theories about everything. Most of which are incorrect. She was convinced that there is bran, not fiber, in fruits and veggies. I politely tried to tell her, no, while there is fiber in fruits and veggies, bran is a grain, and therefore not in those. She as not at all convinced.

There's a drink called orange juice, which is the juice of an orange, and there's a cereal called raisin bran, which therefore is obviously the bran from a raisin, and a raisin is a dried fruit, QED bran comes from fruits.

Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Two All Beef Patties . . .
« Last post by zyrs on Today at 11:51:33 PM »
Three times.

When 'Telstar' came on the radio, if you were the 10th caller you won a video cassette of ET: The Extraterrestial.  I won a copy

I entered a drawing because third prize was a tv/vcr combination.  I won a Totem Pole (it was not authentic, but a artist's modernistic conception of one).

I won concert tickets once for being the 9th caller after an announcement on the radio.
Based on the further detail provided by the OP, I'm revising my original answer. I don't think it is courteous, in a shared bathroom, to grab the only available storage space for supplies that are off limits to other users of that bathroom. (I, too, wonder about the toilet paper; are the ladies of business B supposed to walk through the office, spare roll in hand, on their way to the loo?)

Honestly, the whole thing just sounds terribly petty to me- I hope I never become the kind of person who gets their sad little shot of power from counting supplies and denying a tampon to another woman in need. Did no one (the OMs of these businesses) think to solve this problem by asking/ offering to share the cost so that the supplies may be used by all the women who use that bathroom? Is this the sort of thing these businesses want their employees' time and energies focused on ?
Techno-quette / Re: Texting at night
« Last post by Dazi on Today at 11:15:16 PM »
That's why you can set your phone to silent.
Since you are close and her personality change is recent, perhaps you could be frank with gently mention it. Maybe the pressure of being a single parent is getting to her, or she may have a problem that she's wrestling with. Sometimes it helps to just talk things out.
Hi just to clarify, she asked me last week, normally my auntie has the child on those days, but she's been so stressed recently, and not a young woman  she dicided to go away with my mum...with loads of bottles of wine ;)

yes she asked me last week, after my shifts were set, and she didn't ask my sisters because one lives too far away, and the other has a long days at work. also my sisters who i love, back in the day often did this,  but back then when their children were small, i didn't have the commitment i have now. i have said she needs to do day care, but the problem is, she's been using her own mum as a free babysitting service since she went back to work, and that's made her a bit entitled. 

but normally she's really nice and laid back, but in the last few months she's become a bit tight with people.
And if you have interest in literature and history, we loved doing this walking tour.
Agreed, SamiHami. Your post and Ellen's were very well said.

As a consultant ive been in many offices of many types of companies large and smal. Regardless of the size of company, the industry, the pay scale, etc, if there has been a kitchen or break room with a sink, there has been company-provided dish soap.

In fact, I've never worked at or visited an office where dish soap, paper towels, coffee and filters, hand soap, plastic utensils, etc were not provided and I would find it incredibly strange if someone ever indicated that I was an ill-mannered person for using dish soap which was permanently placed in a public area.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Two All Beef Patties . . .
« Last post by Diane AKA Traska on Today at 09:19:07 PM »
I won a poster of "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" from a contest from a package of bubble gum. Bubblelicious. The flavor I had purchased was grape, I believe.
10 general / Re: Long lost pal at the restaurant
« Last post by SamiHami on Today at 08:55:02 PM »
I think it is rude. It changes the dynamic of neighboring tables and invades their space. Since people can be unpredictable, I would probably ask my server if I could be moved to another table where it's less congested.
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