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My sympathies!

If talking to him doesn't work, I'd recommend calling the police non-emergency number.  Some US states have laws against how long you can leave an idling car unattended.

He's out there with it, under the hood. Revving it, over and over. For hours.

If it was something like a lawn mower, I wouldn't care. Yard maintenance is necessary and people around here are pretty considerate about not doing it first thing in the morning or anything.
12 general / Re: Food complaints
« Last post by shhh its me on Today at 02:16:44 PM »
It's not exactly rude , its really awkward unless the portions are specified and 8oz steak should have been close to 8oz when it went on the grill not 5 oz.  Even without portion sizes listed a dinner protein should be at least 4 oz cooked, so I can't say never can a person say "Hey this is not a reasonable portion" 
My sympathies!

If talking to him doesn't work, I'd recommend calling the police non-emergency number.  Some US states have laws against how long you can leave an idling car unattended.
I would definitely tell the event planner, "Hey, before you refer more people to this service, let me tell you about my experience…" because she should know what she's sending people to. That damages her reputation as much as the catering company's.
Family and Children / Re: MIL and her "request"
« Last post by Shalamar on Today at 02:04:43 PM »
Ha!  I  kind of love that idea too.

Do they do that (bend over backwards to try to get everyone in the same room) all the time?

Yep.  It's exhausting, frankly.   With regards to MIL's birthday, after they discussed it for an hour (I'm not kidding), someone timidly suggested that the gathering be held a week later so that it would be after Tracey got home from her honeymoon.  They considered that briefly, then said "No - we've been talking about this for an hour.  We'll have it on (MIL's) actual birthday."

kate_p, you're bang-on with the description of all the things that could go "wrong" and "ruin the perfect day".  My husband said "Wouldn't it be hilarious if we sucked it up and joined them on Christmas Day, only to be told 'Well, so-and-so isn't here, so this doesn't count'?".
From what I can gather, he races this truck on the weekends with his buddies, so this is an "ongoing maintenance" thing.
Could you ask him how much longer he thinks it's going to take to fix his truck?  Is he likely to take the hint?
I'm looking into it, but I'd really like to ask him nicely before bringing the police into it. Also, my husband is local law enforcement and I don't want to seem like I'm using that to my advantage.
Is there a local noise ordinance?
I live in a nice quiet subdivision. At least I did.

My neighbor, an older man who lives across the street (meaning his house is very close to mine) has recently taken up racing mini-trucks as a hobby. Fine. He spends hours several days each week fixing up this truck. Apparently this means the truck must sit idling for hours at a time in his garage or in his driveway, where he revs the extremely loud engine over and over. FOR HOURS. This has been going on for weeks and it's driving me nuts. I work from home. The noise is interfering with my concentration. I can hear it, even with music/headphones FOR HOURS. Did I mention it was for hours? And today, it was so loud, I couldn't talk to my children in my house, without shouting to be heard.

I'm at the breaking point. I didn't go talk to him today because my husband is out of town and I don't know how Neighbor's going to react and I don't want my kids to be left alone while I potentially get into an argument with this man. Also, there's the small complication of this man being widowed twice in the last ten years. (Wife of twenty years died of cancer. He remarried and she died of cancer within five years. This was three years ago.) So people in the neighborhood feel bad for him. And I run the risk of alienating the neighbors if I'm perceived as being "mean" to him. And I'm sure his/my neighbor's arguments will be, "Oh, he just took up this hobby to fill the hours! He's so lonely."

But my sympathy is at its limits. I WANT to say something to him. I'm thinking of

"Hi Neighbor, I'm not sure if you're aware, but I work from home. I spend hours each day doing something that requires a lot of concentration. Your truck engine is VERY loud. It is interfering with my ability to work. And today, while you revved your truck engine for nearly two hours, it was so loud I had to shout for my children to hear me speak. If it was just a weekend activity or something that happened occasionally, I wouldn't mind, but you're working on this truck 3-5 days per week. This is not reasonable. This is a residential neighborhood, not a commercial repair space. Please find some other place to work on the engine. Thanks."

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