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My 15 year old just got a Facebook account. One of her first posts was a photo of her making silly faces with her 5 year old brother. It makes this mom happy to see their positive sibling bond.
Humor Me! / Re: Word Association Game
« Last post by Nikko-chan on Yesterday at 11:51:31 PM »
Humor Me! / Re: Word Association Game
« Last post by mrkitty on Yesterday at 11:44:04 PM »
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Professional Darwinism: Update to OP on p.74
« Last post by Minmom3 on Yesterday at 11:38:09 PM »
 ;D  Maybe if he hadn't been such a goober he wouldn't have gotten his feelers hurt by being yelled at...
Humor Me! / Re: Word Association Game
« Last post by Vall on Yesterday at 11:36:23 PM »
Complete Silence / Re: "Social Death" guidelines
« Last post by Nikko-chan on Yesterday at 11:36:16 PM »
If you are speaking about the Cut Direct, then yes, you are going about it correctly. If you see her out and about, treat her like she is not even there. Do not speak, do not engage.

 If you would like a relationship with your cousins children, by all means, have one! If they bring up their mother, you may feel free to say "I do not wish to discuss your mother." If they keep bringing it up, say "I know what your mother does is hard for you to take, but I am not going to listen to this. If you bring it up again, I am going to have to ask you to leave" or something to that effect. The next time they bring it up, out the door they go. They will know then, that you mean business. Note that the first time I would probably give them those three chances before i throw them out.

If you choose to have them over again, or meet them somewhere, give them one warning and out the door they go. Or, alternately, if you are out somewhere with them, you leave.

If asked about the CD, you can indeed, say you no longer keep in touch. Keep it simple. YOu don't even have to go through the whole "We don't agree with some of her choices" just say "We no longer keep in touch. Hey, did you taste Great Aunt Pat's beandip? It's marvelous!" (or add other appropriate beandip topic: "oh, i hear your grandkids are growing so fast!", "how is your garden coming?" etc.)
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Hoarders I Have Known
« Last post by Minmom3 on Yesterday at 11:33:19 PM »
Unless you have amazing construction, I can't see how you wouldn't already have adverse levels of pests and bugs of multiple kinds in your unit.  We lived in an apartment building when I was in high school, which had a massive roach infestation.  We just couldn't get rid of them.  A few years later on, the landlord brought me over to the neighbors unit and showed me a giant russet potato under their water heater, which had been eaten down to a shell, and had roaches from  microscopic up to nearly 3" long hovering around it.  Once we dumped that ghastly spud, we were able to bug bomb all the roaches away.
18 general / Re: Another MLM etiquette question
« Last post by on Yesterday at 11:31:54 PM »
That sounds so uncomfortable. I agree with CK that you did as well as possible: You were lured there under false pretenses, waiting for the networking to start.
How long did that strange lunch last? And did you ever mention that incident to other people in the business networking group?
19 general / Re: Another MLM etiquette question
« Last post by CaffeineKatie on Yesterday at 11:25:24 PM »
I think you did exactly the right thing--you were polite but unswayed.  Well done!
20 general / Another MLM etiquette question
« Last post by Raintree on Yesterday at 11:17:16 PM »
This happened a few years ago but I am still unsure what I could/should have done:

Basically, how can you extricate yourself from an MLM situation when you're also the recipient of hospitality?

I was a member of a business networking group, new to the scene, and we were encouraged to meet with other members one-on-one. So this senior member invited me to a "business lunch" to meet some other people who might have some common interests. At the time, I had never heard of MLM schemes; this was my first introduction.

I agreed, and he told me to meet at his office and he'd give me a ride there. Turned out the "business lunch" was at a private home, and a very nice lunch was prepared by the hostess. We chatted a bit, and then things started to get ridiculous. They launched into a discussion of their special miracle water, complete with "I was sick, and doctors told me I'd never walk again...and then I began drinking this water." A few other supporters then shared their stories. All while still sitting around the luncheon table, ie, I was a lunch guest in this lady's home, so I couldn't really just get up from the table and leave. They launched into their physiological explanations of how this water was supposed to work in the body, and it was clear they didn't have a clue about physiology but just believed the story they'd themselves been given. (I have a background in biology and it was definitely nonsense they were talking).

Then dessert was served and they did "demonstrations" of various other products, and then came the stories about "I bought my vacation home on the money I've made as a distributor for this product, and don't we all want financial security?"

They really wanted me to become a distributor, it was apparent, and I managed to put them off with polite smiles and "it looks really wonderful but not at this time" or "I'll think about it and get back to you" etc. Bearing in mind that I was young and didn't want to offend the senior networking club member who had brought me, nor the woman whose living room I was sitting in and whose delicious lunch I had just consumed. Also, the person who had driven me was driving me back, though I could have also quite easily have got a bus.

If it had been a pushy salesperson at a booth at a trade show, I could have walked away, but in this situation I felt I needed to stay the course. What's a lunch guest to do in this situation?
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