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Soon after receiving that text from Becky's mom, I received a message from BN. She told me that if Sarah wanted to she could play with the other girls in BN's backyard but the girls she babysat for were no longer going to play on the trampoline. BN said they had plenty of things to play with in her backyard/house.

Terrific update!  And if you find the girls in your backyard again, I hope you'll send them right back to BN.

This literally just happened. Someone knocked on my front door. I went to tell my son his friend was coming to the back door and I looked out the window to find one of the girls from BN's getting ready to get on the trampoline. Before I could say anything, BN was calling her to come back to her yard.

BN and I have some history so I always check myself and try to be cautious when dealing with her.

Okay, am I expecting too much that if BN *knows* there's an issue with these girls leaving her yard to go to yours despite her telling them they have to stay in her yard, then, perhaps, she should keep an eye on them at *all* times???
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Cheapskate stories
« Last post by ladyknight1 on Today at 07:03:52 PM »
Both of these stories remind me of when my FIL's company flew their staff and families to the Bahamas, and put them up at the Atlantis resort, which was amazing.

However, they did not pay for any meals. Eating at a resort is very expensive, and in the end, that is all MIL and FIL could talk about. They still talk about how much any food was, much less a proper meal.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Inexpensive Gift of Tea?
« Last post by rose red on Today at 06:49:00 PM »
Is there a grocery store or walmart-type store near you? Celestial Seasonings brand is pretty basic and has variety packs. Like others said, add a pretty mug and a pack of cookies and you're good to go.
14 general / Re: No, I won't be your carrier
« Last post by crella on Today at 06:32:16 PM »
The U.S. does not recognize transit (we don't even do transit visas)  so I don't know how you would have been able to avoid picking up your luggage after immigration and then handing back over, Sara Crewe. If it's on one ticket after you clear customs you hand your bags over to waiting employees then continue on to security.

Yes, it's specifically the US that's an issue here - when I transit in other countries, my luggage is usually checked through and I don't go through immigration at all. In the US, you have to go through the full process to enter the country - immigration (with visa/ESTA if necessary), then customs, then check the luggage, then through security again for your next flight, even if you never leave the airport. I have work colleagues who are very careful not to schedule connections through the US, because of the chance they'll be denied a visa or held up at immigration for hours.

Here, too. Back when I could fly out of Osaka (Northwest) to Detroit and then on to Boston, I would always have to pick up my bags in Detroit, go through Immigration and recheck my bags. Detroit was usually took an hour and a half to get through. The line would go all around the baggage claim area, sometimes one and a half times.  A two-hour transit window wasn't enough. Scheduling a later flight added a couple hours to an already long trip. Same at Atlanta going to Boston. You have to go through Immigration the first time you enter the US, wherever you land, but the system is much faster there, for some reason. Detroit May gave revamped their set-up by now, it's been years since I transferred there.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Cheapskate stories
« Last post by FauxFoodist on Today at 06:13:05 PM »
He had only about $10 in his pocket, an empty bank account, and no credit cards and no place to stay.

This reminds me of the time the CEO (and owner) of the company I worked for had everyone fly to a different state in the middle of the country for our holiday party.  Since this was a paid business trip, my understanding was they'd pay for flights, hotel and all meals.  I got to the hotel to check in, only to find out they required a credit card deposit from me.  I had just moved to this area a month or so earlier, had around $49 in my checking account (I think we were due to get our paychecks a day or so into the trip), no room on the few credit cards I had and only one friend in the area in which I lived (and knew no one, other than those from my office, in that state).  I was really embarrassed being faced with this (the room deposit was $50) and not knowing how I was going to handle it (and wondering why the hell the CEO would only go to the extent of paying for the hotel but not covering everything, including room deposits).  Even then, why weren't we told in advance that we were going to have to pay a room deposit?  Even more idiotic, when we had reached the airport in that state, the CEO had not arranged for transportation for us to the hotel and when called by his dad asking how he was having us get to the hotel, was expecting us all (including his dad, who was the attorney for the company) to pay for our own transportation to get there (the CEO had traveled separately from us).  It was pretty idiotic (his dad ended up making the call to the CEO making sure we had a way to get to the hotel at the company's cost).  I would've preferred not traveling (I had the flu), but it was clear the CEO expected *everyone* to be there (we were being paid to be there -- small company with four offices spread out over four states -- two west coast, one east coast and one midwest, and we all flew to the midwest office where most of the properties were).  This was the first time I'd traveled for business so I had no idea what to expect.  From what I remember, there really was no organization to this trip, except some sort of bus tour of the company's properties (I worked for a real estate developer).  They really "cheaped out" on the meals (I think they planned dinner the night we got there and dinner the next night but hadn't arranged breakfast the two mornings we were there or lunch the one full day -- lunch ended up being an impromptu stop at some crappy Chinese buffet after the bus tour).  However, now that I think about it, we all ended up each getting an iPod from the company as our Christmas gift so, I guess, it wasn't all bad.  Still, why skip covering two breakfasts, lunch, transportation between the airport/hotel and room deposits (and these were really really nice and *big* hotel rooms!)?  IIRC, since I had no money and didn't know what meals were being covered (I only recall hearing about the two dinners), I believe I packed some granola bars and beverages from home in my suitcase.  I think I ended up having a granola bar and diet Coke for breakfast in my hotel room before I was expected to report for the bus tour.
Holidays / Re: Second Party: Gift-Guessing and Cookie Exchange
« Last post by Harriet Jones on Today at 06:01:50 PM »
If I'm going to a cookie exchange, I want homemade cookies!  I do not want something that a store baked last week, and I especially don't want Oreos (I don't remember if I heard that story here or somewhere else)!

I wouldn't want a bag of Oreos, but I would be fine with Oreo truffles or Oreos uses as a base for something. Just a little effort.

Exactly. I can buy a bag of Oreos myself, why would I want to go to a cookie exchange for them?
Holidays / Re: Holiday misery
« Last post by andi on Today at 05:59:45 PM »
Giant hugs
I used to do all the decorating at my old office. The decorations were for the whole area, nothing was put on individual desks (except personal items). If I had to attach ends of streamers or garland I always asked the desk owner if it was ok before starting. We had people who didn't celebrate various holidays for a variety of reasons

I think your office ages are going a bit overboard expecting everyone to participate age have thief personal space decorated as well as the general office. I'm glad your manager has your best interest in mind
In my country, I'd check out the RSPCA website.

Looks like there's something like that in the US, assuming that's where you are.
19 general / Re: Neighbor's Dog Left Outside All Day/Barking/Cold
« Last post by gena264 on Today at 05:51:08 PM »
I apologize for the stupid question, but who do I report it to? My city ? animal control? Also, does anyone know if it will be anonymous?

If it were me, I'd be googling "who do I report animal cruelty to" with your city or region.
Thank you
I don't know but maybe the city/village hall and they can tell you?
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