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Family and Children / Re: Kids playing with items in stores.
« Last post by ladydesmond on Yesterday at 11:20:58 PM »

Isn't that why you bring a toy for the kid to play with while you shop?  And are the only two options really getting something grubby and putting it back on the shelf, or screaming nonstop through the entire shopping trip?!

Add me to the people who aren't thrilled at the idea of a small, drippy child playing with an item through the store and then putting it back on the shelf for unsuspecting people. I'm not fond of screaming children, but I'm willing to put up with a certain amount of it in public for the good of society - if I see a parent with a tantruming toddler who has just been told "No" I don't enjoy the screaming, but I appreciate what  the parent is doing.
That's the way I look at it.   If they're so small that they're in the cart, just don't let the cart be close enough to  the shelves for them to grab things, and if they're old enough to walk they're also old enough to understand not to take things that aren't theirs.

I get the feeling that some mothers think, "I'm going to do what works best for me, and to heck with everything else".

Thanks for all your responses, guys.  I feel slightly less "dated" now.
Humor Me! / Re: Word Association Game
« Last post by pattycake on Yesterday at 10:57:42 PM »
wasted days and wasted nights...!
I was in a shop (in the UK) towards the end of last year and their card machine had stopped working.  The manager had got out the old slider machine to take payments as that was the companies back up policy.  The only problem was that none of the staff, including the manager, knew how to use it.  I showed them what to do and left them happily practicing (they were using a loyalty card instead of a credit card).

Just had this happen at a discount bookstore Sunday. All the charge machines had dropped internet connection. The young manager located their old "knucklebuster" and some charge slips. I had to show them how to put the card and slip into the machine, and it worked great on my card. But the next guy in line had a new card where the numbers weren't raised, and I stuck around to show them what they had to write down from that one.....They were grateful.
When we lived in a town where cable was not an option (only satellite) we had DirectTV, bundled with Qwest for our phone/internet. No problems - when our original promo ended and our prices went up, I called and asked what they could do for me, and they found me another discount.

Once we moved, though, and couldn't have satellite (but still had internet & local phone through Qwest), everything was fine until CenturyLink bought them. Then we got a notice they were doing away with our VOIP service, so I called in, and got a guy who said they couldn't port our number (a lie). Finally just went with a new number, but then that was never activated and we kept getting calls on the old one. Called back, and the CSR admitted the first guy had lied (and was presumably just lazy or something) and got our number ported over. Of course having a regular landline as opposed to VOIP cost a little more, and when our contract was up, I was so sick of them I swore never to go back.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Special Snowflakes Redux - play nice!
« Last post by pattycake on Yesterday at 10:45:44 PM »

Yep, I actually changed routes to my last day job so I could pretty much stay in 1 lane all the way. The "faster" route required multiple merges and lane changes. It had fewer traffic lights and a higher speed limit, but also had far more wild drivers, scofflaws, and wrecks.
Cost me a few minutes on an average day, but saved my sanity.

Yes! That resonates with me - there's a place in the nearest bigger town that if you drive straight north through the main part of town, you will come to the east-west highway. It's a T intersection, no light, but there's a light a block west, and a light several blocks east. I hate trying to turn left (west) there as they're not in sequence so as to allow a short time of no traffic coming from both directions. You sit and wait and wait, and the cars pile up behind you and it stresses me out. So I wind up going several blocks out of my way to get to the light that's a bit east of that corner. Sometimes I could have gotten through faster if I had chanced it, but oh so often not, so now I just take a deep breath and go the long way for my peace of mind.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Special Snowflakes Redux - play nice!
« Last post by jedikaiti on Yesterday at 10:32:10 PM »

Evil Twik would have taken a pen and absently gone koochie-koochie on her soles.

Evil Twik is much, much nicer than I would have been.  Besides, I like my pens and wouldn't want to have to throw them away.

Evil Jedi might have decorated the toes with yarn.

Real Jedi would simply call the flight attendants as many times as it took.
Family and Children / Re: Kids playing with items in stores.
« Last post by metallicafan on Yesterday at 09:24:02 PM »
Yeah, I don't see a parallel to trying clothes on--that's done solely to the purpose of making sure that it fits/looks good on.

The screaming/nagging thing?  Well, obviously, I'm well past that point (my youngest are 16), but I had no tolerance for that behavior from my children when they were little.

True story--one time, my oldest (then only) was a toddler when the grocery store put toys on one side and cereal on the other (so walking down the aisle, toys to the left, cereal to the right).  Oldest son asked for a toy (not screaming or otherwise inappropriate), but it wasn't something that I had in the budget that week, so I told him no.  He asked again in a tone that started to border on whining, and I said "I said no, and if you ask again, we're going home."  Cue the whining "But I want it".  I took the cart to an employee, apologized that I was not going to be able to finish shopping, and took him out of the cart and went home (with him crying "I'll be good" the whole way to the car).  Went back later *without* him (after husband got home from work), did the shopping.  Next time we were at the store, he asked for a toy, I said no.  He asked a second time, I said "Do we need to go home?"  He did not ask again.  He learned that the first answer was the final answer and that I would *not* tolerate screaming, whining, or repeated begging for something.

Granted, I had to repeat the procedure with subsequent children, and it was very inconvenient.  But as a parent, it is my obligation to raise children to be decent members of society, and it's a *lot* easier to start the way you mean to go on (even if the going home follow-through has to be repeated more than once) than it is to try to civilize an older child who has never experienced discipline earlier.

I agree. I would never tolerate that type of behavior either from my boys. They knew better than to embarrass mom in public.  Fortunately, I am past that stage now, my boys are 13 and 10.
Family and Children / Re: Kids playing with items in stores.
« Last post by lakey on Yesterday at 09:19:57 PM »
No it's not okay. A certain amount of these items are going to show wear and tear. People who buy the items might find they've purchased something that isn't in the condition it should be in and if there is loss, the store passes the cost on to customers. In addition, it is the responsibility of parents to deal with their children.

In my area, you only see this occasionally. Most parents keep their kids with them.
The inlaws are starting to talk about coming to visit.  FIl was last here in fall 2015, they both came the year before that.  FIL has been getting odd in his behavior, and now is reluctant to leave home because of his cats.  Note that BIL lives with them and is perfectly capable of taking care of a few healthy cats.  So MIL has been talking about maybe coming alone. 

She can't fly because we just coordinated a local (to us) purchase of a large item for FIL which needs to be driven home; it's too large and heavy to be easily shipped.  It's a long drive and much easier with an additional person to share the driving.  Plus, MIL is convinced after years of conditioning that she's too stupid and incompetent to do anything major by herself.

Apparently, last time MIL talked to DH she mentioned that she'd 'just throw Mary in the car and drive up'.  Mary is her younger sister and neither DH nor I like her.  She's not a nice person, she's the cliche of every horrible rural stereotype.  However, she hasn't done anything to warrant us saying, 'Mary isn't welcome in our home'.  We just don't like her.  And now I'm worried that MIL will really bring her along.  Ugh.

Was this large item requested by FIL for you to purchase?  You also state that it is a long drive and should be done by two people.   Yet, you think MIL should be able to do this drive by herself.  I think you have two choices.   DH and you can take the item to FIL or you have to deal with Mary.   Maybe this should have been discussed before purchasing said item, (if it could have been).   

But, I know what you mean about In laws and cats.   You would think the sun rises and sets on my MIL's two cats.  She drives us nuts regarding the cats.  God forbid they might be left alone for two long.  I thought that was one of the whole reasons for owning cats?   The one cat is just a nasty, mean cat.  And I am an animal lover.  But, I'm sorry, if something happens to MIL before the cat, there is no one to take said cat.  And I doubt that anyone is going to want to take this cat.    MIL usually hosts Christmas Eve, but she is thinking not this year, because last year, the cat scratched three people.  One was my daughter, (who is 18, if she was younger, holy h#@l would have been raised), while doing nothing but opening her gifts.  But, you know, we cannot put poor kitty in a back bedroom for a few hours.  Oh my gosh, the horror!

The thing with FIL and his cats is brand new - as in, we just heard about it yesterday.  The drive can be done by one person, although it's easier with two, but MIL is convinced she can't possibly do it.  DH and I driving down to them is not on, because it's a 5 day vacation day loss for a trip that neither one of us wants to make or will enjoy; the ILs are retired so the time issues are much less for them.
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