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Well, deer snot.

I thought they had given up.  The agencygroup just emailed with this gem.

Hi Ginger- hope you're well!
I wanted to follow up and see if you can connect us to the team who handles sponsorships for <MyOrganization>. I'd love to keep them posted on updates and developments at <Agency's Main Program> to see about working together.

Thanks for pointing us in the right direction!


And, no my most helpful e-hellions, there will not be an answer.  The email was connected to the same one about budget and that they are sensitive to our recent budget cuts. 
I am guessing that someone was cleaning out their emails at the end of the month and noticed not getting anything back from me. 
Again, filing it appropriately. 
Your DH may have called his sister many times, but did he specifically come right out and say you haven't gotten an invitation?

Simply asking "Are you sure we're invited?" is not going to cut it when you need detailed facts. Say "You say we are definitely invited but we haven't gotten an invitation which we saw were mailed out three weeks ago. Can you please check to see if we really are invited or not? Either way is fine, but we just need to know so we can plan."

I may not say that to anyone else, but I think it's fine to ask a sibling (depending on how close they are).
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Reading/Book Pet Peeves
« Last post by MommyPenguin on Today at 01:18:30 PM »
I posted a story ages ago under the old system/provider.  Back then I made it long and drawn out, but the short version is that one of my YA students was a young Chinese girl who could not get the American fascination with dead animals. 

"We just finish Old Yeller.  Dead dog.  Before that, Savage Sam.  Dead dog.  Before that, Where the Redfern Grows.  Two dead dog.  WHY schools make us read so many book about dead dogs?"

"Well, it seems to be a process they want us to go through," I said.  "We didn't read those stories, but we had to read other books with similar themes.  Wait until you get to college and have to read Madam Bovary.  Everybody pretty much dies in that one."

"Well, I think at least we done with the dead dog.  Our next book is The Yearling."

I was silent a little too long.  So she said "You going to tell me there's a dead dog in that one?"

"Well, no," I said "but...there are some pretty upsetting..."

"They gonna kill the deer, aren't they?"

I had to admit that something of that sort might occur.

She came storming back after reading the book "The deer AND Jody's friend die!  How come everything have to die?  Why can't we read funny story?"

"What will you be reading next?"

"I don't know, but if there's a dead animal, I think I will drop out of school!"

She didn't.  Last heard, though, I think she is working on becoming a veterinarian.  Probably as a penance for Yeller and Sam and the Yearling.....

At least I got a column out of it for a newsletter I wrote for.  I posited that because we have stickers designating books as holiday themes, science fiction and so on, we needed new stickers which showed (among other things) a picture of a dog in a coffin with a strike through red circle over it to indicate that no dogs die in the book.

Makes me think of the Gordon Korman book "No More Dead Dogs" in which the main character is also annoyed at all the dead dog books they have to read.  I personally think "Understood Betsy" is a far better book--and nobody dies!  Not even the dog or kittens.
Food / Re: Traditional side dish for Steak and Kidney Pie?
« Last post by mechtilde on Today at 01:18:01 PM »
If your character is female, you might want to reconsider the pub as a setting- especially if she would be going in alone.
15 general / Re: Musical performance in a bar
« Last post by SingActDance on Today at 01:07:10 PM »
If it was the type of setting where servers were walking around to tables and taking orders, I think very short and quiet comments to each other are okay. But especially if people paid for tickets specifically to see this person play, nobody should be talking loud enough for the performer to hear their conversation.
He's called his sister many times! Every time he's spoken to her about it, she says we're definitely invited, but there's been no invitation in the mail. (The bride posted 3 weeks ago on FB about having mailed the invitations.)

There is the possibility that the sister gave her list of family that should be invited to the HC. So she thinks you are definitely invited. However, there could be any number of reasons why the HC cut the list that they received from the groom's mother. So groom's mother thinks that a bunch of people are invited, but they really are not. You cannot take her word for it - you must do some of the other suggestions given here and verify with the HC that you were invited.
I've been at my new job for 4 weeks, and it took me 3 months to find it.  Unfortunately, after over 30 job apps, I got only one interview, and while I did get the job, it is only temporary.  It ends in October.  There is a good chance I will be moved into a permanent position then, but just as good a chance that I will be jobless again.  So, I have been where y'all are now and may be again.  Posting to follow this thread with interest.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Phrases/sayings you hate
« Last post by Cherry91 on Today at 01:02:49 PM »
"Playing devil's advocate" is to me only just behind "I'm not racist/sexist/etc but..."

It often says to me "I have no actual emotional investment in this discussion, and even though I can see you do I'm going to say potentially controversial and upsetting things and if you get annoyed you can't call me out on it."
Gardening / Re: The 2015 Gardening Thread
« Last post by ShadowLady on Today at 12:57:17 PM »
I took my first step for my garden.  I hired a local neighbor to use my roto-tiller on a section of the yard that gets the most sun.  Also had him rake over some of the compost and manure left over from last year.

I also have what I think are cucumber plants growing in the worm bin in the basement.  I will need to transplant those to something that gets more sun soon.
Yes, in Central Florida we have already had weeks of 89+ F weather.
I had sighed and given up on any more winter, but yeah, I was happy about the nippy last night. I'll take it!

And here's my happy: The dainty little cat that had been dancing around the edges of my mom's TNR colony kitten-ized last night, and appears to be accepting of some care (we pushed a box lined with rags into the bushes where she gave birth; she has moved in, and is only hissing moderately when we push food back there.)

I'm sorry we didn't get to her quickly enough to prevent kittenization, but fortunately there's just the one baby. And if it's half as pretty as mama, finding a home probably won't be a challenge. In the meantime, we're on a full-bore charm offensive to try to get the new mother a little more accustomed to us. That way trapping her and taking her to be spayed won't be so traumatic.
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