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I may be wrong, but I think it might be against the rules to call it "cream" of mushroom soup if it doesn't actually contain cream.


Look at my post - it clearly says:


I don't think they would put cream down as an ingredient unless it was actual cream.

The "silly things you've had to tell people" about that is that they have to mark it as "(MILK)" so that some people with milk allergies will know that the cream is made from "(MILK)". Kind of like a warning on a package of peanuts that state that the product was produced in a factory and may have been exposed to peanuts  ::)

Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: S/O Dear Dog...Dear Cat
« Last post by Another Sarah on Today at 05:58:31 AM »
Dear Dexter
I'm sorry, I really am. I'm sorry that you got new food that is just super-delicious. I'm sorry that you ate it so fast you gave yourself hiccups. I'm very sorry I couldn't stop laughing when you practically convulsed every time you hiccupped and kept looking at your side to see where the hiccup was coming from.

I'm not sorry I taped it and sent it to my friends

Love the big meanie

And for the ehellions? right? right?
I'd share it but I'm too technically rubbish, I've only manage to post a picture once and that was a fluke
I see my mother about every 1-2 weeks, usually grand-kid related, though we also do something together about every 1-2 month. The relationship is very good, we are just not a family that sticks together so closely. My mother still works in shifts, I work, we have our hobbies and friends. It's always been like that and it works for us.
My dad I see irregularly, sometimes every 2-3 week, sometimes are few month pass. We're not as close as I'm to my mother, and he doesn't like to initiate contact, so sometimes there's radio silence for a while, but we get along pretty well nowadays.

Now, my MIL I see more often, and my husband talks to her pretty much daily, though I'd say their relationship is not as balanced as I have with my mother. They tend to argue a lot and he's often annoyed with her. But he's used to calling her a lot, do small errands for her etc. so there's naturally more contact. My mother pretty much never asks us for help, though we'd gladly give it.

My brother and I have pretty much no contact besides when I see him at our parents (he's still living at home). We get along well enough at family gatherings, but we're just not close at all.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Internet Based Side Gigs
« Last post by LB on Today at 04:55:41 AM »
I do work for a company (as an independent contractor) taking pictures of cars that have been involved in accidents, or buildings that are being re-financed. It's easy work, very flexible since I schedule the jobs myself, and little commitment. If I don't want a job, I just don't accept it. It doesn't pay a lot, but it's been nice as a little side gig.

ETA: The reason I posted it in this thread is because it's all done with an app through the company. Application was over the internet, job offers, acceptance and the actual work are all done in the app.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Special Snowflakes Redux - play nice!
« Last post by Gladly on Today at 04:25:35 AM »

There was a story on Notalwaysright of a blind person who went into a bank, cane, sunglasses and all. The teller refused to accept his state ID, saying that only a drivers license was acceptable. That one took a supervisor. I witnessed a store clerk refusing to accept a passport as ID. in that case, it appeared to be poor training. Since most everyone in the US uses a license for ID, the clerk had only been told to ask for that. The manager who resolved it was not thrilled by the training. The person with the passport, alas, behaved very much like an SS, rather than a displeased customer.  Throwing a fit isn't the same as firmly asking for a higher up.

Re bolded.  I have had that problem when visiting the USA.  While we on a skiing holiday, some friends who lived in the area invited us to dinner.  I wanted to take a nice bottle of wine. When I went to pay for it I was asked for ID.  I have no problem with that. There is absolutely no way that I could be thought to be under 21, but I know that ID is required for everyone in some places, so I was prepared and brought my passport with me.  No, I was told, that's not ID, I needed to produce my driving licence.  I explained that I was British and didn't have a US driving licence, but showed my UK licence anyway.  Both of these items have a photo and my date of birth.  The girl insisted that I needed to have a US driving licence before she could sell me anything.  She called her manager, who also explained that the only ID they were supposed to accept was a 'proper' driving licence.  I did ask (politely, although I confess that the question may have been snarky even if the tone wasn't!) whether visitors to the USA were not allowed to drink alcohol during their visit, and if that was the case, I would go to the supermarket next door and buy chocolates for my hostess instead.  At that point the manager very grudgingly allowed me to purchase my single bottle of wine.

I can't think it was the potential loss of the sale that made him change his mind, as he wasn't going to allow the sale in the first place, but I got the wine in the end, and we had a lovely evening with our friends.  I can understand this is some parts of the USA, but it did seem strange in a major tourist area.
All In A Day's Work / Re: Describing colleagues by referring to ethnicity
« Last post by cb140 on Today at 03:16:46 AM »
Ack.  Why do we have to tiptoe around ethnicity, when it might be a helpful way to describe someone?  Do we tiptoe around hair color or height?

Here's a real life example that happened in my office (names changed to protect the innocent, etc.)  A woman who had attended a meeting of the Widget Committee came to me and said, "I need to contact a member of the Widget Committee who was interested in information on Special Widget Painting."  I said, "OK - who was it?"

Well, it was a woman.  Only one is a man, so that narrowed it down from 5 members to 4.
She was tall.  All four of them are over 5'8", so I think they're all tall.
She had dark hair.  Three of them have are tall women with dark hair.
It was long.  OK, two of them are tall women with long dark hair.
Oh, and she was Asian.  OK, you mean Mary.  Here's her contact information.

Mary is the only Asian woman on the Committee.  Couldn't you have just said that right out?  Wouldn't that have saved us a whole bunch of going around in circles?

Does everything have to be racist?

OP here: to clarify, this was almost exactly the situation, except that my colleague *didn't* go round in circles and just went straight to "she's the Asian woman" (ie, the conversation was around trying to identify someone that other people in the room didn't know, by describing them).

I think my personal feeling is that using race/skin tone/whatever in this context is the *only* really acceptable context for doing so. What I think is wrong/discriminatory is when people insert someone's race when its entirely irrelevant, and that gets you to thinking "what does it matter that they're .... [whatever]?"

But I feel a bit better about the fact that it was a blanket email now: as a PP said, probably its better to do a blanket email than to single out one person, so I feel less irritated with my manager now for doing that.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Last post by iridaceae on Today at 03:08:53 AM »
About 15-20 years ago I was depositing some cash the garden group I was involved with had collected at a meeting. The bank told me that there was a fake $1 bill included in the deposit.  Who in the eHell would bother to forge a $1 bill?  My uncle used to work in the printing industry, and he told me that there was very strict control of green ink to prevent forgeries.  These days it seems like every time I get some new bills from my bank they're fancier than ever, with more and more anti-forgery things on them.
About, oh, 25 years ago now some clerks in an art store got suspicious of a man who was walking around and holding up a $20 Bill next to green ink containers. So they called the cops. Yep. He was trying to match ink so he could counterfeit money.
Family and Children / Most Demanding Kids' Party Invitation Ever?
« Last post by Mayadoz on Today at 03:01:00 AM »
This appeared some time back so apologies if it's already been picked up and posted on here and I've missed it....but this was the first time I'd seen it.

Sorry, can't work out how to just post a picture of the invitation so had to include a link.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Pokemon Go craze
« Last post by Mayadoz on Today at 02:56:24 AM »
The often repeated demand has been answered and now we can expect an evolution object every 7 day pokestop streak.
There's also an 'aquatic' special event with more magicarps, squirtles and the second gen water starter until the 29!

When I opened the app this morning I got a notification about this - and as it was Day 7 for me, I got my first ever special item - a dragon scale. Don't know offhand what I can evolve with that so will need to look!

The aquatic event also explains why I saw 15 Magikarp this morning - never used to see that many when I was walking that darn fish!!  ;D
(I do feel like I've been walking Charmeleon for ever now....up to 65 candies so far.)

I also took the dog on a new walk this morning and found a gym hiding away in some ruins - there isn't one around us anywhere else. It's very much off the beaten track and a bit of an uphill scramble to get to it, so I might power up some of my stronger Pokemon and have the occasional battle when I do that route. Can't see it being *that* popular so who knows, I might even take it over!  ;D
All In A Day's Work / Re: Describing colleagues by referring to ethnicity
« Last post by lakey on Today at 01:52:52 AM »
I feel that a blanket policy that there should be no reference to a person's race is overkill. There might be certain situations where it is pertinent. For instance, you are helping someone find that person by describing them. On the other hand, if you are talking about some project the person is working on, or any workplace issue, and the person's race is referred to when it has no bearing on the issue, then that might look like you are making an issue of race.

As far as the  memo goes, not knowing the details it is hard to judge. However, it was probably a good idea for management to remind people to  think before they talk. The person who wrote the email did a good job of not accusing anyone of racism, but reminding people to be careful.
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