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The Facebook page isn't an "official" page of the town; it was started by someone who lives there. Not sure if that makes a difference. The moderator replied the post was racist, but the man just brushed it off with more racist comments and it looks like nothing has come of it. The "policy" of the page is that no one gets banned and anything goes. The post is still there and has been since yesterday.

It is up to the moderator to deal with the post, he can delete it or not.  If "anything goes and no one gets banned" I am not so sure why you are outraged, that type of behavior should be expected on a free page such as that.  You can probably expect much worse if the moderator doesn't moderate/monitor/delete posts he does not find offensive.     

I detest racist posts and delete them from my page but I certainly wouldn't take it upon myself to police everyone that posts those and notify their employers.  The fact that he works for the post office is no justification for reporting him. 

While I agree he is biting the hand that is feeding him, he's a doofus, let it go.   


When my brother was about 3 he was following my dad down the basement.  Dad noticed the furnace was making funny noises.  Then one of the pipes started to swell.  Dad turned and grabbed DB and headed back up the stairs just as the furnace exploded.

Add to this that I was in the hospital with a diabetic problem.  My grandmother called the hospital to speak with my mom.  All she said was "something happened at the house and they need you".  Mom gets home and finds the windows blown out of the house and Dad and DB covered in soot.

DB's only response was "House, boom".
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Who has an Instant Pot?
« Last post by soonerangel on Today at 02:26:08 PM »
I got one a few months ago when they were on sale on Amazon.  I have used it mostly as a rice cooker and a crockpot - I've never used a pressure cooker either, so I haven't familiarized myself with those functions yet!  My sister in law has one, though (she's the reason I got one), and she has used hers a lot, for many different things. 

I do love that I can cook jasmine and biryani rice very easily in it!
The fact that I work with a group of Ph.D. holding professors who cannot read.

This morning I went to turn on the light in the room that houses our copier and shredder.  Turn on the copier then notice something odd about the shredder.  There is a document stuck in the feeder.  That's odd because it wasn't there last night when I left, I thought.

Tried to pull out the document.  Nope, not working.  Tried to put the shredder into reverse.  It made grinding noises so I turned it off.  The document was about 1 1/2 inches thick (about 30 sheets of paper) and still had a staple in the upper left hand corner.

There is a sign on the front of the shredder that says "Shred only 10 pages at a time and remove ALL (yes it is capitalized) staples and clips prior to using the shredder".

Of course, no one is taking responsibility for this.  The only people here after 4:30 are professors who are seeing students.

Perfect ending?  The guy who fixes the shredders is off until Monday.

Even if the guilty party isn't discovered or doesn't own up, if every was questioned and inconvenienced, you still got the point of the sign across and kind of reminded everyone of the procedure.

Same professor I suspect broke the shredder just broke the copier as well.  >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(  Thank heavens I only have an hour to go.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: S/O Dear Dog...Dear Cat
« Last post by Ser Lucien Liliane on Today at 02:15:59 PM »
We've had cats who eat olives and pickles, drink cola, and one who thought chili on a Pringle was haute cuisine. :)
Honestly?  He deserves to lose his job.  You can hold whatever opinions you like, in your personal life.  But if you work for a government entity?  You keep them completely to yourself and your close, like-minded friends and you never post them on social media.

I'd disagree with this part, for many of the reasons DavidH posted - you're allowed to criticize the government in whatever format you like as long as you don't break laws while doing it. However, independent of the fact that this gentleman is exercising his first amendment rights, he's also expressing racist views in a format where he is representing his company (so to speak). If he were saying these things anonymously online, or on an account that doesn't identify him as an employee of the USPS, I'd bite my tongue. But since "don't say vile things against people in legally protected classes while openly affiliating yourself with us" is a pretty standard behavior clause in a lot of workplaces, I do think I'd forward the screenshot on to a higher-up. They can deal with any legal issues there in ways we can't on eHell  :)

And for a lot of government jobs, there are a lot of restrictions on what you can do politically. I'm not hugely familiar with the ones for the post office, but I have a job that is state civil service, and I can't do anything political on state time or with state resources. So if I post political stuff from home at 9pm, fine, but I can't do it at work, during my work hours, or with my work computer. It's possible he's running afoul of this too, depending on when and where he's posting from.
To me the challenge is that the cartoon is of the president and that changes this.  If it were simply a racist cartoon, I'd say report it.  However, since it's the president, there is the political component to it as well.  If you can't separate the racism from the political statement, I'd personally err on the side of allowing the political criticism since that is the purpose of free speech.  You don't have to agree with it and if you are worried that keeping silent means agreeing, then post an opposing view, but the right to free political commentary is important.

It is a right to free speech, not a right to no consequences of free speech. In face I would say that having it be of the president makes it even worse. Love him or hate him he is still the leader of our country and as such deserves respect. I would take a screen shot and send it to the postmaster. Let them decide if they want someone like that working there. I know if it was a private business I would not set foot in there. I don't support racists.
Way back when I was a baby my parents were driving through Texas.  They were driving an old Pontiac that tended to overheat and get "vapor lock" in summer, which it did this time.  My parents were stopped at a cafe for about 45 minutes, waiting for the car to cool down so they could get on with their trip.  It was there they got the news:  A bridge about 40 miles away had collapsed.  Had the car not overheated they likely could have been on that bridge when it collapsed, since it was on their direct route. 
All In A Day's Work / Re: Not Valuing Someone's Expertise
« Last post by PastryGoddess on Today at 01:49:06 PM »
I don't do this for free, and parents don't get the actual files.  They can opt in or opt out at that point.  If I want respect for what I do, I guess it's time to start acting that way.

I am curious what amount you would charge for the use of a photo? Would the purchaser be able to use the photo however he wanted after he "bought" it?

I participate in a lot of races and contests where my photo is taken. I imagine entry fees cover the cost of the photographers. Generally the images are free to everyone, but one time the photos were available for purchase as a fundraiser. Each image was $1.

I cannot vouch for comparative quality, but my local drugstore allows people to use any image to be printed on pillowcases, mugs, clothing, lifesize cutouts, etc.

That's not a fair question. Not only do prices change based on the customer, the situation, the exact rights being sold (print/digital/one-time use), etc., they vary based on the work and techniques involved. Yes, to some people, a photo is a photo is a photo. And that attitude is the basis for this whole thread: not valuing someone's expertise.   

Regardless, I sincerely doubt Goog has any desire to compete with your local drugstore, which, btw, is breaking the law if they are reproducing copyrighted material.

Oh - those were unconnected comments. I am wondering what Goog would charge and shared an unrelated story about when I bought an image taken "of" me but not for me. Of course all situations are different. I am wondering if Goog would charge $1 per image or $100 per image or (probably) somewhere in between. Because I value people's expertise but there is a tipping point where I personally will not pay for it. I think a lot of people are the same - we appreciate the talent but are not willing to pay for it at some price point.

Buying a picture doesn't transfer copyright. Just because you purchased an image doesn't mean you can reproduce it in any way that you want.  That right still belongs to the copyright holder. 

As someone who's sold their images for commercial use and as someone who contracts professional photographers to document my depends.  It depends on the photographer, on the vendor, on all sorts of things.  All of the photographers I've worked with on events have prominent watermarks on their images. If the photographer were to sell them, they'd offer them without the watermark.  I've found that the more the image is edited, the more it costs to purchase it. 

When I sell my own images, I use a drop shipping vendor.  So once I upload my images, my vendor handles the printing and shipping portion of the print to the client.  I sell my images for 5-10 percent above cost.  I try and find the cheapest vendors, but print quality is important and I'll only use certain labs. 
Many years ago my brother and his then wife were meeting my parents at a family style restaurant. DB and exSIL got there first and were waiting in the tiny waiting area near the door. They were distracted by their baby, a couple of months old at most, and took their eyes off their older daughter for just a few seconds. She would have been about 3 years old at the time. During that few seconds a man grabbed her by the hand and walked out of the restaurant with her. My parents were walking toward the entrance from the parking lot and DN happily ran to them, not knowing she had been in any danger. Before anyone could register what happened, the guy ran to a van and drove off-very fast.

So, that is an incident that could have been a tragedy in my family but luckily was not. What near misses have you had?
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