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Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Last post by nutraxfornerves on Today at 12:27:06 PM »
As it eventuated, the green space was the *approved space* that the Dean had given them, but SS Department Head decided that the parking spaces would be better, for some reason.

Not to negate the issue of moving your event without permission, but I can see one reason why green space isn't as good. Unless there are sidewalks or paved paths, green space is a nightmare for someone in a wheelchair.
Our fancy coffees and desserts weren't on this bill, we were trying to "save" some cash for the coffee shop on the resort so we could have coffee/tea (maybe dessert) there. We'd stayed at this resort before and knew we wanted to go there. The plan was to get the drinks and head up to the beach for a little walk. George's offer put us right at or a little over our limit, the woman who does expenses said we could still have our coffees. We just got coffees/ teas and didn't get dessert. I can't remember if we weren't hungry or didn't want to "push it" by adding dessert.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Grammar and spellling that make you twitch
« Last post by jaxsue on Today at 12:25:12 PM »
Last week I was at Home Depot and I think my head exploded.

In the space of 10 feet there were four signs.
Three of them were for:

Tall easle backed mirrors
Writting desks

It was too much, so I mentioned it to the associate.

I was back at the store two days later but could not bear to see if the signs had been fixed.
Instead, I just whimpered and buried my eyes on my husband"s shoulder when I saw the sign for miss-cut blinds.

One of the signs was computer printed (where was spell check?) The others were all hand written - in the same hand writing!  :o

I see a lot of this. What gets me the most is that some of these signs are produced in an office somewhere, supposedly by a professional (I can dream!). It's ridiculous.  :P
All In A Day's Work / Re: So, uh, who died?
« Last post by turnip on Today at 12:25:01 PM »
I wouldn't be furious either.  Frustrated, but I'd let it go.  This is what HR gets paid for after all - I suspect he doesn't get up in the morning hoping to ask someone about a recent death either.

IME,  bereavement days are often more about accounting rules than judgments on the closeness of a relationship.  One of those things it's best not to take too personally.
Oh boy, two years ago DH and I attended a service at an Episcopal church in MD that was doing a "Kirkin' (blessing) of the Tartan" ceremony where several people from the St. Andrews Society came to play the pipes and have their clan tartans and other heritage items blessed. 

At the reception afterwards, there were two different kinds of haggis and out of curiosity we tried some and man, that was delicious stuff!  My older two wolfed it down and wanted seconds!

Per the bolded: it literally means "churching of the tartans." My X-DH was a piper and we went to those services annually.
The Aldi near my parents' place is very nice with great meat and produce.  The two near me are awful, and I've given up.  My dad was concerned about the really poor quality he saw at the one closest to me (in a nice area, btw), and questioned a manager he knew about why my Aldi was so different from their Aldi.  The manager said that each store manager is responsible for the ordering and quality, and that if the quality was that bad, and it's a "food desert" of just junk, then to take it up with the manager, as that is what he/she is ordering.  I thought that was very interesting, but I haven't done it, as I figure if the local managers can't figure out they need to fix what they're doing, they aren't going to listen to one person who isn't even a regular.
Self-inserts are the worst charters ever. There are a few I've seen that worked out, but most are just horrible "Idealized" versions of the writer.

I've seen one that I thought worked, but the SI was a minor character and realistic rather than idealized.

Realistic is fine, but when someone copies themselves, crops out the flaws, and pastes the final product into their story, the outcome is terrible.
"To the wine, no one else had alcohol or cocktails. We have a pretty reasonable alcohol policy. We're allowed a drink or two, just have to stay under our daily total. Ariel and I didn't want alcohol, we wanted fancy coffee drinks and had planned accordingly, which is why I wasn't financing their wine."

This is where it begins to get more challenging.  Were the fancy coffee drinks excluded from the portion that was split as well?  It seems like either split the entire bill or pay ones own share.  I find the I'll split X parts, but not Y parts a rather awkward middle ground.

The fancy coffees were at a different establishment, so they were never part of the bill in question. From the OP:
Ariel and I had traveled into the conference together, during our travels we'd planned to have dinner and then have fancy coffee/ teas and dessert at a coffee shop at the resort.
The OP and Ariel were saving their money to have coffees and dessert later. Thus, they had a smaller restaurant bill than they might otherwise have had, because they did not get drinks or dessert at the restaurant.
I think either approach is OK.

I think having kids at the table, sharing in the conversation and the 'nicer' food, is a perfectly fine way to host a party.

I _also_ think giving kids a 'treat' of a kids-only table with kid-friendly foods and TV is a perfectly fine way to host a party.

We tend to do more of the first in our social circle, but the kids are all good friends who know each other well and have more fun with each other.  ( The oldest girl also loves the youngest girl and is happy to 'take responsibility' for her. )  It's really up to the host and what sort of dinner they envision.

I agree with a poster earlier - if you really dislike this mode of dinner, than you've learned not to have dinners hosted at this home. 

I will support you, though, if you want to be watchful of the TV presented.  One of the earliest bad memories of my childhood was when the kids were allowed to watch "Jaws" as a treat!  Scarred for life!   So I am quite OK with going to the host and asking for another television choice - or even leaving if you feel like the show is completely inappropriate.  I wish my parents had done the same for me!
I sometimes wish I could harness the way the Ig Nobel Awards keeps their speakers on track: An adorable 7-year-old girl goes up to them and yells: "I'm bored! I'm bored! I'm bored!"
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