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Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: You can never have too many / too much...
« Last post by Mommyoops on Yesterday at 08:40:26 PM »
My current obsession I s Lularoe  leggings. I love them and cannot get enough :)
All In A Day's Work / Re: tell a student they're being rude?
« Last post by Wordgeek on Yesterday at 08:32:16 PM »
Students' responsibilities include figuring out how to meet those responsibilities.  For the cheating, follow your department's guidelines. For the online submissions,  follow your policies. I expect my students to know how to submit things online and, glory hallelujah,  can they come up with creative ways to muff things up. Last assignment was a Word document and some of them still couldn't deal.

My coping method: Put everything in writing,  preferably on the class website if you have one. If not, hand out hard copies and keep the originals in a binder with the date you handed them out. Any pleas of "I didn't knowwwww" can be met with pointing to the relevant document. For online submissions, I'll do an orientation exercise / practice submission at the start of semester and I'll help during office hours. After a certain point, though, I'll send them to IT services and tell them to figure it out.
All the tomatoes are milled down.  Most of them are cooked down.  And I have 13 double portions of chili ready for the freezer, with one more pot to dish up so probably 18 portions.  I'll finish the rest of the sauce tomorrow.  And hopefully get the potato leek soup, if I can find my recipe, made, too.  And then there is the outside work to do.

BF and I also went over and got his Mom's plants inside since it is supposed to be really cold overnight on Monday and they'd freeze.

We managed to get out and pick up dog food, a booze run for the ingredients for my 'medicinal' drink and a grocery store run that ended up being much larger than planned, due to finding stuff we needed on sale.  (The medicinal drink is equal parts Southern Comfort and Amaretto, topped with orange juice.  When I feel a cold coming on, I drink one or two of those and I don't get the cold 9 times out of 10.  Don't know whether it is the booze, the orange juice or placebo but it works.)
All In A Day's Work / Re: tell a student they're being rude?
« Last post by Two Ravens on Yesterday at 08:15:52 PM »
It doesn't seem like she has enough of a grasp of English to even understand the nuances of "tone," so I am not sure what good would come of bringing it up.

I do think you are overreacting a little bit, though I can see how this would be annoying. Your student is clearly very frustrated as well.
25 general / Re: How to approach Noisy Neighbor about this
« Last post by pattycake on Yesterday at 08:12:31 PM »
I'm sorry but I'm not really sure what you plan to approach NN about. She's having work done during customary work hours. I'm sorry about the dust but leaving your windows open means you take that risk. Now that you know she's doing work, you'll know to leave them closed until its done. Nor do I think you can ask her to clean the outside of the house. Work happens, pollen happens, grime happens. Part of having a house is dealing with this stuff. What exactly would you say to her anyway? Please come wash my windows?

I respectfully disagree. If my neighbour is having work done on the outside of their house which makes a mess on the outside of my house, yes, I would expect them to clean it. It's not usual outdoor grime, it's being created by the work being done.

I would consider asking the landlord who contracted the work - if it was the landlord then you could just ask them to have it cleaned, but if it was the neighbour, then you're going to have to decide which is more important, having your house cleaned (thereby necessitating a talk with the neighbour - notes are not the way to go, because at the very least they can be ignored), or not potentially escalating the chill from the neighbour.

**eta to fix grammar
All In A Day's Work / Re: tell a student they're being rude?
« Last post by Alicia on Yesterday at 08:10:56 PM »
I wouldn't ocus on tone. I would focus on cheating and also that ability to do the work matters. As you have opened it once and it works I would email back that it opens and if having further difficulty to come to office hours with their laptop. 
27 general / Re: How to approach Noisy Neighbor about this
« Last post by Chickadee on Yesterday at 08:08:08 PM »
I wouldn't bother talking to NN. From your background info I doubt she would be inclined to do anything, plus she probably didn't contract the work anyway.

I would definitely talk to the landlady though. You could ask her if she plans on having any more work done would she please give you a heads up so you can be sure your windows are closed. Then explain to her that you had to wash all of your bedding from two bedrooms due to the dust and grime that filtered through your screens.

It may be unlikely, but she might offer to have at least that side of your house pressure washed. At the very least you will be making her aware that she could have mitigated some of the negative impact her project had upon her neighbor.

For what it's worth you have my sympathy. The house beside me and the house directly across the street from me are now rentals. We've had great neighbors, but we've also had some that made me want to tear my hair out.
All In A Day's Work / Re: tell a student they're being rude?
« Last post by cicero on Yesterday at 08:06:56 PM »
I've worked with a very diverse group of people from all over the world over the past 8 years so I've dealt with my share of "emails and conversations sounding short/weird/rude"  as well as reports being over the top,  archaic and bad.

I also remember a college professor of mine who taught in English but really had a bad command of the language.  She would say "you should"  for optional things,  and "you can"  for mandatory,  but we didn't realize this till the end of the semester when she deducted points from our grade because we didn't submit assignments from the "you can"  list ::)

I think it is most likely a language issue here.

I personally would be much more unhappy with the cheating (I don't buy the "different concept of cheating"  but I guess that issue has been resolved).

Since this student doesn't seem to know what they are doing,  can you ask them to come to your office during your office hours and you will try to resolve this issue?
ETA : typos
At a quilt show, seeing a quilt displayed that my great-grandmother made in 1907!

It was quite by accident. My friend invited our old quilt group (we don't meet any more) to a quilt show and tea at her church. I was down at the front of the church looking at a couple of quilts when a picture caught my eye - it was my great-grandmother! Not a picture that looked like her, but her picture that I have on my wall at home! I did a double take, then looked quickly at the label that was with it, and sure enough it was my great-gran!

I knew that my first cousin once removed also went to this church, but wasn't sure if she was even still alive as she would be in her 80's - same age as my mom would have been, and they were first cousins. Cousin's mother and my grandmother were sisters. Cousin was out of town but put the quilt in the show anyway for people to see. I didn't even know it existed. I have another quilt (or more like a summer throw as there's no batting in it) that great-gran made probably in the thirties. Cousin's quilt is more a utility quilt - not fancy, just squares of heavy, dark materials (wool and like fabrics - I should have taken more pictures of the individual squares), and the quilting is not that great, but the herringbone stitches that are over the seams are really good! I guess she was a better embroiderer than she was a quilter. She was also a milliner - this picture that we have shows her in a very fancy tall hat that she made! My friend got the impression that the quilt has been stored for a long time, and that Cousin may not really want to keep it any longer so I told Friend to tell Cousin that "Hello! Quilter in the family!!" wouldn't mind taking care of it.
All In A Day's Work / tell a student they're being rude?
« Last post by Dr. F. on Yesterday at 07:45:10 PM »
This a weird one, and I'm not sure what to do.

I have a group of 3 international students in one of my classes. They've been probematic from the beginning. They cheated on the first exam. I gave them a serious talking-to warning, as many international students often have a different definition of cheating. They then cheated an another assignment. So, I'm already pretty irritated with them, which I'm afraid is coloring my perceptions.

Anyway, one of them has been emailing me repeatedly about an online assignment, saying that it's not open to complete. Whenever I check, it is, and I email her such and she responds that no, it isn't. We go back and forth like this several times with me telling her to check various things, until I ask her to send me a screen shot of where she's stuck. Well, it's clear that she has NO idea how to use the online software. Grump.

Anyway, the tone of the emails is what is concerning me. They're, well, borderline rude.

An example,
 "Hello mam,
   There no any of them is can see it in attachment. Can you please go through it and check it once and please open it for me. Please mam I am waiting for that mam."

Imagine getting this 4x in a row. They're simultaneously kowtowing, demanding, and whiny.

Honestly, I suspect that a) more response is greater than it would be normally as I'm already irritated, b) she probably doesn't mean to rub me the wrong way. My question - do I tell her that her "tone" is not great, probably through a lack of familiarity with English? If so, how? (Also, am I overreacting, in eHell's opinion? I'll accept that if it's the consensus.)
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