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Actually, Easter Hat, no.  I believe that the amount of projection and awfulizing done here,  actualy encourages the OPs to see thier family and friends in the worst possible light and attempts to convince them not only that they are victims,  but if they don't take some drastic measure, they are sure to be further victimized.  I have no idea what the OP or any other poster actually does (I have l long suspected that many don't act IRL with the same over-the-top reactions as claimed here), but unfortunately some become regular posters who return with more evidence about how everyone sucks.  This OP? Who knows.  I just hope that she doesn't react the way some of you have.

It's interesting that you feel that there has been more focus in this thread on awfulizing the couple, where as, I found that more posters were posting things that make the OP's DH sound bad.

I went back and read through the first 4 or 5 pages of comments. There were a few people (I counted 3 posters) that I think projected future poor behavior (might start asking for financing of the event or might start changing their minds), but most were focusing on the original question of dealing with the emails. But I found more posts (5 posters)  that were "why doesn't your DH just do the research" or "why does he insist on calling his brother versus communicating via email like he was asked".

It wasn't till after those comments that many of us started trying to explain why we would have a problem with complying with the couple's request for responding with a costume within 2 weeks.

I was taken back by your initial post that said basically that the DH needed to decide if he was willing to comply with all requests or decide to step down from the wedding party. I was like "wait, what? Just because the DH is wanting to get off an email chain about a wedding 18 months in the future asking for clearer instructions, he needs to evaluate his relationship with his brother and decide to step down from the wedding party."

Where you've been focused on the comments from posters that imply the couple are being difficult or there is a bridezilla in the making, I've been focused on the comments about how the DH and the OP just aren't willing to get into the spirit of the wedding.

We really don't know how the OP will perceived the entire thread (or if she'll even read all of it) so there is no way we could assume that our comments will impact her view of the upcoming wedding. If she is like most of us she'll discard the over the top comments with a roll of the eyes and move on to something that sounds more feasible.
Okay, I need the wisdom of my E-Hell pals once again. :)

We are having an event next Friday at work that involves participation in a county-wide fundraiser for a nationwide charitable organization (Relay for Life, if you're familiar).

Anyway, our team is doing a bake sale this year, and I was thinking of making cupcakes, or possibly chocolate chip cookies sandwiched together with my white chocolate buttercream frosting that I make. Yesterday, however, my mom went to a local strawberry patch and picked me a huge batch of fresh berries. So then I thought - mmmmm..... Strawberry tarts! Perfect for Spring, and NO ONE else is bringing anything similar! 

So anyway, all of that to say - the event isn't until next Friday, so I need to make the tarts next Thursday night. What is the best way to keep my strawberries fresh until then? They were picked yesterday and have been in the fridge overnight, so I'm thinking freezing them should be fine. But should I wash them first, wash them after...? Should I take them out of the freezer on Wednesday morning, Thursday morning...? Any advice from people who know more about strawberries than I do would be very much appreciated!
I would just drop the contact since it sounds like this was a business contact. If you want to respond you can say that you had 2 criteria, color and gender and in this case color won out over gender and you had also factored in the emotional impact of air travel for the dog and the additional cost of transport. It could be that he was saying that if you were open to a female in that color he would provide that as well.

Curious... I don't know why you are referring to them as irresponsible parents.

The term for people who breed dogs (add an "er") is sometimes used derogatorily to refer to human parents. The mods understandably find this rude and the filters change it. I've only ever seen it used on here when people are clearly referring to people who breed animals (a correct and not offensive use) but the filter can't distinguish

This is exactly what happened. I didn't realize the filters were correcting my language until my second post. Sorry for the confusion!

They didn't have any puppy in the color we wanted. They only had an older dog. To be fair, when I saw his picture, I wanted him immediately. He was the spitting image of my beloved Curly Joe, who we lost three years ago. When we put him next to the puppy, the puppy won with the whole family.
Acknowledging and empathizing with valid feelings isnít ďawfulizingĒ. I fully get why the OP and her DH felt irritation at the tone and volume of the emails and by receiving directions that managed to be both vague and restrictive about what to wear. Iíd feel the same way in their place. I donít think their feelings need correcting or their attitude needs adjusting. They asked what to do about it, not how to feel about it.
I was at a grocery store & noticed this sign taped to the checkout stand:

Attention Customers!!!
Would you like to see one of our associates in a goofy hat ?
Contribute to March for Babies and an associate of your choice will wear a silly hat.
$3.00=30 minutes
$5.00=1 hour
$20.00=The Rest of the Day!

I understand it's for a good cause, but I found it really offputting that someone at the corporate office decided "Wouldn't it be hilarious if customers could force a random employee to wear a dumb hat ?" :P I didn't see any employees in silly hats, so hopefully the promotion will flop & they won't bring it back next year.

The bank I worked for did something similar (20 years ago), that was part of the "bluejeans for babies" thing. We brought in our own silly hat from home, and we were allowed to opt out. If this is the same, I think it gets a pass.
I think it would be much more fun to see the CEO price check and bag groceries. I'd pay for that.
At work, there's a parking spot for "employee of the month" and a car is always parked there. However, I don't believe there's an employee of the month program. Nobody ever hears anything about it. So who is parking there?

I haven't paid attention if it's the same car, but now I'm curious. I'm going to make note if it's the same car the rest of the month and if it's different next month.
Gardening / Re: Mel Has Fun With Aquaponics
« Last post by Outdoor Girl on Today at 08:42:44 AM »
I'm pretty sure a lot of them are! I'm now plotting how to catch a couple without traumatising all of them. :P

Fishing pole with a hook and worm?   ;D
Well, it IS an unpleasant thing for the OP.  Why do you get to decide for the OP that her problem isn't valid and she needs to suck it up?  Just to stick up for this HC that none of us knows?  I'd prefer to give the person of our community the benefit of the doubt and assume that she has valid reason for looking for advice.

I didn't read anyone as deciding for the OP that her problem isn't valid, or that she does not have a valid reason for looking for advice. What I read (and what I agree with) is that the OP cannot change what anyone else does but can only change her own reactions and behavior. Some posters have advised the OP that awfulizing the HC is not likely healthy for the OP or for the relationship with the HC and the family. The OP can certainly ignore this advice, but giving that advice is not akin to telling the OP her problem isn't valid.
Gardening / Re: Mel Has Fun With Aquaponics
« Last post by Mel the Redcap on Today at 08:06:01 AM »
I'm pretty sure a lot of them are! I'm now plotting how to catch a couple without traumatising all of them. :P
People who pluraize certain words, names and terms. The one that irks me is Lyme Disease. No, its not Lymes. its not. so please stop calling it that! The latest offender is a friend of mine, who also is a health care professional!

Have you seen it written down by her? Otherwise I would assume she said "Lyme's Disease"... as in it belongs to Lyme rather than that it's plural. Doesn't make it any more correct, but it would at least make a tad more sense?

Nope. It was a FB post, and it said clear as day "Lymes" and she mentioned it several times too!
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