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I love all of the GameStops in this area - don't know if it's a regional thing, but I have never gotten the 'no girls allowed' vibe from any of them.  The workers that I've talked to have all been extremely helpful and friendly, and have good suggestions.

Recently I did buy a game on recommendation and just didn't enjoy it at all, but the guy who sold it to me was so incredibly enthusiastic about it that I think it was probably his newest favorite game ever, and he just wanted everyone to try it.   :P  Their return policy is pretty generous, too.

I also really like Freebird Burrito places.  Everybody there is very friendly, super laid-back, and just generally nice to deal with.
Family and Children / MIL told me to "zip it"!
« Last post by metallicafan on Yesterday at 11:14:47 PM »
Every Saturday my kids go to religious education classes at a school that is close to my in laws.  Afterwards,  we always go to their house bedause the kids want to see them,  and of course raid their refrigerator.   My older son has taken a liking to big slices of raw onion on his sandwich.   The resulting onion breath makes me gag, I despise raw onions.  In spite of me reapeatedly telling my son to use mouth wash/ brush his teeth afterwards, he inevitably doesn't.   
I've started telling him that if he refuses to use mouth wash or brush his teeth after eating raw onions, that I don't want him to eat them. 
For some reason,  my MIL doesn't like me telling my son not to eat the onions.   Today, after I told him yet again, she told me to "zip it".
I feel like she has overstepped.   What can I say next time?
"I'm afraid that won't be possible." / Re: Thanks E hell
« Last post by magician5 on Yesterday at 10:47:55 PM »
Pretty good, but I think it might have gone over better if you phrased it  "Dear Friend, I am afraid that we have to limit our numbers to what we can afford and while nothing is set in stone and for that reason we won't be able to accommodate your request."

So, no excuses (what we can afford) and no raising hopes that things might change (nothing is set in stone).
"I'm afraid that won't be possible." / Re: Thanks E hell
« Last post by FoxPaws on Yesterday at 10:46:59 PM »
I think you did great. It's pretty nervy to ask for TWO extra guests.

The reason we can't do ham is because we have that on the 24th.

I thought you were having seafood on the 24th though?

Yep. We have the following: seven fish dishes (including pasta with clams and such), a ham (some people don't like seafood), lasagna, and sides.
Family and Children / Things my kid(s) think are rude
« Last post by TootsNYC on Yesterday at 10:40:24 PM »
I have a 16yo son. Lately I've been noticing lots of things that he defines as rude. It's interesting!

* He was making arrangements for trick-or-treating after school; his costume is very bulky, and his school is a bit of a bus commute away in the neighborhood where his friend lives. I suggested he ask his friend if he could park the costume at her place in the morning. "That's imposing on my friend, Mom."

* He changes out of uniform after school and puts on a tank-style undershirt. It was just the 2 of us for supper the other day, and he said, "Oh, wait, I should change my shirt, shouldn't I? Isn't this rude?" I told him, since it was just us, it was fine.

* DH and I invited another couple over for dinner on a Sat. night, and I told DS I'd like him to join us for dinner at least. Shortly before they got her, he said, "I need to change, I need a shirt with a collar." (He gets that from his dad.)

*When he was much younger, he got really offended that one of his friends had brought the 2 younger brothers along to the Nerf gun b'day party. We adapted; I hadn't planned on them and wasn't sure I'd have enough party-favor Nerf guns; we didn't, so the littlest one went home w/ a broken gun (for pretend shooting). DS thought this was incredibly presumptous of his friend, even though he was somewhat gracious in the moment to the younger kids; he vented about it afterward.

*He'd invited some friends over recently, and one friend said he was coming but never showed. DS was really offended. "If you're not going to come, that's cool, but don't just not show up!" I told him maybe he hadn't actually cleared the scheduling with his mom, in which case maybe DS should cut his friend some slack, and DS insisted, "No, he wouldn't say yes without checking first." So he was offended.

What sorts of etiquette rules have your kids seemed to either instinctively had, or pick up by osmosis.
Holidays / Re: Your holiday hill to die on.
« Last post by Luci on Yesterday at 10:22:19 PM »
Both DH & I got scolded via email that we didn't tell them early enough despite the fact that they were in Europe & not to be contacted unless it was an emergency. Sigh.

As for Christmas I've put my foot down about traveling but we will be headed to my parents on the 26th for a family reunion for my Dad's family the night of the 27th. Which apparently meant to my Mom that we would be thrilled to go to the other family reunion on the 28th for her family which is on our way home! That's true it would be not far out of our way but we have to be home by 4 to pick up the dog who can't come to my parent's house (that's fine their house, their rules) & going to the 2nd family reunion will mean we wouldn't be home until close to 7 PM. So that little side trip turns a 5 hour drive home into a 12 hour day of traveling. Nope.

It would all about my Mom showing off her grandkids. Honestly I went to that party every.single.year until I moved across country & was always bored out my skull.

Really don't understand why she doesn't understand why going to the winter reunion is not going to happen when there's another reunion 6 months later with the same core group of people at a better time of year for everyone.

DH was happy I held my ground!

I have overclipped your post. I do understand, have only been in your position a couple of time, have done it our way, and as the elder now, I don't expest much of anyone except love and the time they have for us.

If you have stated your case simply with parents, your family agenda made and alternatives done (summer! cool!), and DH on board, just reassure your parents that you love them and do...not....JADE.

I do understand the "showing off the grandkids" thing, but got over that when I realized that I could see the great cousins often, and no one really cared how perfect our grandchildren are or how much they love me. Hope you mom gets over that. And there is only so much time - balances must be made. (Actually, hugs to your parents, too. They have to grow up.)

Sending you polish and even a shavingt of my titanium spine, and lots of good wishes.
Recipe Requests / Re: How do you like your stuffing ( dressing )
« Last post by lilfox on Yesterday at 10:20:26 PM »
I use Stovetop exclusively.  Well, almost - I made stuffing from scratch once and it was really tasty but so much work, it wasn't worth the payoff to me.  It also doesn't work well in layered leftover casseroles, and Stovetop is perfect for that texture-wise and amount-wise (1 box per casserole).  Almost always the Turkey flavor, but have done Chicken (with roast chicken) and Cornbread, which was okay but didn't seem Thanksgiving-y to me.

I do not like any stuffing with fruit, especially dried fruit, or sausage or other meats that are not turkey.  A relative makes sausage stuffing so when they host, I can eat it but not with gravy or in bites with the other foods.  Last time she made it, she added something sweet that I couldn't identify (cloves, maybe?) but it was jarring.  Worse, she made the layered casserole with that stuffing and rendered it inedible to me.
Techno-quette / Re: Neutral or Negative Review on Ebay
« Last post by SPuck on Yesterday at 10:18:20 PM »
I received my item, but the seller didn't respond to my inquiries and didn't ship the item until four days after I paid. It just bugs me because the other sellers were so prompt. The item also came a little dusty but then that was a common complaint in in the seller's reviews anyway so I was expecting it.

Weather wouldn't have been and issue for this delivery. The route was New Jersey to Massachusetts.
The AutoZone location near me just earned the chain my business again.  I'd sworn off AutoZone years ago due to how snidely I'd been treated at multiple locations with the "you're a girl, you can't possibly know anything about cars" attitude.  Unfortunately my favorite auto parts store doesn't have any locations within a few hundred miles of me, and my choices here were AutoZone and Napa, and I hate Napa even more than I hate AutoZone, so off to AutoZone I went.  The man I dealt with today was beyond awesome, and I never once got even a tiny whiff of the "girls can't work on cars" attitude that I'd come to expect from the chain.
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