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Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: What.....wait, .....WHAT?
« Last post by gmatoy on Today at 10:10:54 PM »
I had started to date a guy who proudly told me that he convinced his boss to pay him in cash so there was no record of his employment. He did this so that he would get out of having to pay child support to his ex-wife for their two children. He told me that is not uncommon in the construction industry, especially with small companies. He could not understand why my mouth was hanging open in shock and disgust rather than in awe at his cleverness.

Well, wasn't it kind of him to let you know about his character (or lack there of) so early? (I totally understand why your mouth was open!)
Holidays / Re: It doesn't feel like Christmas in some cities.
« Last post by Luci on Today at 10:06:48 PM »
The Peoria area did have that very damaging tornado only a little over a year ago...I'd totally understand if businesses etc. scaled back on extraneous things!

We were there with an Early Responders Team in Washington, Illinois, and Gilbert, Illinois, last fall. Both are east of Peoria. I don't think it really hit Peoria more that just a big storm. Can you send me a link to the area the storm covered? I can't find anything more than "Peoria Area". Thank you for remembering. It was as heartbreaking to us as any other tornado/flood/hurricane that we have been to. 
Family and Children / Re: S/O the kiss hello
« Last post by Zizi-K on Today at 09:53:37 PM »
My family is of European descent, and we still have a lot of family in countries were the double-cheek kiss is de rigeur. It would be considered very rude and strange not to "faire la bise" with that family or in that country because that is the norm. In the US, things are much more uneven. One family might only do hugs, another might do a single cheek kiss, others keep it to a handshake, etc. However, I would say in my experience, a hug is a pretty standard greeting amongst friends and family. If you hate hugging, and hate people touching you in general, I think you have to realize that you are an outlier. That doesn't make it bad or wrong or something to change necessarily, but I think you have to be upfront with people, most of whom will definitely not understand your feelings without you telling them in some way. People you see more often would need more of an explanation, I think, while it might be better to use something short and sweet with newer acquaintances. In subtle ways, we all train each other in our interactions. The first time someone goes to hug you, you just step back and put out your arm, and say with a big smile, "Sorry, I'm not a hugger. It's great to see you, though, happy holiday! How are things going..." This kind of thing wouldn't be off-putting if done warmly, but the acquaintance would likely remember this preference in the future.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: What.....wait, .....WHAT?
« Last post by AzaleaBloom on Today at 09:53:29 PM »
I was having dinner with my parents once, and my dad mentioned an old boyfriend of my mother's from college.  He said something about how the guy went on to play in the NBA.

So, when I got home that night, I looked up the guy - and found out that not only did he play in the NBA, but he was on a team that won the Finals. 

I then pulled up a recent picture of the guy - and started laughing hysterically.  DH was in the room with me and asked what was so funny.  I showed him the picture, and asked him who the guy reminded him of.  He immediately said "Your father!" 

That weird moment when you realize your parents have types also ... and that your parents actually had interesting lives.
All In A Day's Work / Re: "Are you still teaching?"
« Last post by Lindee on Today at 09:31:05 PM »
It would make a difference what tone was used.  If it was a normal sounding question I would assume they were just checking on my current work situation as a conversational item but an incredulous or sneering sounding "are you STILL a teacher?"  would be very different. Unless it was a very obvious "I'm the CEO of a multinational and you are still only a teacher, sneer" type remark I would assume it was an innocuous and friendly enquiry as to my employment status.
I think you handled the situation just fine.  I don't think you were rude. 

I think what should have happened was the yoga facilitator should have gone to the senior center supervisor and explained the dilemma.  This may be a public facility, but it is a private party.  A ramada at the park is public, but that doesn't mean I can go help myself to the food at the Anderson family picnic.  With a group so large, that it's hard to tell who belongs and who does not, something needs to be put in place so that only yoga participants have access to the kitchen/dining area during the private party.  If this facility rents space to outside entities, they should already have measures in place to keep the senior center participants out of these private groups.   

I give a pass that the senior may not have understood completely the scope of the potluck and private party, which is why the senior center staff should be involved in monitoring and helping the situation.
The only thing I can add is that perhaps the sign on the door about the potluck actually alerted some of the moochers that there was delicious food on the premises.  Maybe it would be better not to put up a sign.  Or, perhaps you and your group could think of a sign to put up that would repel the invaders before the next potluck.  I can't think of anything clever tonight, but even a sign saying that the kitchen was closed for fumigation would be better than the notice of food.

Yes, maybe you can suggest the next sign simply say "Yoga class meeting" with no hint of food.
One of my favorite coworkers of all time was incredibly lazy.  However, she frequently came up with absolutely brilliant ways to streamline our processes and eliminate effort.  Her laziness ultimately saved the company a lot of money and resulted in less work for everyone. 
29 general / Re: No, I'm not just a gullible consumer
« Last post by Hmmmmm on Today at 09:11:55 PM »
Since you are aware he is judgemental about purchases, don't engage.

Him: What's that your carrying?
You; items I needed. Hey are you still needing me to feed your cat next week.
Him: but what's in the bag?
You: why do you need to know?
Holidays / Re: It doesn't feel like Christmas in some cities.
« Last post by squeakers on Today at 09:08:14 PM »
The town next to us in the photo and further down in the story.

Our town has wreaths up and holiday banners.  And there is the one house that goes crazy with lights, statues, blow up santas and is basically an explosion of color.  They also do Halloween that way.

Our house has one huge wreath up and I have a 6" Christmas tree that is USB powered.  I love watching the little fiberglass tips change colors.
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