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Family and Children / Re: How to get relatives to back off
« Last post by gellchom on Today at 12:14:29 PM »

Now, I can also see that backfiring somewhat if Grandma really tries to insist you answer her. In that case I'd answer with "Grandma, I already answered." Period. No elaboration or JADEing. If you do go this route, you have to stay strong and never actually answer the question again unless there is an actual update you want to share with her. Although I'd be wary about doing that because it would open up the door again...

or " asked me this twice.  Are you starting to forget things?"

Maybe you are joking, but to me this sounds mean.
Guesstimate is one that drives me crazy also.

I am in a business that gives estimates for sprinkler system repairs.  It is amazing how one can quickly try to convert an estimate to a quote and thus a contract when the estimate is off because of unforeseen circumstances.  For example: I estimate it will cost $100 to fix your broken sprayer.  However, after digging up the line I find it is an old valve that is not stuck, but broken and has to be replaced with new more expensive upgraded valve for $200. Suddenly, you say we had a contract! 

Uh,no, my xray vision wasn't working when I estimated that job, I could not possibly foresee that the underground valve was more than 10 years old and would have to be replaced.  And yes, this very information is printed on all estimate forms that customers sign before work begins.  This is an estimate based on above ground observations, etc .... 

And now you want a "guess", what exactly did you think you were getting before ?

We are supposed to be doing an Italian trip with DH's extended family next year.  I'm not sure what the tour location is going to be, yet.  I'll be doing lots of research on that one.   Luckily, DH just got a new electric wheelchair.  I'm thrilled that my back won't be working overtime on the trip.

Chiming in late here, but we took my MIL to a few cities in Italy a couple years ago (85, using a transport chair). Venice was a challenge because altho it's flat, there's a bridge every 5 feet and we'd forgotten that some of them are rather tall. She can do stairs, slowly, so we managed, but it was harder than we'd anticipated. Trains would be a problem for anyone actually unable to step up into the cars. Lucca, Pisa, Ferrara, and Bologna worked out well. They're flat and pretty small. Bologna is bigger but has good buses, and the old town is pretty compact.

So it can be done!  :)
Our cat, Sarah, caught a mouse today.
Our pure white cat, Sarah.
Our stone deaf, pure white cat, Sarah.
Our stone deaf, pure white cat, Sarah, who has seen mice we've caught before* and shown no interest in them.

*There's a garbage can that we keep enpty because they just fall into it, due to its proximity to a bookshelf. So it's become a catch and release trap. Sarah... didn't get the memo about the release part.
OP, the first time BN mentioned that your daughter invited the kids you should have said "Well, Sarah, doesn't make playdates; I do.  If she says the kids can come over please check with me before sending them".

I have to POD other posters who've recommended you take "time away" from the trampoline.  If the girls she's babysitting show up in your yard without permission simply walk them back to BN's house and tell her "remember, I'm taking a break from the trampoline".

If you don't shut this down soon I suspect you'll come home one day and find the kids in your yard while you weren't home.
All In A Day's Work / Re: Would this be bad form?
« Last post by RubyCat on Today at 11:42:38 AM »
Thanks for the feedback.  When I had run the idea by dh, he thought it might not be a good thing to do if I were considering looking for a new position.  However, he's been self employed for most of his life and when it comes to management vs worker issues, he's sometimes not the best sounding board.

Shifts tend to be 8 or 12 hours.  Sometimes we'll pick up a 4 hour shift but not very often.  More often, we'll stay an extra 4 hours if asked. 

I hate asking for accommodations and it's true that I'd feel guilty asking and then leaving soon after.  I'm also reluctant to give up 4 hours of pay a week.  Even though we can afford it, it still bugs me.  Also, I'd be less available to help sick uncle or babysit the grandkids.  That might also help with the burnout, though.  So many things to think about.  I think the schedule is already set through the beginning of February so I have a few days to think this through. But if I'm honest with myself, it's not good for me to continue as I have been.  I'm really aggravated with myself that I don't have unlimited spoons.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Inexpensive Gift of Tea?
« Last post by sejeroo on Today at 11:33:31 AM »
There are all kinds of fun tea infusers out there, too!
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Inexpensive Gift of Tea?
« Last post by #borecore on Today at 11:31:38 AM »
I would go to TJ Maxx or Marshall's or Cost Plus/World Market. They almost always have unusual teas on pretty wooden boxes or tins, and definitely have cute mugs, too.

I think an assortment is your best bet. Throw in some cookies or candy if it fits in the budget.
Going out with friends tonight, after a really crappy few weeks at work.

And in a virtually all new outfit too!!
As I guest, I usually ask what I can bring, as my group of friends kind of grew up together from being broke 20 somethings to being people with our own homes and families.  The hosts of any party would generally make the main and the guests would bring the appetizers, sides and desserts.  But if the host/ess says, 'Not a thing!', I don't bring anything that is intended to be served for the meal.  I'll bring some wine and I might bring a food item that is intended as a gift but could also be served, if the host/ess desires.  This time of year, it is likely to be a plate of Christmas cookies.

As a host/ess, I generally don't ask anyone to bring anything.  If I'm asked, 'What can I bring?', I'll usually ask for something that could be an extra to the meal but not pivotal.  I like to have control of the menu so I know I have enough food.  We hosted DF's family at Thanksgiving and his SIL asked what she could bring so I suggested a salad, which made a nice addition.

DF's Mom is easy to get along with.  She has her traditions, though, so anything I bring is generally extra.  She hosts on New Year's Day, which is DF's birthday.  So I offer to make whatever cake he wants for his birthday and then whatever else she'd like me to make.  This year, we only live 5 minutes away so it will be easier to go over and help her with vegetable prep and so on.

I don't think it is fair to ask someone to bring something very specific, unless it is a signature dish for that person.  So someone who knows I make this fantastic chocolate orange zucchini cake (if I do say so myself  ;D) could ask me to specifically bring that but asking me to bring a pineapple cheesecake that they've never seen me make before is not on, IMO.

Any chance of you sharing the recipe for that cake?   ;D
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