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Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Your "I'm not that old!!!" moments
« Last post by RegionMom on Today at 03:26:12 PM »
Oh carp, that means my SON is old enough to serve!

I mean, yes, he did turn 18 in December and is graduating HS and off to college in the fall, but he is...a kid...not ready to be off and serve his country?!?  A dorm, ok.  a bunker? 

I know people that serve/have served, and they are so mature and focused...DS is just not there yet.  :)
Recipe Requests / Favorite WW recipes?
« Last post by TriCrazy73 on Today at 03:26:09 PM »
I just started Weight Watchers....and I don't want to rely on frozen meals, etc.  Does anyone have any favorite recipes (casserole, chicken, beef..etc.) that would work for me as well as my family?  I'd like to stick to the 10 points and under range, if possible.  If not, maybe up to 15 points would be okay.  Thanks!
This has happened recently in my family and I found I have rather strong views on it personally.  We were invited to a family members religious wedding 2 years after their legal ceremony.  Both DH & I were confused.  They share a last name, refer to each other as husband & wife, live together, share their married benefits and really, behave as a married couple in every sense of the word.  So that was the first thing that sprung to mind for me, we have already acknowledged the marriage by sending gifts and congratulations.  We were not invited to the first ceremony so witnessing then was not an option.

So two years later receiving this invite coupled with all the big white wedding traditions (showers, registries) has all left a bad taste in our mouths.  There are several of us in the family who are very confused, asked each other what was up - should we send gifts?  Go?  What do we do?  I get that now is their religious ceremony, but I have to think what we were the previous two years then?  I truly do not get it.  If they called this their religious blessing or the actual name of this particular ceremony, I would understand a whole lot better - but using the word wedding when they are already wed, along with things like showers and registries is just off-putting. 

Especially when you're looking at quite a substantial sum to attend and take vacation time off of work.  I don't see how you can wed again in the same marriage, but I do understand religious ceremonies.  And this one in particular requires you to behave as an unwed couple not living together, when we all know that is not the case.  Where I see being the line is not whether they are being just deceitful, but whether the couple is truly behaving in a way as to what this ceremony is and what they are asking of their guests.  Otherwise it's asking ME to be deceitful for them if we go along with it, imo and I don't like it one bit.

There's no way to make this sound like anything but a gift grab. 

Dealing with one of these right now in our family... deliberately deceitful so they can have their BWW long after the fact.  They both have said "we feel like we didn't get the wedding gifts we would have had we had a BWW so we are having it now"
Calling it a renewal of their vows or a celebration reception would be acceptable - calling it a wedding, not really. 
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Baby Names - You're kidding Right???
« Last post by RegionMom on Today at 03:23:05 PM »
that thar dern Ephelila is such a bad-un!

(poor attempt at an accent)

I also prefer Ophelia Fern as opposed to Fern Ophelia.
My husband has an obsession with cars having to be absolutely clean inside. Nothing should be in the car except things like window scrapers, the owner's manual, etc.

This results in him deciding to be "helpful" and taking things out of my car if he happens to notice something in there. Which often results in him doing things like removing packages I put in there to take to the post office the next day, or a bag of clothes I was going to return to the store, or a box of things I was going to give to a co-worker. I have told him repeatedly to stop taking things out of my car, but he still does it.

I am now going to have to just lock my car and keep the keys in my purse to stop him from his obsessive removal of things from my car.

This would drive me nuts. Evilsiamsecat would be tempted to rig up my car with some sort of loud alarm and flashing lights, and water gun, that would go off ONLY when he went near the car, to ward him off. I keep a lot of stuff in my car too, and woe to anyone who'd remove it so it wasn't there when I needed it!
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Things never to say to....
« Last post by Kariachi on Today at 03:08:09 PM » anosmiac:

"You're so lucky, you don't have to smell skunks or [excrement]" (Blind people are so lucky, they don't have to look at trash heaps or your face I also can't smell cookies or flowers or if my milk's gone off)


I didn't know this can be congenital thing. I thought it only came with old age or a brain injury.

Thank you for telling me about it.

I've always thought expiration dates on items were kind of silly because I can smell when stuff if "off", but in your case, it could save a lot of tummyaches, if nothing else. And if I must buy you a gift, I'll be sure to offer getting you a smoke alarm!

You're welcome. Always happy to spread information.  :D
I nearly had a heart attack once when I pumped gas at my grocery store's station and saw my account balance was negative because they'd charged me $99 even though I'd only pumped about $10.  Turns out they do the hold thing, and by the time I got into the store to ask about it, the situation resolved itself and my account was no longer in the red. PHEW!

These and similar stories are why I no longer use my debit card where I can use a credit card instead. It can take longer for the hold to clear on the debit card, and it's my real money that's being held, vs my credit.

Me either. In the past, with my junky car, when I'd rent one to go on trips, I'd put the hold on my credit card, but when I'd return it, and pay, I would then use my debit. This way the hold was on my card (Am Ex, so no limit), and my bank account was ok.

I also refuse to use my debit card online or at any gas station, for the hold issue, but more importantly, if my card were compromised. Eventually, I'd get my money back, but in the meantime, i wouldn't have it. With a credit card, all I've ever done is dispute the charge, and not been out any money at all.
Family and Children / Re: "can we stay at your house for your wedding?"
« Last post by nuit93 on Today at 03:05:59 PM »
I think this is a situation where "I'm sorry but that won't be possible" is needed.
Family and Children / Re: "can we stay at your house for your wedding?"
« Last post by Deetee on Today at 03:03:35 PM »
I think the previous history of family staying at the house and camping for the family reunions changes the dynamic a great deal. If it were me, I think I'd be inclined to let everyone who wants to stay at the place (as it sounds like it could host quite a few) and I would remove myself for a couple days to a nice hotel for the honeymoon.

It doesn't mean that this couple has to, but the combination of them already being married and the history of family campout reunions makes this seems like a reasonable request.

Which they are free to refuse. 
Well, she was basically there to take pictures. It was definitely a publicity promotion. I'm not saying that's all bad, because it does highlight the need in the country. But, I do also doubt that she was there 100% out of the kindness of her own heart. And if she was, why would she care that the red carpet wasn't rolled out for her? Especially highlighted against what she was there to do (help ease the suffering of the less fortunate), complaining about not getting the VIP treatment seems petty.
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