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'She thinks everything becomes her' meaning somebody who thinks that everything she says or does is right and attractive and The Proper Thing.
It was a busy weekend.  Friday evening, all day Saturday and most of Sunday, BF and I worked with his parents to get their wood in for the winter - they have a wood burning furnace.  Monday was a holiday for us and we took advantage, taking it easy.  But we did go out to his parents and got the last bit of wood, that was cut, piled.  It was a challenge because most of the pieces were wonky - didn't split well or had big knobs on them or something.  Only one more row to do!  We'll hopefully get that done this week.

On top of the wood, I did 4 loads of laundry, including washing the sheets and remaking the bed.  I made up a batch of turkey burgers and made blueberry pancakes for breakfast.  We'd been to the local berry farm and got raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.  I've got all the raspberries and blueberries frozen for making pies.  We still need to eat the strawberries!

Thursday, I made a start on tidying up my spare bedroom.  Which I still need to finish.  And I need to get the house cleaned.  It is an absolute mess.
My mum used 'Sweet FA' to mean 'nothing at all'.

It has an interesting beginning; a young girl was murdered in 1867 and  her body  dismembered.  From Wikipedia:

'In 1869 new rations of tinned mutton were introduced for British seamen. They were unimpressed by it, and suggested it might be the butchered remains of Fanny Adams. The way her body had been strewn over a wide area presumably encouraged speculation that parts of her had been found at the Royal Navy victualling yard in Deptford, which was a large facility which included stores, a bakery and an abattoir.

"Fanny Adams" became slang for mutton[6] or stew and then for anything worthless from which comes the current use of "sweet Fanny Adams" (or just "sweet F.A.") to mean "nothing at all". It can be seen as a euphemism for "(I can't express myself without swearing) all" which means the same. The large tins the mutton was delivered in were reused as mess tins. Mess tins or cooking pots are still known as Fannys.'

That is so not what I thought FA stood for!
A pedicure!
Bright pink crystal bracelet, clear crystal bracelet, tree of life ring and necklace, earrings with different textured rings and three briolette drops each, clear AB, clear and rose.
On the bra thing again--when I'm on Facebook and see posts for awesome nerdy bras made by independent/Etsy sellers...but they don't make my size and refuse to entertain the idea of making anything larger than a 38D.  :(
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: What Are You Wearing....?
« Last post by ladyknight1 on Today at 07:54:06 AM »
Black pants, a white shirt with an all over bright pink paisley pattern and cut out detail at the neckline, a bright pink short sleeve open cardigan, black sandals.
And what about jewelry manufacturers? Necklaces and bracelets are usually too small for me. It would be nice if I could actually buy a bracelet and not have to add an extender. I can't be the only one with this problem!
Family and Children / Re: Wedding and Milestone Birthday Dilemma
« Last post by ladyknight1 on Today at 07:52:28 AM »
Actually that's what SIL wants, an entire weekend all about her.  Saturday afternoon is the wedding followed by the reception, where OP and her husband are expected to be present; Sunday for presents opening, also with the expectation that OP and husband attend. 

The OP explained exactly why the birthday celebration could not be held on her birthday.  She has not said anything about another celebration on her actual birthday - the suggestion that OP and her husband can celebrate on Sunday comes from MIL, not from the not an entire weekend, one night.

The notion that a wedding trumps everything else isn't a universal belief any more than whether or not adult birthdays should be celebrated.

I agree, especially with the parts I bolded. 

I may be in the minority, but I don't hold weddings above all other social occasions.  With the exception of my children and possibly nieces, my decision as to whether to attend a wedding depends on a number of factors. In this case, taking into consideration the exam, my own pre-planned event, and the 90 minute drive I would be leaning 90% towards not going. Add in SIL and MIL's absolutely dreadful attitude and that would go up to a full 100% in not going.


Also, with a 90 minute drive each way, the OP is committed to SIX hours for this wedding, not three. That is a huge commitment to ask of anyone not in the wedding party.
30 is my go-to for bras, and has my favorite, favorite undies! They are pricy but the most comfortable (and also attractive) that I've found in my size.

Bra manufacturers--us bigger ladies need strapless or lower-cut bras sometimes too. Please help us out.

Agree on the neck-holes-are-too-big thing. I have a larger chest and it doesn't take much to look TOO booby. (Plus, see the bra thing above.)

Womens' pants companies--MEN get the option of waist and leg measurements. Why don't we??

On the note of plug protectors--our kid is seven. There's really no need for them anymore. Too bad I cannot. Get. Them. Out. Guess we're not using that outlet anymore :P I also can't figure out how to get the cabinet lock off in our kitchen.
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