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Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Professional Darwinism: Update to OP on p.74
« Last post by Twik on Today at 03:54:59 PM »
Wayne Brady on Let's Make A Deal asked contestants "what's the best part of your job." The contestant who was a nanny cheerfully answered "I get paid under the table!" Smart move, honey  ::)

<grin> my mum has, too. But she found out quite early in life, because her school uniform included a hat, and even the smallest size had to be padded to fit her head.

Although I don't think it can be *too small* - I mean, if it fits your face and all your brains in it, it is clearly just the right size!
Family and Children / Re: "So, are you going to try for a boy next?"
« Last post by auntmeegs on Today at 03:53:25 PM »
I didn't think this "update" deserved its own thread, really, as I think we've had most of the discussion about how to respond to such comments and why people make them.

But I just wanted to share with you a related comment, something of an update of sorts, that I just got the other day.

Since this thread is older, I'll mention that I currently have 4 girls, and I'm 17 weeks pregnant.  Noticeably showing, but I haven't had that magical ultrasound to see if this one is a girl or a boy (although I know it's not twins, much the shame).

On my way into the library today, a man going in the same direction smiled at the girls and then said to me, referring to Megan in the Ergo (baby carrier) on my back, "That one better be a boy, right?"

I said, "No, she's a girl."

Then he said, pointing to my stomach, "Well, then *that* one had better be a boy." <laughing jovially> "If not, I can imagine what your husband will be saying. Five girls? I'm going to hang myself!"

Really, dude? Really? You suggest that my husband would want to hang himself if he had five girls, in front of the girls?

Apparently, the comments only get worse with increasing numbers of children of the same sex!

When I read your original post, I was so confused because you said you had three girls, and I'm thinking "what does she mean, she has four girls..."  Then I looked at the date and realized that it was an older thread! 

Anyway, that's just terrible.  And probably thought he was being so funny!  Did you say anything to your girls about it after the fact, or did you just let it go?  When I was growing up there was a family in our community that had five girls and this poor family had to deal with those questions and comments all the time.  And just like with you, they were often when the girls were standing right there!  I remember once I heard the dad say something like, "oh, we wouldn't trade our beautiful girls for anything in the world!"  They actually did eventually have a boy, the 6th and last baby for the family, and I think that was almost even worse because then there were all kinds of "Oh, thank heavens, you FINALLY got a boy!" and things like that.  Some people are so clueless. 
I love Metallica's cover of Turn the Page. Not fond of the original by Bob Seger though
I think it's funny.  It's obviously not everyone's cup of tea, but I can totally see one of my friend's doing that for the sake of a good laugh, and laugh we would.  I would eat it, too; it's just food after all.

I agree, I think it's hilarious. 
The worst is when I travel to Mexico. For some reason people think it's perfectly fine to bring back viagra, antibiotics and painkillers one would otherwise need a prescription for in Canada. Yeah no, I'm not smuggling back drugs for you.

I had one coworker request tequila. Not just any tequila but the stuff that runs $200 US... And expected me to pay for it....

I have asked coworkers to bring me back vanilla from Mexico.  For the longest time here, the only vanilla I could buy was artificial, unless I wanted to pay a crazy price for it.  But I always told them - please don't make a special trip.  If you see it in your travels, grab me a bottle.  I'd ask if they wanted the money up front but most of them said they'd collect when they got back, in case they didn't get it.

But now, Costco sells a Kirkland brand of real vanilla.  I'm planning on making my own with vanilla beans and vodka but I haven't gotten around to it yet.  So I haven't bugged anyone in a while.

I will take requests if it is the same way - not at all out of my way to grab it and it won't take much room.  A friend looks after my cats for me when I'm away and I usually try to bring her something from my travels so I'll ask for some ideas.  I usually have a touristy day where I'm hitting the tourist trap shops, anyway, so it is easy enough to pick something up.

I'm also the type to take things to people, which frees up space in my luggage for the return trip.  Maple syrup, wild rice and Red River cereal are frequent requests from my friends living in California - stuff that you can't get easily there.
Somewhere along the line, I happened to pick up the phrase "To the extent [or degree or level or whatever] that these things can be quantified". I have found it very useful and   it might have been a good reply to the situation described by the OP.

Sorry for your loss, OP.
Jonathan Coulton's cover of "Baby Got Back" is hysterical. :)
39 general / Re: Someone oversteps; how do you respond?
« Last post by m2kbug on Today at 03:45:52 PM »
Certainly you pick and choose what's important to you.  With a situation like you described, I would most likely speak up (option 2), "I was next."  Leaving the store wouldn't really accomplish anything other than more work for you.  You will still have to stop and buy that item from elsewhere or do without.  Is it worth it to you?  Maybe.  I would go to a manager if necessary as well.  I have also silently fumed and vented about situations later.  And I have left.  Yesterday I left.  It wasn't an issue of line-cutting, but I didn't think I'd be getting assistance any time soon, and it was not a major inconvenience to just go to the store closer to home I usually shop at.  So, you pick and choose.  I would have announced, "I was next" in your example and depending on how bad the transgression is, involve management.
^I thought of her while writing the post.
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