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Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Last post by iridaceae on Today at 02:07:24 AM »
From Customers Suck:
Someone on my hotel's forum reported that a guest at her location told them (not asked, told) that she'd need to use their oven to cook her thanksgiving turkey. My brand doesn't have ovens in the kitchen, just a tiny toaster-oven type thing they use to bake cookies. Plus health code says nobody who isn't certified can use the equipment. I'm told this didn't end well (for the guest).

I'm not surprised by this at all.

I got called a liar the other day by a guest when she demanded I hand over my smart phone to her so she could call uber and I pleasantly informed her I do not have a smart phone.  Even if I did, still not handing it over to a guest.
So I went with the last thing I wrote that was a combination of several suggestions.  She just replied back "okay".  I'm not sure what she actually thought, but she's generally pretty cool, so I'm hoping she understood the intent was just to inform.  After all, I don't think anybody in the family has actually seen the child's name written out, so they'd have a 50/50 chance of guessing the right version of the name. 

Also, what Toots (I think) said about the holidays coming up is another reason why I sort of want it out there how the kid spells his name.  He wouldn't be rude about it, but he's still in delicate enough emotional state that he reads the misspelling as "this person doesn't care about me enough to even get my name right", and I know darned well that BF's family absolutely does not want to come across that way.  They really are good people, so I don't want them to inadvertently make the child feel unwelcome.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: This is why (death mentioned)
« Last post by bansidhe on Today at 01:29:22 AM »
I'm so sorry. :(

I still miss my MIL.
People are always misspelling my name and I warned my daughter that she would face the same problems all her life too*. Even people we are close to get it wrong. It's just one of those things. You can choose to make it an issue or you can just let it go through to the keeper.

*'Our names are not that unusual, but can be spelled differently, or in my case there is a very similar name to confuse it with.
I love the look of joy and wonder on my children's faces.  I could probably personally do without all the decorating and such, but seeing the joy and excitement in my girls' eyes makes it worth it. 

If I could change anything - I would change my own energy.  It's hard for me to get into the spirit of it all.  I wish I could be more Christmasy for Natalie and Abby's sake.  I also wish I did more craft stuff with them so they will have amazing memories or painting ornaments, making gingerbread houses and all that fun stuff.  I wish I could feel like I am giving them the most amazing moments that they will remember forever.

My first thought was "if the owner of the driveway is fine with you blocking it, why can't you get permission to just park in the dingdangety driveway?"

I live in San Francisco too, and most driveways are too short to allow a car to park in, especially in the Sunset district.  You can't legally park in your own driveway if any part of your car sticks into or blocks the sidewalk.  But you are allowed to park parallel and partially block your own driveway.

So I imagine that is what is happening here.  The Sunset district is notorious for having curbs that are of various sizes--sometimes there is room for a car to park on the street in between two driveways, sometimes not.  But many residents have take advantage of the aforementioned rule as a way to have a second "reserved" parking spot.  No one else can park in front of their driveway and the curb adjacent to their driveway is too small for a regular car, so it is always open for them to park parallel.

Now, enter the Smart Car and the Fiat.  Two tiny cars that have become popular because they can fit into all those "too small" spots.  It is true that many of the "too small" spots will likely be open at any specific time if there are not a lot of Smart Car owners on the block, so I am inclined to believe that the LW is being truthful about other places to park.  However, who wants to park a block away from their apartment and lug groceries? 

The note was polite, I'll give the LW that.  But, I agree that the hard life sob story is off-putting because really, it's like that for a lot of folks around here.  I'd probably make a good faith effort to park somewhere else, but I'd still park there occasionally if it was the closest or most convenient spot.

Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Last post by snowfire on Yesterday at 10:55:40 PM »
Yet another variation of the "IRS is after you" scam today. This one sounded like pre-recorded phrases patched together "informing" me that the IRS had filed suit against me for unpaid taxes.  Nope, not stupid, not

I hadn't gotten any of these before, but have gotten two in the last month.
38 general / Re: S/O My way or the highway
« Last post by floridamom on Yesterday at 10:45:05 PM »
Sorry for the delay in not getting back to y'all sooner.

Thank you all for the responses. As one poster said, one would think it would have been easier to cook a big plate of scrambled eggs instead of making over easy eggs for 9 people.  I believe it was to show her skill and control. I had forgotten about how she had used to boast about being a short order cook years before when her 1st husband had a restaurant for a short time.  As other's mentioned, I could have declined the eggs.  It was a situation, darned if I do and darned if I don't.

ExMil tends to be more the SS and would have grandiose ideas and plans.

 1. Years ago, she and her husband stopped by while we were making lunch. (they had lived 5 mins away). I had offered her a sandwich (coldcuts & cheese). She asked if the cheese was Boar's Head (TM), I had said no, it is store brand (Publix). Her comment -- "Don't bother, I only eat BH brand"  ::) Yup!! That is what she said!! 

 2. There was a gathering at my house. MIL used the bathroom.  She decided to "mask" the odor, by spraying alot of my expensive perfume.  My bathroom and rest of the house smelled like a house of the ill repute for several days.   >:D

Oh.. the stories I could tell LOL. Anyways.. thank you.  I feel better now knowing that I wasn't rude for asking, though it wasn't rude of her to decline, but OTT for her comments. 

ETA: "Marie" has mellowed out the last few years, mostly due to her and her husband's health.  I think also, she realized some of the hurt that her son caused to my son.
All In A Day's Work / Re: Bogus names on attendance list
« Last post by Really? on Yesterday at 10:27:43 PM »

If you want to address the bogus name invites, but do like to be jokey about it what about something like...say something about real names and also something in an email like,,,,, "please note that really names must be used for the invitations. Superman please put Clark Kent from accounting next time. "

Or "we were going to have some special guests that night, but have just been informed that Superman and the Tooth fairy have to fly out of town that night ..they will be missed and their names taken off the attendee list."

Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Aggressive Borrowing in Perpetuity
« Last post by mmswm on Yesterday at 10:27:12 PM »
Jr. Exact that most people can't drive a stick is a nice side benefit, but not the reason I prefer manual transmissions. I did loan my civic to a trusted friend when she was in a bind, and she did get into an accident, but it wasn't her fault and I was more concerned that she was okay. She got hit by a car that was hit by a red light runner and the cat that got hit first slammed into her while she was sitting at a red light. That could have just as easily been me, and there was nothing she could have done to prevent it.
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