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Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Last post by Morticia on Today at 07:44:47 PM »
I don't think it's a scam but somewhere, somebody messed up.  We've been going through something similar. 

I agree that this is most likely the case.

I have lived in my current home for about 6 years now and still, I get the occasional mail for some random person.  If it is important, I write "delivered by mistake" on it and put it back in the box, and if it's just a flyer or something, I just get rid of it.

But the address of my particular house is particularly vulnerable to these mistakes.  It is, let us say "100 North Main Street".  There is also a "100 South Main Street" in town which happens to be a house that has been converted to apartments.

It is very common that the mail between the two addresses gets mixed up even when the address is correct, and sometimes it even happens that the address is listed on the mail as "100 Main Street"-who knows who that is for, but I just assume if it is not obviously intended for me, it is supposed to go to "South Main Street" and handle it accordingly.

Maybe something like that is going on in your case, some specific, easily made mistake, or maybe somebody just messed up in some random way.  But in any case, I wouldn't assume that it is a scam.

My grandmother has the same situation with her address , as she lives at 100 2nd Ave. S. E.  She's gotten to know the lady at 100 2nd Ave. S.W. very well!  They're constantly having to bring mail to each other.  (I assume the mistake probably also sometimes happens with N.E. and N.W.? but she only mentioned S.W., I suppose it's a more obvious mistake.)

I would think it might be that type of mistake for me, except our address is [integer] UniqueStreetName StreetType, City, Province, Postal Code.  And all of it matches.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: S/O PD Student Darwinism
« Last post by LazyDaisy on Today at 07:43:59 PM »
I work on a student written/edited magazine. We had one submission that had me laughing even though it was intended to be a somber essay. The second line was "New Mexico's Chaco Canyon ruins—stone behemoths that served as trade centers for the Anasazi tribe, who dominated the entire Southwest a thousand years ago—teethed with strange energy." I'm pretty sure he meant teemed but it made it through 2 editors before it reached me and no one corrected it.

I had a young man email me changes to a brochure I was working on. He wanted to move the "amber sign" to the bottom of the brochure. I couldn't really figure out what "amber sign" meant even in context (there was a small yellow box with text in it -- so that was my guess). After some back and forth communication he meant this symbol --> & the ampersand. He's currently working on his MBA. I don't understand why, if he didn't really know the correct name for it or was having trouble spelling it, he didn't just call it the "and" symbol, or better yet, Google it first.

A spin on the Peace Corps vein...I know an adult who calls the popular U.S. lumber/tool store Home "De-pot" and they're not trying to be cutesy at all. I could understand if they had only heard it and didn't know how to spell it, but how do they not hear that no one else pronounces it like that?
I think you can't go wrong if you use the term that the person herself uses, unless the obfuscation is for nefarious purposes.  For example...trying to get three days' bereavement leave for the death of an immediate family member, when the departed does not actually qualify.  Or describing your stepchild as your child, because you hate the birth parent and know it irritates them. 

Other than that, I agree with you that it's pretty inappropriate to correct a person about her own life.
The chain of pharmacies in Australia known as Chemist Warehouse has lost my business forever. This is the text of an email I sent the regulatory board of pharmacies in Australia as to why.

I am writing this email to complain that my private details were used by Chemists Warehouse to send me promotional material, which they harvested from my prescription information. The [redacted for privacy] locations have both done this, and I did not give them permission to use this information when I chose to have my prescriptions dispensed at these two locations.

I did not give my permission, and I am irate that this happened. I am never shopping at a Chemists Warehouse pharmacy ever again.

A couple of insurance companies ago, the insurance company started sending me information about how I should replace prescription med that they covered with OTC med they did not cover. Then they started calling me and giving false or at least misleading information. If I take the OTC med I get nosebleeds that last up to a week.

I went to risk management (that handles insurance). I had talked to them when the switch was made, because I with a previous employer same insurance company denied an ER visit because I didn't clear it with them before hand. It was anphlaxic shock  - yes I have an epi but I'm also under doctors orders to go to nearest ER right then. (  I have a very mild heart condition but Epi could have bad consequence because of it)

Risk management said they would not allow something like that to happen again and to tell them about any problems. So I took the flyers I had been sent and the the voicemail they had left in for Risk Management to hear. I told them point blank - my doctors and I decide on my care not the insurance company. I have to give risk management credit -

1. We got e-mails and a presentation at each school's faculty meeting asking for anyone else who had this happen to them to please let risk management know by X date. We were also assured that our care was between our medical professionals and our families no one else.

2. I got a letter from the company explaining that they were sorry that their attempts at education were misunderstood. (Non apology and blaming me) 

3. We got a different insurance company the next year. [/quote]
35 general / Re: Thank You Notes - Funeral Edition
« Last post by JoyinVirginia on Today at 07:30:31 PM »
My condolences to you and your family.
The funeral home gave me notes when everything was all over, along with the guest book.
I am still working on notes two months later, my mother died this summer. It was expected, she was very elderly and had not been well for years.
I am sending notes for flowers, food, to the ministers who helped, and for donations in her honor to the church and local organization she supported. If I get all those done, I will be doing good! For people I don't know well I am using the provided cards, for others I am close to I am using pretty stationery.
Dating / Re: Do I need to reveal that I was engaged?
« Last post by BigBadBetty on Today at 07:24:37 PM »
Bottom line for me.  Some people would run, some people would respect the fact that you were ready to make a commitment, so I'm not going to live my life and make decisions based on what I think people want to hear.  I'm just going to be honest.  If my honest history makes them run, then we are not compatible.  If my honest history doesn't make them run, great.  But I'm going to be honest.  Of course timing, and how you bring things up matters a great deal.  It can come up naturally or it can be awkward. 

For me, if I later found out a serious partner of mine had been engaged and had never told me and had no plans to tell me, I would feel lied to and we would not be compatible.  Maybe someone else he dates later would prefer not to be told.  Great, then they are compatible.

I just don't think it's wrong to want to know these things about someone you are dating, so I'd err on the side of giving people the truth, and letting them decide how important it is to them.

This is how I feel, too. I am not saying that I need to know on the first date. It is just one of those things that I would think would come out naturally in conversations as you get closer. My friends has a broken engagement. While it was devastating at the time, I think everyone sees it as a blessing now. The marriage would have been a disaster. They have both grown so much since then. Yes, it would have better to have never got engaged. However, I think it also take guts to say it's not working, let's not go on with the wedding. I've met too many people who went on with the wedding even though they knew that it was the wrong decision.
He works for a major corporation located internationally but in the Vancouver office....I think I can track down that address fairly reasonably.

DCGirl, while I surely do not want to get the thread locked, you have also given me another morsel of food to consider!

DanaJ, while I don't think that was is in this inventory rises to the level of what your ex left in your possession, I do feel a sense of responsibility here that parallels yours in trying to get it back to its owner.

Thanks all for the input and the viewpoints.  I'm going to see if I can get an address for his office and ship it there - lacking that, I may send off one last email via Linked IN with a deadline.  I don't have a current phone number or I'd be on that like a duck on water.

I'll post updates, but remain open to hearing feedback of course.
(oh my goodness, I've been under the weather and swamped at work, and I come back and this thread has taken on a life of its own.  I will sit and read all of the replies tonight, I promise.)
I'm in the Midwest. Recently, most of the people I know have held off on finding the sex. They also didn't tell the name until the child was born. My one friend did find out the sex and gave us a list of possible names. About 20 years ago, it seemed most people found out the sex and announced the name before the child was born. I have never personally known anyone who had a gender reveal party. (Sex reveal party may be the proper terminology but it sounds like something totally different.)
I know a few people who do this; essentially, if they know the legal or blood relationship between two people, they will always use that to describe it, even if the people in the relationship use something else. Here's a few examples;

Sarah is really close to her stepsister Laura and they call each other sister. Holly knows the actual relationship, and always says 'stepsister'. So if Sarah says "I'm really excited my sister is coming to town!" to a group of mutual friends, some of who don't know it's technically 'step', Holly will say "You mean Laura, your stepsister?" (This one seems extra rude to me because she's essentially correcting Sarah about her own life.)

Maria and Ryan have been living together for 20 years and have two kids together but have never legally got married (though are considered common-law in my country), and Ryan always calls Maria his wife at work. It was probably a couple of years before people found out they weren't technically married, and now a couple of coworkers ask Ryan how his girlfriend is, instead of his wife, even though he always calls Maria 'wife' himself. (My thoughts are that this is less rude than above but still kind of rude; if they really can't bring themselves to say 'wife' they could just say "how's Maria", right?)

These above situations don't involve anybody actually *lying* about the relationship they have with someone, just not explaining fully until asked. Would it be considered lying if someone asked Sarah "is Laura really your sister" and she said "yes" though? If that's how they define the relationship? And if it is lying, is it rude to lie in that circumstance and not explain "actually she's my stepsister but we're really close"? Technically it's nobody's business but I've seen people get really thrown off when they find out what they had thought about two people's relationship isn't true....


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