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My neighbour has gone away on holiday for a week, and brought round a bouquet of roses someone had given her on Thursday; she can't take them with her, and they'll be past their best when she comes back home,  so she wanted them to be enjoyed in her absence.


Our fence got completed on Friday but we didn't have time to make sure it was dog proof until last night.  And considering the heat, it is just as well.  Because last night?  They were running around like crazy.  Full tilt, ears, tongues and tails wagging, chasing each other.  It was hilarious.  They are going to have so much fun out there.  We figure we might have to blow some paths with the snow blower in the winter.
I think this is one of those situations where neither of you did anything rude, but the way you both use FB just doesn't mesh. Nothing wrong with that :)

33 general / Re: You blocked me on Facebook but this is real life
« Last post by MariaE on Today at 07:47:21 AM »
I think this is one of those situations where neither of you did anything rude, but the way you both use FB just doesn't mesh. Nothing wrong with that :)
I'd just like to point out that I did not send her a friend reques. Her security settings did not allow it.
Recipe Requests / Re: Historical Recipes
« Last post by camlan on Today at 07:22:10 AM »
The early colonists in the US relied heavily on pumpkins for food: . There's a recipe for stewed pumpkin here: .

It's not fancy, but the history of bread is more interesting than you might think. It's one of the oldest foods, and the discovery of yeast to make bread rise seems to be related to the discovery that yeast can ferment beer, another simple, but important foodstuff. Bread baking was highly regulated in the Middle Ages, to keep bakers from cheating their customers, and there was a class structure to bread--the poor could only afford coarse, brown bread, while the rich could afford white bread, or pandemayne. There's a recipe on that page, and if you bring bread, there will be something to spread that cherry jam on.

Even though I am TRYING to simplify/downsize/declutter there are two places I cannot pass up:

Book shops (especially Half-Price Books or other used-book/discount book shops), and rock/gem stores/shows where natural stone beads are sold, (I could open my own shop all over again with my stash).
You fault this person for not wanting to communicate with you via FB yet I'm wondering how you found out she blocked you?  Wouldn't *you* have had to go above and beyond to figure that out?

I think blocking someone for that was a bit an over reaction. She could have refused the friend request, and if questioned later (which I really hope no one would be dense enough to do), just say that her FB page is exlusively family and close friends only. Blocking someone you get to see IRL is a fairly awkward route to take, although I've had to do it before. I know it's FB, but expecting how someone treats you online not to have an impact on how you interact IRL is a bit naive.

I agree with this.  Of course this woman has the right to block whomever she wants, but I also find it an overreaction and I can see how the OP would be a bit like "huh?" when her intentions were just to be welcoming.  Refusing a friend request and actually blocking someone are two completely different levels of possible reactions.  If this woman blocks people who send her friend requests that she doesn't want to accept, that's how she uses facebook.  That's her right, but just like meliboea, I think it's slightly naive to think that that won't send a message IRL. Blocking someone is pretty severe.
38 general / Re: Another "Am I being rude" question
« Last post by Runningstar on Today at 07:06:14 AM »
It wasn't rude of you to offer your help, but after being told to stop it would be rude to continue.  His reasons for not wanting help could have been that he didn't  want you to see what all they bought, didn't want you to go into the house, or didn't want to owe you one.  Who knows.  I wouldn't approach the wife about it, unless you become friends - and then with caution.   It is nice of you to want to help, but imagine if his issue was about the neighbor seeing his potentially embarrassing personal care items?  I'd be friendly but respect their privacy with this one.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Baby Names - You're kidding Right???
« Last post by bridalviolet on Today at 06:58:42 AM »
In this morning's paper: Chell'c. I'm thinking like Chelsea?

Any needlework or fabric store (Joann's, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, local yarn shops)

I don't know which family member could keep me on the straight and narrow.......everybody is a crafter in some way. Even the 5 oldest grandkids. (ages 8, 7, 6, 5, & 4)

Maybe I could babysit both of the 2 youngest(less than 2 y.o.) at the same time,  and be forced to get in and out of the store under less than 15 minutes?

 Nah, that wouldn't work either. YoungestGranddaughter(age 18 months) wants to help her Mom with her knitting, and YoungestGrandson(age 6 months) would be an excellant yarn-squisher and -taster.
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