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31 general / Re: Please don't flush those
« Last post by artk2002 on Today at 12:20:25 PM »
This is a regular problem in our townhome complex (240 units in 10 buildings.) The association even has the sewers snaked out every 6 months to prevent backups but they still happen. They remind people in every monthly newsletter and fine the culprit if they can figure out who it was. Doesn't stop people at all. Feminine products, "disposable" wipes, it all goes through the pipes.
I started playing violin in elementary school and went all the way through high school playing. I gradually got tired of the violin and gave it up. I would rather have played the cello, but my parents didn't want to cart it around.

The last five years have made me want to start playing the cello. All I have to do is buy one!

I enjoy quilting, but I can't really imagine doing it all day for several hours.   Also, because all of my quilts are for me or for gifts, if I make minor mistakes it doesn't bother me.   I feel that if I was being paid it'd be a whole lot more work to make sure all seams lined up correctly, etc.
Local Guy on Local Job Search Facebook page. He's young but posts a decent resume. Looking for computer work, has XYZ experience and qualifications. Also has experience in Other Field. No GED. About to be homeless, needs a job soon.

Problem is, when clicking his profile one virtually walks into a wall covered in shirtless tattoo photos, some flipping the bird. Photos of him holding a specific illegal substance are front and center, too.

When it is suggested (by three of us) he'd have better luck if he locked down his profile, cleaned it up a bit, he lashed out at everyone about not needing our judgement, about how Substance is legal in X State and that's where he used it, and was generally doing a great impression of a poked bear. "I'm a Man and don't need a job from nobody who's going to judge me by my photos." Well good, glad you don't, but the majority of employers here are going to pre-hire drug test and judge on that. According to the photo dates, usage was very, very recently.

 Oh, and who's going to trust a computer tech who won't lock down his own social network profile, and uses a mythical creature as his email name?

And this would explain why he needs a job and is about to be homeless.   
Par-Tay! / Re: Is this tacky???? Please advise
« Last post by TootsNYC on Today at 12:15:27 PM »
If she lives in or near your town, then it's even worse.  It like the "oh, let's just skip all the wasteful wrapping and boring gift opening" that people use to try to justify drop-off "nonshowers" or asking guests to pay for shipping or give only cash or whatever, telling themselves that it's for the guests' benefit or convenience.  Fine, if you don't want the gift-opening part, then don't have a shower, just have some other kind of party.  But then you don't mention anything about gifts.  The only reason you can say anything at all about gifts (including calling the event a "shower," which implies gifts) for a shower is that opening gifts is supposedly the central activity that makes it a shower, not a tea or whatever, and you couldn't do it if guests didn't know they were supposed to bring "openable" gifts to the party.  But not for any other kind of a party.

I've actually been to an unwrapped gift shower. It was a co-ed shower hosted by a guy who, for some reason, had an irrational hatred of the gift opening portion of showers. I never got why because that's the fun part about showers, but it actually turned out to be a good shower, though. Instead of a gift opening portion there was a display table were the guests could layout their unwrapped gift, and 'aww' over the baby stuff. He went all out otherwise: planned games and even got crafty and made a diaper cake by himself as his gift to the expecting couple. All of the guests left saying that they were pleasantly surprised, and it turned out to be a really good shower.
So it is possible to buck the rules without being a rude entitled host...but, I do agree with you, my example is the exception rather than how these things usually go.

I was invited to a no-gift-wrap shower (showers in my ILs' family are HUGE, and present opening is fun, but it can take for-ev-er!). I thought I'd miss it, but it turned out to be pretty fun, actually. The gifts were piled at the front, and then she just held them up.

I have given gifts that I couldn't bring, for one reason or another (in one case, I ordered them too late and it wouldn't arrive, so I had it shipped to them). I figured out all on my own that I could give some sort of stand-in, like a photo, or maybe an accessory (cake mix to go with the stand mixer--that sort of thing; or a set of picnic-basket flatware as the stand-in for the stainless flatware).
35 general / Re: Neighbor taking photos of us in driveway
« Last post by HannahGrace on Today at 12:15:07 PM »
I think you're vastly overreacting just because you don't like this neighbor. There are lots of perfectly innocuous reasons she could've been taking pictures. I don't see anything creepy about taking pictures of someone else's property, nor have I ever heard of an etiquette rule that you're supposed to pretend you don't see what's happening in the front yard next to you. If I see my neighbors out in their front yard doing something, I would wave and say hello, maybe comment on what they're doing if it's interesting to me. My neighbors do the same to me. If you want privacy, you use the back yard.

That is untrue. I didn't say I didn't like her, only that she has a reputation in town as being a busy body. In fact, we are always cordial when we see each other outside. Also, I don't see anything creepy about taking pictures of someones yard. In fact people often take pictures of our many rose bushes lining the fence (which is NOT what she was doing). I do find it creepy when someone takes photos of a person in their yard. That just feels invasive to me.

Since you've said that you did not personally observe her taking the photos, how do you know they were of a person?
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Reading/Book Pet Peeves
« Last post by goldilocks on Today at 12:13:01 PM »
Now that we are at page 197 I can't remember if this has been addressed...

Someone is so super ultra rich that they do not have to price anything, question the charges on anything or keep track of their money.  Most of the "rich" people I know track their spending and know how much something should cost before they buy, just because they have money doesn't mean they throw it around.

It's the ridiculous concept of being so ultra wealthy that you do not have to care how you throw your money about.  (you do if you wish to retain it!)

And I'm not even going to address 50 Shades of green money for the ridiculousness of that kind of wealth.  Absurd, completely. 

I've always wondered about people like this - how rich is rich enough that you don't have to get annoyed by half-working stuff anymore? I mean, I'm at the point in my life where if something I have breaks, I can usually fix it promptly. But there's a TON of stuff in my house that's "not quite" perfect - the dryer takes two cycles more often than not, the fridge is smaller than normal because DH and I bought the cheap one when we first moved in together and we haven't replaced it, my car has a dent in the driver's side door and the A/C makes noise . . . none of these things are actually "broken" in a way that impedes their use (much), but they *do* bug me on a regular basis. How rich would I have to be to actually keep everything in my life all shiny and in working order at all times?  And how much MORE rich would I have to be to do that with a giant house/fancy car/etc.?

Tony Stark rich, probably.

I hate books where I really can't stand any of the characters. The book I just read fell straight into this: The lead character is introduced as a terrorist and murderer, being hunted by bad guys, but its OK and we're meant to feel sorry for her because she's really pretty and the people chasing her are ruthless. Problem is that she's guilty as charged, knows it, and gets innocent bystanders wasted by the bucket load through the story. It's meant to be OK though, because she's pretty and cries about it.

By the end of the book, which didn't actually wrap up anything, I was rather wishing for the Punisher (or even Hannibal Lector) to turn up and take them all out. Yep, they were that unlikeable.
I have problem with whiny teen-characters :D Had to stop reading Potters around 4. or 5. book (can't remember which was it) because Harry was so annoying. Even as teen I hated "annoying teen characters" because they felt so unbelievable.
That was the main reason that I didn't like Mercedes Lackey's Magic's Pawn /Price/Promise series.  I never wanted to #itch-slap any fictional character as much as I wanted to smack Vanyel Ashkevron. 

I actually liked Vanyel, probably because I was in my teens when I read them first. He was easier to take with rioting hormones of my own. :)

I though Harry was pretty well done throughout the books. In 5, he's not just a whiny teen - he's a whiny teen with what must be a pretty severe growing case of PSTD.

I mean, the teen years are hard enough. Being a teen and knowing, since you were 11, there's someone who wants to kill not just you, but everyone you love? And everyone tells you it's your responsibility to fix things? I'd give the kid some room for capslocking.

I actually loved the scene in Dumbledore's office where Harry has just had enough, and wants the world to stop and let him off. I think it's very realistic.

Me too. Harry was a therapist's dream patient- or maybe a therapist's nightmare. In fact, Mercedes Lackey wrote an essay a while back called "Harry Potter and the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Counselor," because he was so badly in need of one.

But I've always felt that Tony didn't care about money , or understand.   not just because he has so much, but he has other things on his mind.    He's truly not aware that he owns a washer and dryer, not only that, he has no idea how his clothes get cleaned.
Vertically-formatted videos.  Just makes no sense.
About links to the past....

My great-grandmother (paternal) was Cherokee named Mary Smith according to the U.S. Census. She married a white man. Their children passed as white in a time when being Native was not an asset.
My grandmother (half Cherokee and half white) married a man who was Cherokee. The only place where my grandparents' marriage is recorded is in the Cherokee Nation's Dawes Rolls.  My grandfather died when my father was a toddler...not certain how old my father was nor the actual cause of death for my grandfather.

My grandfather is listed on my great-grandparents' household census records by 2 different first name spellings.
His obituary listed his parents, his sisters and nieces. It did not list a wife nor child, in a time when first sons were most lauded.

To make things even more confusing, my mother claimed we were direct descendants of Frances Marion....who was generally known to have never fathered children according to the last information I was given.

Frances Marion adopted his great-nephew, Francis Dwight, who changed his last name to Marion. Dwight also married his cousin, Rebecca Alston Marion. I'm a direct descent on the family, also.
39 general / Re: Neighbor taking photos of us in driveway
« Last post by stargazergirl74 on Today at 12:04:19 PM »
Or maybe she is thinking of getting one herself, and took a photo to show, "This is what I am thinking of."

Especially if she's about to lose her example, which she is now about to lose and had previous been taking for granted.

I'm guilty of doing this. There are more times than not, that I wish I did take a picture of something before it left.

Had she taken a photo or two, I would go along with this, however, according to BIL, she was out there for quite some time and snapping LOTS of photos, so I think it is unlikely. I realize she is not technically doing anything wrong (meaning it is legal for her to take such photos), but just because it's legal, does it mean it isn't rude? As another poster suggested, I think she was opposed to it being parked there even though there are no rules against it. For the record, it is a nice 5th wheel trailer in excellent condition, so it's not like a run down trailer left to rot on the property.
Par-Tay! / Re: Invite Wedding Guests to Join After Grooms Dinner
« Last post by TootsNYC on Today at 11:58:46 AM »
My uncle invited us all to join them at the bar after the rehearsal dinner.

It was a little awkward--but not that much. Because, well, we certainly didn't expect to attend the rehearsal dinner. And after the awkwardness was over, we did enjoy getting together.

I think in your case, the out-of-towners won't expect to attend the Groom's Supper. It's a very small group.

In your case, your groom's sister has mostly claimed the night, so I think you should discuss with her before proceeding.

You could avoid a lot of the awkwardness by asking someone else to officially host (even if you foot the bill behind the scenes) a gathering that just happens to be at the bar in the same building, and that coincidentally begins at a time the dinner might end. It can even begin a little early. You can be late, because you're a guest!
   A subtle but important difference. They should issue the invitations (either formal or informal), etc., and not imply that you are going to be there. Maybe "hopefully they'll join us," if they feel a need to.

It's quite common for a family member to host something else for the out-of-towners who aren't attending the rehearsal dinner, and sometimes it's held elsewhere. So especially if the bar is somewhat separate from the dining area, I think it could totally work.
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