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31 general / Re: Dear daughter, don't play with him, he's working
« Last post by Margo on Today at 04:11:43 AM »
I agree. You were absolutely fine.
At the point when the  women got offended you would equally have been fine to say "As the store as clearly posted signs saying that only Service Dogs are permitted, I naturally assumed that yours was a Service Dog."

( interesting to note that she thought being thought to have a disability was offensive  -she sounds like a real charmer)

I agree with this.

I especially don't understand what Carrie has against your DF, based on your OP. Your DF left the gathering of his friends, that he was enjoying, to make her happy. Then, after you guys left to be nice to her, she bailed on you guys. I totally understand why your DF doesn't want her to come along on the next trip, but I don't understand how she can justify asking you to exclude him. ]

Family and Children / Re: birthday party's stay or go? update on #18
« Last post by dawnfire on Today at 03:36:04 AM »
The party was on the weekend. We ended up staying. It gave me a good chance to talk to the other mothers which we don't get a chance during pick up/drop off. (some parents we don't even see then as the kindergarten is part of of a childcare center , so some children go to child care).
All In A Day's Work / Re: She Finishes My Sentences
« Last post by WolfWay on Today at 03:28:52 AM »
It might be echolalia.

One of my coworkers does this, a softer but simultaneous echo to what I'm saying, like she's harmonising on my sentences endings. I know she's listening to me when she finished my sentences with me. If she's not paying attention, she doesn't. Fortunatly, it doesn't annoy me, it just amuses me. She's a friend too, so maybe I have a certain fondness for her that softens the impact of the repitition that might be way more irritating from another person I didn't like as much.

It goes like this:
Me: So I put the mi- [both of us together] -lk back in the fridge.
35 general / Re: "You're welcome"
« Last post by ddawn23 on Today at 03:20:06 AM »
The answering thank you with something other than you're welcome has an interesting cultural component to it.  Ten or so years ago I was a foreign exchange student in a European country small enough that the exchange students saw each other regularly.  There were large populations of American, Canadian, and Australian students and conversation would frequently turn to language differences.  Example: The American term "restroom" annoyed the Canadians to no end.

One day some Canadians and Aussies were talking about how rude Americans are because when someone thanks them they respond not with "you're welcome," but with "uh huh."  The Americans argued that "you're welcome" is, well, not rude exactly, but somewhat ungracious.  Like "you're welcome" has a tiny tinge of self-aggrandizement attached to it, like it implies "Why yes, I did do something for you that you should be thanking me for" instead of being a simple acknowledgement that a thanks was received.  It's very subtle, but enough to make Americans just a little tiny bit uncomfortable with saying "You're welcome."

And as far as I know "No worries" is most prevalent in Australia and is essentially interchangeable with "You're welcome."
36 general / Re: Dear daughter, don't play with him, he's working
« Last post by baglady on Today at 01:46:14 AM »
I wonder if the store management is doing its own "don't engage the crazy." As in, Dog Lady raises holy hell when her dog isn't allowed in, so they've decided to let it go in the interest of Not Making a Scene. Since they have "Only Service Dogs Allowed' prominently displayed on their signs, they're banking on other customers assuming that Dog Lady's animal is a service dog.

What they didn't bank on, obviously, is a small child with a parent who is vigilant about teaching the etiquette of approaching service animals. And kudos to you, OP, for being that parent.

OT: I know the rules about not petting working service animals, but I found myself in an interesting position a few years ago. I was at a music festival that a blind woman attended with her working guide dog and her retired guide dog, now a family pet. During a jam session where this woman was playing and I was a spectator, I sat in the corner keeping Retired Dog company. I love dogs but don't currently have any of my own, so I take my doggy bonding where I can get it. There was much petting and nuzzling and belly rubbing -- good times.

Imagine my surprise when the woman was getting ready to leave and Working Dog came over to me and rolled over on his back for belly rubs! I was all, "Dude, aren't you on duty?" Mine was not to question why; mine was to assume he got the "You're on break" signal and rub accordingly.  :)
Thanks guys. To clarify - DF wasn't mad at me. He was annoyed at Carrie for getting antsy about wanting to leave the bar... then when we did actually leave, she bailed on the Noodle Festival. And when I say "annoyed" I mean, it was a private rant to me. He didn't say anything to her face. Also, he was hoping to forge some social friendships with his co-workers. They seem like a bunch of cool people, and we (especially DF) were looking forward to hanging out with them and getting to know them better outside of work.

Carrie is annoyed with DF because she sees him as one of the main parties who were dragging their heels at the bar. DF got three drinks, which she noticed.

And yes, this is an actual Noodle Festival! Not a metaphor for anything else!

If someone is counting my drinks or that of my significant other that's rude.  If they then get annoyed because they think it's too much, that's beyond rude.
This is kind of a tricky thing. I agree with Abby. I think Carrie got an (albeit accidental) bait-and-switch. She was invited to do something, said she'd like to but would need to be done by a certain time, and then got confirmation that her schedule would not be a problem. Had the OP said, "We were planning on grabbing happy hour before going over to the festival; I don't know if you'll get back in time to catch your bus," Carrie would have been able to decline. Instead, she got reassurance that the schedule was fine.

I think that when it became apparent that the original plans (that Carrie had accepted an invitation to) no longer stood, you probably should have either:

1. Left for the Noodle Festival with Carrie, meeting your DF and his friends there when they were done with the drinks. (Apologies go to DF and his friends for the miscommunication.)
2. Let Carrie know that you're not going to be leaving for the Noodle Festival in time for her to make it there and back in time and see if she wants to stay at the bar or go home. (Apologies go to Carrie for the miscommunication.)

I also think that OP should have taken more ownership of the reason why she was asking DF to leave earlier. Not "Carrie's not having fun" or "Carrie needs to be back by 7" but "I told Carrie we'd be leaving for the festival by 5:45." Blaming Carrie probably contributed towards his anger towards her, which she likely picked up on.

On the bright side, you now know a bit more about how these people approach schedules, so you probably won't have a repeat occurrence.
I was assuming the noodle festival was a disguise, but is there really a noodle festival?

Oh, I didn't think about that but, yes, in Japantown in San Francisco.  The company that holds them had one for the first time in SF last summer, and, apparently, we Californians are crazy for our noodle festivals,  I love ramen.  I love Top Ramen Oriental Flavor and, also, I love regular fresh ramen at Japanese restaurants so the idea of a ramen festival thrills me.

Sydney, Australia has one every year too.  And despite this being a different city, IME the queues are always ridiculous, particularly if its a Friday or Saturday night.  1 hour is just not feasible.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: The dress that "broke the internet"
« Last post by katycoo on Today at 01:08:59 AM »
I got light blue and browny gold first time, then white and gold.  Different screens, different lighting.
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