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"Why would I want to do that?" / Re: "Watch my bags!"
« Last post by sammycat on Today at 09:46:29 PM »
I think we've mostly forgotten due to the stringent security changes implemented since 9/11, but they've been saying to hold on to your own luggage and not to watch anyone else's since way before 2001. Airports and airplanes have been terrorist targets practically as long as there have been airlines. Baggage screening was first implemented in the 70s. And let's face it, 9/11 was almost 13 years ago.

So it's surprising to me that people would still think it's ok to let their belongings out of their sight for even a minute. I sure wouldn't do it no matter how inconvenient or cumbersome. And I'd never watch someone else's stuff.

Silly to leave your bomb inside the airport after getting it through security? Airports get bombed too, not just planes. Here's an article about this happening way back in 1975, so it's nothing new.

To be honest, much of what they do to "secure" air travel does seem somewhat silly. It gives us a false sense of security. I've known people who have gone through the checkpoint and realized later they had a pocket knife or similar contraband in their luggage and had forgotten about it. But they'll confiscate your shampoo soon enough if it's over three ounces.

I guess they are doing the best they can but in the end, I think we also need to take some responsibility for safety. I just see being cavalier about our and others' belongings as irresponsible.

Very true. Based on the regions I travel around I'm actually more concerned about someone slipping illegal drugs into my bags than bombs going off.

On my last trip to the US, my toothpaste was confiscated at Brisbane airport. The tube description was 10gm over the limit but it was half used, so way under the actual weight amount. On the other hand, they didn't care about the three very sharp razors I had in the same overnight bag.  ::)

One other time my son's plastic toddler spoon was confiscated at the domestic airport as I went to farewell DH off. But they were fine with the sharp craft knife DH didn't realise he had left in his briefcase until he arrived at the hotel. ::)
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Thread-Killing
« Last post by Thipu1 on Today at 09:26:59 PM »
I received a postcard from thread today.  Our dear little thread is hiking, fishing and generally having a wonderful and relaxing time in the cool of the Adirondacks. 
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Neither A Borrower Nor A Lender Be
« Last post by Lynn2000 on Today at 09:24:48 PM »
I also tend to forget when I've loaned stuff out! (I may even have already posted that, and forgotten it.  :P) Another reason for me not to loan things, especially books I haven't read yet. I'm likely to go, "Hmm, that book sounds cool. Have I got it already? Nope. I'm buyin' it!" and then a month later someone's like, "Here's the book you loaned me," and now I have two. Of course I could write it down, but as I tend to get a bit obsessive when given leave to write stuff down, I don't like to invent new things to record.
34 general / Re: Come to the Party - Oh By the Way
« Last post by Roses on Today at 09:24:41 PM »
I'd love to have some great phrases for you to use at the wedding to deflect stupid comments about you ruining everything. The best I can come up with is: "yeah, I'm really surprised that none of his own kids or grandkids were willing to bring him here. How odd..."

This!  Perfect. 
"Have you tried the bean dip?" / Re: Unpleasantness Evaded
« Last post by Lynn2000 on Today at 09:20:20 PM »
Depends on the person, too--some people use the words "you should..." as a figure of speech, without meaning it as a command. So "You should like my page!" could be shorthand for, "I think you would enjoy my page, I invite you to look at it. Please comment approvingly if you do enjoy it." I know the "you should..." phrasing rubs some people the wrong way.

For people you personally know, you probably already know if that's how they talk or not, though. :)
Gifts, Registries and Money / Re: Gift Ideas for a Coworker
« Last post by jmarvellous on Today at 09:19:25 PM »
One of my husband's great-aunts gave us a tiny plate that we now use as a ring stand in the bathroom when we shower. I think you could get a cute ring stand/plate for $10ish.

Etsy has a few thousand (including, weirdly, the plate we have that we had no idea was a ring plate! I'm glad I did this search) ring plates for $10 or less:

And ring stands:

I'm guessing stores in the mall would have them in a similar price range if you don't have the time.
Gifts, Registries and Money / Re: Gift Ideas for a Coworker
« Last post by Lynn2000 on Today at 09:16:56 PM »
You could also, as you said, look at the registry and see if anything on there inspires you. For example, if she's getting some kitchen appliances in red, you could look for two or three dishtowels with red patterns. And if you get it from a store where she's registered (and give a gift receipt) she can always return it for store credit and put it towards something else on her registry.

Personally, I would send it through the mail (like order online and have the store mail it), and I would send it either immediately before the wedding (like a day or two before) or after it, so there's no way to give the impression that I'm angling for an invitation.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Musical Stockholm Syndrome
« Last post by guihong on Today at 09:14:00 PM »
This has happened thrice, all tied to the China summer:

#1: Traditional Chinese "pop" music.  The most popular form were treacly love songs, so sappy they would give someone cavities.  It started on the airplane before we even landed, and never let up.  Many of my students gave me tapes of the stuff.  It went from barely tolerable to rage after eight weeks.  Now, over a decade past, I found myself playing that music again and thinking it's all right but not my favorite.  It's similar to Japanese enka music.

#2: The Carpenters' Yesterday Once More.  Before that summer, this was one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite groups.  For some inexplicable reason, this had to be the most popular song in China.  After uncounted off-key karaoke performances, I loathed that tune with a passion.  Now, it's back on my playlist and I think it's nostalgia that is drawing me back into love with it.

#3: Phil Collins: One More Night.  Same summer.  This one used to be on my "like" list until it was so overplayed all that time there.  It was even in Muzak form.  That song, unlike the Carpenters, never recovered from loathing.
Gifts, Registries and Money / Re: Gift Ideas for a Coworker
« Last post by auntmeegs on Today at 09:08:13 PM »
You are so sweet! Two things I can think of are a bottle of wine with a note along the lines of toasting their new marriage or drinking on their first anniversary (at least in the US, you can get very drinkable wine in the $10-12 range) or a nice photo frame / photo album, since they will be finding themselves with many photos between the wedding and honeymoon if they are taking the latter. If neither of these resonates, I truly think a card is beyond priceless if you wrote a note in it. We got one engagement card from a friend and I treasure it for what he wrote inside.

POD that that is so sweet of you!  And also pod on the bottle of wine, great idea.  Another idea...are they going on a honeymoon?  If so, what about a little mini goodie bag for the plane/car/train ride - a bag of nuts, bar of chocolate, gummy bears, gum, mints, that kind of thing.  One of my coworkers who I am not very close with (we work in different depts) but that I am very fond of gave me something like this, in a pretty little cosmetics bag, with a beautiful card, and it just meant so much to me.
Gifts, Registries and Money / Re: Gift Ideas for a Coworker
« Last post by POF on Today at 08:55:44 PM »
I agree with the wine or the frame - both are very usable and great ideas.
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