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My DH served it. It was fine to keep things progressing along. The cake DID have a lot of sugar in it.

Did she have coffee with the sweetener though? You did offer to go out and it's not her fault your DH served cake while you were gone. Perhaps she decided to use her sugar allowance on cake but not in the coffee.
Christmas party today, and a friend was telling a story on her MIL. Apparently the MIL had one of those really big candles - the kind you use for decoration and never actually burn because they're like a foot across - and it was dusty after being in storage for a year.

So she put it in the dishwasher.

Couldn't figure out how it disappeared while in there. The next day, the whole house had to be roto-rootered and the guy who came out was all "I've never seen this before! What is this stuff?" And the MIL just shrugged...

This particular MIL sounds like a real piece of work, but the stories about her are hilarious :-D

Oh.My.Goodness. I think this story wins the internet for the day! ;D
These are great suggestions! Thanks! ;D

I'm going with:

Mini oscar statue (love this idea!)
Microwave popcorn (the tins were over budget, couldn't find a small one)
Movie-style popcorn boxes
Movie candy

I'll wrap them all separately, and keeping with the box-in-a-box idea I'll put them all in a huge box with the movie tickets taped to the bottom, so that will be the last that he finds.

You all are awesome! ;D
Humor Me! / Re: Word Association Game
« Last post by gramma dishes on Yesterday at 01:30:33 PM »

I don't know if it's e-hell approved or not but I have started to put up my hand and say "stop" and different variations of it - "stop, just stop" or "I'm going to stop you there for a minute", "just hold on to that thought". It has been extremely effective.
The Ehell Guide to Never Behaving Badly / Re: Etiquette of singles
« Last post by diesel_darlin on Yesterday at 12:50:29 PM »
I see how it has worked for so many people, but I'm still hesitant to try it. Guess I just need to bite the bullet.   ;D
"John, as you know, I have a degree in eggs and kept up with the latest studies. Please stop disrespecting me by explaining eggs to me like I don't know what I'm doing. You may not mean to, but you are insulting my knowledge."

Sometimes you have to be firm, direct, and honest.

I think that would just let him know that he's accomplished his goal -- which is getting under her skin.

It doesn't sound like he's trying to get under her skin. Just that he's the type who over-explains because he knows the topic and likes the sound of his own voice; like an excited Kindergarden kid showing off learning to spell. But who knows? The OP can decide which suggestions might work and which may not for this guy.
Agreed. Or at least its the most charitable way to view his behavior. Id reply with comments like, Thats right John. Eggs have yolks. Sounds like they taught you well in Egg boiling school!

If he is trying to get under her skin this will thwart him. If hes not its still not a bad way to respond.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Pokemon Go craze
« Last post by diesel_darlin on Yesterday at 12:45:35 PM »
I have a Galaxy Note 5, I don't know if that makes a difference or not.
39 general / Re: MIL back again, minor annoyance
« Last post by bgolly on Yesterday at 12:43:48 PM »
I think your MIL's idea of burying the hatchet is going back to whatever state your relationship was in 20 years ago. Probably you putting up with her mistreatment of you and not saying anything. It sounds like she has no intention of apologizing. She probably doesn't feel she did anything that requires and apology. I would just ignore her and do what you need to do to preserve yourselves.
My DH served it. It was fine to keep things progressing along. The cake DID have a lot of sugar in it.
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