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I don't think it's rude to ask, but I think it's also not rude to say 'I just really hate that word'. And neither request has to be acquiesced to. People have vastly different definitions of what swearing is these days; yes, there are some universal ones but also many that some people are horrified by and others wouldn't even blink at. Especially if there's a cultural difference; I know some words are considered far worse in Britain than the USA. So, keep in mind that in some cases you might be asking someone to use a word that they don't even see as swearing.

I'm curious now - which swear words are more offensive in Britain than the US?

The only one I can think of is the "other" f-word which in the US just means butt, but in Britain is comparable to the c-word in both meaning and offensive-ness.

Know what you mean about some words not registering as swearing. dingdangity or hell aren't really swear words to me, although I know that technically they are. I also remember switching from a state to religious primary school and being stunned they considered saying "shut up" a swear word (agree it can be a rude thing to say but a swear word it's not IMO.

I agree - and I would expand on that to say that there are some words I don't consider swearing in some circumstances, but which definitely are in others. The f-word (not the one mentioned above) is one of those. Using it in every second sentence sounds horrible, and I hate the 'ing' form of the word, but a heartfelt "Oh f..." when somebody tells me really bad news sometimes seem like the most honest reply to make.

To me blasphemous swearing is the absolute worst (especially using J.C. as a swear), but fortunately I've never had to ask anybody to stop using that around me. Most people know I'm a Christian and will automatically either censor themselves around me, or apologize if it slips out by accident.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Favourite Kids' TV Characters!
« Last post by dawnfire on Today at 04:59:39 AM »
my son is quite fond of baby Jake and Thomas the tank engine
Time For a Coffee Break! / Favourite Kids' TV Characters!
« Last post by Hollanda on Today at 04:54:11 AM »
OK.  Let's see how many of these you guys have heard of where you are:
Three of DS (and my) favourites are:
Mr Tumble/Justin Fletcher
Jake and the Neverland Pirates
In The Night Garden.
What about yours??
Not that this should even have to be said....but apparently it does.....

A relative of mine ( Lisa )acquired a rambunctious ( I'm being nice here ) shepherd mix rescue puppy about a year ago and it has a bad habit of jumping up on people.  I can't get through the door before it's on me and of course....Lisa laughs it off with some variation of
"He just wants to say hi" or "Oh pet him!  He wants you to pet him!" 

She will tell him to get down but the damage is done by then - dirty clothes and on my most recent visit a hole in my new shirt where a claw went through.   At that point I had grabbed the dogs front forelegs and hurled him off me and Lisa looked kind of put out about my lack of enthusiasm for her pet.  Neither of us said a word but it was a little awkward.  Throughout the visit it kept coming over to the couch and sniffing you know where, putting its paws up like it's about to climb up and just generally making a disruptive nuisance of itself.  I kept telling the dog firmly to get down and pushing it off hoping Lisa would take the hint but she kept on with the "Just pet him....he just wants attention".

Any ideas on how to nicely make it clear that don't want her dog on all?  She does have a bit of that "they're my babies" mentality and I don't want to hurt her feelings.

"I'm sorry, I am allergic to dogs" or
"I am really not a dog person"
I have used either of these before.  I am not a dog person.  I am quite frankly terrified of larger dogs, and avoid them where possible.
And "lie" is not only grammatically correct, but it makes a nice little rhyme. Have a "try lie." (Years ago I also heard a mattress store inviting customers to take a "test rest.")

That could also perhaps be a colloquial term for perjury -- the telling of an untruth when someone was being tried in court  :) ...
I volunteer for an organization that sells tickets every year for an annual event.  An email goes out that basically says "Your tickets are in your folders, please sell them or return them back to the volunteer coordinator"  Those who want to sell them, do.  Those that don't, return them. 

Just because your boss gave you tickets doesn't mean you are obligated to purchase or sell them.  Act as you mean to go on.  Return them to your boss and let her know that you won't be participating. 
Jaime is Mary's boss and ultimately she reports to him.  I don't blame her for following her boss' instructions. 

The problem is not with Mary, it's with Jaime.  You can either tell Jaime, straight up, "don't delegate that task to Mary" or you can tell him that she needs to defer to your instructions on how to pull jobs.  But I don't think it's fair to get upset with Mary for following instructions given to her by her boss. 
To be honest, I wouldn't ask, I'd just not be their friend anymore.

IMO, most people who swear like that belong to a certain social class that I wouldn't want to associate with.
I agree with the first part - i don't have friends who swear ("a lot"). i don't know if it's a question of "social class" but let's just say that these are people that *I* wouldn't feel comfortable associating with. We all have said the occasional F-word or B-word (let's say when it's *really* warranted) but none of my friends are the type who drop an F-bomb every third word. that would drive me crazy.
To be honest, I wouldn't ask, I'd just not be their friend anymore.

IMO, most people who swear like that belong to a certain social class that I wouldn't want to associate with.

Excuse me?! Would you kindly explain, please?
A service provider I use for a hobby I'm a part of managed to make a giant donkey's behind of themselves this weekend, as five figures worth of their income walked out the door. And they keep asking themselves why and/or insisting it's because everyone else is crazy.

No, my dear people. This is the second time this year this has happened. If your clients are doing mass exodus', something is WRONG and you need to fix it; not act like a spoiled little brat - especially when this business you run is your family's livelihood and without you'll have nothing.

just to be clear. You mean 5 figures as in tens of thousands of dollars?
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