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41 general / Re: Is there a polite way to warn of expired carseats?
« Last post by DanaJ on Today at 04:45:30 PM »
Ok that makes sense, if it is very distinctive and you see him regularly. From my understanding, expiration dates are made up by the manufacturers and aren't regulated by any actual safety authority. I really think you should mind your own business. The seat may still be perfectly safe.

Plastic can become very brittle over time and then can break easily. Especially if it's been enduring extreme heat or cold the way a carseat can. Car seats expire for a very good reason.

Indeed. I had rock climbing gear that I'd barely ever used and that had been in storage, safely tucked away from light and extremes in temperature/humidity. I still chopped it up and discarded it after a certain amount of time because materials degrade even when not in use and there are best practices to be followed for a reason. No way would I trust my life to equipment I wasn't very, very sure about.
That is excessive! I was in band in high school, and the only uniformity we had was if our hair was below our collars, it had to be put up under our helmets. I did a lot of french braids on band trips!

IMHO, I'd just say to the coach, if you want it straight, you come over to the house and spend the 2 hours straightening it. You'll have to get x-product from the store, and a good straightener, plus a good leave in conditioner. When she hems and haws about the time and money, ask her why she expects you to spend that kind of money and time.

I'd also be ready with, "Oh, that time won't work for us." Just in case.

My BFF used to straighten her hair, and it always took a couple hours to do it. It didn't matter the length, curls are curls!
Was her stapler a red Swingline?
I'm wondering if one of the employees at the bank I frequent is going to be committing PD eventually.   My husband and I had made an appointment with an investment person.  When we arrived, Flaky Lady met with us instead of NonFlaky Guy that we'd made the appointment with.  Okay, no problem so far - we didn't really care whom we met with.  Then this happened:

Flaky Lady:  Do you mind if I drink my juice?
Us:  No, go ahead.
Her:  Thanks!  I'm on a juice fast, but it's really hard.  I miss eating.
Us:   Sure.
Her:  And fruit is so expensive!  Apples used to be $3.00/pound, now they're $5.00/pound.  That adds up, y'know?
Us:  No doubt.
Her:  Anyway, about your investments - uh-oh!
Us:  What's wrong?
Her:  There's a mole on my arm, and I swear it wasn't there before.  *stares at mole some more*  Anyway, your investments ... (talks about investments for a while)   That should take care of everything.  I'll just staple these papers for you - ARGH!
Us:  What??
Her:  Grrrrr, my co-workers think it's funny to hide my stapler.  I had an awesome stapler in our other branch, and when I moved to this one, I brought it with me.  I guess technically it's stealing, but I didn't take it, I just moved it, see?  But they hid it, and now I have to use this crappy stapler.
Us:  Um, that sucks.
Her:  Okay, that takes care of everything.  People say I shouldn't work in a bank because I'm so friendly, but I just love people!  Byyyeeee!

When we left, my husband said diplomatically "Well, she is certainly a character."
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: For jaxsue - My brother's "ghost story"
« Last post by VorFemme on Today at 04:19:38 PM »
forgot to add, but it's a different subject from what I wrote before, so...

Supposedly Lucille Ball's last request, maybe her last words, were a request for "my Florida water".

It was a light cologne that she wore constantly, if I remember the story...
I think checking with management about the checker's responsibility to bag when they're working with a bagger is a good idea. At most grocery stores I've been to it seems like the checker's main focus is completing the sales transaction as quickly and efficiently as possible, so I'm assuming that'll be the case for you too, but it's always good to double check.

Assuming there's the case for you and there's room in the bagging area for all the groceries, this is how I'd handle it. I'd tell him, "I'll finish scanning and then I'll help you bag from this end."

There are several important points in there:
- You're announcing what you will do (thereby not letting him boss you around)
- You're clarifying what is your role and what is his (using the help you phrasing)
- You're acknowledging him and responding kindly so you look friendly in front of the customer
- You're moving as quickly as possible to the part of the transaction that requires customer interaction which is going to keep them happier

As I was typing this, it also occurred to me that some of my checkers keep a bag at their station where they toss in the little or fragile stuff as they scan it, and then pass the bigger, heartier stuff down the belt to the bagger. I had assumed it was driven just by protecting the fragile stuff, but now I'm wondering if it depends on the speed of the bagger too.
47 general / Re: When the corrector is incorrect
« Last post by DanaJ on Today at 04:10:40 PM »
We shouldn't really correct other grown ups unless their mistake may cause them peril. No one likes being talked down to like a child. I'd advise to let people mispronounce all they want. They will eventually realise their mistake.

There are ways to steer someone right without overtly correcting them though, such as asking a question: "Really? I had always been taught that (pros and cons for product X) were the other way around. Did they release a new update?"

But for mispronunciations, typically as long as I understand the meaning, I let it go. Unless the speaker would be at risk of major embarassment.

My physiotherapist shares office space with another physio named Virginia. One of her new clients (also new to English) pronounces it more like "Vijania." So there was much hilarity as the receptionist was trying to teach the woman to say it so it didn't sound so much like the female body part. It was like Sesame Street/Electric Company:  "Virgin.......eeya. Virgin.....eeya. Virgin...eeya. VirginEEYA!" Although the client put in a verbal exclamation point, so it sounded like some kind of cheer. "Yee-haw! Virgin-EEYA!"
Because we go to a lot of the same places at the same time, and I have literally watched him buckle his toddler into this seat twice in the last week while my kids climbed into my car. It is a bit of a trip down memory lane because the seat is very distinctive. It was a high-end seat that came in several distinctive patterns, and I had only ever seen mine and Cs until yesterday, when A posted an odd story. She put her two expired carseats on the curb for trash pickup and somebody took both and posted them for sale on a neighborhood board.

If discarding a car seat because of age or because it has been in an accident always cut the straps to make it unusable.
If the customer's groceries were piling up faster than he was able to bag them, maybe he needed you to stop scanning and help bag for a few minutes. He could have certainly communicated that more clearly, but I don't think it is unreasonable for a cashier to help bag. He may be slow, but that happens sometimes.

This states what I tried to say better. I don't think it is good customer service to be in conflict with another employee, especially when the two of you should have the same goal of getting the customer checked out and bagged. There is no purpose to the OP being super fast in checking out the groceries only to twirl her thumbs while the slower bagger bags alone. I think the best resolution is to either coordinate the speed (slow down) or help grumpy bag.

I think the OP can address the grumpy behavior with management, but I would be very careful with anything that would be viewed as a personality clash. As I said before, in my experience such reports do not reflect well on either party.
It could be that she didn't even think of it. I live in an area that doesn't experience much, if any, garbage digging - if you put something out, it stays there until the garbage truck comes and picks it up, so I wouldn't have thought to render a carseat unusable, until I saw this thread.
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