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Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Reading/Book Pet Peeves
« Last post by amandaelizabeth on Today at 06:50:40 PM »
I am listening to this book, not reading it, but I think that I would be just as peeved if I were indeed reading it.  The writer keeps mentioning what the time is.  Fair enough but she will say it was 9 o'clock am.  Which is okay if there were doubts about whether or not it is morning or evening.  'Breakfast was at 9 o'clock am, an hour later at 10 o'clock am she went .........'

or 'after a long walk in the afternoon dinner was at 7 o'clock pm'

I can also remember that the heroine is petit with green eyes, and do not need to be reminded every time.

Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: s/o superstitions-Unusual beliefs
« Last post by Piratelvr1121 on Today at 06:49:46 PM »
I feel closer to God when I am either in the mountains or at the beach. I have no real reason why I believe this, but I do and I always feel closer to Him there.
I know what you mean.

Ever heard of "Thin places"? The idea being that there are just some places, and it's really different for everyone, where the veil between this world and the next is thin enough that if one is open to it, they can feel the presence of the divine more than anywhere else.

I believe very young children can sense a lot more, spiritually and supernaturally than adults or even older children are capable of seeing, simply for them just being more pure and uninhibited, not yet touched by skepticism or feeling they need to conform to what others believe.  It was watching all 3 of my boys just giggling at seemingly random times when they were infants, and we could see nothing that would amuse them.   

At one point last year, I was driving somewhere with my youngest child and I was using the rear view mirror to glance back at him now and then.  At one point he looked up to the ceiling of the van, waved and said "HI!!!!!"

Also, same year I was at a town event and this woman came up to me, looked down at Littlest Pirate and said "He's special, isn't he? He can see things..." and gave me a knowing look before turning her attention to the bagpipes.

Family and Children / Re: Is there a name for this?
« Last post by veronaz on Today at 06:37:26 PM »
I'm not sure why you need to explain it.  Sibling relationships vary widely.  Outside of "brother" or "sister", I'm not sure that I need to explain to anyone that I maintain a familial relationship, but do not hang out with my brother on a friendly basis.  Or that we get along publically, but don't like it each other.

What you describe is a relationship where siblings maintain the relationship for family, but don't go out of their way to grow the relationship in other ways.  I'm just not sure why anyone needs that explained?  You can just say "We see each other at family events but aren't close otherwise" if you have to say anything at all.

I agree with this.

I don't see the importance of having a name/labeling such situations.  I suppose estrangement would be accurate.

I never say "We're not close" because that usually is followed by "Why not?", or "Maybe things will change" or something along those lines, and I don't care to discuss the matter.  It (the relationship or lack of one) is no one else's business.
All In A Day's Work / Re: Employee and clothing
« Last post by PastryGoddess on Today at 06:35:38 PM »
Thank you Bah12.  That is what I need to say.  I am her manager and it will be a difficult conversation, but she has been hinting around about being sent out to do presentations so I think I need to have this talk with her now.

We don't expect people to be super up-to-date and stylish, it's not that kind of job, but her wardrobe is more than 10 years out of date and is fading and showing definite signs of wear and tear. 

Also, one definite violation of the dress code is that she wears athletic shoes to work.  She says it is because of a medical problem with her feet (she is diabetic) but I believe you can get proper fitting, diabetic support shoes that are not sneakers.

Any clothing that is five to ten years old will deteriorate from wear and tear, fade from washing or dry cleaning and other factors. Even if you take the best care of your clothes, this will inevitably happen. Business attire does have to be replaced routinely every three to five years to look presentable.

That's not true at all.  I have several suits that are nearing 10 years old and look fabulous.  I also have many vintage items in my closet, and they are 20-30 years old 
Well made clothes can last a very long time.  Sure there may need to be alterations and repairs made.  But good clothes are good clothes
Family and Children / Re: Rude to pick at food?
« Last post by ladyknight1 on Today at 06:32:45 PM »
Very childish behavior from BIL and I would have taken him aside to say something after the first and put the rest away or handed them out when he went back over to them.

OP, have you talked to your DH about this?
Receptions / Re: Giving away centerpieces - would this be rude?
« Last post by jmarvellous on Today at 06:30:12 PM »
I'll join the crowd saying I'm not a big fan of assigning centerpieces to special people.

I'd love to know I was one of your special people. I love the look of a milk glass centerpiece at a wedding--I've seen gorgeous photos of it. But there's no way I'm putting a milk glass vase with silk flowers out in my apartment (it just wouldn't match my decor) ... so your gift would be wasted on me. I'd have to regift it or throw it away or donate it, depending on my travel plans/storage capability, and I'd be really sad to do so, knowing it was special to you.

I think it'd be fine to sequester 1 or 2 for yourself to take home, and to have the MC make an announcement/enlist people to spread the word that people are welcome to take them home.

(Maybe it's just me, but I have a feeling that if we'd assigned tables, many of our most "special" people would've been at the same table, leading to substantial awkwardness as they went over to others' tables to claim their prizes.)
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: s/o superstitions-Unusual beliefs
« Last post by blue2000 on Today at 06:18:02 PM »
That's an interesting thought. I don't tend to see a 'soul' in cities, but I do tend to feel massively claustrophobic in very large cities. Too much concrete, too many people, too much stuff for me to be comfortable. And yet sitting on piles of rock out in nature is possibly the most soothing thing I can imagine. Just as much 'stuff' really (trees, stones, moss, grass, wildlife, water, clouds) but a very different vibe.
Humor Me! / Re: Signs that crack you up
« Last post by Piratelvr1121 on Today at 06:16:33 PM »
In our local grocery store there were large boxes containing bags of plastic grass for Easter baskets but unfortunately someone had stuck a large cardboard sign on the side of the box giving the price so that the lettering on the side of the box hid the "GR" from sight.
I found a jar of Biscoff spread in the pantry today that I had bought for my DD to take back to school and she forgot it. Yeah! I was dying for something sweet and salty. Biscoff and Saltines, a perfect afternoon snack.
Family and Children / Re: Is there a name for this?
« Last post by Tea Drinker on Today at 06:10:10 PM »
I say things like "my brother and I aren't close" and "he's a nice guy, but the only thing we have in common is that we both love our mother." The former is when people casually ask about my family, where "and I have a brother, but we aren't close, and he lives halfway across the country" is sufficient. If I'm getting to know someone and they ask beyond that, I clarify that there's no particular hostility there, just no real connection either.

Something similar to that would work even in a situation where there is a real reason for the distance, not just my brother and I not seeming to have anything to talk about.
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