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The Facebook page isn't an "official" page of the town; it was started by someone who lives there. Not sure if that makes a difference. The moderator replied the post was racist, but the man just brushed it off with more racist comments and it looks like nothing has come of it. The "policy" of the page is that no one gets banned and anything goes. The post is still there and has been since yesterday.
All In A Day's Work / Re: I don't want to be the troublesome vegan
« Last post by ladyknight1 on Today at 12:18:16 PM »
I work for a part of the state government. Although they buy food for everyone at two events a year, it is few and far between. We have potluck lunches, or go out for lunch together, or order whatever kind of food on our own dime. No one is forced to participate, but, if they do not participate in multiple workplace events when they are present, they are seen as not part of the team.

I've been here 10 years, so I make that call each time, whether or not I will participate or if I bow out. But I feel like it is part of my job to be involved, so I am.
Family and Children / Re: Dealing With Threats from Teens
« Last post by Twik on Today at 12:06:56 PM »
Not a parent, so I can't tell you how I would have responded. I was a bit perplexed by this bit:
... did pretty much anything she wanted while staying in the rules we set down for them.

Why is that a problem? If she stays within your rules, what else should she be doing?
Family and Children / Re: Dealing With Threats from Teens
« Last post by SamiHami on Today at 12:04:01 PM »
When a friend was faced with an identical situation with her teenage daughter years ago, she told her to go ahead and do that if she wanted to, but to be prepared to be removed from the home, put in foster care and risk being put somewhere away from her friends, school and pets. She pointed out that if she got stuck in a terrible foster home that there wouldn't be anything that she (the mother) could do about it, so she should think long and hard about it before she took that risk.

The kid shut up and backed down.
Family and Children / Re: Dealing With Threats from Teens
« Last post by bah12 on Today at 12:03:56 PM »
I don't really think this is an etiquette issue, more so a parental and relationship one.

As a parent/guardian, you have the responsibility to do what is best for the child.  And if they threaten you, you have the difficult job of continuing to do what's best and address that negative behavior.  I assume it is much harder when dealing with children that you have not raised from birth. 

I do not have a similar story, but I think the best way to handle it is to get advice from friends/professionals who have been in similar situations. 
I would definitely report it to the town's Facebook staff. This would be a horrible image for the town to present!
I really, firmly believe that -- allowing for personal safety -- to let something like that go, allows people to think that it's ok or that others support that kind of message. Report it to his employer, and report it to Facebook.

Someone in my area posted what I'm assuming is the same or a similar picture (please let there not be more than one version... sigh) and lost his position working for the town.
Family and Children / Dealing With Threats from Teens
« Last post by sandisadie on Today at 11:45:00 AM »
I was confronted with this issue while raising my Husband's grandchildren several years ago. (they are grown and on their own now).  We provided a very stable home setting, with plenty of attention and plenty of professional help when needed.  There came a time when the older girl was 16 that she cornered me one day and told me that if I continued to question her about what she was doing and getting into "her" business she would call Family and Children's Services and make up a story that would get me in serious trouble.  I could only think that one of her friends had tried that and told her to try it also.  I must say that I did back off questioning her and decided to let the chips fall as they may.  This was a teen who did well in school, was very popular and had many friends.  We had the usual house rules, were not strict and gave them a generous allowance.  This girl was very headstrong and, as I found out much later, did pretty much anything she wanted while staying in the rules we set down for them.

I'm wondering if other e-hellions have had similar incidents and how you handled them.
The fact that I work with a group of Ph.D. holding professors who cannot read.

This morning I went to turn on the light in the room that houses our copier and shredder.  Turn on the copier then notice something odd about the shredder.  There is a document stuck in the feeder.  That's odd because it wasn't there last night when I left, I thought.

Tried to pull out the document.  Nope, not working.  Tried to put the shredder into reverse.  It made grinding noises so I turned it off.  The document was about 1 1/2 inches thick (about 30 sheets of paper) and still had a staple in the upper left hand corner.

There is a sign on the front of the shredder that says "Shred only 10 pages at a time and remove ALL (yes it is capitalized) staples and clips prior to using the shredder".

Of course, no one is taking responsibility for this.  The only people here after 4:30 are professors who are seeing students.

Perfect ending?  The guy who fixes the shredders is off until Monday.
I'd send the screenshot to the Postmaster. Many companies feel that when you have your employer listed on your social media sites, and you post something, you are representing the company. Maybe they'll reprimand him, maybe they'll fire him, maybe nothing. Many people have been fired for their posts on social media, some rather famously.
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