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Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Jury Duty
« Last post by Girlie on Yesterday at 03:00:17 PM »
I got called for grand jury in the county where I live - I'm still technically a part of grand jury at this time, actually and may or may not be called back again.

I live in a (very) small county (population 14,000), so it was super simple - we showed up, took our seats, and raised our hands when called upon to show that we were present. We took our oaths, and then the judge weeded people out by asking who would be excused through normal means (a few takers), and then asking who just didn't want to be there. She excused those who raised their hands first and the rest of us (23 total) stuck it out for the rest of the day.

I enjoyed my day in grand jury. We sat through a lot of cases, so we were there all day, but we got a tour of our local jail and they catered in some local bbq for us to eat. I enjoyed meeting the sheriff and seeing the jailhouse facilities, and it was interesting to hear about some of the things going on in the county.

Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Is software worth buying on ebay?
« Last post by Redneck Gravy on Yesterday at 02:38:16 PM »
I bought my last Microsoft Office Student through the college bookstore and much to my surprise it was actually cheaper through them than online or from Amazon. 

I did a lot of research before purchasing so I'm just throwing that idea out there for you.
I know this is a common one, but people who don't read the article before commenting. Local news site put out an article the other day about how difficult it is to find housing in our city, even for the middle class. (And it is, stuff is ridiculous.)

Tons of, "Get a job!!" comments. Yeah, ok.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Last post by Black Delphinium on Yesterday at 02:20:01 PM »
I like the guides on, and this fusion guide-
Time For a Coffee Break! / Is software worth buying on ebay?
« Last post by crazycatlady331 on Yesterday at 02:14:29 PM »
I just bought a new laptop to replace my 2010 model.   Only thing I did not buy with it was Microsoft Office (which is something I need to buy).  I've decided to buy Home and Student 2016 outright instead of the subscription based 365.  Last thing I want is another monthly or annual bill.

I've looked around and comparison shopped for it (online).   Best price at a store (that's not a membership only club a la Costco) is at Walmart for $118 and change.   I found a copy on eBay for $58.55 (from a London based seller-- I'm across the pond).   I haven't bought anything on eBay in ages and am wondering if it is too good to be true.   If it is not legit, what kind of protections does ebay offer in terms of getting my money back?    Seller promises to email the access code to me.

(I need to buy this by the end of the week). 
Humor Me! / Re: Gross out-- Not for the faint of heart
« Last post by Ser Lucien Liliane on Yesterday at 02:11:03 PM »
Did someone call for stitch pics? ;D

I went back and read the original letter again.  I have evil thoughts occasionally and I was wondering how the Bridezilla would feel if the LW stood up in front of her BBQ guests, pointed out the Bridezilla and explained how she had shamed LW at her wedding, again at the reception and yet again on Facebook for - daring to wear blue to her wedding.

How would Bridezilla feel then and would she even recognize her outlandish behavior?

Not looking for medical advice, just a general answer...

My baby daughter (7 mos) has a double ear infection and double pink eye. The doctor prescribed the appropriate medications and then asked to see her again in two weeks. Are follow-up appointments for ear infections in children typical? We never had them growing up, and I can't recall ever having follow-ups when I was young, but of course, that was two/three decades ago and I know things have changed.

Yes - most of the time it's a quick "yep, cleared up!" but on the occasions it's not . . . well you really don't want to miss the signs. My mother has partial hearing loss from a childhood ear infection which didn't go away. Babybartfast also ended up having sinus surgery because it turns out she's got some weird shapes up in there and that's what was causing her needing tubes every year and still getting sick.
This is just about the silliest thing people make up "rules" about.  Other than women avoiding all-white and traditionally black (now just funereal black; black party clothes are extremely common), there is no etiquette rule about what colors guests or mothers must or must not wear.  There just isn't.  It's completely ridiculous for the HC or anyone else to decree that guests either must wear or must avoid the "wedding colors." 

I get it that a young woman about the bride's age might want to avoid wearing something that makes her look like a bridesmaid wannabe; she might well feel self-conscious.  But why anyone else would care if she did, I cannot imagine.

How do guests even know what the colors will be?  Sure, the bride's girlfriends might have heard her talking about, but the rest of the guests haven't, and they probably haven't even wondered.  Occasionally the invitation has colors on it that will be repeated at the reception, but rarely enough that I wouldn't think to consider it an announcement of the wedding party's clothing colors, let alone to rely on it.

Close family members, certainly including the mothers, will probably want to choose something that will harmonize with the attendants' clothing and the flowers, because they will be in pictures.  My former DIL asked her mom and me to try to find green dresses (her bridesmaids wore forest green) or at least something that would harmonize.  As the moms, we were happy to comply, but if I had been a regular guest, I would have found the request (let alone a demand) absurd and obnoxious.

My niece's wedding is coming up, and I know that her bridesmaids are wearing blue, although I have no idea what shade.  I will probably wear a mostly black dress, but second choice is dark blue, because either will blend well in the family pictures; I ruled out my red dress, which would stick out in photos.  Even if the bridesmaids are wearing a similar shade of blue, I'm sure the style will be different, and at my age, I wouldn't look like a wannabe even if the dress were similar.  In other words, the one and only consideration will be any effect in family photos -- so if anything, that would mean more, not less, similar to the wedding colors.  And if I weren't a close family member, I wouldn't give it a thought at all, one way or the other.

Regarding the original story: I still think it has at most a kernel of truth, but if part of that kernel is the BBQ that so many posters are wondering why she would invite that bride at all, it may be a team, school, work or other group event that happens to be held at their house this year, not a party for which she gets to determine the guest list.
I would have been annoyed and upset when the bride first informed me of my "faux pas", but I would have probably tried to let it slide due to wedding stress. (I still think the bride acted terribly and that's not an excuse, but I would try to extend such grace.) But at the second mention of this (when the husband came over), I would be making my exit. I would not have stayed around for the additional abuse. And when the bride used Facebook to "embarrass" me, she would lose her privileges to my profile.

I see no reason why they have to remain invited to the BBQ. In fact, I almost feel like it would be bad hosting to subject my other guests to their behavior.
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