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Family and Children / Re: Deaths and Wills Bring Out The Worst
« Last post by Otterpop on Today at 11:41:31 AM »
You're all right and she is all wrong.  She was offered the piece 3 times, twice at grandma's house and once when you took it home for her.  She declined each time.  Once she told you "Do whatever you want with it," it became yours.  After you put money into it, it became an investment (for your family, for sale, whatever).

Do not JADE (justify, argue, defend or excuse) your actions.  Hopefully it will blow over, but if she makes this a family issue, put your position succinctly in writing and send it to her and to any interested party.  Kudos to your DH for nailing the situation.

She sounds like a piece of work, not much of a loss anyway.
I'm afraid I would not have a polite response for anyone who would insist I was pregnant after repeatedly being told I wasn't.
Family and Children / Re: Deaths and Wills Bring Out The Worst
« Last post by JustCallMePat on Today at 11:31:14 AM »
I didn't mind her seeing it in the china cabinet as with the glass sides everything inside is readily visible. I'm not thinking of her finding it as snooping.

I agree that if it was an important memento for her, it could be cleaned up and kept. I was going to just try some brass polish to shine it up a bit.  DH went above and beyond.  Suzie really couldn't/wouldn't have spent that much on it which would have been ok too had she just kept it for the memories of where it came from.

I brought home an old farm bell of grandma's. It dates back to the 1880's and was on the family farm her grandma grew up on. Hanging in her yard for the past 50 years it was a rusty mess. We had it sand-blasted and then powder coated, which is like a super hard paint finish which will last decades outdoors.  We mounted it on a pole in our flower garden in the back yard.  All the kids had a blast ringing it yesterday during the cookout.
It was a very quiet 4th of July.

  When we moved here 30 years ago, the neighborhood sounded like a war zone for the entire month of June.  We used to hope for rain to make sure the 'duds' were really dead before we went out for work the next morning. 

Now, all we hear are echoes from the professional displays.  It was truly a glorious 4th.   
I can't fathom myself ever thinking it was OK to spray deodorant in a locker room, why do that when the solids are neater and will be more effective?  Anything non aerosol is also better for the environment.

Because sometimes you don't have a choice in using aerosols. Roll ons etc bring on my eczema. I can only use aerosol deodorant or I spend the next few days scratching my arm pitts to death.
Family and Children / Re: Deaths and Wills Bring Out The Worst
« Last post by Thipu1 on Today at 11:06:52 AM »
Susie hasn't got a leg to stand on. 

You sincerely offered it, she told you to do what you wanted with it and you did.  So, the result was awesome.  Hard cheese on Suzie.  If the burner was really a beloved memento of Grandma, she could have done what your husband did.
Family and Children / Re: Deaths and Wills Bring Out The Worst
« Last post by Reika on Today at 11:04:37 AM »
I agree with everyone else, Suzie was the rude one here. Not just with the the figurine specifically, but poking around in your china cabinet in general.
I was at a wedding just recently that made me think of this thread.  The ceremony was on the top deck of a yacht, and there was seating for about 60% of the guests.  An announcement was made to reserve the front rows for family.  Luckily it was a short ceremony, I was wearing relatively comfortable shoes, and the majority of non-family guests were young and able-bodied-appearing, so it wasn't a disaster, but I'll admit I was shocked to be let in and immediately see there was no where to sit. 

After that the wedding progressed as expected, with a cocktail hour with limited seating, to tables with seats for everyone, and many places to visit and mingle.  But it was nice knowing that when I tired of dancing, I still had "my" chair that I could go back to.  I don't think it's been mentioned here yet, but the upshot of having seats and assigned tables is that I have a safe spot to put my wrap, my purse, my drink, etc.  And since everyone else has "their" own chair/spot, I don't have to worry about anyone using their bags or jackets to claim seats.  One thing that might be worse than having all the seats filled, is having seats reserved but not in use, and pretty much knowing there's a free seat but that you can't use it. 
I stopped late at night at a McD's while traveling, to use the restroom.
I don't know how it happened, but I got my feet tangled, and went down HARD on the sidewalk.
You know how people always ask you if you're all right? Well, I knew from the moment I hit that I wasn't. One hand had gotten caught under me, in a karate-chop position, and when I landed on it, I broke a couple of ribs. At least it wasn't the hand that broke.
The McD's crew made absolutely no acknowledgement that they had a customer hit the deck. A nice young couple who was going in another door, saw me and came over to help me up.
Family and Children / Re: Deaths and Wills Bring Out The Worst
« Last post by Chickadee on Today at 10:38:14 AM »
Definitely keep it. You sincerely offered it to Suzie twice and she refused each time. It is now yours.

And may I say, your DH is awesome!
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