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51 general / Re: Help Drafting a Letter
« Last post by DCGirl on Today at 04:55:26 PM »
I agree with checking with your provider regarding the period first. 

There was a previous post here (I think) about someone who really wanted the user's desirable email address and kept using it for things in an attempt to get the user to give up on it and sign it over.

I have a desirable gmail address (I was an early user), and I've lost count of how many erroneous emails I've gotten through the years. The only people who've ever responded positively are the high school reunion organizers who are grateful to find out that the address they've used is not good. 

52 general / Re: Help Drafting a Letter
« Last post by Firecat on Today at 04:54:10 PM »
I checked...people are not accidentally including the period. I'm wondering if they're leaving off a number or something, and her email address is actually firstnamelastname1 or something like that, or if she's giving it to them incorrectly somehow.

Anyway, I appreciate the suggestions - please keep them coming!
53 general / Re: Help Drafting a Letter
« Last post by Kiwipinball on Today at 04:53:07 PM »
And I see as I was posting that you answered one of the questions.  I think that's mostly her fault and the service's fault then, but I think it's very nice of you to try to help.  If others are concerned about the response, maybe don't include your physical address so the worst she can do is send you a nasty e-mail.  But if she does respond like that, you can feel good knowing you tried to do a good deed.
54 general / Re: Help Drafting a Letter
« Last post by Kiwipinball on Today at 04:51:00 PM »
Weird.  It shouldn't have let her set it up if it can't tell the difference.  Can you tell if people are accidentally including the period or something?  I ask, because if you could e-mail her to alert her to the misdirected e-mails, that might seem less intrusive.

I would probably leave out the part about not wanting to alarm her and hoping that it hasn't been inconvenient for her.  It's been inconvenient for you and you're actually doing her a huge favor.  I would probably write something like

Dear Ms. X,

I am writing to let you know that I have been mistakenly receiving some of your e-mails.  I believe the problem is that my e-mail is firstname.lastname@emailservice.blah and yours appears to be firstnamelastname@emailservice.blah and the e-mail service cannot always tell the difference [or cannot tell the difference if you think you're getting all the e-mails].

Some of these e-mails seem important (hotel receipt, confirmation for your Y, etc) and the hotel receipt included your home address.  I wanted to alert you so you can make sure you're receiving these important e-mails.

Best of luck in getting everything sorted out.  If you need any of the e-mails I received in error, please let me know and I will try to forward them to you.  Otherwise, I will delete all e-mails that are meant for you.  Thanks,


But I think your version is just fine too, and it's more stylistic.  :)
All In A Day's Work / Re: Bring your family to work
« Last post by DanaJ on Today at 04:47:52 PM »
The university pays for the conference, flight and hotel. In a few cases, the SO is also an employee, just not one that would be sent to a conference as they are in a different department or are a junior employee. It can be hard on the office to have additional staff away during that time.

The staff I am referring to go to 1-2 conferences per year, and most are 3-4 days in length.

We had an employee reimburse our company for "attending a conference" and converting it into a vacation with her SO. In our case, the company paid for her flight, hotel and the conference fees for the three-day event. Her SO paid for his own flight. They stayed through to the weekend, paying the additional hotel costs themselves.

The problem? Our former employee never went to the actual conference.

Her manager needed a copy of her certificate of attendance because we needed proof of the training in order for her to get professional development credits. She'd never gone to a event like that before and didn't know that people actually had to sign in and out to verify attendance if they needed a certificate or proof of attendance.

Not all events have that requirement though. It is irksome when a company pays for an employee to attend an out-of-town event with a spouse tagging along. There's a risk that rather than training and networking opportunities, it's just a company-funded holiday.
56 general / Re: Help Drafting a Letter
« Last post by Firecat on Today at 04:46:48 PM »
I can't email her - it just goes back to me, and the online help for the email service says that this is exactly what will happen.
I was intending to send a letter via snail mail to the address on the hotel receipt.

I know I may not get a pleasant response, but this feels like an innocent mistake, and I feel like trying is the right thing to do.
57 general / Re: Help Drafting a Letter
« Last post by Tierrainney on Today at 04:44:41 PM »
I would double check if possible with your email service that what you suspect with the "." or not is true before you send any email to this person.

Also, given previous similar questions posted here on eHell, I caution you that any reply you get from the other person may not be pleasant.

I wish I could find one to link to you, others here will probably do it.
Family and Children / Re: DH as chauffeur?
« Last post by Fragglerocker on Today at 04:42:18 PM »
OP here, giving a final update as the event was yesterday.

So, DH called on Saturday and grandma said yes. DH and I took separate cars so he could get her and then get the balloons and then meet up at my dad's.  I did suggest the taxi idea to him but he refused as taxis aren't cheap in our area and he knew we'd be the ones paying (and we were already spending a lot on the party, so it made more sense than a cab,  in his opinion. )

Day of the party, he goes to get her, and she decides she isn't up for the party after all. Spends twenty minutes complaining at DH before he finally gets to go.

So, we still had two cars and the lost time. Didn't have to drive her back.

Responding to some of the later comments,  it is a hard situation.  Unlike DH's dad, who he cut, his grandma attends our church (as noted in the original post.) If he were to cut her out, he'd get well-meaning people from our church who know her trying to intervene and mend the relationship. She also is hard to avoid as she'll just show up in the nursery area when we're picking our kids up after church. 

Meanwhile,  her behavior never rose to the level of his father's (history of abuse) and she at least maintains that she wants a relationship with him and our family. So, DH has basically taken the "endure it until she dies" attitude as it seemed to him to be the best option.

As for those who say you don't have to invite her,  that's asking for more calls from her, or being corneted by her at church, where she berates him (or me) for some perceived slight. (Ex. -my dad remarried after my mom passed away. She harangued DH for not inviting her to the reception.  Didn't matter that DH had no control over the guest list and she had never met the bride and barely knows my father. She pulled the "I'm family" card (which is her favorite,  but only when it suits her, ) and DH would rather avoid it.

A note on driving, no, I wish she didn't drive. But she does, everywhere, just on side streets. Doctors, shopping , and not necessarily close to her. A drive to my dad's would be standard for her. She just picks and chooses when she likes to play the "I don't drive" card.

So yeah, maybe in the future we'll skip the invite, but odds are we'll have to go through it again.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: S/O Pizza Thief - Office Food Pilferings
« Last post by Venus193 on Today at 04:41:35 PM »
Maltitol is also used in SF chocolate and ice cream.  The other problem with it is that SF chocolate melts faster than normal stuff.
60 general / Help Drafting a Letter
« Last post by Firecat on Today at 04:39:08 PM »
I need some assistance, o wise Ehellions.

Background: I've been using an email address firstname.lastname@emailservice.blah since 2004. More recently, I've started getting emails for someone who seems to be attempting to use firstnamelastname@emailservice.blah (no period between first and last name). The email service doesn't recognize these as different, so sends the messages to me.

I'm pretty sure this is an innocent mistake, as the items have included things like a shipping confirmation for an item (and I checked, nothing equivalent appeared on any of my financial stuff) and most recently a receipt for a hotel stay. This last item included a snail mail address. I'd like to write to this person to alert her to the issue and would like some suggestions on how to word things. So here's what I have so far:

Dear Ms. X Ė

Please forgive an intrusion from a stranger, although it seems we do share a name. I appear to be receiving at least some emails actually intended for you. In the past, this has included items such as a shipping confirmation for your Y, and most recently, a receipt from Hotel. I believe you may also have a rewards account with Widget Store.

I list the above not to alarm you, but as examples. The confusion appears to be that my email address is firstname.lastname@emailservice.blah (which I have been using since 2004).

You appear to be attempting to use firstnamelastname@emailservice.blah (no period between first and last name). However, Email Service's programming is such that it treats these as the same, and directs the emails for both to me.

As (thanks to the hotel receipt), Iíve managed to locate some other contact information for you, Iím writing to alert you to the issue so that you can find an email address that will function correctly for you.

I hope this hasnít been too inconvenient for you, and I hope this has cleared up some confusion!



Edited to add: I have checked the provider's online help regarding the period/no period issue. They specifically say that they treat both versions (period and no period) as the same. Wanted to add that as almost everyone who has responded so far has made the (ordinarily good, but in this case not necessary) suggestion to check with the provider.
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