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It sounds like you will have support from the neighborhood and are going about it the right way. 

And, personally, I would definitely be using the "husband is in law enforcement" to my advantage.  Hey, if you can't use some clout when you have it, what's the point!   ;)

Eh, it's more about not wanting to get him in trouble at work. (i.e, Um, Mr. Weeble, we understand your wife is calling in noise complaints and expects special treatment because you work here."

An odd and anticlimactic UPDATE. I hadn't actually spoken to Loud Truck Neighbor. But I'd been quietly asking around the neighborhood, asking a handful of neighbors in the houses closest to LTN's house whether they had a problem with the noise, whether it affected their daily routines, etc. Several said yes, it was getting on their nerves, but they weren't sure how to approach LTN about it. Over the weekend, the work on the truck stopped. Cold turkey. I don't know if someone said something to him or if he just heard I was asking around. I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Old letters and long to keep?
« Last post by Luci on Yesterday at 06:45:24 PM »
I tossed all of the letters my parents and grandmother sent me over the years when letter writing was the only communication long distance. Phone calls we cost prohibitive. I also tossed the old letters from all my boyfriends except for a couple from Lucas.

The only greeting card I have is one DD picked out for me when she just learned to read. The candy box she gave me that year is my button box and the card just fits in it. During my recent life threatening illness. I received dozens of cards. They are gone except for one which has a Biblical quote on it that I keep on a mirror. Yes, even.all of the cute handmade ones from the kids and grandkids.

I'll keep my Mothers's Day cards for a couple of weeks unless one of the grandchildren sends something really special.

My dad kept everything from everyone so I guess I've gone overboard in the other direction.
Remember New Car Smell?

We just bought a new Subaru. It stinks. Sort of a mildewy/funky chemical odor. I see the final assembly was in Japan, so we decided it must be odor from the shipping container. We checked out a Volvo and it smelled awful, but different. Its final assembly was in Belgium, so that means it was shipped, also.

I know we have plants in the US but never thought I would have to check that out!

Disappointing. No, up the wall. It's been two weeks and seems to be getting a bit better.
A while ago, I found a way to get the computer to stop trying to get me to upgrade to Windows 10.  I had to uninstall a specific update, block it from being reinstalled, delete a file called gwx.exe, and then make some updates to the registry file.

I haven't been prompted about Windows 10 since.  Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me remember where I found all those instructions...

Mine still tries to download and install KB3035583, but I have it on a sticky note and have forbid the other users from allowing it to download or install.

What is GWX.exe & the KB3035583 update?

The link you posted is terrific, thanks. The GWX.exe and KB3035583 are what will eventually install Windows 10 if you're not careful. I don't want it to install as I don't want what ain't broke now to be fixed! If you follow the instructions on the site, you will be shown how to HIDE the suggested updates so they aren't presented to anyone again, which is better than a sticky note...
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Old letters and long to keep?
« Last post by Dindrane on Yesterday at 06:14:07 PM »
I just ended up going through a shoebox full of greeting cards and other assorted memorabilia, and getting rid of nearly half of its contents. As I was going through it, I came across some things that I probably could have gotten rid of, but wasn't quite ready to decide on, so I kept them with the intent of reevaluating how I feel about them before too much more time has passed. I also came across a fair number of letters and cards from someone who was my best friend in high school, but who I'm not friends with now. It was interesting to come across those things and read through them, and even more interesting to realize that I legitimately did not care about them. It was most interesting of all to realize that they showed me a person who never knew me as well as she thought she did, which pretty much killed any sort of sentimental or nostalgic meaning they might have had.

So I got rid of every last one, and it was both cathartic and liberating. But the cards and things I came across from the person who is my best friend now (and who was also a close friend in high school) made me smile and think of her fondly. So those and others like them I will not only keep but try to find a place for that isn't inside a shoebox in a rarely-opened drawer.

The thing that spurred me to look through that shoebox of stuff was wanting to make a greeting card album using coptic binding. So now I have a nice little booklet of cards that used to be scattered on my desk at work, but are now neatly bound together in a way that still makes it really easy to look through them when I want to:

I plan to have more of these in my future, since it only took me an evening to make it and it's both lovely and practical. Plus, it gets those cards and things out where I can see and appreciate them, which makes them all the more valuable as sentimental items.
I think your are overstating to yourself how much any mention of your birthday would detract from your aunt's day. It won't. Why would it?? She probably thinks its really cool that you share a birthday and will no doubt mention it herself.

In any case, you really can't control the speech and actions of others, and you may have already overstepped by ordering people to make absolutely no mention of an innocuous thing--your birthday. I would just drop it, attend the party, and don't worry that two words directed at you would somehow ruin your aunts day. It won't! I think it actually reflects poorly on your aunt, or your estimation of her, that you think it would somehow lessen her enjoyment of her party.

I agree with this and all the subsequent posts.

My dad has 2 sisters and a great niece who all share the same birthday. We've had the occasional joint birthday party for them all. They all love the fact that they share a birthday (and we were all disappointed when a great great nephew who was also due on that date decided to hang out for a few more days). 

Even when one of them celebrated a special milestone on certain years, it in no way detracted from the celebration of the "main" person if the others were acknowledged too.  Quite frankly I'd have though it rather SS if one of them had made a point of saying not to acknowledge them this year. That just brings more emphasis to it.

There's no need to hide your birthday on social media, or skip the party. I think your heart might be in the right place, but it's best to just graciously acknowledge any birthday wishes that come your way, and then maybe beandip if that makes you feel more comfortable.  If your aunt makes a point of including you in the birthday song, cake cutting etc, then let her, as it sounds like it'd make her happy.  If that happens in the moment, I'd just join in as trying to decline in front of a group of people in the middle of the party could make things very awkward for everyone.
57 general / Re: Give it back, please...
« Last post by FauxFoodist on Yesterday at 05:55:04 PM »
^ Just an FYI in case you like details (like me :)), the OP said her friend has several Birkins in post 23.

Thank you for the clarification, rose red (I did miss that part, and I do like details).
58 general / Re: When your name is in a famous song
« Last post by Pinky830 on Yesterday at 05:44:37 PM »
My last name is a food that has inspired a million internet memes. Nobody keeps a straight face when they hear it.

"Mmm! Lastname!" Uh, nice to meet you too.

"Did you get teased about your name growing up?" No, it wasn't my last name until I was 25, but thanks for your concern.

Recently someone said, "So, what's the cleverest thing anyone has ever said about your name?" Um...none come to mind. Just a steady stream of dumb ones...

OK, I am immensely curious as I can't think of a food meme that is hilarious and a last name!

My guess is bacon.

It is Bacon. DH apparently had a Norman French ancestor who owned a smokehouse. If he had been Anglo-Saxon, it would have been Hamm. :-)
59 general / Re: Give it back, please...
« Last post by rose red on Yesterday at 05:43:51 PM »
^ Just an FYI in case you like details (like me :)), the OP said her friend has several Birkins in post 23.
Boiling sugar is hot and sticky. Don't stick your finger in it immediately after it stops boiling. :-\

(thank goodness the sink with the cold water was RIGHT THERE)

Oh, gosh. There is nothing hotter than cooking sugar.

Luckily, all I got was a small blister on my thumb. I knew better and yet still touched it before my brain could full finish yelling DON'T DO IT.
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