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Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Favorite Childhood Books
« Last post by Softly Spoken on Yesterday at 09:32:29 PM »
1) Thanks to this thread, I am seriously considering digging out a ton of my old books.  :P

2) I forgot some lol: Bruce Coville's series:
My Teacher Is an Alien
My Teacher Fried My Brains

My Teacher Glows in the Dark and
My Teacher Flunked the Planet.

It was such a fun and funny sci-fi series, told from multiple kids points of view and the whole adventure was very well paced and spread out over the four books. I remember that rather than finding it at my local library, I stumbled on it in the Scholastic(R) catalog my school passed out every year. The irony of finding this particular series while at school was not lost on me! ;)

Side story: I bought the Lord of the Rings trilogy box set from the Scholastic catalog...but I didn't read it until years later - even I wasn't ready for its high fantasy the first time around and I was always a very advanced reader! I cried at the ending. :'(
No policy changes or signs.  We did have one member who thought her membership gave her the right to do anything she wanted anytime she wanted.  She was retired but she chose to exercise 5-8pm, the busiest time at the club.  She was eventually banned from the club.  The last straw was when she tried to monopolize the hot tub for 90 minutes. 
My local PBS station showed the Canadian kids show Today's Special, which was about a Mannequin who comes to life with a magic hat. I loved that show so much.
"The World Is a Carousel of Color!  Mystery!  Comedy!  Fantasy!"

Walt Disney could do no wrong...but my favorite series from The Wonderful World of Disney was "The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh."  At the age of ten I was absolutely taken by the whole idea of heroic smugglers trying to save the poor, the mad costumes the smugglers wore and the fact that one of the smugglers was about my age and that he was cute as heck.  (And it also gave me my first glimpse of Patrick McGoohan who was also crush material back then.)  Also the song that accompanied the Scarecrow episodes.  It took years for Disney to bring this out of the vault and put it on DVD and I was fortunate enough to grab one of the last ones at my FYI.  It's held up pretty well all these years.

The Ed Sullivan Show.  Not just the Beatles, but the Russian Acrobats, the comedians, the King Family and all the Christmas Shows.

Come to that:  ALL variety shows.  How I miss them now.  Carol Burnett, Tom Jones, Jimmy want reality TV?  THAT was reality TV.  Ditto Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas.  And Red Skelton and Jackie Gleason.  (Loved the June Taylor Dancers.)

Leave It To Beaver.  (I always found Beaver annoying, but I liked the spots he got himself into.)

As someone else mentioned, the once a year showing of The Wizard of Oz.  At one time, this was treated as an enormous event and would be sponsored by one company or another.  I remember June Lockhart hosted it and talked about what wonderful things she had made for her family using Kraft brand products that evening.  Another year Danny Kaye hosted the presentation.  And yes, it was years before I saw Oz in color.

Shirley Temple Theater:  The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Goblins, The Land of Green Ginger (I would love to find that many of the others are available, but not the Land of Green Ginger)

Mickey Mouse Club (Idolized Annette)

Oh!  And I am still scarred by The Nightmare at 20,000 Feet on the Twilight Zone and (although by 1972 I was 18) the ever popular "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" and its little raisin shaped demons. 

Just too many Disney movies to think about:  anything with Hayley Mills, Tommy Kirk and Kurt Russell.  Seeing "Gone With the Wind" during one of its many come backs. During intermission I said to my parents "Wow, this is fantastic!"  My Mom said "Oh, it gets better in the second half?"  "How could it get better?"  "Rhett and Scarlett get married."  I cried like a fool at the end.

And--does anyone remember a movie, one of the first animated Japanese films, called "Panda and the Magic Serpent"?  Whenever there were snow days, our local stations would show that, Little Women (the annoying June Allyson version), My Friend Flicka and half a dozen other kid-centric movies.  They called it "Snow Bound Theater."

Does anyone from New England recall The Hap Richards Show?  Romper Room?  Salty Brine?  Bozo the Clown?  Rex Trailer and Boom Town? 

Drifts off on a cloud of nostalgia from which she may not return.....
I was born in 1965 so when Sesame Street first came on, a few years later, I was their prime age demographic. I loved it. And later,The original Electric Company. With Morgan Freeman. I wasn't allowed to watch a lot of TV at night, and we only had one anyway.

Another show, for anyone from the NYC metro area, was The Magic Garden. I was in am kindergarten, I think, as this came on around noon, so I'd watch every day. I adored this show. Another local show was on Sunday mornings, Wonderama. A kids game show, where you did stuff and won prizes.

Later on,I loved watching the original Zoom, on PBS

Prime time shows, on sat nights, I was allowed to stay up and watch The Price is Right, followed by Emergency! and of course the annual holiday specials, and The Wizard of Oz, when it came on, once a year.
A coworker of mine had a girlfriend who was on some kick where every dish they made could only have up to 5 ingredients.  And he was trying to be good and abide by that at work.  So if I brought in baking, he'd turn it down.

wait - I don't understand.  I mean, I understand someone wanting only recipes that are 5 ingredients or less...BUT, he couldn't eat ANYTHING that was made with over 5 ingredients even if he or girlfriend didn't make it???  He couldn't eat out??

The point of the '5 ingredients or less' is to eliminate as many artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, etc as possible.  It's a take on the 'fresh foods' or 'whole foods' approach to eating.  So, in a restaurant you might have a salad, where you can identify the vegetables (even though there might technically be more than 5 in the salad) with oil and vinegar dressing instead of a prepared dressing.  Then your entree would be, say, grilled protein and vegetables instead of a casserole, something breaded and fried, or something with a sauce or gravy.

I don't know if he ate out or not.  He brown bagged it to work because once there, he couldn't leave.  It was just some weird thing they were she was doing.
58 general / Re: Best Friend Constantly Dumping Issues on Me
« Last post by Adelaide on Yesterday at 09:11:17 PM »
If one of her issues is finding a job, she may not be able to afford professional counseling, so suggesting that may be a non-starter.

What she says to me hasn't indicated that she needs professional counseling. I don't say this as a professional counselor, but I don't want to overstate her issues either and make it seem as though she's talking to me about mental health issues or depression or an eating disorder. She seems to be dealing with stuff that we all deal with-making time to study and eat healthily/workout while busy.
I also remember Square 1 and 3-2-1 Contact, I loved those! I remember watching that movie "The Last Unicorn", as well as another one whose name I can't remember, about a forbidden love affair between a male water sprite and a female fire sprite. I also remember "The Labyrinth" and "The Dark Crystal".

Sea Prince and the Fire Child!  Loved that movie.

There was also The Magic Pony, about a Russian Boy who was tasked by the King to make him young and handsome again, so he could marry a beautiful princess, but the magic pony turned the boy into a handsome young man, and he got the girl.
Paper Trail / Re: Invitation to be in the wedding party?
« Last post by Alicia on Yesterday at 09:05:19 PM »
In person or by phone. Card as follow up is nice but call and ask if can not ask in person.
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