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...   Apparently someone zipped in front of her into her intended parking spot. She bashed their car repeatedly with hers  ...

Sounds like the parking lot scene from "Fried Green Tomatoes"!   ;D
Family and Children / Re: Kids sitting at the bar
« Last post by rigs32 on Today at 11:07:12 AM »
As a patron, I'd be much more likely to ask an adult at the bar if I could lean over to order a drink, but would not get into the personal space of a child to get to the bar.  I'd probably have mentioned my frustration to my waitress.  If the staff is losing out on tip money, they might also put the idea in the manager's head that allowing kids at the bar isn't a smart business decision.
53 general / Re: Unsolicited advice regarding a new pet.
« Last post by gramma dishes on Today at 11:05:49 AM »

... She has my phone number and said she will be calling me to check my progress.  Its ok not to answer right?  ...

I would answer. 

I would say:  "Don't ever, ever, EVER call me again!"

I would also let your vet know what happened so s/he can be sure to never accidentally steer patients her way again.
The only thing I would say one should stay away from, is asking to see an apartment when you know you have no intention/ability to obtain it--because it's way outside your price range, because you're perfectly happy where you live now, etc.. That is just a waste of the realtor's time and inconvenient for the current occupant (if applicable). Like if you're saying, "Oh, the big house down the block is finally for sale, let's claim we might want to buy it so we can get a look around inside!"

I think the job interview analogy is a good one.

Neighbors checking out an open house is common around here. A good realtor would not discourage that as it starts word of mouth (neighbors will tell their friends, etc "Saw an open house down the street. House was gorgeous."). I'll go in and tell the realtor that I live in the neighborhood and visit open houses so I have topic of conversation at the dog park. But I don't pretend to be a buyer and take up the realtor's time when they can be talking to a potential buyer.

Guests / Re: In a wedding pickle....
« Last post by Danika on Today at 10:53:28 AM »
I don't see anything wrong with hand delivering a wedding invitation either. I do think the crossed out names were lazy and tacky however.

I agree. I think they should have found an adhesive white label and pasted that over the crossed out names, and then written the OP's and DH's names over it.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Last post by kherbert05 on Today at 10:47:28 AM »
Most recent SS sighting - SS in all black, walking her black dog on a black leash, in the dark, on the side of the street with no street lights. Dog on the traffic side, walking *with* traffic, yelling at people as they almost hit her (or her dog).
Lady. Seriously. Put on a white sweater and get a reflective collar for the animal unless you're *trying!* to kill both of you!

I have been having an ongoing issue with a couple of early morning walkers. One of my car-pool passengers has moved and we now go down a very wide street at 5:30am to get to her house. At that time it is still dark. The street is wide enough for two cars driving either way even if it is a single lane each way. There is foot paths on both sides of the road and few streetlights. So what annoys me is the two women wearing dark clothing that walk down the dark street, with traffic, less than arm's length from the centre line.

The first time I came upon these women I was annoyed. I have now encountered them six or seven times and they are making me angry that they have no regard for the car driver that will eventually hit them. I may have expressed my dismay a little forcefully to my other passenger, not realising his window was open. Though hopefully they heard and may not end up as part of the road toll.
I had a similar problem with an older couple, one who was using a cane along a 2 lane black top that was coming off the Interstate. Honestly some foggy mornings, the cane was the first thing I saw of them. I was able to mention it to a cop, who was eating lunch with my students. He said he would mention it to the officer that patrolled   that area in the early mornings. The next time I saw them I could see them because they were wearing lighter clothes.

I've mentioned before one early morning jogger, who I loved. I called him the ghost jogger. He had reflective tape/material along the edges of his clothing and on his shoes. So under the right conditions of dark and fog you would see this T-shirt, shorts, and shoes jogging along without their owner.
Techno-quette / Re: Taking over a domain
« Last post by Carotte on Today at 10:42:20 AM »
I think that in a situation where there is an adversarial relationship of some sort, people need to take responsibilityfor being aware of potential issues.

Or even just if you want to be sure that people will get to your website (without using a search engine), it's not unheard of that campanies or bands or shops or whatever register their actual name and some kind of variation, for exemple (they didn't but could have) the retailer H&M could have registered,, h& but no, they have

So Green could register, just to be sure the Red wouldn't have it

(I'm not sure "&" is valid in an URL but you get the idea)
I think the two hour window for dinner was cutting it a bit close. Far better to schedule 2 and half hours, or even three. If the dinner ended before then, the dinner guests could have gone to the bar and just had more time there before the bar-only guests arrived.

Even if the restaurant had slow service, knowing that there was an existing commitment immediately after dinner, those in the restaurant on time should have not waited too long to order. They could have ordered after a reasonable wait, say 15 minutes. Or called the late people to see if they could give an order over the phone.

Once it was clear that dinner was running late, Bob, as the host of the evening, could have spoken to the restaurant's staff, making it clear that they needed to be prompt. He could have asked for the bill earlier--I've seen people ask for the bill when dessert is being ordered, in order to save time. In restaurants in the theater district, people often tell their server that they are going on to a play after dinner, and the restaurant works to make sure they are out the door on time to make the show--cautioning diners if a particular dish takes a long time to prepare, getting them the bill quickly, etc.

Although I have to agree, given all the delays, 20 minutes wasn't all that late. And those people for whom Bob and Betty had phone numbers should have been called.
59 general / Re: What's your credit score?
« Last post by oogyda on Today at 10:36:13 AM »
miranova, I don't think either one of those responses were directed to you personally.  I was very careful to keep it in a general sense, and I think Onyx_TKD was as well. 

The sentence that said "I wish there was a way for financially responsible people who simply don't believe in credit cards to be able to be approved for mortgages or business loans without having to game the system and get credit cards that they don't want or need just to get that score up." indicated a desire for different rules for your hypothetical person as opposed to acknowledgement one has to play their game.  I apologize for not interpreting that the way you meant it. 

What struck me about your first example was that this person would obviously be VERY disciplined in financial matters and I would think they would be just as disciplined in use of credit cards and play the sytem to their advantage.  It's still very unclear to me why someone who is not opposed to debt wouldn't want or believe in credit cards.

I, too, have carried balances in the past.  I don't now, because I've become better educated and have developed the discipline needed to play their game to my advantage. 
Family and Children / Re: Kids sitting at the bar
« Last post by camlan on Today at 10:31:54 AM »
If it is legal in your area for kids to sit at the bar, I'm not sure that there is anything to do.

You could try contacting the management of the bar and pointing out that you didn't get drinks because of all the non-drinkers sitting at the bar. The loss of income might be enough of an incentive to get them to re-think their children at the bar policy.

But if non-drinkers in general and children in particular are allowed at the bar, then they are allowed to be there. The wifi might work better than on the patio, the weather might have meant that some families didn't want to be outdoors, that sort of thing. If the parents were drinking or otherwise wanted to stay inside, obviously they wanted to keep their children near them. Perhaps letting them sit down and play on their phones was the best way of keeping them quiet and occupied during the wait for a table.

Can drinks be removed from the bar area? Could you have ordered your drinks and then gone out on the patio?
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