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If you go on a tour be certain you can physically keep up with the group.  Don't show up when you refuse to wear hearing aids, are nearly deaf and continually have to ask everyone "What did she say"?  and then be angry when others want to listen to the guide, not repeat everything back to you in a loud voice.  Don't show up needing to hold onto someone to steady yourself, unable to go more than 10 steps or if you get tired after 5 minutes of standing.  Don't show up if you need to rest every 10 to 15 minutes to "revive" yourself.  Don't show up with your tripod cane, unable to walk more than a city block after your recent knee replacement and then get upset when the rest of the group refuses to move at a crawl or miss activities because of your physical limitations.  If you are physically limited then go on tours designed for that demographic.
I think something along those same lines but not necessarily for the disabled is to just be brutally realistic on what you really can do. If you lead a rather sedentary life back home near sea level and the most physical activity you do on a daily basis is walk a treadmill for 20 minutes in the gym, you are not suddenly going to be able to take a 3 mile trail walk through the mountains at 8,000 feet. If you are at all unsure if you can manage, have your own plan in case you find you can' there a way out or back that doesn't involve emergency rescuers or others in the group having to carry you back? If the answer is no, pick an activity you are 100% sure about.

If you are planning on taking a physically active vacation, train for it ahead of time. The second day of a kayaking vacation isn't going to be fun for anyone if you can't lift your arms anymore.
A designation series (alphabetic or numeric) with skipped points.  (1, 2, 5, 6, 7, or A, B, C, E, G, etc.) 

If the series runs from A to EE, it should include Y and Z, not skip from X to AA. 

Also, a monthly data period which runs not to end of month (1/31, 2/28(29), 3/31, 4/30, etc.) but to beginning of next month (January period runs from 1/1 to 2/1). 

Makes me crazy. 


Billing periods which are not monthly, but every 30 days.
Attire / Re: Would I be an overdressed guest?
« Last post by Waltzes with Cacti on Yesterday at 06:26:17 PM »
I think it's perfect. You're going to need a strapless bra.

Which will be a first for me.  8)

Oops, sorry, I overstepped. You didn't ask for undergarment advice. Anyway, it's a lovely dress and the wedding sounds like it's going to be heavenly.
Attire / Re: Would I be an overdressed guest?
« Last post by Calypso on Yesterday at 06:21:18 PM »
I think it's perfect. You're going to need a strapless bra.

Which will be a first for me.  8)
Family and Children / Re: My dad's last minute wedding
« Last post by cass2591 on Yesterday at 06:15:27 PM »
The etiquette question as to whether or not to send a gift/card hasn't been unanimous but the thread quickly drifted to the morality of the situation and I see no reason to think that will change.

That's why I locked it.
I'm so happy for you!

I have now applied for 18 jobs internal to my organization. 8 are still in the open application stage, so I hope to hear back from at least one. I'm trying not to get discouraged.

It took me 3 years and something like 37 internal applications to get a second job offer at my old company.  After I finally got the job offer, my supervisor told me "yeah, I've noticed that people who are in customer service type jobs like this have a really hard time getting other jobs in this organization".  >:(  It was like "Gee, thanks for telling me.  How is it that you forgot to mention this to anyone?"

A current job hunting story - I just interviewed for a position with the company my DH works for.  The position would require working with him on a consistent basis, but it's in a different department, so neither of us would be over the other in terms of  power.  Today, my DH tells me that he talked with the hiring manager about my interview, and heard mostly good things.  However, either the hiring manager or the supervisor will be on vacation for the next two weeks, so while they've made a decision, I won't know what the decision is until both of them are back.  It's driving me insane!
All In A Day's Work / Re: Interview Lunch
« Last post by shhh its me on Yesterday at 06:03:47 PM »
I have a question that hasn't been addressed . . . what about leftovers? Is it acceptable to ask for a doggie bag?

Most times that I go out to eat I cannot finish the entire plate and usually bring home close to 1/2 the meal.

Just curious.

OP -- Good Luck! Relax, enjoy, and be yourself.  ;D

No. Never ask for a doggie bag during an interview.

I have asked for a doggie bag during department lunches, but that's a casual thing where we all know each other and everybody is doing it. But an interview has a different set of rules.

I agree. Though if I was doing the interview it wouldn't bother me. But if I was the guest I'd feel odd about it.

Can you accept if the interviewer suggests it ? I wouldn't ask but if I was doing the interview I might suggest it with sincerity.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: What's for Dinner?
« Last post by greencat on Yesterday at 05:43:42 PM »
Chicken tikka masala, rice, and okra. 
59 general / Re: How do I politely ask...
« Last post by bah12 on Yesterday at 05:41:45 PM »

If you want to be less direct, not that you should be, I would probably give a big sigh as I got into the chair and announce, "I just love having this time to be still and quiet and relax.  I am just going to close my eyes and enjoy being pampered.  Maybe I'll even fall asleep!"  Then I would lay back, close my eyes, and try to do just that!

I like this a lot. 

Or, if you do want to be more direct you can say "I want to apologize ahead of time for not being too chatty.  It's just that all I do, all day long is talk and I'm exhausted of listening to myself.  I'm really looking forward to just sitting her and relaxing while you make my hair awesome!"
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Fitness bands - what do you use?
« Last post by half_dollars on Yesterday at 05:29:18 PM »
I'm really enjoying the new feedback. I've had the Misfit Flash since November, but I wouldn't buy another one. (It's cheaper than the Shine, which is heavier-duty.) The plastic band that the Misfit 'disc' goes in cracks with very little provocation, so I'm on my second band. I'm actually also on my second disc since the first one quit working after two months with little notice.

The Misfit reps have been very nice and they replaced the disc and band for no cost but I'm just going to need something sturdier in the long run.

Their shine is much better!  I had one for almost 2 years with no troubles at all, until it got caught and flew across the floor and broke into pieces.  I immediately preordered the Swarovski Shine (love the bling!) and went through 4 flashes in the 2 months (bought 1, the other 3 were replacements from their customer service) until the new shine arrived.  Had I not had my positive experience with the shine, I wouldn't ever want to get another Misfit product. 
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