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Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Last post by Katana_Geldar on Yesterday at 06:06:54 PM »
Johnny Depp has just made himself even more of an SS in my eyes over the dogs incident. He doesn't think his dogs weren't a threat and that there's that many deadly animals in Australia that anyone could die any minute. And he insulted the agricultural minister, who I'm not a fan of anyway but it just makes him look petty.

Depp still doesn't get he broke the law. I didn't have a good opinion of him before but now I might deliberately not see his movies. And so might other people.
I wonder if you've posted on the Chronicle about this, and if so, what advice you were given?  Academia is a very odd place, and power, authority and chains of management are not always clear cut.
How about voice-overs in YouTube videos that mispronounce things?  This isn't about accents but about things the speaker should notice and correct.
54 general / Re: Shared Laundry Etiquette
« Last post by flyersandunicorns on Yesterday at 05:53:28 PM »

However, if you're finding that you frequently see a neighbor dip in, see you using both machines, it may be nicer to use just one at a time.

As that neighbor, I disagree. I don't want to do my laundry one load at a time. Finish yours, and get all the way out of my way, so I can do both at once. In fact, I refuse to start one of my loads when someone else is there.  I go off and do something else

It depends on the neighbor of course. I'm used to the ones that never seem to have a problem sharing a laundry room with me the few times I've used the communal laundry room. Our townhouse complex is rather chatty and friendly with one another though. Whereas once in awhile you get that person who is constantly coming in, looking around and huffing off when they see all the machines are in use, so giving them one isn't any skin off my nose if they're that antsy about it.
55 general / Re: Spin off of dustpan thread
« Last post by #borecore on Yesterday at 05:46:21 PM »
We stack plates and usually put all the utensils on one plate or stack.
("We" being me and most people I dine with. I rarely, if ever, initiate the stacking, but I go along with it.)
Trans-Atlantic Knowledge Exchange / Re: S/0 Shared laundry facility
« Last post by #borecore on Yesterday at 05:39:01 PM »
I've lived in a variety of situations in the last 12 years, all U.S.:
Dormitories: laundry on each floor, coin op or prepaid card op
First 2 bedroom apartment: stacked machines in-unit
Cheap 1-bed: small facility on site (coin), but I used a laundromat because they were so terrible
Cheap 1-bed: small OK facility on site (coin)
Backyard studio apartment: laundromat in the neighborhood (drive, not walk)
Duplex: laundromat in the neighborhood
Luxury 2-bed apartment: nice laundry on each floor (card op, loaded through a website)  but frequently in-use
Garage apartment: stacked unit in the bathroom
Large 1-bed: one coin-op building (approx 6 machines) for 10 4-apartment buildings
Small 1-bed: one washer and dryer in the basement for about 35 1-2-bed apartments; we use the credit card-op laundromat in the building next door

I've seen this pattern more or less (a real mix!) in most U.S. friends' apartments I've visited, as well.

I've only had one or two units with hook-ups if I bought my own machines, so it never really occurred to me to do so; friends who bought them had to really work, and sometimes spend more money, to find rentals where they could set them up.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Silly things that have made you happy recently
« Last post by Frog24 on Yesterday at 05:33:32 PM »
When my older daughter came home from her grandparents' house yesterday and said: "Happy Anniversity, mommy!"

Something about small children mispronouncing words is so heart warming. (I was quite sad when the 3 year old stopped pronouncing "caterpillar" as "cata-pata-piller")
58 general / Re: Spin off of dustpan thread
« Last post by Sophia on Yesterday at 05:18:39 PM »
If there are too many plates on the table, I will stack them, otherwise I let the server pick them up however they want to.

If I stack, I do it for my convenience.  Either too many plates, or they aren't being removed in a timely manner. 

People who deliberately mispronounce words to be "cute" and then get annoyed when I have no idea what they are talking about....

I have to report my mom... she does this to copy the cute way my kids say things (like "noonles" instead of "noodles" or "bambaid" instead of "bandaid"). It's really cute when my kids (5 and 3) say it... not quite so cute when mom does it.   :-[  Sorry, mom.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Last post by Frog24 on Yesterday at 04:55:01 PM »
I nominate my daughter... but she's just a tiny snowflake because she's 5 and still learning. ;)

Last Thursday, she couldn't find the belt for her karate gi. We searched high and low, and I was certain I'd seen it in her room somewhere.  But we couldn't find it in time for class.

As I'm tying the top of her gi, she looks at me very seriously and says: "You know mom, this is all your fault."
"How is this my fault?" I ask her.
"Well, you never told me to put my uniform together in one place, so I didn't do it."

 ::)  It's a good thing she's cute.  (We found the belt in her room after class and had a little talk about personal responsibility.)
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