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61 general / Re: Keep your eyes on your own plate
« Last post by Semperviren on Yesterday at 03:43:08 PM »
"Uh-huh. So, what's everyone doing for Easter/ anyone seen any good movies/ what about that new restaurant in town"? Acknowledge the joke without feigned humor or any reaction at all, really, and just move on to another topic. She's doing it to goad you; deny her the satisfaction. I am guessing your other companions find this joke as tiresome as you do, at this point, and will gladly assist you in changing the subject.
Sometimes, people may be traveling and not have a good way to store the leftovers or anything to reheat it in.  Most leftovers are packaged in foam plastic that has warnings on it not to use in the microwave.  We've had more than one fridge or microwave in a hotel room that didn't work.  And even if there is a working fridge & microwave in the hotel room - we didn't have any plain glass or paper plates in our luggage to use to reheat & no plastic tableware to eat with.  We split one meal at lunch or dinner for the rest of that avoid having leftovers.  If we didn't get quite as much food as we wanted, we ordered dessert or bought a snack later.

Good point. I know the OP mentioned several times that she doesn't have a working stove/oven. Not sure if she has a microwave but that doesn't make food taste the same.
All In A Day's Work / Re: Politely removing yourself from a meeting . . .
« Last post by jpcher on Yesterday at 03:21:28 PM »
Thank you everybody for your posts. There's some really good suggestions here that I will use next time I'm in this type of situation.

As a minor update -- I ran into the person who invited me to the meeting the other day. I asked her what was the status of the project?

She rolled her eyes and said "They don't have a clue. They're still trying to decide on the message they want to bring across. They've been through so many drafts and I'm sorry I didn't realize they were so far away from final. I shouldn't have brought you in yet."

Gotta run.
64 general / Re: Keep your eyes on your own plate
« Last post by buvezdevin on Yesterday at 02:53:44 PM »
"Yes, your behavior is gag worthy - consider yourself gagged."
A place called 'Perfect Look'.

I needed a haircut badly, and it's simple - clippers - 3 side, 4 top, trim it off the ears, square it in back, blend it a bit.  Ever hairdresser at this shop has given me a fine haircut - takes at the most 10 minutes, and that is if they are feeling extra chatty.  My mother was a hairdresser, I know what it's supposed to look like and tell them each time.

I walked in and someone was sitting at the desk, which was weird since they have a tablet you check in through, even if someone is at the desk.  I picked first available, and the woman behind the desk says; "ok, come on back' and then goes "Oh wait, I need to sweep my station, so have a seat." 

So I read a few pages of a magazine and then she calls me back - her station counter still has hair on it.  She then asks; 'Do you always get a scissor cut or will clippers be ok?" 

I said; "Clippers are fine if you do it this way." and explained how to do the cut.

So she pulls out her clippers - and had to clean them while I was sitting there.

Then she totally ignored not only my instructions, but also what size guards to use, bounced the clippers along my head, and now I have a shaved to 1/4 inch head with a 4" spot in the center of my head that is clipper 3 length.  I should have known something was amiss when she sprayed me with styling spray (without asking) and tweaked around with it before showing it to me - I have to let it grow out a few weeks before I will feel comfortable leaving the house.

I hope you didn't pay for it.  >:(
66 general / Re: Keep your eyes on your own plate
« Last post by EmmaJ. on Yesterday at 02:37:16 PM »
Good grief. She sounds exactly like a 3-year old toddler. I agree with Elisabunny - knock it off or you're no longer welcome.
67 general / Re: Keep your eyes on your own plate
« Last post by Bales on Yesterday at 02:35:12 PM »
Well if hinting isn't working, try being more direct and/or turning the joke back on her.

"The only thing making me gag is the thought of this joke repeating every week.  You done yet?"
"My goodness, this joke is now officially older than the "who's on first" routine!  Anyone else bored of it?"

Or if it may go over better, before breakfast arrives, tell friend straight out that you've been a good sport for over a year, but now you need her to get back to the usual rules and stop commenting on your food choices.  And yes, by pointing out that she knows you'd hate her meal, that is commenting on your preferences.  If that still doesn't work, if you can stomach it, I'd go with completely ignoring her no matter how loudly or long she yells for your attention.  Let her and others be embarrassed.  Maybe that would finally stop her.  It may work best if you tell her in advance and in front of everyone that you simply won't engage with her if she continues this behavior and then just stick to it.  Be engrossed in conversation with someone else.
68 general / Re: Can you ask for someone to be more polite/nicer?
« Last post by Allyson on Yesterday at 02:30:35 PM »
I think this isn't just a case of "correcting another adult" because another person is being berated, and I think standing up for them is not about telling another adult what to do in the sense that that is usually meant. I am not an aggressive person but being rude to service staff is a huge button for me, so I would probably do *something*, even if it was more along the lines of saying to the server "Hey, I think you're doing great" or something like that.  If it annoys the other person, too bad.
69 general / Re: Keep your eyes on your own plate
« Last post by Elisabunny on Yesterday at 02:14:15 PM »
You need to get the others to agree to an ultimatum: knock it off or she won't be invited next time.
70 general / Re: Where did the GoFundMe go? s/o Presumptuous much?
« Last post by VorFemme on Yesterday at 02:13:41 PM »
One thing that Nutraxfornerves left out -- a bit of trivia: Jackie Coogan is better known to us older folks as Uncle Fester from the Addams Family TV Series.

Another thing left out is that the law doesn't always work. Gary Coleman (from DIFFERENT STROKES) sued his parents as most of his money seemed to have disappeared by the time he turned 21.

And I am 100% against letting family members be their kids agents. The dad of Tina Youthers (from FAMILY TIES) did this and totally mismanaged her career, not to mention causing huge family rifts. Macauley Culkin's parents fought over him, not because they loved him but because they wanted to manage his career and pocket as much of his paycheck as they could. And too often a lot of the child's money seems to be unaccounted for when the time comes...

Patty Duke made the same accusations against her manager & his wife (legal guardians - read her autobiography for more details, if you want them).

Danny Bonaduce (Partridge Family) apparently had most of his money set aside for him (not the problem with his trust fund) - but he was not taught to manage his expenses so that he blew threw it and had to find work when the trust fund emptied...he didn't do a lot of of acting after puberty hit.  I forget how old he said he was (I saw part of an interview some ten or fifteen years ago).
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