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Techno-quette / Re: FB question
« Last post by MrTango on Today at 01:11:32 PM »
Yep.  This is one of the reasons I dumped the FB app.

OP, you might try logging in to FB through your phone's web browser and trying to upload pictures that way.  It's a bit cumbersome, compared to the desktop site, but I've found that it's more reliable.
I had forgotten that I stopped going to Jason's Deli. 
It's bad enough that even if my office is getting a lunch catered in, if I know it is Jason's Deli I will just bring in my own lunch. 

I tried eating there about a half dozen times.  The only thing that I could basically tolerate was their baked potato. And the two times that I got them, there were big knotted bad spots on the potato.  (Thankfully the potatoes tend to be the size of a rugby ball.)  The other 4 times?  Each time - different sandwiches or salads - I got food poisoning. Ranging from mild to the last time being pretty severe.  Now a days, if I am offered, I will take the sealed pack of chips and call it a day.

There was another local restaurant that specialized in a Latin American country cuisine (It's been a while, I forget which one.)  I tried something that had a red sauce. I know the cuisine was different but the sauce had such a weird combination of flavors.  It was like it didn't know if it was an enchilada sauce, a picante, or a marinara.  Not sure what it was, but my body hated it.

Since normally my system can handle about anything, if you (as a restaurant) are able to give me a foodbourne illness then I will not be back.
Techno-quette / Re: FB question
« Last post by ladyknight1 on Today at 01:06:18 PM »
It is the app, not the site. Sometimes it doesn't have a strong enough internet connection to post. If it loses signal in between you telling it to post and it posting, it can lose the whole post.
Techno-quette / FB question
« Last post by Minmom3 on Today at 01:04:05 PM »
Not actually an etiquette question though, so if a mod wishes to remove it, go ahead!

When I post pictures from my phone (iPhone 6s) to FB, all too often they don't actually post!  I get a response that says they 'will' be posted, and then it never happens...  What is up with that, and how do I ensure it/they post?  These are utterly innocuous pictures of my garden, or the cat, or food porn.  Banal, mundane, inoffensive.
I've had that twice in my life....once was at Chicos (women's clothing for those who aren't familiar).  They have their own sizing scheme and I asked some information about how their sizes correlated to the "normal" size scheme I was used to - only to be rudely told that they didn't carry anything in my size.    That was the last time I have ever walked into a Chicos and will never do so in my lifetime.

The second time was in Bloomingdales.  I had just received a sizeable monetary gift and I was in a shopping mood.  I went into Bloomingdales specifically looking for a winter coat, again only to be told rudely that they don't carry anything in their store in my size.

Both times, I was wearing US size 18 women's....I wasn't asking for the top end or low end of the general range.

Overall, I've come to a realization that if you don't fit a certain size demographic, many stores just don't want you anywhere in their general vicinity, like you might taint the store so badly that no "normal" person would ever shop there.  I am on a weight loss journey and will be needing to shop frequently along the way....I've made note of the stores that don't want my business and will continue to shop accordingly in the future.

I've gotten some bad treatment because I apparently didn't fit the store's demographic.  One time it happened I was in a Claire's looking at jewelry.  I went up to the counter and asked to see a ring, and the girl working there said, "Oh, these are for young girls.  Are you looking for a gift?"  I said no, it was for me, and she asked, "You sure you still want to see one?"  The manager, a guy in his 20s, shooed her away and showed me the rings, and I bought two.  As I was leaving he was chatting with the clerk in a low voice in the corner of the store as someone else manned the register.  I hope he was telling her that their demographic was customers, period.  When I was there I wasn't the only gray-haired woman in the store who wasn't with a teenager.

Another time was the reverse:  I saw some very nice scarves on some mannequins in the window of a petite shop.  I have never been petite in my life.  Anyway, I went inside, and the clerk asked, "May I help you?"  I told her about liking the scarves, and she led me to a rack covered with scarves, and showed me a rose and pewter one and told me it was her favorite, and I bought one.  I also bought some socks.  The socks and the scarves were probably the only things in the entire store that would have fit me, but the clerk was totally professional.
Does your institution have an academic integrity board or student conduct board?  If she's misrepresenting the work of others as her own, then she's committing plagiarism, and that's generally an actionable offense.  You can often make the report anonymously.

I *really* wouldn't do that without complete agreement from the PI. In fact, I'd let him do it.

OP, one of the PPs mentioned that you're probably not in the US. Is that true? If so, I may have to rethink some of my previous advice.
Family and Children / Re: Family Wedding and guilt. Sigh.
« Last post by Mustard on Today at 12:53:39 PM »

And - completely OT - I keep reading this title as Family Wedding and Quilt.... Every time.

Not just me then!
I am hearing A LOT of nightmare stories about dealing with Frontier who just took over for Verizon (internet, t.v., phones, etc.)  Makes me glad my friends want to share their stories so I can avoid this company like the plague.
I have to say, I had Frontier for a business location in Wisconsin, and they gave me excellent service. I needed phone and internet in a building with really old wiring and in a town that had poor infrastructure. We had problems getting and keeping the internet running, and they came out promptly and almost daily, for over a week, until things ran smoothly (they actually had to replace some equipment up a telephone pole for my connection to stabilize.) So, maybe depends on the local office?
I don't want this thread to turn to equal pay scales, but I know a lot of teachers and their pay rate is on par with private industry for longevity and education levels.

PD: Our soon to be former office manager has called out two days of her last week of work and is phoning in the rest. Barely functioning. She has left early every day for two weeks that she was in, and is still taking breaks and lunches, so not skipping lunch to leave early. I think she has forgotten her work and reputation here will follow her to her new job with a different department of the same organization.

Guess who gets to take on one of her responsibilities? Yours truly.
Family and Children / Re: MIL and her "request"
« Last post by Minmom3 on Today at 12:45:38 PM »
I think that a request to spend various holidays with people does not require a commitment for the entire day or the entire duration.  Personally, I would not want to show up at 10 a.m. in order to hang out, bored out of my skull, having to wait for lunch/dinner several hours later.  I do think it's reasonable to give up some of your time for a shorter visit that works with your time frame and your personal family plans.  Instead of spending the entire day for such an event, can you plan your family time in the morning and go to MIL's an hour (less or more) before the actual dinner?  Can you leave a reasonable time after dinner/dessert, gifts, other planned events, so you can finish off your day with your own plans? 

If spending time with the family is that dreadful, I think it's fine to skip it all together, but I think there is some room for compromise.  You won't spend the whole day, but you will be there for the most important part.  You may choose not to do every holiday of the year with the in-laws, but pick a few that offer flexibility with your own plans or plans with your own family.  Holidays can be hard, as you want to do your own thing, and you have your family and your spouse's family to deal with as well.  If spending time with the other family is so miserable, I can understand just skipping it, but I also think that reducing the time and sticking to your own schedule, and making an effort to do the family thing is good too. 

One thing I think about is when they say dinner will be at 3, and 5 o'clock rolls around and still no sign of dinner being forthcoming anytime soon.  You had planned to leave at around 6 or leave at 6 or 7, dinner or no dinner.  Thank you, but we have to go.  It was great seeing everyone.  Get home, and while you had to get yourself dressed and ready, you can be back in your jammies to enjoy the rest of the evening.  Have a backup food plan. :)  You don't have to commit to all the holidays.  She is only asking for two.  Is this two too many?  Pick one out of the two.  It sounds like Cmas is a bigger deal for you to not have to go anywhere, so pick MDay.  Maybe do TG.  Keep a couple holidays to yourselves. :)

M2kbug - Did you read Reply #38?  They don't ignore her on other days, these 2 days are OP's Holiday Hill....  Why should she have to give them up too?  Anybody calling up my DH and nearly making him cry (any day, let alone a holiday) would get short shrift from me from then on.....   >:(  Really short shrift!
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