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Our gym has two new signs.  One reads "Do not interrupt other guests' workouts".  This stems from the woman who was trying to build a personal trainer business and would give free advice to everyone.  She did not work for the gym and her membership was revoked.

The other says "Please limit use on machines to no more than 15 minutes per machine".  This was done due to the elderly gentleman who's wife would drop him off at the gym in the morning.  He would park himself at one of the leg lift machines and take a nap.  She'd pick him up two hours later.  A few times he was sleeping so soundly someone shook his shoulder because they thought he had passed away.
Was working our front desk for a tiny bit this morning.  We had an all-staff event going on over our lunchhour (11:30-12:30) and I gave the receptionist a chance to partake for 10 minutes. 
Someone rings in. 
Me - Good Morning <Company> How can I help you?
Outside person - Yeah, you sent me to talk to someone and their message says that they are in a training session. (she practically sneered this) How long will this training session be? I need to talk to someone RIGHT NOW.  (apparently before I came up, the receptionist had sent this person back to the appropriate department not realizing that they all had just left for all-staff event.)
Me - As far as I know it should only be about one hour, perhaps just a little bit longer.  Perhaps you can leave a message with <person>.
Outside Person - It is something that NEEDS to be done TODAY.  When are they going to be back? Why aren't they answering their phones.
Me - Again, it will be about one hour.  If you leave a message, I am sure that they will give you a call back just as soon as they are back to their area. 
Outside person - Well, it needs to be done today. How do I do <insert a long question about an online registration>
Me - (in my head.  "Lady it isn't even noon yet.  You have a bit")  Unfortunately, I am not familiar with that system.  Since they are away from their desks, you are going to want to leave the message on their voicemail and they will call back to assist.
Outside person - Hurmph.  I suppose.
<Transfer complete>

Sorry, but all-staff training means that there really isn't anyone available at that moment.  Generally, it is usually only a couple times a month that their phones close and the system says that all are in training.  (we use that message for training, our once a month all staff meetings, or the occasional all-staff event.) Usually it is just for an hour.  Okay all-staff meetings are usually 1 1/2 hours, but still.  Leave a message. 

After receptionist returned,  I went back to the the all-staff event.  I found the person that the Outside Person was looking for and told her what was up.  She figured out it was someone that she had already talked to earlier this morning. 
Come to find out when my co-worker called Outside Person, their phone went straight to voicemail.  So co-worker left a message answering the registration question.
More snow last night, brutally cold.  Had to do another dumpster run.
Did I prop the door open this time??  You betcha!! :D
All In A Day's Work / Re: Do I need to say Thank You? Review related.
« Last post by DCGirl on Today at 03:19:54 PM »
I think that in a situation like you've described, you thank people for their feedback instead of praise (even though it praise) because feedback is what we all need to learn and grow as professionals. 
Would it surprise you to know that a good percentage of women are still paid less for doing the same job as a man is doing?  I think it is something like 30% are paid less.  At least in the U.S.  I was reading an article about this last week.

That statistic is somewhat deceptive.  According to some studies, it only works for all workers of all ages across all jobs.  When various factors are accounted for (type of job, years of experience, etc.) the difference drops down to about 3%, especially among younger workers, because women are now more likely to enter high paying fields than they did 40 years ago and they are more likely to negotiate their salaries.
66 general / Re: No I don't want to be a snake oil salesman
« Last post by greencat on Today at 03:15:00 PM »
I use Fluff Busting Purity - a browser extension - to make my facebook browsing more pleasant and less "Go sports team go!" on game days.  However, it only works in whatever browsers you install it on, and there's nothing equivalent on mobile :(
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: s/o "not your alarm" - spousal blind spots
« Last post by MaryR on Today at 03:13:04 PM »
My beloved husband of almost 30 years doesn't listen very well. I tend to prattle and he tends to zone me out. For example, I didn't like where our spare house key was hid because it was too hard to find in the dark. I bought a hide-a-key rock and told him where it was. He probably didn't think he needed to pay attention because he never locks himself out...until early one morning when he locked himself out and couldn't find the key where we had put it 12 years ago. Lesson learned, when I move things I am not going to tell him about it over dinner, I am going to make him come with me and show him what I did.

In his defense, he is very hard of hearing so maybe he isn't zoning me out, maybe he really can't hear me and just mentally fills in the words he thinks I'm saying.
Ah - I think I see what happened.  Her FH had sent her brother a message telling him that he was buying the tickets.  Her brother didn't see that message before he sent the one to the OP.  Her brother then couldn't say "Oh, nevermind, your FH already bought them!" because it was supposed to be a surprise.
OP, exactly what makes you feel obligated to attend this "thank you" bash?  Did anybody personally request your attendance?  If so, does that person know you've been excluded from the trip?
Would it surprise you to know that a good percentage of women are still paid less for doing the same job as a man is doing?  I think it is something like 30% are paid less.  At least in the U.S.  I was reading an article about this last week.

This is a government job I'm talking about, where everyone is paid equally according to the pay scale.

And no, I'm not surprised, because back in my retail days a guy who worked at my store for about half the time I did and who did not do even close to the amount of work I did was paid more than me.  This is in Canada.
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