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B/G: We're undergoing renovations in the ER of the hospital I clean in. Right now, the trauma rooms, the receptionists' area, and the waiting room are all blocked off to patients and workers who aren't construction. We only have the staff bathrooms and the 4 "patient" bathrooms right now (2 of them can be used by visitors with patients, but 2 others are in patient rooms and so can't have anyone barging in, obviously), but no public bathrooms in the ER, because no regular waiting room with 2 bathrooms. Because of the renovations, registration is right next to the EMS entrance right now. [/end BG]

A man comes in the EMS entrance as I'm cleaning that part.

Tara*, one of the receptionists: Hi. Do you need to be seen?
Man: I need the bathroom.
Tara: Are you with a patient?
Man: No, but my wife just came in and used the restroom yesterday! (Me: Not ruddy likely, since the policy has been in place for more than a week at this point. If your wife somehow snuck by Registration and the two security officers, not to mention the 5 nurses, the secretary, and me, well, I commend her for having more wiles than a fox.)
Tara: We can't allow that. We're going through renovations right now, and we're trying to limit traffic through here to avoid confusion.
Man: But I have to go to the bathroom!
Tara: You can drive to the main entrance and go to the public bathrooms in the lobby.
Man: That's not fair!
Tara: ...Sir, you're the one who parked in the Emergency entrance just to use the bathroom.

At that point, I had to go clean other things, and didn't envy the security officer sitting right there who was probably going to have to have a nice talk with that man. It didn't seem like it was a life - or - death bathroom emergency, otherwise I'm sure we'd have let him. But why on this green earth would you drive to the back of the hospital just to use the bathroom that wasn't even open to random people in the first place?
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Pokemon Go craze
« Last post by ladyknight1 on Yesterday at 03:09:59 PM »
Today was pretty good. I caught my first Ivysaur and Mankey, evolved a Bulbasaur and a Horsea, but all my hatched eggs were duds, a Rattata, a Venonat and a Paras.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Grammar and spellling that make you twitch
« Last post by violinp on Yesterday at 03:04:57 PM »
Someone on my FB newsfeed was sending around a photo labeled "Sister's and Brother's" from their family reunion.

One of my relatives does these beautiful photo albums using one of the online services and routinely uses the 's to indicate plurals in photo captions.  She's a teacher.

This makes me weep  :'(.

The head nurse of the area I clean can't spell diligent. Which would be fine, except she put "Be deligent about getting patients admitted/discharged" on a white board that everyone - even patients can see. Yikes. It's one thing when someone needs something like dysphagia spelled for a chart or admit sheet (it doesn't come up much in that part of the hospital), but...really?
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Your own personal mysteries.
« Last post by Twik on Yesterday at 02:58:42 PM »
I had this conversation with a police officer once:

Her: So, you got home, went to put the key in your door, but it swung open, revealing a ransacked home inside?

Me: Yes. So, I went in-

Her: You went in?

Me: Yep.

Her:  ::)

Me: Yeah, that was kind of stupid, wasn't it?
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Pokemon Go craze
« Last post by Kariachi on Yesterday at 02:50:18 PM »
DS and I are about ready to give up on the game, other than pulling out our phones if we go to a new area and seeing what might be around. It's a problem that a lot of people have encountered. If you don't live near a substantial urban area, it's extremely difficult to progress through the game. In our case, we live in a suburb of a small city in Ohio. There are some hot spots where you can get a lot of Pokémon, but they are all the same - Eevees, Pidgeys, Ratattas, Weedles, Caterpies, Oddishes, and some Drowzies. You don't get a good variety, and they don't spawn as fast as in other areas. They are also pretty low CP. So we hear of people who are now level seventy-gazillion, with huge numbers of captured Pokémon at level thirty-gazillion, defending gyms which are at level 9 and 10. We just can't get there. It's not fun to walk around and hey look, there's another Pidgey with a whoppingly huge CP of 13  :(

That's about where I am. Live on the outskirts of a hamlet, 20 minute drive to the nearest pokestop, have a few common pokemon spawn a day. I got this game the day it came out, I'm only level 9, and I have a total of 8 pokeballs. Just, odds of advancement are low.
Segment narrator on the news this morning was talking about the confusatory nature of health insurance plans.  I was rendered speechless for a few minutes.

Are you in the DC Metro area?
67 general / Re: Do you tell the truth or just put up with it?
« Last post by Allyson on Yesterday at 02:47:15 PM »
Honestly, if you're super sensitive about a particular thing, then you shouldn't be asking for feedback about it, whether it be your writing, the cleanliness of your house, or how you look in that dress.  I hate the game of "I'm going to ask for your opinion but it better be positive!"
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Your own personal mysteries.
« Last post by 2littlemonkeys on Yesterday at 02:34:25 PM »
A friend told me that sometimes we can look right at something & not see it....

This isn't a mystery, but my personal example at looking at something and not seeing it.  I left the house to drive to work one morning about 25 years ago, and the car was back a dozen feet or so from where I remembered parking it. Strange, but, okay, I know my memory isn't great.  I open the driver's side door and don't get into the car - I just stand there and look at it.  I can tell that something is very wrong, but for probably 15-20 seconds (maybe more) I can't figure out what the problem is. All of a sudden it is like a light bulb goes on in a dark room - someone has stolen both seats from the front of the car. It was like my brain couldn't interpret what it was seeing while I was staring right at it - total incomprehension on my part. The police wouldn't even come to take a report, as this was such a common theft at the time (San Diego in the late 1980s).  :(  They laughed when I asked about taking fingerprints. Fortunately, my insurance covered the cost, but it was a lesson in what the eye can't always "see."

Ages ago, I got into my car and had the same "something isn't right" feeling for what seemed like forever.  Then it slowly dawned on me that my passenger side door was ajar and the contents of my glove box were strewn all over the front passenger seat.  There wasn't much to steal, just my loose change and a Swiss Army knife my dad bought me.  (Also,  >:()  They were considerate thieves though, they Slim Jimmed my door and left the pennies.   :P
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Last post by mumma to KMC on Yesterday at 02:33:49 PM »
People who think that red lights don't apply to them.

Yesterday, I was turning off of a side road onto to a four lane road (the main drag in our smallish town) and I had a protected green arrow. The person coming from the opposite direction had his turn signal on indicating he was turning right, (so same direction as me) however I had the right of way because of the green arrow. Or so I thought (insert eyeroll). As I was about 1/3 of the way into the turn, he pulled into intersection. I stopped and honked my horn. He stopped and I proceeded to go again and so did he. I honked the horn again, a little bit more forcefully and he stopped again. I began to move again and needed to be in the far right lane, but before I could get into that lane, he was there, right in my blind spot and I had to quickly correct myself to avoid hitting him.

I'm pretty sure that because I had the protected green, either of the lanes on the road I was turning onto were mine for the picking and the other traffic had to stop, but maybe I was wrong?

If I have this correct, you were turning left, on a left turn arrow, and he was turning right?  You had the right of way.  You turned into the left lane, which was closest to you and therefore correct, then tried to move to the right for the lane you needed.  He should have waited for you.

We now have a highway off ramp that has two lanes turning left and two lanes turning right.  The law says that you turn into the corresponding lane.  So if you are in the far right lane on the ramp, you turn into the far right lane on the road.  There are a couple of left turns right after you get on the road that a lot of people take, including me.  So I always line up in the second from the right lane on the ramp and turn into the second from the right lane on the road, then signal and move one more lane to the left so I can get to the turn I need.  Almost every time I go through this intersection, someone tries to cut from the far right lane to the left, through me, and gives me the dirtiest look when I honk at them so they avoid running into me.  I fully expect to get t-boned there one of these days.  But unfortunately, I can't avoid the intersection or I would.

Yes, that's what happened. Thank you for explaining it more clearly than I did!

My husband had a story about driving with a co-worker the other day. He was in a car with two other co-workers and one of them (we'll call him Bob) was driving. Bob wanted to turn right and the car in front of them was turning left. Bob didn't want to wait, so he pulled up next to the car to make his turn.

It was a two lane road with no turn lanes. My husband mentioned this and his coworker was confused as to what he had done wrong.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Household help request
« Last post by Chez Miriam on Yesterday at 02:21:49 PM »
Fingers crossed the new cleaner continues to be good.
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