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Recipe Requests / Re: Gluten Free Recipes
« Last post by TootsNYC on Yesterday at 09:30:09 PM »
I'm not much help--I gave up on baking completely. Any of the gluten-free stuff I've purchased just wasn't good enough to be worth the calories. I've concentrated on how much I enjoy stuff like vegetables, etc.


I got a recommendation from someone for this book:

Gluten-Free Baking for the Holidays: 60 Recipes for Traditional Festive Treats
By Jeanne Sauvage

And for this finely ground rice flour:
Authentic Foods Superfine White Rice Flour  (also avail. in brown rice)

Jeanne Sauvage has a blog as well,
Family and Children / Re: Stepkids Not Welcome?
« Last post by on Yesterday at 09:26:45 PM »
It may be easier to host things yourself, and you can always invite your family when you're so inclined. This way, you and your husband are putting yourself in the driver's seat. It would also make it easier for the step-kids who already have to split time with mom, dad, SO family.  (And the SO may have more than one family, too!)

Since you are a family of six now, could you rent a cabin for your family unit?  Then you can go when you want, where you want, do what you want and invite whomever you'd like.  Doesn't that sound nice!   ;)
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Porta potty, motorhome toilets for campers
« Last post by Bobbie on Yesterday at 09:24:43 PM »
Have you tried Hydroxi Pro?  You can get it at most janitorial supply stores.  It kills germs that cause the odors and sanitizes.
Trans-Atlantic Knowledge Exchange / Re: Incy wincy or itsy bitsy?
« Last post by sempronialou on Yesterday at 09:18:07 PM »
From Michigan-  I've heard both, but I learned it as Itsy Bitsy. 
Family and Children / Re: Stepkids Not Welcome?
« Last post by TurtleDove on Yesterday at 09:00:23 PM »
Oh Joy, that is good advice. To be clear, DS16 has struggled since long before his dad and I even started dating, so this is not about adjusting to the marriage.
I have been thinking about this some more.  Glen must be pathological.  His girlfriend and the daughter of the owner was a victim of this too.  If there is anyone for whom he should be behaving perfectly, it is her.

I honestly think this might be the case too. This particular issue seems like such an incredibly strange situation to manufacture.   I mean, it would be one thing if is was that the OP would take his office, which then I could see someone thinking that she is being manipulative or grabby. But having a closing room seems like such a really normal - and logical - idea.   And the owners thought it was a good idea. So what does he really gain by making it into some sort of "they are trying to steal my office" situation?  Not a whole lot, really. And then you add in that the suggestion was also going to be a huge benefit for his girlfriend? One would think that any "gain" he had from making the OP look like she was a poor planner who didn't ask everyone for input would seem to be  outweighed by the "loss" for his girlfriend.  But for compulsive liars, etc. logic doesn't really come into play.  My BIL is a compulsive liar. And some of the things he lies about make absolutely no sense. Like, there is no real reason to avoid the truth. He just HAS to lie.

OP, how did you bring it up the owners? Did you present it as your idea or say that everyone had been discussing it? Just curious.

Edited so it made a bit more sense. heh.

Neither. I just mentioned it as a possible solution to the space issue, without specifying where it came from. That said, I could see that by not stating specifically where the idea came from, that they may have initially assumed it was mine.

The wife owner told me that she got that Glen was playing both sides when Glen's own daughter stated in the meeting that she was confused by the alleged "miscommunication" and that she also thought that her dad was on board. Without that, it would have been his word against mine.
67 general / Re: Poor etiquette or not?
« Last post by Oh Joy on Yesterday at 08:30:00 PM »

I do admit to being very curious how the not-giving played out.  Here it is the norm to leave cards and gifts at a table (with a basket or more secure container for cards since they likely include a monetary gift) when entering the reception venue. 

A gift is not the entry fee to a reception.  Sometimes the card/gift table is near the door, sometimes it's on another wall.  I've been known to have the card in my purse, or SO's pocket and it's not until midway into the reception that we remembered to put it in the box/basket.

Of course it's not.  I think it's intended to A) relieve the guests from needing to carry the card and/or gift any longer than necessary, and to B) not have the HC be given a card and/or gift during the reception and then need to find a secure place to put it.  Also, I've found that the venue itself usually takes responsibility for clearing the table into a locked or supervised room sometime early in the evening.  I'm sure these practices vary, but it's what I'm familiar with.
68 general / Re: another twist on the "donations in lieu of" shtick
« Last post by blarg314 on Yesterday at 08:26:33 PM »

So the next time there is a party, everyone RSVPs by saying "In lieu of attending your party, we have made a donation to <cause that benefits us>" and doesn't come.

Family and Children / Re: Stepkids Not Welcome?
« Last post by Oh Joy on Yesterday at 08:24:57 PM »
Also, part of the problem is the dynamic of my very troubled DS16.  Like I said, he does not participate in our nuclear family except on rare occasions, and in the past has not shown up when he was invited to do things with my family (for example, when my family would be invited over to our house, he would leave or not come home - it isn't personal, he is just really in a bad place - don't get me started on my disagreements with DH about parenting him).

I don't envy you your position.  But it sounds like your parents might be feeling a bit mixed about how to handle things.  They have three newer stepgrandchildren, but only sort of.  Two are adults and out of your house, and the third is showing them that he's not interested in being involved.

Could you approach your dad with it as a favor?  Tell him that you and your DH are doing your best to navigate this new blended family and work out this tough teenaged stage, and ask if he'd be willing to invite the three 'kids' whenever inviting the rest of your family?  Even appeal to his influence as head of the larger family and ask that he be a role model for them even if they don't always show up?  Presenting them with a positive position might be all they need to understand where they fit in and how to approach your changing family.

Best wishes!
Humor Me! / Re: My Child Is Crying Because...
« Last post by Jones on Yesterday at 08:20:35 PM »
...because I wouldn't let him play naked with his sister and her friend. I told him he couldn't go to them until he was wearing underwear. We compromised and he put on a "kilt" (so much easier to potty train little guys in skirts...just sayin') and the three are now reading dinosaur books.
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