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Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: S/O: House Hunting Horrors!
« Last post by Twik on Yesterday at 09:21:19 AM »
Never before have I seen a crocheted ceiling.

And in that lounge room, you would not want your polar bear to go missing, you'd never find it again!

Does anyone remember the Mary Tyler Moore episode where Rhoda made Lou Grant's living room blinding white ?

Yes! That is *exactly* what it reminds me of! Except this decorator also had a soft spot for 1970's style wood panelling.

I started to lose it at the car in the garage (which I presume isn't part of the fixtures, so why show it?) It's white - with white-wall tires! Aaah! My eyes!
Time For a Coffee Break! / Microsoft Horror Stories
« Last post by hjaye on Yesterday at 09:17:08 AM »
I didnít want to derail the impossible tasks subject, so I thought Iíd open a new subject heading for peopleís horror stories involving Microsoft.  Maybe Iím alone in this, but I have a feeling there are more than a few people who have experience a complete meltdown of a Microsoft product or their support.

Here is my latest:
I keep a spreadsheet of all my user names and passwords.  The spreadsheet itself is password protected, but I have over 75 different user names and passwords in this list.  Some of them I rarely use, some I use on an almost daily basis and then there are the ones that fall in between.

Two days ago, I had a message pop up that my laptop had updates installed and my system was going to automatically reboot at 3:00am on Thursday morning.  At the end of the day on Wednesday, I closed all my files and shutdown all applications and I rebooted my laptop.  When I logged back on Thursday morning, my password spreadsheet was gone.  All it showed was a ghost file, one that you see when a file is open itís a greyed-out icon with a ~$ next to the file name.  The actual file is gone.

I had prepared for such a scenario by keeping a backup copy.  The file I use is kept on an external hard drive, I have a copy on my local hard drive.  I tried to open it, and I got an error message that the file canít be open because the file extension or the file format is invalid.  Now this is a separate file from the one that is missing.  This file has not been opened in a while, but Iíve done nothing to it, itís a normal Excel file but Excel wonít open it.

Itís latest version of Excel, Excel 2016 and we are using Office365.  Iíve tried opening it using the repair option, and the extract data option (Do these things ever work.  I donít think Iíve ever had a Microsoft fix work once in the over twenty years Iíve been working with their products)

So I figure, I can still beat this.  I have my old Windows 7 laptop sitting behind me.  It has a copy of the spreadsheet.  Granted itís about two months old now so there are a few accounts that will be out of date, but it will have most the information I need.

I boot up the laptop and go to log in with my old credentials, and they no longer work.  I know Iím using the correct credentials, I have some emails where the user name and password were documented, but itís a no go.  Ok, not a problem, I pull the hard drive and put it in a hard drive enclosure I have.  I then connect the enclosed hard drive to my current laptop.
I can see all the files on the old hard drive, I must grant permission to current user account to the files on the old hard drive, but that works and I have access to all the files.  I pull up the old spreadsheet, I go to open it, and I get the same error message.
There is absolutely no reason to get this error message.  This is a perfectly good file, nothing has been done to it, but it wonít open. I can open every other excel and .csv file on my computer, but it wonít open my password file.  Iím thinking itís because this is the one file I have password protected and something happened in the wonderful updates that get pushed down on us that wonít allow me to open the file.  The only thing that throws a bit of a hold in that theory is that I was able to find a copy of the file from three years ago.  Its password protected, but I could open it.  Granted that file was not created in Excel 2017, I believe that was from Office 2010.

Thank you, Microsoft, for once again making my life ten times harder than it needs to be. Iím sick and tired of always having to fight my way through your products.  You feed us crap, and tell us itís a T-Bone steak.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Baby Names - You're kidding Right???
« Last post by nutraxfornerves on Yesterday at 09:04:46 AM »

Apparently, there's an Ozias in the bible, but the couple wanted their Ozyas to be different from all the other Ozias's out there.  ;)

I first read that as ďOryzas.Ē  Oryza is the scientific name of rice plants. ďRicesĒ didnít quite seem like the best of names. (If you are an agronomist, there are times when ďOryzasĒ or ďricesĒ  would be a valid word, just as ďfishesĒ may be used.)
Humor Me! / Re: Word Association Game
« Last post by gramma dishes on Yesterday at 09:02:56 AM »
looking ahead on my calendar, I see I have what looks like "RR" written in on a Thursday. I have no idea what it means.
It means rest and relaxation....that is a task worth penciling in.

I figured it out!! My sister had wanted to go see Randy Rainbow live but changed her mind.

I'm still going nuts trying to remember the name of a woman I used to know who made me a little angel ornament I see everyday.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: S/O: House Hunting Horrors!
« Last post by kymom3 on Yesterday at 08:59:37 AM »
And the house is only available to be shown on sunny days.
"When the email comes, i'd reply back to boss and just politely say "Hey boss, my name is missing for the 15th anniversary list.  Do you know who manages the names for these lists so I can let them know?  I was also left off the December recognition list email, too.  I want to make sure I'm not being filtered out of these recognition emails for some reason."

This feels way too deferential to me. The issue has already been raised before and been brushed off with "well, other person did something more important etc etc". Its time to be rather more explicit about the fact that this isn't a one-off oh we were busy, its become a clear pattern, and you've noticed, and its not OK.

I'm much more in favour of Toots suggestions where you are giving explicit examples of things being missed, including your major milestone which should have been acknowledged BY POLICY and still wasn't.
68 general / Re: Bossy in the balcony
« Last post by Oh Joy on Yesterday at 07:25:38 AM »
This seems reasonable to me, I'd find the fanning pretty distracting if the person were right in front of me, and better to ask up front than speak during the performance. A light tap on the shoulder is a normal way to get someone's attention.  I don't see a problem as long as her tone was polite.

Use your words. Keep your hands to yourself.

You touch people ONLY when your voice alone has been insufficient.

Touching people is often a dominance tactic, and I think it was here.

Plus, there is plenty of time at the beginning of the performance before things have gotten underway--I've never yet been to an event in which there wasn't a transition period.

A dominance tactic?  That's a pretty bizarre conclusion to draw from a simple tap on the shoulder.

I agree that a light tap on the shoulder is reasonable when you are stuck physically located behind someone.  I wouldn't read any more into that aspect.
The Hyatt one was in a book called "Why Buildings Fall Down". It covers a lot of disasters including "Galloping Gertie" and a bunch of others. I'll have to go find it in my stash. There is also a companion book called "Why Buildings Stand Up." They are probably 20+ years old but are very good reads.

I'll have to look for them! They sound interesting. THe HIstory Channel had a series a while back on "Engineering Disasters" where they'd look at major engineering fails, why they happened, and more importantly, what safety measures/changes had been made to prevent them from happening again. It was really interesting!
Recipe Requests / Chocolate bowls
« Last post by rain on Yesterday at 07:12:52 AM »
Anyone make chocolate bowls?

Any tips?

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